Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things to Like and Dislike So Far for the 2008 Giants

The Giants are surprising their fans so far with their 6-8 record. The team has given fans a glimmer of hope for the future. Players like Eugenio Velez, John Bowker, and Fred Lewis have brought some excitement and energy to the club.

It was a true blessing in disguise that OF Dave Roberts hurt his knee again and Lewis now gets consistent starts. The fans were sick and tired of seeing Roberts get called out on third strikes and playing bad defense in the outfield.

Bowker was a big home run hitter in the minors and he could be here to stay. The Giants need all the power they can get in the lineup and Bowker should get every chance to develop and show he belongs in the majors.

Brian Wilson looks to be a legitimate closer and his electric fastball is probably the envy of Barry Zito. Keiichi Yabu and Merkin Valdez have solidified the middle relief.

Eugenio Velez has sparked the Giants with his speed and Brian Bocock has provided steady defense. They both are base-stealing threats as well and have combined for six steals so far.

Rich Aurilia, Ray Durham, and Randy Winn are still starting unfortunately. Fans are tired of seeing them play and they bring nothing to the table. Bruce Bochy should start Dan Ortmeier over Aurilia and let Ortmeier learn on the job.

The Giants should also send Barry Zito to the minors. He is 0-3 and he has run out of excuses. The Giants don't have the guts to send Zito down to Fresno but he is doing nothing but hurting the team. I would rather see them bring up a pitcher like Matt Palmer from Fresno than see Zito pitch again.

Overall, the Giants should be happy with their 6-8 start after starting off the season 1-6. The Giants lucked out on Robert's injury and also Kevin Frandsen's injury. If Frandsen was healthy, Velez would probably not have made the opening day roster.

This team will continue to take their lumps during the course of the season, but the future looks a lot brighter now than it did two weeks ago.

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