Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is Why Everyone Hates the Media

HBO has a show with Bob Costas and one of his topics last week was on sports bloggers versus journalists.
The panel consisted of a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist named Buzz Bissinger, NFL player Braylon Edwards, and's Will Leitch. is one of the most popular sports blogs on the internet and Bissinger is the writer of the book "Friday Night Lights."

I had never heard of Bissinger before this. From what I saw, he is a jealous and insecure old man who is threatened by people like me who write sports blogs. Bissinger was full of obscenities when he opened his mouth and showed his lack of class and professionalism. And this guy is supposedly a respected and award-winning journalist?

It is guys like him that the public hate and why people rather read articles and stories by bloggers than listen to the media. These guys have no credibility at all. Costas tried to imply that a cab driver can have a blog and that it would not be as credible as anything written by a media member. Hey Costas, I rather read an article by a passionate sports fan who knows his team than someone like you.

Costas showed his true ignorance when he said that blogs were cruel and had vicious posts. What he actually tried to say was that some of the "comments" made after a blog post
from readers were offensive or inappropriate. He kept on calling comments "posts" which showed everyone he has no clue about blogging or even the internet.

What is the difference between offensive comments made on a website like ESPN or a sports site ran by a blogger? People have the right to give their opinion after reading an article. Costas and Bissinger are two old men who just want to attack the blogging community because they are threatened by bloggers.

No one reads newspapers anymore and people get more of their information from bloggers than the press. Bloggers are a lot more credible than journalists. What makes journalists and the media think they are so highly credible? Who said the media was not cruel? They should point fingers at themselves before they attack bloggers.

The media portrays Tibet positively and China as the new Evil Empire. Everytime a black public figure makes headlines, it is usually due to something negative. When NFL player Sean Taylor got killed in a robbery, the media portrayed him as a thug who deserved to die. When rapper Juvenile's daughter got murdered, the media listed all his prior arrests instead of his awards. ESPN has a journalist who tricks Houston Astro shortstop Miguel Tejada into an interview and then forces Tejada to admit his true age. Does it matter that Tejada is really 33 and not 31? The interview came off very bad and the fans and public were on Tejada's side more than ever and it made ESPN look like the National Enquirer and rolled into one. It was tabloid journalist at its worst.

Bissinger may have won a Pulitzer Prize but that doesn't mean much these days. I am not impressed at all with that. One writer for the L.A. Times who won a Pulitzer Prize recently had to apologize for writing vicious lies about Sean "P.Diddy" Combs. Bissinger is a old journalist and a hater. He told Leitch that he thinks he is "full of crap."

Leitch seemed very likable and was not combative while making his points and defending his website. If I were him, I would have taken more of a stand, but he still came off way better than Costas and Bissinger on the show. Braylon Edwards did not talk much and did not have much to say. It is anyone's guess why he was on the panel.

Everyone has an opinion on this subject ,and I am sure it will be discussed more frequently in the media and also by bloggers. The truth of the matter is that the public respects bloggers and reads blogs, and the insecure journalists are afraid of losing their jobs and readers.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Interview with NFL Prospect and Kentucky LB Wesley Woodyard

D Wizzle just finished talking to NFL prospect and former Kentucky linebacker, Wesley Woodyard. Woodyard has been terrorizing SEC offenses for the past few years and now this talented player will be waiting to hear his name called in the 2008 NFL Draft this weekend. Woodyard is from LaGrange, Georgia and led the SEC in tackles in 2007.

What do you think you will miss most about playing at Kentucky?
I'll miss all my teammates, coaches and the best fans in the SEC who packed Commonwealth Stadium every game.
You were coached by the 49ers staff in the Senior Bowl. Did you learn anything from Mike Singletary along with the other coaches?
The coaching style of the 49ers coaching staff was much like the style that my coaches taught at Kentucky. Coach Singletary was very uplifting and encouraging. He told me that I reminded him of himself when he was coming out of college because of my size and my love for the game. He also told me that I would be a great NFL linebacker one day if I kept working hard and continued to love the game the way I do.

Who was the best player you played against in your college career?
I would have to say Ronnie Brown(former Auburn running back and current Miami Dolphin). He made a lot of plays and it seemed as if he didn't need an O-Line sometimes.

What are your plans for this weekend? Will you be watching the draft?
I'll be in LaGrange with my family just relaxing, cooking out, and spending time with family and friends. I don't plan on watching the draft, but I will keep track to see when my teammates, and the players that I trained with and played in the Senior Bowl end up at.

Your Senior Bowl teammate Heath Benedict untimely passed away last month. Did you get a chance to talk to him or get to know him during the Senior Bowl week?
He was a great person, let me say that first. He could light up the room with his character and sprit and we actually talked and joked a lot down in Mobile at the Senior Bowl. He was a great person to have met.

Thanks for your time Wesley and good luck with the draft. I look forward to seeing you do great things in the NFL. Do you have any final words?
Thanks for the time and support, I appreciate everyone who helped me become the young man that I am today.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NFL Draft Prospect Josh Sitton Interview

D Wizzle is back with another great interview and this time it is with NFL prospect and former Central Florida offensive lineman, Josh Sitton. Sitton is from Pensacola, Florida and can play both the tackle and guard positions. He was voted All Conference USA First Team by the media in his senior year at UCF. Sitton was a key member of UCF's O-line that helped RB Kevin Smith lead the nation in rushing. You can expect to hear Sitton's name called on the second day of the 2008 NFL Draft this Sunday.

Hey Josh, How is everything with you?
Everything is going great with me. I'm just finishing up exams and working out hard. I'm getting excited and anxious for this weekend. I am ready for this part of the process to be over. I know my family and friends are too...they're more nervous than me. (laughs)
What will you be doing this weekend? Will you be watching the draft or do you have other plans?
I finish up with my exams on Wednesday and I'm going home Thursday and just hanging out with the family. On Friday, I am planning on going shark fishing with my buddies. On Saturday, there is a mullet toss competition in Alabama that I might ride on a buddy's boat out to but I hope to catch most of the draft at a restaurant somewhere. On Sunday, I am planning on watching the draft at home with my family and some of my friends.
What was your favorite moment as a college player?
I have a few favorite moments as a college player. My first win against Marshall in 2005 is one of my top moments. UCF had lost 17 straight and I was on the team for 13 of them. When we won, the crowd rushed the field and tore down the goal was a great experience. The top moment is probably this past year when we beat Tulsa in the conference championship. The only other championship I've won was the 8th grade football championship.
What will you miss most about playing at UCF?
I'll miss a lot of things such as gamedays and the atmosphere of college football both at home and away. Most of all, I'll miss all the guys that I have become such good friends with and the times just messing around in the locker room.

How do you think Kevin Smith will do in the NFL?
I think Kevin will do amazing in the NFL. He is such a natural talent as a football player, especially at running back. He has great vision, great quickness and long speed, and the ability to make perfect cuts. He also uses his blockers better than anyone I've ever seen...he has a way of waiting on the block and making a move in the hole at the last second. Also, his knowledge of the game and the way he prepares himself for each game will make him a great running back in the league. But I don't think those things are his best assests...his ability to block and pick up blitzers is amazing. One of the reasons he was able to play so soon as a freshman was because he understood pass protections. He is also one of the toughest and most durable running backs ever. He carried the ball almost 450 times last year.
What part of your game do you think needs the most work?
I believe there is always room for improvement in every aspect of any football player's game and especially an offensive lineman. If I had to pick one thing to improve on, it would be finishing blocks. I have a tendency to look for the ball sometimes before the play is over. I don't know why I do it, but it is definitely something I can improve upon.

Thanks for your time Josh and good luck in the draft.
I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, and to all the fans out there... have a great time this weekend and hopefully you see me in the future. Thanks!

NFL Prospect Josh Sitton Interview Coming Soon

Look out for an exclusive interview with NFL prospect Josh Sitton. Sitton is a former offensive lineman with Central Florida.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stanford Forward Taj Finger: In his Own Words

D Wizzle recently talked to Stanford senior forward Taj Finger. Finger is from Mt.Kisco, New York. Finger averaged 5.9 points and 4.4 rebounds in his senior year. He was an integral part of the team for four years and his value goes beyond the boxscore. Every team needs a player like Taj Finger in order to win games. Finger did all the little things to help Stanford win many games such as rebounding, getting loose balls, playing defense, and making key free throws.

I was extremely surprised that Coach J(Trent Johnson) left. I had no clue that any of this was happening.

I think that Josh Owens and Will Paul will step up the most next year. They will have to because we lost Robin and Brook.

The best player that I ever faced was Adam Morrison.

It is very weird that Coach Montgomery will be coaching Cal, but I can completely understand his decision.

I plan on playing professional basketball overseas.

After I graduate and I'm done playing basketball, I think that I would like to do something with television or movies, either producing, directing,or writing.

My most memorable game is Senior Day at home versus Washington State.

The only regret I have at Stanford is that I wish I took more classes that interested me.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things to Like and Dislike So Far for the 2008 Giants

The Giants are surprising their fans so far with their 6-8 record. The team has given fans a glimmer of hope for the future. Players like Eugenio Velez, John Bowker, and Fred Lewis have brought some excitement and energy to the club.

It was a true blessing in disguise that OF Dave Roberts hurt his knee again and Lewis now gets consistent starts. The fans were sick and tired of seeing Roberts get called out on third strikes and playing bad defense in the outfield.

Bowker was a big home run hitter in the minors and he could be here to stay. The Giants need all the power they can get in the lineup and Bowker should get every chance to develop and show he belongs in the majors.

Brian Wilson looks to be a legitimate closer and his electric fastball is probably the envy of Barry Zito. Keiichi Yabu and Merkin Valdez have solidified the middle relief.

Eugenio Velez has sparked the Giants with his speed and Brian Bocock has provided steady defense. They both are base-stealing threats as well and have combined for six steals so far.

Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham, and Randy Winn are still starting unfortunately. Fans are tired of seeing them play and they bring nothing to the table. Bruce Bochy should start Dan Ortmeier over Aurilia and let Ortmeier learn on the job.

The Giants should also send Barry Zito to the minors. He is 0-3 and he has run out of excuses. The Giants don't have the guts to send Zito down to Fresno but he is doing nothing but hurting the team. I would rather see them bring up a pitcher like Matt Palmer from Fresno than see Zito pitch again.

Overall, the Giants should be happy with their 6-8 start after starting off the season 1-6. The Giants lucked out on Robert's injury and also Kevin Frandsen's injury. If Frandsen was healthy, Velez would probably not have made the opening day roster.

This team will continue to take their lumps during the course of the season, but the future looks a lot brighter now than it did two weeks ago.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hottie of the Week: Christina Mendoza

D Wizzle is back with another HOW! The new HOW is Christina Mendoza from San Jose. She is a ring card girl for Strikeforce, a MMA organization. Christina is also a student at San Jose State majoring in international business. Check out this sexy latina's pictures and also read about who her favorite fighters are and what she likes the most about being a ring card girl.
I like a guy that can make me laugh, who is down to earth, successful, ambitious, and who knows what he wants out of life! A gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, and good body doesn’t hurt either!

I'd like to work on my stomach. I want my six pack damn it!
People always tell me they like my smile.

I like living in the South Bay because it is close enough to everything! We’ve got the beautiful beach around the corner, and the city as well. There are plenty of destinations to choose from, and the driving is not too bad.

I am Latina, Hispanic, Mexican, whatever it is called nowadays! (laughs).
I love listening to house ... something about the beats. I also love the typical slow love songs.
The mistake that guys make in bed is simply not having enough confidence in what they are doing... got to take control!
Mr. Chuck Liddell and Cung Le are definitely some of my favorites. I love the fact that both are really down to earth and they keep it real. They are no muscleheads(laughs).
I love the Cowboys and Raiders. Basically, my older brothers got me to watch football at a very young age and they have been big fans of both so it pretty much rubbed off on me.

The best part of being a ring girl is I got the best seats in the house baby! I also get to meet all of the awesome fighters!
The best fight I seen lately was Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock. It was such a great fight and the building was full of energy which made the fight all the more intense. I was rooting for Cung because I think he is an amazing individual and fighter.

EXCLUSIVE: Jose Canseco Book Signing Pictures in San Francisco

Here are some exclusive photos of the Jose Canseco book signing that you will only find here at D Wizzle's World. Canseco was in San Francisco and Oakland the last two days to sign his new book "Vindicated." All of Canseco's many fans were there to meet their former hero and shake his hand.Canseco was very accomodating and even took pictures with his fans. It was funny how Canseco signed his book right behind the children's books section. You can also check out some videos of his book signing in Chicago below.


Videos of his book signing in Chicago

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Olympic Torch Controversy Is Much Ado About Nothing

It seems like everyone is in a uproar over the Olympic Torch and the Olympics coming to China in August. The protestors are cowards and haters. They are using the Olympic Torch as a reason to act like animals and start drama and chaos all over the world. The politicians all over the world are conveniently using this controversy to advance their own political agendas.

Does Hilary Clinton really care about human rights and the Chinese? She cares about that as much as the government and politicians cared about the mostly black victims of Hurricane Katrina. All the politicians have an agenda and they are clearly using this controversy to get attention and make them look good.

San Francisco is filled with many Chinese people all over this great city. I run across them everywhere I go. I went out to the streets this week and I asked many of them their opinions and views on this whole mess.

Every single person that I interviewed was very proud that the Olympics were going to be held in Beijing this year. Some folks told me they were also very angry at the Tibet protestors for trying to ruin the Olympics. Here are some comments and views from some of the interviewees. The majority of the people interviewed for this article was Asian.

"I am very proud of China and it will be great to show everyone in the world how great our country is but I am concerned about our image due to the violent protestors from Tibet."

- Wan Lum, 73

"Chris Daly is a disgrace and all he is doing is insulting his Chinese constiutents by trying to embarass China. He is full of bullshit and I am glad he is not my supervisor. "

- Johnny, 27

"The Olympics is about peace and athletics and not about politics and war. I wanted to go to Beijing this summer and be a translator but they had too many applications. It would have been a once in a lifetime opportunity! I will enjoy the Games at home with my family."

- Betty Wong, age not given

"I am disgusted by all the stupid protestors and idiots out here protesting. These politicians do not represent the views of the Chinese Americans living in the United States. If I go to the torch run and encounter any protestors, I will scream at them to shut up!

- Cindy, 16

"Where did all these protestors come from? I didn't know Tibet had so many people all over the world. I see the Caucasians rioting too. These Caucasians don't care about them. They just want attention. You don't see any black people protesting."

- Lou, 40

Our men are dying in Iraq and we are at war. Now we want to pick a fight with China? No, this can't be. All I care about is watching the men take the gold in basketball!

- Rod, 26

The protestors should go to the NBC headquarters and protest there. How about protesting all the advertisers who signed up for ads to be placed during the Olympic broadcasts? Would that accomplish anything?
I guess we won't see 50 Cent yell out "Free Tibet" anytime soon during a rap concert or Kobe Bryant and LeBron James boycotting the Olympic Games. Now that would be something woudln't it?

China is becoming a world superpower and the haters just don't like it and are scared. Well, they should be because nothing they do will stop the Olympic Games from happening this summer. The other countries in the world can state their views but how many will really boycott the Games? How fair would that be for all the athletes who have trained their whole lives to compete in the Olympics?

I doubt President Bush will boycott the Opening Ceremony just because Hilary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi advised him to. This is Bush's last hurrah before he is out of the White House and he is going to enjoy every benefit of being in power. Attending the Opening Ceremony and visiting beautiful China is one of those benefits. The chances of him not showing up are slim to none.

Clinton cares about the rights of the Chinese as much as she cares about black people. She will care if it helps her advance her political career. Personally, she probably doesn't give a damn. She has stated that she would leave the church if her pastor made controversial remarks like Rev.Wright did in his sermons. Well Hilary, you would never even walk into a black church anyways so that is a moot point. It is common for black churches to be loud and the sermons to be passionate, fiery, and very controversial. Rev.Wright did nothing wrong and out of the ordinary in his sermons and most black people don't even understand why some people along with the racist media is up in arms.

Chinese people in America have been held back for a long time by racism. Does anyone care about that? What about all the injustices done to Chinese Americans in the United States? Why stop at human rights violations in another country when we can't even control things over here?

In China, the government controls the media. I feel some type of group should control the media in America as well. There is so much racist and biased journalism in every newspaper across the country and on radio airwaves and TV networks.

Most of the media in this country are white and they are very prejudice against other races and cultures. This shows in their reporting of events and stories.

Look at how the white columnists are bashing China. How about the white journalists who bashed football player Sean Taylor after he got murdered by attempted robbers? These are the same writers who talked negatively about rapper Juvenile after his daughter got murdered. The AP press article included coverage about his past arrests. What did that have to do with the murder of his child? When Taylor died, all the white journalists and columnists wrote that Taylor was a product of his environment and how he was a thug and hung around criminals. They reported about how he spit on another player and other past transgressions. The man died and this is what the racist media writes about?

Did anyone boycott and protest the movie "21" due to white actors portraying Asians in the movie? Did anyone care that the movie is based on Asian gamblers playing and winning at blackjack but Hollywood decided to go with Kevin Spacey and other white actors to play the Asians? Talk about injustices!

How about Hollywood refusing to let an Asian male be the good guy in a movie? How many writers and directors had to change their script and make the leading white male the good guy and the leading Asian male character a bad guy? If this was not done, the movie companies would not give the directors the money to make the movie.

What's next? Tila Tequila joining the protestors and going on MTV to tell everyone how bad China is? The protestors are just as much of a disgrace as Tila is.

All the politicians and protestors are doing is spewing their propaganda to anyone that would listen and advancing their own agendas. The Olympics should not be political but they are being used to further the gain of both the politicians and protestors.

I can't wait for the Olympics to start. There will be many great athletic accomplishments along with a lot of human interest stories. I rather read and watch about those stories than hear another politician pretend to care about Chinese people or other minorities ever again.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Giants vs Brewers Sunday In -Game Blog

  • It is currently 4-0 Brewers in the fifth inning. Gabe Kapler just hit a HR off Barry Zito.
  • Brian Bocock and Jose Castillo both have an error.
  • Ben Sheets, the Brewers starter, is pitching a great game. He has 8 Ks through five innings. The Giants are lucky to even put the ball in play.
  • The Giants started their "B" lineup today as outfielder Fred Lewis and catcher Steve Holm get starts.
  • Unfortunately for Zito, the Brewers started their "A" lineup and none of their primary starters got a day off.
  • Eugenio Velez is starting in right field for the Giants.
  • Ryan Braun just hit a HR off Zito. 5-0 now.
  • Zito has one K today which is his average per start. It is not easy to get hitters to swing and miss at 82mph fastballs in the majors.
  • If you told me the Giants would have a better record than the Tigers after five games, I would probably not believe you. The Tigers play tonight and should win their first game of the year with Justin Verlander on the mound.
  • Bill Hall just struck out again. Without him, Zito would have no Ks in this game.
  • Ben Sheets just ended the fifth inning by striking out. 3 Ks now for Zito.
  • Has anyone noticed how skinny Zito's arms are? I think my arms are bigger than his. Here is a video of Zito and Lou Seal at Macy's last year in Union Square.
  • The video was taken by me. Lou Seal stole the show in my opinion. I took a picture with him but didn't bother to meet Mr.Zito.
  • Aaron Rowand and Randy Winn are not in the lineup today. Rowand has a bruised rib cage and Winn is injured I believe as well.
  • Why didn't the Giants sign Kosuke Fukudome instead of Rowand? It would sure help bring some local Asian people to the ballpark and get them interested in the team. Hey, who's in charge of marketing for the Giants?
  • Zito's day is over as Brad Hennessey is now pitching. Hennessey will try to lower his 37.80 ERA today.
  • Zito's ERA is now 6.30. He went five innings and gave up three earned runs along with two homers. He threw 106 pitches.
  • We are going to the seventh inning now as Hennessey had a perfect sixth inning retiring all three batters he faced.
  • Tomorrow's starting pitchers for the Giants home opener against San Diego are Greg Maddux and Matt Cain. 
  • The Giants will end their road trip with a 1-5 record. Some bad teams start off the season well and give their fans false hope. The Giants couldn't even do that. The fans in the Bay Area deserve better.
  • Ned Yost, the Brewers manager, took a lot of heat in Milwaukee last season. He is lucky his team is off to such a good start. Yost made many terrible moves last year as manager and needs to learn from his mistakes or he will be replaced.
  • Dave Roberts took a called third strike in the first inning to start off the game. He takes a lot of called third strikes. It seems like one every game. Roberts isn't hitting and his defense is atrocious.
  • Sheets is still in the game. He has thrown 90 pitches through seven innings. I wonder if Yost will let him try for the shutout. He will start the top of the eighth inning.
  • 6-0 now as the Brew Crew added a run with a Braun double that scored Fielder.
  • The Brewers added another run in the 8th inning with a Braun single to make it 7-0.
  • Sheets gets the complete game as the Giants get swept. Total domination as expected by Sheets today.

No Need For The Tigers To Panic Yet

The first week of the 2008 season is over and the Tigers are winless while the Royals and Orioles are in first place. Don't expect this to continue though as the season progresses.

Why are the Tigers winless? There are many reasons for their 0-6 start. They can't get any clutch hits and their pitching has been shaky. The Tigers never did anything to bolster their pathetic bullpen in the offseason. Joel Zumaya and Fernando Rodney are still both injured. You will lose more games than win when you send Jason Grilli, Bobby Seay, and Zach Miner to the mound in a close game.

Curtis Granderson has not played at all and Gary Sheffield and Miguel Cabrera have both missed games due to injuries.

The clutch hits have not been there all season. They have faced tough pitchers in Mark Buehrle, Gil Meche, and Zack Greinke. Their ace, Justin Verlander, has no wins and a 6.17 ERA.

Now they have to head out to Boston for a six game road trip. Maybe playing on the road will help the Tigers out because Comerica Park has been nothing but a house of horrors so far.

The Tigers offense will have to lead the way because that is the strength of the team. No lead is safe when you have bad relievers so the Tigers must score many runs every single night. A team with hitters like Sheffield, Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez, and Placido Polanco can put a lot of pressure on opposing pitchers.

There is no need to panic yet because this team is still built to make the playoffs. Expect the big bats on this team to contribute soon and for the Tigers to outscore teams on their way to contending for the playoffs.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Roy Williams gives a F*%* about North Carolina?

This video was taken after Kansas lost to Melo Anthony and Syracuse a few years ago.

My predictions are UCLA vs Kansas on Monday night.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Giants vs Brewers Live Blog for Friday

I will be blogging throughout this game with game updates and thoughts.

* It is currently 3-0 as the Brew Crew got three runs off starter Jonathan Sanchez in the first inning.
* Rickie Weeks led off the first with a single and Prince Fielder drove him in with another base hit.
* Bill Hall drove in two runs with a homer.
* The Giants still don't have a home run this season.
* Aaron Rowand is in the lineup today but he is batting an injured rib cage. Aaron is a gamer... had to remind you guys just in case you didn't know that.
* This Giants starting lineup is as threatening as a 90-year-old lady in a dark alley.
* Rich Aurilia is struggling big time. Where is Daniel Ortmeier?
* We are in the top of the 3rd inning and Dave Roberts just struck out looking. He did the same a few nights ago against Derek Lowe. Another great pickup by GM Brian Sabean!
* Randy Winn just hit a single to continue the top of the 3rd.
* Starter Carlos Villanueva already has 4 Ks.
* Sanchez is looking impressive as well with 6 Ks through only three innings.
* Kevin Correia will face Manny Parra tomorrow and Barry Zito will pitch against Ben Sheets on Sunday.
* Aurilia is now batting .083!
* Just when I diss Aurilia, he hits a single! Now batting .154!
* Brian Bocock is up now. He hits a bunt single. This kid has never played above Single A before this season. He did play in the All Star Futures Game last summer during All Star Weekend in San Francisco. He is young and has a good future as a major leaguer but I don't think he is ready right now.
* Runners on 1st and 2nd for the Giants. Here comes Sanchez. He is 1 for 14 in his career as a hitter.
* Sanchez strikes out again. Villanueva now matches Sanchez with 6 Ks apiece.
* The Brewers starting lineup has catcher Jason Kendall batting 9th and the pitcher batting 8th. Kendall would be considered a "second leadoff man."
* We are heading to the top of the 5th. 3-0 Brew Crew
* Milwaukee has scored five runs in the bottom of the 5th inning. Bill Hall hit a long three run homer off Giants reliever Keiichi Yabu.
* Sanchez is responsible for seven of the eight runs and his ERA is 15.75. He does end the day with 8 Ks.
* Will the Giants score a run today?
* Where is Barry Bonds?
* Hall now has 2 homers and five RBIs so far today.
* The score is now 8-0 and we are in the top of the 6th inning.
* This will be Villanueva's last inning as he has thrown 88 pitches through five innings already.
* Things may be bad for the Giants but at least they are not the Tigers! The Tigers are on the verge of losing to the White Sox and going 0-4 to start the season. It is 8-5 in the bottom of the ninth inning in Detroit.
* The Giants just scored a run! Rowand doubled and Jose Castillo sent him home with another double. It is now 8-1.
* Aurilia just drove in Castillo with a single! 8-2 Brewers. Aurilia ups his batting average to .214 with the RBI single.
* This game is getting way out of hand now. We are STILL in the bottom of the 6th inning and it is now 11-2 Brewers.
* Now it is 12-2 as Hall gets his sixth RBI of the afternoon!
* Giants reliever Brad Hennessey has given his team no relief as he has given up five hits and gotten only one out. Another run comes in so it is 13-2. They keep on scoring runs as I type!
* This will be it for me for this afternoon. Next game is tomorrow morning at 10:05 am in the West Coast.

Tiki Ghosn vs Luke Stewart Exclusive to D Wizzle's World

Here are highlights from the fight. Tiki won by decision in a three round war.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Giants Should Start Youth Movement Immediately

The Giants lost to the Dodgers last night 3-2 after Rafael Furcal scored from second base on an infield single by Delwyn Young. Keiichi Yabu took the loss but the blame should go to 2B Ray Durham.

Durham should have thrown Young's grounder to home plate instead of first base. The worst thing that should have happened was having the bases loaded for the Dodgers.

The Giants are now 0-2 and the season is already over. The season was actually over before it began when they decided to let Barry Bonds and Pedro Feliz go and got nothing in return in trades or free agency.

As much as the Giants will miss Bonds, they will also miss Feliz's bat and his great defense at third base. Jose Castillo will make Giants fans wish they never criticized Feliz.

It is time for the Giants to go with a youth movement. The veterans are getting worst and not better. Do the Giants really expect veterans like Randy Winn, Dave Roberts, and Rich Aurelia to improve and make progress? Why won't they start youngsters like Freddie Lewis, Daniel Ortmeier, and Eugenio Velez? The answer to that is because Bruce Bochy loves veterans. Bochy doesn't want to play youngsters who are raw and learning the ropes. He wants to win and win now. Bochy is no spring chicken himself and did not expect the Giants to have to rebuild in his second year managing the club. He cares about his managerial win-loss record and is none too pleased about the L's that will keep piling up on his record this season.

The fans out here in the Bay Area don't want to see the boring veterans anymore. They want to see some new blood and an infusion of youth. The Giants starting lineup is almost as old as the ushers and "ball dudes" at 24 Willie Mays Plaza.

Rookies like Brian Bocock showed more plate discipline than Aurelia last night. Velez looked better at the plate than Roberts.

Matt Cain pitched very well last night but just like last year, the offense failed him. The look on his face after every scoreless inning by the Giants showed frustration and anger. Fans are wondering when this guy will snap. I am just wondering when this losing streak will be snapped.

We could be headed to another low-scoring ball game tonight as Tim Lincecum takes the mound against Chad Billingsley. Lincecum was impressive in his final spring start last week against the Mariners. Billingsley is one of the best young pitchers out there and this year should be his breakout season. He was prone to a lack of command and high pitch counts last year but he should improve on that this season. Gametime is at 7:10pm.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

SF Giants Are Ready for 100 Losses in 2008

The San Francisco Giants embarked on their journey to 100 plus losses by losing to the Dodgers yesterday 5-0. Brad Penny and three relievers shut out the pathetic Giants.

Barry Zito got the loss and his fastball was in the low to mid 80s. The only thing high about Zito is his ERA which is 7.20 after the horrid outing. Zito says his arm is fine and he is not injured. Could Zito have been using steroids and other drugs with the A's?
He used to pitch in the high 80s before but now has no velocity at all. He only struck out one batter all game.

If Zito cannot beat the Fresno Grizzlies, there was no chance he would beat the Dodgers yesterday afternoon. Zito had a tough outing against the Giants Triple A squad last week. Some fans are probably thinking the Giants dumped the wrong Barry.

There was nothing likeable about the game if you were a Giants fan. The pathetic lineup could do nothing right. I wonder how Matt Cain feels as he will be pitching tonight. If he doesn't pitch a perfect game, he probably has no shot of winning tonight.

Don't feel sorry for these unwatchable losers though. Zito and Aaron Rowand got big contracts and the weak economy won't hurt them as much as it hurts the fans. The Giants think their fans are dumb if they continue to watch the worst team in baseball play. It seems the only winners this year are Barry Bonds and KTVU. Bonds doesn't have to carry this team on his back anymore and KTVU doesn't hold the TV rights to Giants games anymore.