Friday, April 26, 2013

Stephen Curry of the Warriors beats ESPN's Rick Reilly in a 3 point/half court contest to help fight malaria

Warriors guard Stephen Curry and ESPN's Rick Reilly joined forces to help fight malaria in Africa. In this video, Reilly and Curry challenge each other in a shooting competition.

Reilly tells Curry that he can make more three-point shots than Curry can make half court shots and the loser has to wear nothing but a net.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Picture: Joe Montana meets Colin Kaepernick at Tri Star show

Joe Montana met Colin Kaepernick at the Tri Star card show this past weekend and posted the above picture for his followers on Twitter.

Montana's caption for the picture was "Had a fun time talking to @Kaepernick7. Do you #49erfans remember when my arms were that big?"

No Joe, we don't remember you having arms that big but we will always remember the great Super Bowl wins and come from behind victories you had as a 49er.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kevin Durant makes a surprise visit to the San Francisco Giants game

Kevin Durant with SF Giants pitcher George Kontos

Kevin Durant of the Thunder is in the Bay Area because the Thunder take on the Warriors on Thursday night. Durant and his teammate Nick Collison decided to check out the San Francisco Giants' ballpark on a warm and sunny Wednesday afternoon.

In the first video below, Durant signs autographs for fans and talks to fellow Texas Longhorn, Brandon Belt in the dugout.

In the second video, Durant talks to the media about why he made the surprise visit to AT&T Park.