Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Talking Hoops With Boise State's Matt Bauscher

Matt Bauscher is a senior guard for the Boise State Broncos and a very good friend of D Wizzle's World. He averaged 9.2 points per game and 3.2 assists. He also shot 43% from 3-point range this season and also provided great leadership to the Broncos. Bauscher helped his team to a 25 win season and his great performances against Utah State and New Mexico State helped them win the WAC championship.

Hey Bausch, how are you doing?
I'm doing real good man! The season was long but very exciting and definitely one to remember for the ages!

You guys lost to Louisville in the first round. How do you think Louisville will do in the Sweet 16 against Tennessee?
I think Louisville will get past them because of their size advantage inside.
What was your most memorable game in your career?
Beating NMSU(New Mexico State University) in 3 OTs to get a bid to the Big Dance! Individually, I had 14 pts, four steals, and four assists, but none of that matters...celebrating with my team was a dream come true.
Yes, that was a classic game to watch and one of the most exciting games of the season. Besides playing with your teammates, what will you miss most about being a Bronco?
Putting on the jersey and representing the city!

Who was the best player you ever faced in your Boise State career?
Paul Milsap (former Louisiana Tech forward and current Utah Jazz power forward)

You were a great 3-point shooter. Next year's 3-point line will be moved back one foot. Will the new rule affect the players and also the college game?
Not really. One foot is nothing... nobody really shoots it with toes behind the line now anyways.
Do you have any goals of playing professional basketball?
I may go play overseas, but it would have to be a great place. If not, I have some good business connections here and law school is a possibility.

What player on the team should we look out for next season?
Paul Noonan... he's a freshman this year,and he will score 1,000 pts at BSU, mark my words!!

Thanks Bausch for your time.
Keep doing your thing! Thanks man!

Free Strikeforce Tickets Here

D Wizzle is giving away free Strike Force MMA tickets to Cung Le vs Frank Shamrock this Saturday in San Jose. The first four people who can make this event will get a pair of tickets if they email me and tell me who Cung Le defeated in his last fight. Good luck! Each ticket has a face value of $100.

All winners will be alerted via email and the tickets will be distributed before the fights on Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boise State Guard Matt Bauscher Interview Up Soon

D Wizzle will have his interview with Boise State's Matt Bauscher up by Thursday morning. Bauscher helped his team get into the NCAA Tournament this year when they defeated New Mexico State in the WAC tournament a few weeks ago.

Monday, March 24, 2008

2008 Giants Ready To Begin Dismal Season

Spring training is almost over and the Giants, ready or not, will be heading up north for their final exhibition games on the weekend. This year will most likely be filled with lots of pain and agony. This roster is full of players that might not be major-league caliber and also not very likeable.

There will be no Barry Bonds to save the day this time. The most popular player they have is shortstop Omar Vizquel who is injured to start the season. Their big free agent acquisition, Aaron Rowand, is a good but not great player. According to the Giants marketing department, he is quite the "gamer" though. The highest paid player on the team is Barry Zito.

Zito may be likeable to young girls and Hollywood starlets but he does not have many fans at 24 Willie Mays Plaza. Zito was probably the most booed Giant last season. With his pompous attitude, high ERA, and rich contract, he is a big target for angry and disappointed fans after every horrific outing. When he shows up at fan functions, he shows as much passion and energy as a gay man at the Playboy Mansion.

The media can bash Bonds all they want but he was beloved by many fans. Who doesn't like to watch baseball history or long home runs? Bonds had the whole Bay Area flocking to AT&T Park every season. No one on the team can fill up seats like Bonds could.

Who cares about Kevin Frandsen or Daniel Ortmeier? Does anyone like Dave Roberts besides Red Sox Nation? Has he done anything good since stealing bases against Mariano Rivera in the ALCS a few years ago? How about Randy Winn and Ray Durham?

The veterans on this team are just playing out their careers on a losing team and collecting a paycheck. The younger guys on the team like Fred Lewis just want to be up in the big leagues and are more concerned about that than winning.

This team is going nowhere but down in 2008. The problem is they won't even be loveable losers. There will be packed houses when the Mets, Cubs, and Dodgers come to town, but half of the fans will be wearing the visiting team's hats and jerseys. If you thought last season was bad with Bonds, imagine what will happen this year.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Hills Audrina Patridge Pictures

Sports Gambling Forums

Capping the Game
MadJack Sports
SBR Forum

NCAA Tournament First Round Blog

  •  Best game so far has been Western Kentucky vs Drake. A lot of the so-called experts had Drake in the Sweet 16. How wrong they were!
  • West Virginia's Joe Alexander is a player. I didn't respect him much but after watching him more and more, I realize this kid is the real deal.
  • Connecticut is having trouble with San Diego right now. 
  • Arizona and Baylor did not belong in the tourney and that was proven last night.
  • Georgia's improbable late season run ended yesterday afternoon against Xavier. It would really be asking too much for them to beat a well-coached and talented Xavier team.
  • The so-called experts also predicted Kent to beat UNLV. UNLV played great defense and held Kent to only 10 points in the first half. 
  • Stanford had an easy game against Cornell while Marquette had to use up a lot of energy to beat Kentucky. This might be a factor tomorrow when they play.
  • The biggest surprise last night was Kansas State beating USC. I did not see that one coming. I also didn't expect Frank Martin to outcoach Tim Floyd.
  • Butler is having no trouble with South Alabama right now.
  • Georgetown is also cruising in their first round game.
  • I predict Siena and St Joseph's to upset Vandy and Oklahoma respectively tonight.
  • I have a feeling Boise State could give Louisville a scare as well. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NCAA Tournament Picks and Thoughts

  • I like Kansas,  North Carolina, UCLA, and Texas as my Final Four teams and Kansas winning it all over UCLA. I had Florida last year as the champ and hope to be right again.
  • I don't care if Michael Beasley gets 40 tomorrow. USC will still beat Kansas State. Beasley might have trouble with Taj Gibson.
  • Some possible upsets in the first round include St Joseph's over Oklahoma, Siena over Vandy, Oregon over Mississippi State, Arizona over West Virginia, and Temple over Michigan State.
  • Boise State could give Louisville some trouble but their guards must beat the Pitino full court press. Boise State can flat out score.
  • Good defense will beat good offense in the tourney. Watch out North Carolina! Good defensive teams include Purdue, Kansas, UCLA,  Louisville, and Clemson.
  • Good guard play helps teams advance.  Teams with great guards include Arizona, Baylor, USC, UCLA,  Oregon, and Texas. 
  • Best chance for a #16 seed to upset a #1 seed would be Texas Arlington over Memphis.

NBA Wednesday Observations and Notes

  • The Rockets have fallen back down to Earth as expected! Losing by 20 plus points  on two straight nights does not bold well for this team.
  • The Sixers win again. How about Mo Cheeks for Coach of the Year?
  • Tough loss for the Nuggets who are still on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. This team just doesn't play any D.
  • I've been saying Mike Woodson needs to be fired for a long time. The Hawks are just too inconsistent. They have given up halftime leads too many times this season.
  • The Heat scored 54 points tonight. I guess they really really want Michael Beasley.
  • Great win for the Wizards on the road against the Magic. 
  • The Pacers are making a late push for the last spot in the Eastern Conference. Look out for them.
  • The Cavs destroyed the Pistons by 16 at home. This was a statement game for the new look Cavs.

Monday, March 17, 2008

NCAA Tournament Selection Thoughts

  • Villanova, Baylor, Kansas State, and Texas A&M did not deserve to make the tourney.
  • Arizona State, VCU, Virginia Tech, and Illinois State deserved to make it.
  • Arizona State defeated Arizona twice and also beat Xavier this season.
  • Oregon was a slight surprise to get in.
  • Baylor lost to Colorado in the Big 12 Conference Tournament. This should have sealed their fate. They are very lucky to get in.
  • The best 65 teams did not get in.
  • Georgia's four wins in four days is truly impressive. They should make a movie about this team.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Rockets 21 Game Victory Streak is Overrated

The Houston Rockets are on a 21 game winning streak and have won 25 of their last 26 games. A closer look at their schedule shows that they have beaten some of the worst teams in the league.

I am not impressed with their win streak at all. It is not like they faced a Murderers' Row of good teams such as Boston, the Lakers, and the Pistons. Who cares if they can beat losing teams like Charlotte, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Miami, and Memphis?

How about beating Indiana twice or Dallas on the road when the Mavs were without Dirk Nowitzki? Only seven of their 21 wins have been on the road and 12 teams they played were from the weak Eastern Conference. Their best victory on this win streak is against the Hornets on the road.

This win streak just shows how watered down the NBA is. There are more bad teams than good teams and some teams in the Eastern Conference probably will make it into the playoffs without a winning record.

The Rockets will be lucky to win one playoff series in April. They will miss Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady won't be able to do it all by himself once again. They have a lot of good role players but most of them don't have any playoff experience. No one knows how Luis Scola, Carl Landry, and Aaron Brooks will perform in the playoffs.

The city of Houston should enjoy this win streak because they will have a hard time making any noise in the postseason without Yao. The win streak will end eventually and probably sooner than later.

They should be able to defeat a Lakers team without Pau Gasol on Sunday
but the streak will end next week at home against Boston or on road against the Hornets, Warriors, and Suns. In fact, they might lose all those games. Houston, celebrate this great streak now because no one will remember or care about it next month when the playoffs begin.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Q&A with MMA Author Michael Toney from Dominance Fight Gear

D Wizzle is back again with an interview with Michael Toney of Dominance Fight Gear. This time it is to talk about his upcoming MMA book "Tales from the Cage" that he co-authored along with Logan Novatnack from The Fight Card Radio Show. This book looks to be very controversial and innovative at the same time.
Here is the link for a previous interview I had with Dominance Fight Gear.

Can you tell me how this book came about?
Actually,a buddy of mine in Dallas came up with the idea. I was telling him an entertaining fighter story, and he suggested I write a book. Given the contacts that DFG (Dominance Fight Gear) had through sponsoring fighters, it seemed like a pretty simple concept. The challenge was time. We were spending every waking moment getting Dominance off the ground, and we didn’t have the time to line up the interviews for the book, not to mention transcribing them, etc. Months later, we revisited the idea, and tossed around the idea of a co-author. I wasn’t real excited by the idea at first, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. If I could find the right person, with solid MMA contacts, and MMA knowledge, it could be a win-win. That’s when I called Logan Novatnack from The Fight Card Radio Show. We had been friends for a while, and I always liked his show. I pitched the idea to him, and within three months, the content was done, and “Tales from the Cage #1” was headed to the printers!

There are a lot of MMA books out there these days along with MMA biographies such as Chuck Liddell's and Matt Hughes's. What is the difference between all those books and this one?
Great question! There are a lot of books surfacing right now, and we knew this prior to starting the Tales from the Cage. The fan base of MMA is growing by tens of thousand of people each month. We wanted to create a book that was very easy to read. Realizing that there are many people who would read a book of 200+ pages on their favorite fighter, we thought that there would be even a bigger market for an easy reading book of 18 MMA insiders. The interviews vary in length from four to six pages per person, but the real difference is the questions we asked. We really got some good content from the insiders. We asked most of them about their "most interesting groupie experience", and “your last street fight." Both ended up being great questions based on the answers we got. We also asked them who has hit them the hardest, what was it like to be booed for the first time, and who they like least in MMA. Also, we don’t just interview fighters. We talked with trainers (Greg Jackson), managers (Monte Cox), referees (Steve Mazzagotti), and a cut man (Stitch). We also interviewed UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste who ended up giving us a great interview.

What kind of stories are in the book and what fighters are in it?
Some of the stories were amazing. They should make a movie about Marcus Davis. This guy’s past will shock people. Shonie Carter and Frank Shamrock are worth the price of the book alone. Phil Baroni, Kendall Grove, Bas Rutten, Kenny Florian, Matt Lindland, Rashad Evans, and Tyson Griffin all gave us some great stuff. Another interesting question we asked the fighters is “Do they listen to, and apply the advice being yelled to them by their corner during a fight?” The answers were all over the board and very entertaining.

Where can MMA fans purchase this book and how much is it?
Currently, you can purchase the book at or . We are pre-selling the book for $14.95. Even with the shipping charges, when you dissect it, it comes down to about one dollar a story.The price will go up to $16.95 when we get the book in stock. We're hoping to start shipping the books the first week of April.

This book sounds very interesting. It sounds like a must read for all MMA fans. Thanks for your time.
We’ve already started Volume 2, but this first one might become the most discussed book in MMA history. Thanks for having us on.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hottie of the Week Kara Stone

This week's Hottie of the Week (HOW) is from Oklahoma City but currently resides in Hawaii. Kara Stone is a 18-year-old blonde beauty who currently is a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Hilo majoring in marine science.

I like funny, smart, athletic, sweet and playful guys.
I like to dance in my panties!
The weather here is never below 65 unless you are at the summit where we actually get snow! I think the best part is that we have so much variety on this island, people and climate wise. I love that I can be chillin' on the beach and looking at the summit covered in snow.
The part of my body that gets the most attention is probably my boobs or my butt...they are kinda equal. The boobs are just the right size and shape and the butt... I don't really know it's just kinda big in comparison to the rest of me.
I like modeling, acting, body surfing, boogie boarding, beachin', hiking, swimming...pretty much anything involving water and laughing.
I swim and occasionally hit a few tennis balls, I know they're pretty girly sports but don't underestimate my quarterback arm!
I was a pretty big nerd until my sophomore year of high school because I was chubby, and had acne and a big lisp! It's funny to joke about now but back then, man, I cried myself to sleep!
I love hockey and rugby because they just get vicious and are extremely entertaining. I also like baseball because it is slower than most sports and I can follow it...and the pants!

Interview with USF's Danny Cavic

Here is an interview with Danny Cavic. Cavic just finished his playing career with the USF Dons recently. He was one of the best shooters on the team and averaged 43% on his three-point attempts. He averaged 8.9 points a game this season.

What was your most memorable game in your career as a Don?
It would probably have to be the game at Pepperdine this year.Not only was it Coach Sutton's 800th win, but I played well and hit the game-winning basket in front of my family and friends.

What will you miss most about being a Don?
I'll definitely miss being around my teammates. The friendships that I've built over the years are the most important things to me. Games come and go, but I'll always consider my teammates as part of my family.

Which player do you expect to improve the most from this season to next season?
I expect Myron Strong to improve the most over the summer. He had a great freshman year and he was able to showcase his talent. It can be difficult to adjust from high school to college basketball, but he's handled it very well. By next year, he'll have time to mature as a player and be one of the leaders of the team.

What were some of the biggest differences between Coach Evans and Coach Sutton?
The biggest difference would have to be style of play. Although they're both great coaches, they run the team differently. Coach Sutton runs a more disciplined style of play, while Coach Evans allows more freedom for players.

Who was the best player that you ever played against? Adam Morrison is my guess.
That's a good guess! Adam Morrison is definitely the best player that I've played against. He was really on a completely different level than anyone else. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to guard him... or at least try to. (laughs)

Do you plan to play professional basketball anywhere?
As of right now, I'm planning on playing professionally overseas. I'm going to take some time off to relax, and then we'll see what happens. Things could change.

Which gym in the WCC do you feel is the toughest gym to play in?
I wouldn't say any gym is tough to play in. Gonzaga has the best fans and loudest fans by far. I actually find it more exciting to play in that type of atmosphere because it's an adrenaline rush. It's an incredible feeling to play in that arena. I've always been impressed with their fan base, and I had a lot of fun playing in front of them.

What is next for you?
I don't really have any long-term plans. I'm just trying to enjoy my last semester of school and see where the road takes me. My brother is going to be competing in the Olympics in Beijing so hopefully I'll have a chance to make it out there.

NCAA Basketball Report and Bubble Watch

  • All the bubble teams are worried now because there have been many upsets in the conference tournaments.
  • There might be 3 teams from the West Coast Conference in the tourney. Gonzaga, San Diego, and St. Mary's will all be in the tourney.
  • Cleveland State and Middle Tennessee State could burst the bubble of many teams tonight if they upset the conference favorites Butler and Western Kentucky.
  • Florida, the two-time defending champs, will not make the tourney. They lost too many good players and have too many young and inconsistent players.
  • Texas A&M also will be out of the tournament. They don't deserve to be in it after losing to teams such as Nebraska at home.
  • William and Mary played three great games to make it to the CAA championship game against George Mason. They had nothing left against George Mason last night though and lost.
  • VCU should make it in but they are on the bubble.
  • Will South Alabama make it in? They were the favorites to win the Sun Belt championship but lost last night.
  • ESPN's Joe Lunardi had Western Kentucky as a bubble team that would be out. I totally disagreed with him and now Western Kentucky is one win away from the Big Dance. How could he say they were out when they were still alive in the Sun Belt tournament? Ridiculous!
  • Congrats to Siena for winning the MAAC tournament. Tay Fisher played great.
  • A host on Sporting News Radio this morning said that no one cares about these tournament games and that no one was watching Elon vs Davidson last night on ESPN or George Mason vs William and Mary. He said the only people watching were the parents of the kids playing. Why is this guy even on the radio hosting a sports show? I am 100% sure he can't even name one player on those teams. Get another job if you don't know your sports or care about NCAA basketball.

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Hottie of the Week Up Wednesday - Kara Stone

Check her out on Wednesday.

Interview with USF Guard/Forward Danny Cavic Up Soon

This will be up in a few days. Stay tuned!

Reader Mail

Here are some reader emails. Some of these emails have been edited for length or clarity.

Thanks a lot for the interview with Marlon Favorite. It is always good to hear about young black men doing well for themselves.
Shreveport, Louisiana

I hate Tila Tequila so much too. She is ugly, nasty, and has fake breasts. She can't sing, dance, or act. I am a sucker for reality television but I can't stand her show.
New York

I really love the UFC interviews you have. Could you have more of them?
San Jose, CA

Great videos of Rowand and the Giants! I felt like I was there due to the great footage!! Go Giants!

Fuck you and your stupid blog. You are an asshole and a bitch. A 10 year old can write better sentences than you.
(no hometown given)

I LOVE the HOWS!!! It is something I look forward to each week. Some better than others but I am picky.
Iowa City, Iowa

I think you have a very creative and interesting blog. Keep it up! Go Beavs!!
Pamela Goldman
Portland, Oregon

Erica Liu is one real sexy momma!!!
Just Blaze
Palo Alto, California

Nice blog. I came for the Barry Bonds videos. I could not find them anywhere else but here. Thank you so much!!
Sydney, Australia

If you want more traffic to your blog, put nude pictures of the hotties of the week!
Henderson, Nevada

How can you call yourself a Bay Area sports blog and don't have anything on the Oakland A's?
Lester M.
Castro Valley, CA

Tila Nguyen is a cunt. I hate Tila and her show. She needs to die. That is mean but yes, she needs to go away! No more ugly Asians on TV please!
Jessica W.
Mountain View, CA

I love the pictures and videos from the Emerald Bowl. I was there too and you have a great video camera!
Portland, Oregon

How come no one covers the Sharks around here?
San Jose, CA

SF Giants Are Disrespecting Their Fans

Any Giants fan who renewed their season tickets for the 2008 season must be a gluten for punishment. This season hasn't even started yet as we are still in spring training, but the team is already showing many negative signs.

Injuries are mounting due to the veterans getting older, and the youngsters are underperforming as well.

The Giants are trying to trick the fans into thinking the team is full of hard-nosed gamers. They want you to believe that Kevin Frandsen and Daniel Ortmeier are hot young prospects who every team would covet. The reality is that if you want to see some real good young prospects who play hard, I suggest you check out the Oakland A's across the Bay.

Players such as first baseman Daric Burton and catcher Kurt Suzuki are top prospects who will play hard and have a lot of talent. GM Billy Beane is one of the best GMs in baseball and knows what he is doing by rebuilding with youngsters. The fans in the Easty Bay have great faith in him and their minor league clubs are stacked with potential superstars.

Can you say the same about GM Brian Sabean for the Giants? The Giants and Sabean are just deceiving the fans if they tell everyone that this team is better without Barry Bonds. Fans in San Francisco know how bad the offense was when Bonds was out of the lineup last year due to him taking a day off or having an injury. There won't be any difference this year.

Giants officials wished they had the All Star Game this year instead of last year. Barry Bonds was the main attraction in 2007 due to the home run chase. They also held their fans hostage by making fans purchase season tickets in order to be assured they would get All Star tickets. Many of the very same season ticket holders are now cancelling their season tickets. It appears that Aaron Rowand isn't the attraction and draw that Bonds was. Who would have believed that?

This team has the potential to lose 100 games. Every team in their division got better and improved during the offseason. Barry Zito is already rounding into regular season form. He gave up 8 runs today against the Royals and is now 0-3 this spring.

The Giants are having a horrible spring. They can't hit or pitch well enough to win games. Teams like the Yankees and Red Sox can lose every game during the exhibition season and no one would be worried. A weak team like the Giants need to win games in the spring in order to gain confidence and a winning attitude.

If Sabean was smart, he would have traded Noah Lowry last season. Lowry is now out until the end of April with an arm injury. He has absolutely no trade value at the moment. The Giants sure could have traded him to a team for a bat.

I suggest the Giants swallow their pride and resign Mr.Bonds. This would help their offense and also bring in fans to the ballpark. Unfortunately, I am not the GM or the owner of this downtrodden team. The best way for fans to show their displeasure will be by not attending games. Maybe after seeing many empty green seats will Peter Magowan realize what a big mistake he made in letting Bonds go and resigning Sabean to a contract extension.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reader Mail and Comments

Please send all comments and emails to dwizzlesworld at

I will be posting a lot of your emails and comments in a "Reader Mail" section soon.

Nothing is taboo. Here at D Wizzle's World, we keep it real. I will not edit anything you say.

This will be a forum for any topic. Got a gripe with the racist media? Hate the Yankees? Think Hilary Clinton is a bitch? Think the Hottie of the Week is sexy? Whatever is on your mind, I want to hear it!

Please leave your name, age, and hometown in the emails.

Baron Davis "One Shot" Short Film

Mascots Caught In A Love Affair VIDEO

Interview with UFC Fighter Anthony Johnson is below this video.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Exclusive Interview with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson

Anthony "Rumble" Johnson is a UFC welterweight fighter with a professional record of 4-1. He currently is in Colorado training hard for his fight against Tommy Speer on April 2 which will be a part of Ultimate Fight Night on Spike TV. Rumble is one of the most exciting and talented fighters in the UFC today.

He is also one of the better fighters out there that you may not have seen fight. In his UFC debut, he knocked out Chad Reiner in 13 seconds. The best is yet to come for Rumble as this upcoming fight with Speer will be his first fight in the UFC with advanced notice. Check out this interview as Rumble talks about his training, his love for pitbulls, and how he liked training with Ken Shamrock.

Hey AJ, how's everything with you lately?
Everything is great. Thanks for asking.

How's your training going along for your fight with Tommy?
It's going great. I'm in good shape already. I'm ready to get it on and bang!

Where are you training at?
I'm training mostly at Grappler's Edge so big ups to that whole squad. Other than that, I just go from gym to gym getting a different look from each one.

What is your entrance music when you walk to the Octagon?
I really don't have any yet but my brother-in-law is into the music business and works with Young Jeezy and D4L so he's gonna hook me up with a beat from the guys who make their music.

How did you get your nickname "Rumble"?
I was sitting around bored one day and was thinking of a name that would fit me. They have "Cabbage", "Rampage", "Shogun", and "Ninja" so why can't we have a "Rumble"(laughs).

Your fight with Tommy will be the first fight in the UFC for you where you have had advanced notice and will have adequate time to train and properly cut weight. I think this will be a huge difference for you. What do you think?
Yes there will be a huge difference. I'm in good shape now and working very hard so this time there will be a Rumble that wants to bang even more.

In your fight with Rich Clementi, you were winning the fight and doing great until you gassed and had no energy left due to cutting 30 pounds in a week. It appeared that you lost one of your contacts during the fight. Did that affect you in any way with your loss of vision?
The only thing that affected me was the weight lost. Rich beat me so I have no excuses.

When you are not training, what do you like to do?
I like to kick it with my friends, my wonderful girl, and taking care of my pitbulls.

I heard you want to start your own kennel. How did you get into that and tell us about your love for pitbulls.
I have an up and coming kennel for bully breed pitbulls. Bullies are the short compact pits that I recommend every one should get. I've always had love for the breed of pits and soon as I had the chance of getting one, I hopped on it. They are so loyal and the best friend any one can have. I don't believe in fighting any dog period...especially this breed. Like any dog, it will do only what it's taught. For example, if you raise a kid to be a killer, he's gonna be a killer. It's dumb people like Michael Vick that give the breed a very bad name. I take very good care of all my dogs and I treat them all the same. All they look for is love and attention and my girlfriend and I give that to them. We spend as much time with them as possible by taking them to the dog park, keeping them social with other animals, and taking them to bully expos in So Cal. I just got a new pup from Hektik Kennels in So Cal. His name is King Yoda and he's my show dog and placed second in his first show.The only dog to beat him was his brother and his name is Home Boy. Both have some of the best blood in them... Gottiline,Razors Edge,and Greyline... so watch out for these two. They are gonna make some noise in the business in the near future.

You used to train with Ken Shamrock when you first got into MMA. How was that experience?
Training with Ken was ok. He was the first major trainer I had so being new to the game, I was pumped. Now that I'm not with that team anymore, I feel like I've learned a lot more and met a lot of great people, but overall it was ok and I don't regret being there.

You fought in Colorado before. Does the altitude affect you in any way there and is there a chance some of the fighters will gas early if they don't get used to the altitude?
Oh yeah,the altitude is gonna get a lot of fighters when they come up here. I think the fighters on the card will be up here in time to get use to the altitude, but I know there will be at least one fight that shows the affect of the altitude. It wont be me, that's for sure. I've been up here since February 16th just to make sure I don't gas again.

Besides MMA, what other sports do you like?
I like all sports, even golf (laughs). If there's one sport I can try, it would be rugby.

Thanks for your time AJ and good luck with your fight.
Thank you for your time. I'd like to thank everyone who stood by me on my loss to Rich and all my boys at KNOXX. They are my biggest supporters.