Saturday, November 14, 2009

UFC 105 Live Blog and Results

Please do not read any further if you plan on watching tonight's UFC 105 broadcast on SPIKE TV on tape delay and don't want to know who won. I don't want to spoil the results for anyone that doesn't want to know the results until they watch tonight.

First match on the main card is Aaron Riley vs. Ross Pearson.

Riley is being cornered by Greg Jackson and Joe Stevenson. Pearson came out to Black Eye Peas "I Got A Feeling" song which Stevenson came out to to the cage to last month against Spencer Fisher.

Pearson wins round one. He picked apart Riley with knees, kicks, elbows, and punches.

Pearson wins in the second round by TKO due to the referee's stoppage after a flying knee landed on Riley's face. Riley was bleeding very badly after the knee landed.

It was a very impressive win by Pearson. The fans in Manchester, England are very happy that he won.

James Wilks vs. Matt Brown is up next.

This should be a great fight. Fighter introductions just ended and we are about to start round one.

Round one just ended. Very competitive round. Wilks got a takedown in the final seconds but could not do anything with it.

Brown wins round two as he used a flying knee to knock Wilks to the mat. Wilks recovered and prevented Brown from finishing him a few times in the round. He even got on top of Brown with about 30 seconds left in round two.

Brown defeats Wilks by TKO in the third round. He got full mount and landed many punches before the ref stopped it. Wilks attempted a kimura right before Brown got out of it and got full mount on Wilks.

Brown said after the fight that he was jet lagged and tired from the trip over to Manchester.

They just showed the prelim fight between Andre Winner and Roli Delgado. Winner is the winner as he KOs Delgado in the first round. This probably will be the Knockout of the Night.

Winner landed two unnecessary punches to Delgado when Delgado was already out cold on the mat. This might be Delgado's final fight in the UFC since this is his second loss in a row.

Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang is up next.

Kang wins round one after rocking Bisping with a right hand. Kang got side control and full mount but Bisping did a great job of defending on his back.

Bisping destroys Kang in round two and wins decisively by TKO after taking down Kang three times in the round. Bisping used his ground and pound to punish Kang after the takedowns. The ref stopped the fight after Kang was on his knees trying to block Bisping's ferocious punches.

This was a great win for Bisping. Bisping needed a good victory after losing by knockout to Dan Henderson in his last fight.

They just showed another prelim fight between Alexander Gustafsson and Jared Hammen. Gustafsson won by TKO. After hitting Hammen with a straight right sending Hammen to the mat., Gustafsson landed a few more shots on the fallen Hammen before the ref stopped it. The fight ended after 41 seconds.

Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy is up next.

Some fan stole Swick's hat as he was walking down to the cage. The introductions are going on now.

This is a very boring first round. Swick is going for takedowns and Hardy is defending with his back against the cage.

Hardy wins round two by landing a lot of good shots on Swick. Swick's legs buckled but he recovered after Hardy kept on attempting a takedown.

The fight is now over and Hardy will win by decision. He controlled the third round and landed more good shots on Swick when they were on their feet.

Hardy landed more good shots and got the better of the stand-up in all three rounds. Swick looked more tentative today than in any other fight I have seen him in.

Georges St. Pierre came into the cage after the fight to shake Hardy's hand. UFC announcer Mike Goldberg said that St.Pierre and Hardy will fight for the UFC welterweight title.

The main event is up next between Randy Couture and Brandon Vera.

A fan stole Couture's hat while he was walking down to the cage. Security needs to do a better job of not letting this happen to the fighters when they walk down to the cage.

This is a very boring first round. Couture had Vera against the cage for the whole round and nothing happened after that.

Vera wins round two by doing some damage to Couture with kicks and punches. Couture hasn't done anything but clinch with Vera and putting him against the cage.

Vera looks exhausted as the third round ends. I have Vera winning this fight by winning the last two rounds. Vera used more kicks in round three while Couture tried to clinch with Vera again.

This fight was very boring and this fight made the Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua fight last month seem action-packed.

The judges give the fight to Couture 29-28. What a terrible decision by the judges! I don't agree with the decision at all as Vera did more damage than Couture.

Vera is angry and sarcastically thanks the judges after the fight in his interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

The show is now over and the next UFC show is next Saturday night In Las Vegas, Nevada.