Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Steph Curry hits the game winner over Shawn Marion and the Mavs

Steph Curry hit the game-winning midrange jumper over Shawn Marion and the Mavs on Wednesday night 95-93. The Warriors trailed by double digits for most of the game but they came back in the fourth quarter.

Curry had to save the day for the Warriors as Klay Thompson, David Lee, and Harrison Barnes did not play well at all.

Chris Paul's alley oop pass to DeAndre Jordan for a dunk goes awry as the ball gets stuck on the rim

Here is something that NBA fans have probably never seen before. During the Clippers vs. Celtics game on Wednesday evening, Chris Paul passed the ball to DeAndre Jordan for a dunk but the ball didn't go through the rim. The ball got stuck on the rim instead.

I've seen balls get stuck on the rim many times on jumpers and 3 pointers but never on an attempted dunk.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kobe Bryant's first dunk of the season

Nevada point guard Deonte Burton throws down a nasty dunk on the Cal Bears

Check out Deonte Burton's nasty dunk on the Cal Bears near the end of the first half on Tuesday night.

Cal beat Nevada 92-84. Burton finished with 26 points.

NBA scouts love Burton's athleticism and some team will probably draft him in the second round or sign him as a free agent for their summer league roster.

5'9" Isaiah Thomas stuffs 6'10" Bernard James at the rim

Here is a video of Isaiah Thomas stuffing Bernard James at the rim in last night's Kings vs. Mavs game. Thomas is generously listed at 5'9" but he is probably only about 5'7" or so. The former Washington Huskies star showed off his hops by blocking the 6'10" James' shot.

The Kings went on to upset the Mavs 112-97. Thomas had 24 points and 12 assists on the night.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Martin Sheridan knocks out Jordan Desborough in devastating fashion at Cage Warriors 62

 Check out this devastating and quick knockout from Martin Sheridan at Cage Warriors 62 in Newcastle. England. The knockout happened so fast and surprised everyone.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Maurice Creek makes a game-winning jumper to beat Maryland 77-75

Maurice Creek of George Washington made a stepback jumper with only 0.6 seconds left in the game to help the Colonials beat Maryland 77-75 on Sunday afternoon at the Verizon Center.

Creek had 25 points to lead George Washington. Here is the video of  the game-winning shot from three different angles. Creek was a big time prospect for Indiana but never fulfilled his potential  due to injuries.

Nick Young tries a crazy and ridiculous 360 layup shot vs. the Raptors

 Nick Young of the Lakers tried a hilarious 360 layup attempt against the Raptors on Sunday night.  The crowd would have gone crazy if he had made the shot.

The Raptors won 106-94 in Kobe Bryant's return to the court. The Raptors were without Rudy Gay as he was traded earlier in the day to the Kings.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heather Cox interview with Jameis Winston after the Florida State/Duke game

Here is ESPN sideline reporter Heather Cox asking inappropriate questions to Florida State QB Jameis Winston after Florida State beat Duke 45-7 in the ACC championship game. Winston was happy his team won but was disturbed by the questions from Cox regarding the rape investigation.

College football fans on Twitter were outraged with Cox after this interview and some demanded her to be fired from ESPN.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Funny Iron Bowl Radio Call from "Bama Radio"

Some Alabama fans are still shocked by the ending of the 2013 Iron Bowl from last Saturday night. Here is a hilarious fake radio call from some YouTube users who pretend to be the voice of Bama Radio calling the last play of the game.