Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin As Sports Anchor:VIDEO

Here is a old video from 1988 when Sarah Heath was a young sports anchor. This might give hope to ESPN's Erin Andrews to one day get into political office as well.  Can you imagine Miss Andrews as VP lol?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Elite XC Dancers Shaking Their Booties - VIDEO

Another Exclusive from D Wizzle's World! Cameo by MMA fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller around the 1:48 mark and  2:35 mark of the vid.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Michael Phelps' Terrible Sportsmanship At the Olympics - VIDEO

Young Boy Falls Over Outfield Railing at Phillies/Mets Game - Watch more free videos

49ers Host Chargers Tonight In Last Preseason Game

The 49ers are 2-1 in the preseason.

Is there any chance the 49ers let go of WR Arnaz Battle and keep Ashley Lelie and Dominique Zeigler instead? I don't know Battle's contract situation but I would move him and keep Ziegler.

LB Derek Smith and OL Jeremy Newberry are now  playing for the Chargers.

Most of the starters on both teams will only  play one possession or sit the game out entirely. If you plan on coming to the game to watch LT or Antonio Gates, you will be out of luck.

Barry Zito True Religion Male Model - VIDEO

Terrell Owens and Three 6 Mafia Interview - VIDEO

Here is a good interview  with Terrell Owens  from Three 6 Mafia.  Three 6 Mafia  did a great job interviewing TO and vice versa.  They all  showed a lot of charisma. Who needs the terrible interviewers on NBC, FOX, and other stations now?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stanford Vs. Oregon State Recap and Review

Stanford defeated Oregon State tonight 36-28. 

The game was tied at halftime 17-17. 

The key to Stanford's victory was their running game, and most notably RB Toby Gerhart.  Gerhart was the star of the game, and had  149 yards and two touchdowns on 20 carries.

Gerhart was bouncing off tacklers and just running roughshod over the OSU defense. If Gerhart can run like this the whole season, Stanford will have a chance to win a lot of games this year.

Gerhart was able to break a couple of long runs as the OSU defense just could not bring  him down.

QB Tavita Pritchard was 10-17 for only 91 yards and one touchdown.

OSU's QB Lyle Moevao threw 54 passes and completed  34 of them. He threw three touchdown passes but also had two  costly interceptions.

One of his interceptions was ran in for a touchdown by safety Bo McNally.

RB Ryan McCants only ran for 11 yards and was never a factor in the game.

The game was tied 20-20 in the third quarter when Moevao threw a backwards pass to McCants coming out of the backfield. The ball went out of bounds into the end zone which cost the Beavers two points. 

Stanford was up 36-20 until late in the fourth quarter, when OSU rallied for a touchdown and converted on the two-point conversion to make it a 36-28 game.

The Beavers had a chance to tie the game after forcing Stanford to punt with under two minutes left in the game.

OSU was marching down the field with crisp passes from Moevao to his wideouts until WR Darrell Catchings caught the ball around the five-yard line and then fumbled the ball  out of the end zone.

Catchings was trying to dive into the end zone with the ball, but the ball came loose.

What Catchings did was very ill-advised but his instincts told him to try to reach for the end zone with the ball. 

This is a big win for Stanford as they travel to Arizona State next week.

OSU will have to travel all the way to the East Coast next week to play Penn State.

I was suprised that Moeveo threw 54 times and threw for 404 yards. He played well despite his mistakes. He showed more accuracy than he did last season.

WR Shane Morales had 13 catches for 150 yards and one TD for OSU. 

WR Sammie Stroughter had 12 catches for 159 yards with two TDs.

Big Mama Cop Dishes It Out On Female Fan - VIDEO

Stanford Vs. Oregon State Preview

Stanford will face Oregon State tonight in what should be a very competitive game in the Bay Area.

Both teams have huge question marks going into the season.

OSU lost their front seven to graduation so there will be new starters all around on the defensive side. 

They will definitely miss former players such as linebackers  Derrick Doggett and Joey LaRoque.

No one knows what to expect from their new starters on defense. 

Stanford returns many of its starters on both sides of the ball.

The strength of Stanford's team is in the trenches as they have  a solid O-Line and a potentially dominating D-Line.

Both of these teams won't have their starting free safety for the game as OSU's Al Alfalava is serving a one game suspension, and Stanford's Austin Yancy is injured. This is a huge loss for both teams.

It will be very hot on the field tonight and this could play a factor in the second half of the game.

RB Ryan McCants is a bruising runner who could run for some nice gains if the Stanford defense gets worn down by the heat.

QB Lyle Moevao  is the starter for OSU  and Stanford will start Tavita Pritchard behind center.

Look for Pritchard to try to scramble for yards as the WR corps for Stanford is very thin. 

The only steady pass catcher Stanford currently has is junior Richard Sherman.

This game should be dominated by the defense, and a late turnover could be the deciding factor in the game.

Special teams will definitely be key in this game too. 

Both teams have new punters and kickers.  Give the edge to OSU on kick and punt returns as they have the athletes to take it to the end zone.

The coaching edge would have to go to Mike Riley but Jim Harbaugh is a young coach who has instilled enthusiasm to the football program at Stanford.

The Beavers have more playmakers on special teams and on offense than the Cardinal. 

If the Beavers can contain  the D-Line of the Cardinal, they will be able to move the ball down the field and get points.

Stanford will look to run the ball  with RB Anthony Kimble. They will be in for a long evening if they can't establish the run because their receivers are very inexperienced and facing a veteran secondary.

CBs Brandon Hughes and Keenan Lewis are one of the top tandems in the Pac-10.

This is a must-win for both teams if they want to get to a good start this season because both teams will be underdogs on the road next week.

OSU has to face Penn State and Stanford travels to Arizona State. 

This game starts at 6:00pm PT and will be shown live on ESPN2.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

UFC 88: "Breakthrough" Liddell Vs. Evans Preview

The UFC will be making their first appearance in Atlanta on September 6 for a pay-per-view show entitled "UFC 88:Breakthrough."

This event will be taking place at the Philips Arena and the first match will take place at 8:00pm ET.

The pay-per-view show will begin at 10:00pm ET.

The main event will be a match-up between Rashad "Sugar" Evans and Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell. The winner of this match is likely to be the next in line for a title shot against UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Forrest Griffin.

It is very well known that the UFC wants Liddell to win so they can match him up with Griffin for the title at the end of the year. 

This probably  means that if Evans wants to win this fight against Liddell, he better knock him out or submit him, because he most likely won't get a decision in his favor if the fight goes to the judges.

Evans has a 16-0-1 record  while Liddell is 21-5.

It will be the first fight of the year for both fighters.

Evans is coming off a victory over Michael Bisping and Liddell is coming off a victory over Wanderlei Silva.

The Iceman will want to keep this fight standing, but he must be able to avoid a takedown by Evans.  

While Evans' stand-up is solid and improving, the edge goes to Liddell on the feet. 

Liddell hits very hard and his game plan is to knock out Evans with his fists.

Evans was a wrestler in college and will probably try for some takedowns and slams.  Liddell has a great sprawl though and won't be easily taken down.

For Evans to win, he must withstand the heavy hands  of Liddell, and then do some damage with kicks and punches. 

Evans can try to utilize kicks  since he doesn't have to worry about The Iceman trying to go for a takedown. 

Evans has never tasted defeat before in his professional career, but this will be his toughest challenge yet.

One advantage that Evans has is that his training partner, Keith Jardine, fought and defeated Liddell last year.  Jardine is sure to have given Evans some tips on how to fight Liddell.

Evans is younger and more athletic than Liddell and will probably be in better shape than Liddell.  Conditioning will be a factor  if this fight goes more than one round.

Besides the main event,  there are other fights on the ten-fight card that are intriguing.

Rich "Ace" Franklin will move up a weight class to take on Matt "The Hammer" Hamill in a light heavyweight battle.

Hamill  is a big light heavyweight fighter and will be much bigger and stronger than Franklin. 

Franklin was a big middleweight fighter and is now a small light heavyweight fighter.

It will be very interesting to see  how Franklin contends with the strength of Hamill. 

Although Franklin no longer is the UFC middleweight champion, he is still one of the more popular fighters in the UFC.  

Hamill  is known for being a cast member on The Ultimate Fighter and also for being deaf.

Other  notable fighters on the card include Dan Henderson, Karo Parisyan,  Ryo Chonan, and Matt Brown.

The card is stacked from top to bottom,  and  the fans in Atlanta will be in for an exciting night of  action and intensity. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hottie Of The Week: Strikeforce Ring Girl Nicole Craner


D Wizzle is back with a new Hottie of the Week (HOW) and this week it is none other than Strikeforce ring girl and model, Nicole Craner. 

D Wizzle met this hottie at the last Strikeforce MMA show and knew he wanted her as a future HOW. 

Nicole is from Idaho but currently lives in Northern California in the Bay Area. Besides being a ring girl for Strikeforce, this 5'6 beauty is also a model and has been featured in Maxim and FHM. 

Hi Nicole, how are you doing today?

I am doing good and you?

I'm good also. Do you know if you will be going to the Playboy Mansion for Strikeforce's September show?

I would like to go, but right now it's up in the air. The Playboy Bunnies are ringcarding this event so we may just be wearing our uniforms and walking around promoting Strikeforce.

The first match announced for that show is Misaki vs. Riggs. Since you were correct on the GSP vs. Jon Fitch prediction and told me that GSP would win and that it would go the distance, I'd like your prediction on this match too.

Riggs has been out for a couple fights so I am going to go with him. I am sure he wants to get back in the ring, and he probably has been training his ass off. I am going to say Riggs...second round.


What kind of modeling projects have you been working on lately?

I have actually taken some time off, which was needed, but I am ready to get back to the rush of things again. I will be appearing at Pro Battle MMA in Arkansas in October for their first event and I hope to be in Denver for the Strikeforce fights. I have been working on my own web page and that should be up soon as well. I was also contacted by FIGHT!Magazine and hope to be shooting with them soon!


What kind of guys do you like?

BAD BOYS!!! I tend to like guys with tattoos and piercings. I like the kind of boys that live on the edge, that are spontaneous, and are up for anything... trying to change that though! (laughs)


What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Redbull and Vodka..can't taste the alcohol and it gives me wings. (laughs)


What are some mistakes that guys make in bed?

For me, I like to be caressed. Don't get me wrong, I have my freaky down and dirty moments but if it's someone that I care about, I like to feel important, not wham bam thank you ma'am. (laughs)


What is your favorite sexual position?

(Laughs) Wow. We're getting deep aren't we? I am going to keep that one private!


You know I have to ask you the tough questions! Ok, on to the next question! What are some things that turns you off about guys?

Men that have slept with the entire bar! (laughs) If I can walk in a bar and pick out three girls you have slept with, then that is a definite turn-off. I also don't like conceited, insecure men, and also men that have no goals in life.


What part of your body gets the most attention?

My eyes
What kind of tattoo is that on your right shoulder and on your lower back?

The tat is two dragon heads. I do plan on getting a sleeve eventually when I am done modeling. I have a tribal sign on my lower back and a Japanese symbol on the back of my right shoulder!

What do you like to do in your free time. What are your hobbies?

I love to dance.I have been dancing in my mirror since I was little. It's a passion of mine and it always relieves my stress. You will always catch me on the dance floor.I also love traveling and shopping. I love love love the beach and could live on it. I love music... all kinds from house to classic rock. I could download music all day. It's therapy to me.

Do you work out?

I do. I do weights and cardio. Dancing is basically where my cardio comes in. Dancing is how I keep in shape mostly.


If you were to fight on a Strikeforce show, who would you want as your opponent?

Trying to get the dirt aren't ya? (laughs) How about Josh Thomson? (lau
Why "The Punk"?

So I can kick his punk ass!!! He needs it because of his MOUTH!!! (laughs)


Who are some of your favorite MMA fighters?

I like B.J. Penn because he is amazing. I like watching Dan Henderson because he's a legend. GSP is simply phenomenal and Miguel Torres is such a bad ass. I admire Urijah Faber for his work ethic and passion, and Cung Le is such a humble and wonderful guy.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Nicole and answering my questions. It's been fun! Any final words to the fans?

Thanks D! Peace and love!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Alicia Sacramone Bikini Picture


By popular demand!!!!  She definitely is worthy of being a Hottie of the Week on  D Wizzle's World. 

Speaking of Hottie of the Week (HOW), look out next week for the next HOW, Strikeforce ring girl, Nicole Craner. 

Another Racist Slur on ESPN


Another racist slur - this time it is a a headline on ESPN's website.   For more on racial slurs, go to these two links below. Looks like a lot of media members are hating on China these days. This is what you call sneak dissing. ESPN should be ashamed of themselves once again. Thanks to the readers who emailed me about this and sent me the picture.

Aliann Pompey's Live Blog From Beijing: August 21 and 22

Here is Olympian Aliann Pompey blogging live from Beijing, China. Pompey is a track and field competitor representing Guyana.

 D Wizzle's World knows that fans want to get an athlete's view on everything going on in China and NOT always from the biased media.

Thanks to Aliann for giving us a glimpse of what's going on in Beijing at the Games.

Friday, August 22, 2008
This morning Coach Ryan, myself, and Adam had an interview with Irish tv Rte. And a good time was to be had by all. By far, it was the most relaxed interview I've ever done.  There was a lot of joking around, laughing ,and  making fun of Coach Ryan.  

After that, we had a special presentation from/to the Ambassador to/from the Guyana Olympic President Juman Yassin.  The highlight for me was meeting June Griffith.  She's the woman who had the 400m and 200m national records.

  I was supposed to go to the silk market, but a certain Derrick Adkins (Bahamas) left without me.  

SO I stayed home to watch Jamaica women drop the the baton in the 4x100m.  I was waiting for them to smash that record.  I just knew they were going to.  My heart goes out to them, they were their worst enemies.  Nothing rocked my world like the men's 4x100m relay. 

Did you see it? Oh my God, Bolt handed off to Asafa, watched him finish with a world record, ran down the track to congratulate him, AND BEAT SOMEONE!!! I know Trini-Bago got second, congrats to that team.  

I don't really know what else happened int he race, except Jamaica finished twice. In one Olympic Games, Bolt has 3 world records. Everything he touches is gold.  He is officially, the greatest track athlete of all time.  I think I'm a fan. OMG!These are definitely a track fan's Olympics.

Thursday, August 21, 2008
Today I was thinking long term.  I went to a mini-seminar in the Olympic Village.

 Mr Gorgemans from Switzerland was giving a speech about post-competition transition. 

 A few people showed up, and he talked to us about a company he started in Switzerland where they facilitate top level athlete's transitioning into their lives after competing.  I did get a bit discouraged because 'top-level' athletes usually mean Olympic gold medallist. 

 But he was helpful to me, passing on some tips and contact information.  Thank you Sir. I still can't believe Federer didn't win though.

Later that night... I don't know where to begin with the relays.

 USA dropping the stick in both men's and women's 4x100? What a curse!I'm not sure who had a better chance, but they both would've had some work to do to beat Jamaica.  But it didn't even get that far. WOW!I got over those races really quickly though.

 The race of the night was definitely the men's 400m.   I don't know, but I think Merritt was a little surprised.  It looked like he kept looking for Jeremy, who eventually came.  A whole second later.  All I have to say, is if people are betting, someone is losing a whole lot of money, or winning a whole lot. (duh, right?)

Quick story before I go:  I forgot to tell it the other day, but it's still cracking me up.  So after our race, myself and Christine (Amer-steel) Amertil were on the bus to come home. Mind you, it was packed to capacity.  This man fro New Zealand got up to talk to someone, and I went to sit down.  

This South African athlete had the nerve to put her foot on the seat, and say, "i'm saving it for my friend". I said well your friend isn't even on the bus, but I am, and sat. That's not the story. So the bus leaves, most of the people that are sitting are officials and or males.  That means mostly females/athletes are standing, right?  So Amer-steel goes off ont his tirade about how chivalry is dead, we fought for equal rights, and now we can't get a seat, and men are inconsiderate.

  I'm laughing of course, because I laugh at everything.  They hear her, but no one is even moving.  

Walter Dix is sitting right behind us, doesn't budge.

 So this HUGE thrower from Spain got up. "Please, take my seat". Sitting, he looked huge. When he stood up, he blocked the sky.  I'm laughing sooo hard at this point, because he had this hurt (or was it disgust) look on his face, and now the other men are starting to feel bad. 

 But it's too late, she already had a seat.  Christine is starting to feel bad, apologizing to him, I was just talking. Please sit down. He says no no, I'm done with it. It's ok.  Maybe you had to be there to see it play out in order to appreciate it. But it was funny to me. 

Thursday, August 21, 2008

49ers Vs. Bears News, Notes, and Stats

                                       Alex Smith with Mike Nolan deviously grinning in the background

The 49ers defeated the Bears in Chicago tonight 37-30 in a very entertaining game.

49ers Notes, News, and Stats - 

All three QBs played well tonight. 

J.T. O'Sullivan played the first quarter and was 7-8 for 126 yards with one beautiful TD to Jason Hill for 37 yards. 

He left after throwing the TD to Hill early in the second quarter with fourteen minutes left before the half ended.

Alex Smith's stats  were poor as he was only 6-17 for 83 yards with one TD. Stats don't really tell the whole story here as I thought Smith played well. He threw a nice TD pass to Dominique Zeigler in the third quarter, and he showed his mobility when he was able to scramble for a key first down.

Smith did throw behind a lot of his WRs which is not a good sign. 

Shaun Hill was 6-7 for 60 yards.

On the 49ers' first possession, Frank Gore had a couple nice carries to start off the game. One of the carries was a nice cutback in which he gained 28 yards. 

On 3rd and 5 in the red zone, the 49ers tried to run for the first down instead of having O'Sullivan airing it out. I thought Jim Hostler was gone!!  The 49ers did not convert and had to settle for a FG.

Vernon Davis had only one catch but it was a nice one.  O'Sullivan made a great pass to Davis which went for 40 yards. Davis was being covered by a linebacker.  

RB Thomas Clayton had the best game of his career. He had 18 carries for 81 yards with one TD.  His TD was a 15-yard run where he made a sweet cutback to the right side of the field. 

WRs Zeigler and Hill combined for 10 catches for 155 yards. What will the 49ers do with Zeigler? He was on their practice squad a year ago. 

FB Zak Keasey also had a great game. He showed his running ability with a 16-yard run. Keasey also played well in special teams and made a great tackle on Devin Hester in the end zone after a punt.

The defense looked really bad tonight. They made  Kyle Orton look like Tom Brady.

The D-line was being manhandled by the much maligned O-line of the Bears. There was no pressure on Orton, and RB Matt Forte ran through the defense.

There was a  blown coverage  when WR Rashied Davis ran by Manny Lawson and Nate Clements for a big gain in the first half.

Bears Notes, News, and Stats -

QB Kyle Orton played very well. Orton was 10-17 for 147 yards with 2 TDs. 

The O-line played great and did not allow any sacks in the first half. 

They also gave Forte plenty of room to run. 

Forte looked good and converted a 4th and 1 in the red zone. 

Forte ended up with 44 yards on 11 carries.

Rex Grossman was booed and went 1-4 for only six yards.  

Caleb Hanie was 3-7 with a TD. The TD was to Brandon Rideau with no time left on the clock in the fourth quarter.  

Rideau used his height advantage to jump and catch the ball while being covered by the shorter 49er cornerback. It was a 51-yard TD.

Davis had two TDs as he was open all night long. 

Orton did miss Davis on 3rd and Goal in  the end zone  just before halftime which forced the Bears to go for a short FG instead.

Robbie Gould missed a 48-yard FG.

WR Brandon Lloyd did not catch a pass but he did block a punt. 

Danieal Manning had two nice kick returns. One of them went for 75 yards.

Garrett Wolfe fumbled on one kick return.

Rosie Red Dances And Races With Weatherman - VIDEO

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Comedian Jackie Mason Uses Racial Slur On ESPN - VIDEO

Check out this video showing comedian Jackie Mason using an offensive racial slur on ESPN.

The racial slur happens around the five minute mark of this video. The ESPN commentator Joe Tessitore and Mason have a great laugh at the expense of Chinese people.

Here is the transcript of these two bantering -

Joe Tessitore: Teddy Atlas goes to China and I end up with you, Jackie!

Jackie Mason: You don't know how lucky you are. What's he going to do in
China? All he's going to see is Chinese people. You can see them in the
neighborhood. (Tessitore Laughing real hard) Everytime you go to the
laundry, there's another "Chinaman". You don't have to go a hundred
thousand miles to meet a Chinese person.

There are NO excuses for racism and especially on a network like ESPN. Tessitore should be ashamed of himself for laughing so hard as well. Mason, who calls himself "The Ultimate Jew" should never be allowed on ESPN ever again.

I am surprised he didn't say the "N" word when discussing those two black fighters that were boxing. It is 2008 and racism is at an all time high on the airwaves and in the media.

A radio sports host in San Francisco also used the "chinaman" slur on the air recently. You can find more about that here -

ESPN and KNBR should be ashamed of themselves for allowing people like Mason and Tolbert on the air.

Olympian Aliann Pompey's Blog From Beijing

Here is Olympian Aliann Pompey blogging live from Beijing, China. Pompey is a track and field competitor representing Guyana. D Wizzle's World knows that fans want to get an athlete's view on everything going on in China and NOT always from the biased media.
Thanks to Aliann and my boy Fudgeman for hooking it up and allowing D Wizzle's World access to an Olympian's perspective on the Games and China.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Welcome to the 23rd Olympic Games. Scratch that, welcome to the Jamaican National Invitational. Ok, Ok, I can do this. Welcome to the Usain Bolt experience. In case you missed it, Usain has now won the men's 100m in record time. 

More impressively, he won the 200m in record time. Two things about this race. 1) The pundits said this was a record that was going to last for decades. No one was going to touch it. Come close, yes. Smell it maybe. See it from afar, but not break it. 2) Usain was RUNNING!! 

Yea I know, of course he was running, it was a race. But he was trying. In the 100m, he stopped, tied his shoes, ordered Chinese food, shook some hands, kissed a few babies, asked me for my phone number, stood a while and tried to convince me that he's the one for me, I say no, I'm already taken, you are barking up the wrong tree, he says OK, I respect your stance, you man is very lucky to have you, it's my loss, then he beats his chest and finishes his race easily. World record time. After doing all that. Not so in the 200. He came out the blocks and ate  Brian from Zimbabwe. And Brian is no scrub. 

He came off the turn so far ahead it looked like he was photo-shopped in. At about 130, I saw a grimace on his face. That's when I saw the clock. I was watching the race with the Bahamians. At this point, everyone was on their feet. Screaming. It was one of those moments where everyone was screaming something at the same time, but for some reason you can hear them all, and you knew what they were saying. I wish I could've seen Michael Johnson's face on a split screen

Before the race started Derrick Adkins took out his phone, and said he was calculating how fast he was going to run. "10 flat for the curve, flying start for the last 100m, that's about 8 seconds. 19.25" Laughter, doubt, and jokes followed. One person said drinks should be on Derrick if the world record goes. The general consensus was 19.5 or there about. I guess we all owe Usain a drink. I'm still in shock. A lot of people are. I'm really happy for Brian and Kim for making the finals, and Churandy for his silver medal. Brendan should've been in there too (Antigua). For now, it's Usain's world, we're just here to idolize him.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Today we took a trip to the Forbidden City, Tienamen Square, and Chairman Mao's mosemleum. The whole Guyanese team went, except for Mr Rose, the team's manager. I really wish he did, he's the funniest person here. It was a ton of walking. My feet are killing me, I swear it's as hard as a track workout.

We started at the Mosemleum, and we had to walk about a mile to put our bags in the check area. You are not allowed in there with anything. Then we walk back, standin line, go through security, and enter. A brisk walk into the chamber, you see Chairman Mao being laid to rest in a glass case. Everything is quiet, no one is saying a word, some lay flowers as they go in, pay their respects and leave.

The Forbidden City was a giant maze, in the form of a nesting egg. Everything looks very similar. You walk through a court yard, beautiful, AMAZING architecture, go through a big gate/door, into another courtyard. The colors are a bit different, but for the most part, it's very similar. I took about 100 pictures, this time I had my camera. The historical significance of Tieneman Square resonated deeply with me. But let me not get all political on you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
I'm still a bit bitter, I admit it. I've been moping, eating McDonalds, laying down right after I eat, everything that's in "Athlete's Don't do This" book, I've been doing. I wanted Shericka to win. I almost popped a muscle in my neck cheering for her. That's it. I'm now officially over it.

Monday, August 18, 2008
I didn't even cry. On my way from the computer lab after my last post to the room to cry, I ran into a few people I know, and some I didn't. What I got was encouragement. people saying how proud they were of me, how close I was, how much they were screaming, and for a second, I felt like I actually accomplished something. The coach from Surimane: Guyana, you did great. We are neighbors, and I was cheering for you the whole time. British Virgin Island Official: I was on my feet til the final round, praying that you made the finals. Friend: Not one soul can say you went out there and didn't give it your all. Sometimes I think I am most critical of myself. I still didn't do what I came here in mind to do: I didn't make the finals. Plain an simple. 

But as one person said: You aimed to reach the moon. Instead you reach Mt. Everest. You didn't get to the moon, but you got really far up there; real close. I guess I can sleep with finishing 11th at the Olympics. It is the highest a Guyanese athlete has ever finished. I did tie the national record in doing so. That's my consolation prize.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Costas Rips Usain Bolt: Olympics News and Notes For August 19

  • NBC's Bob Costas said on last night's Olympics broadcast that he didn't like Jamaica's Usain Bolt showboating and pounding his chest during Bolt's 100 meters victory. He thought it was disrespectful to the competitors and did not exemplify the Olympic spirit.  As usual, I disagree with the midget once again. Bolt worked very hard to perform well in Beijing and he should show emotion and youthful exuberance. Costas was probably never an athlete and doesn't know how it feels to win an athletic competition. 
  • Sporting News Radio's Peter Brown said that the swimsuits worn by the swimming competitors  today gives them a great advantage. He cites Dara Torres being able to swim faster now than when she was in her twenties.  Torres is 41 years old.  Brown also questioned how fast Phelps would have swam wearing Mark Spitz' speedos from the 70's.  I think he also mentioned how the new swimsuits today give the swimmers 5% more oxygen.
  • NBC showed more American bias when the gymnastics analysts and announcers complained about China's gymnast winning the gold over Nastia Liukin last night in one of the gymnastic competitions. The announcers also questioned the Chinese gymnast's age again.  Talk about sore losers and whiners.
  • Susanna Kallur, the Swedish hurdles runner, got off to a slow start, and fell down trying to jump the first hurdle last night. You can see the video of this on my blog. It is one of the most popular videos on D Wizzle's World right now.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

ShoXC: Elite Challenger Series Review and Results

EliteXC had another exciting ShoXC show on Showtime last Friday night at the Table Mountain Casino in Friant, California.

The main event featured a rematch between light heavyweights Po' ai Suganuma and Jared Hamman.

There were five fights in total on the televised card, and all five fights had its moments.

Many of the fighters on the card were not well known and were trying to make a name for themselves. This made a lot of the fights exciting and thrilling as all the fighters were out to prove that they belong in EliteXC.

Suganuma, a training partner of B.J. Penn's, defeated Hamman a few months ago in a controversial ending. The fight lasted only 15 seconds after Suganuma landed a flying knee to Hamman which forced the referee to stop the fight.

Hamman was victorious this time as he ended the fight in the first round after several vicious hammer fists to Suganuma.

Suganuma had the advantage early on in the fight, and it looked like it could end quickly again, but Hamman was able to withstand the early onslaught and then go on the offensive.

Commentators Mauro Ranallo and Stephen Quardos mentioned a possibility of a trilogy as they could see these two fighters going at it once again.

The first match shown was between Keith "KO Kid" Berry and Ray "Lights Out" Lizama.

This was a great fight to start the show as these two fighters entertained the fans with a stand-up war.

Berry won the first round by utilizing the plum clinch and delivering some nice knees and punches to Lizama.

Lizama was able to escape a rear naked choke by Berry which almost ended the fight.

In the second round, Lizama rocked Berry with punches which had the 20-year-old retreating. Somehow, Berry was able to come back strong and started to deliver some shots to Lizama.

Eventually, Lizama started to land his right hand again, and Berry finally went down after two overhand rights to his body.

This was a big upset as Berry was favored to win because Lizama only had a 5-5 record coming into the fight, and was also fighting on late notice.

Lizama was a replacement for Reggie Orr who backed out of the fight with Berry.

The fight was at a catch-weight of 190 pounds. Lizama looked a lot bigger than Berry.

The second fight was a women's match between veteran Debi Purcell and Rosi Sexton from Manchester, England.

Round one was boring as they were just clinching and positioning against the cage.

Round two was better, and the hightlight was Sexton's superwoman punch which was countered nicely by Purcell's leg kick.

Purcell started round three off with a spinning back fist.

The round was as close as the first two. Sexton attempted a nice cartwheel guard pass which Purcell was able to nullify.

The fight went to the judges and Sexton was awarded the win by split decision.

Fabricio "Morango" Camoes made quick work of Sammy "The Squeeze" Morgan in the first round with a rear naked choke.

The fight only lasted 47 seconds as Camoes was able to slam Morgan down to the mat and get full mount on his opponent.

Once Morgan gave his back, Camoes secured the choke for the quick victory.

UFC fighter Diego Sanchez was in Camoes' corner.

Camoes said that he wants to face some big names now and mentioned EliteXC lightweight champion, K.J. Noons, as a potential future opponent.

In another fight, Cyrille Diabate defeated Jamie Fletcher by unanimous decision.

Diabate reminds me of UFC fighter Corey Hill as they both are very tall and have bald heads.

Diabate controlled most of the fight, although he was taken down a few times by Fletcher.

Fletcher's face was extremely bloody thanks to a cut to his eye.

Diabate said he wants to fight Rafael Feijao next.

This show was not as hyped as a UFC pay-per-view show, but the fights on this card were better and more entertaining than what the UFC has offered MMA fans of late.

Highlights of the show include the great war between Berry and Lizama, Camoes' submission win over Morgan, and the non-stop brawl in the main event between Suganuma and Hamman.

The winners of the non-televised fights were David Douglas, Katrina Alendale, Jesse Brock, Lucas Gamaza, and Robert Vargas.

Beijing Olympics News and Notes

  • I didn't know  hip hop artist T-Pain was participating in the  Men's 100 Meters last night. Wait, that was USA's Walter Dix. Dix won the bronze and Jamaica's Usain Bolt won the gold.
  • It is ridiculous how all the best and exciting events that the fans want to see are on late at night on NBC in the West Coast. There is no way kids and some adults can stay up so late every single night to watch. I guess NBC wants people to check out their website instead to watch.  
  • All the good events that fans want to see don't start until after 11p.m. That is unacceptable and unfair to viewers.
  • Who is taller? Bob Costas or USA gymnast Shawn Johnson? 
  • The media in America keeps on blasting China's gymnasts for supposedly not being 16 years old.  I think they should investigate Shawn Johnson instead. She looks like she is 12 or 13.  If China did not win the gold medal in the team competition, no one would have sour grapes. 
  • Michael Phelps reportedly makes over 5 million in endorsements yearly. Many parents are going to send their young kids to swimming classes next week.
  • Jamaica's Usain Bolt's set a world record in the 100 Meters. He would have had a faster time if he didn't let up before he reached the finish line. He was ahead of the whole pack and started to celebrate before he reached the finish line. 
  •  I believe tonight's big event is the women's floor exercise competition in gymnastics.  There should be a lot of track and field events shown on NBC tonight also. 

SF 49ers News, Notes, and Stats from Packers Game

  • QB J.T. O' Sullivan led  the team to two touchdowns in the first half.
  • O' Sullivan finished 8-17 for 154 yards with one TD and one terrible interception to Charles Woodson. 
  • Alex Smith went 5-12 for 62  yards. Smith only played the 3rd quarter. 
  • O'Sullivan completed some nice passes to WR Josh Morgan including a 59-yard TD at the end of the first half. 
  • Morgan, the rookie WR from Virginia Tech, looks really good in the first two preseason games. He looks very big and muscular and reminds me of Terrell Owens back when he was a 49er. 
  • New punt returner Allen Rossum capped off the scoring in the game with a sweet 67-yard runback of a Jon Ryan punt. 
  • The 49ers showed a pass rush last night. They were collapsing the pocket of the Green Bay quarterbacks all evening. 
  • Ray McDonald and Tully Banta-Cain did a great job pressuring the QBs.  There was no pass rush at all last year. 
  • If the 49ers D-line can play like this throughout the season, the secondary will look a lot better than it did last season.
  • Free agent WR Cam Colvin looks to be a good candidate for the practice squad if he doesn't make the 53-man roster. 
  • Isaac Bruce needs to play more so he can gain some chemistry with the QBs. I don't care if he is a veteran and knows Mike Martz' system. He is playing with a new QB this season and needs to get his timing down with the QB.
  • Safety Dashon Goldson looked impressive last night as well. I would like to see him start over Mark Roman. Goldson is a ballhawk. He played a lot of cornerback in college when he was playing for the Washington Huskies. 
  • Mike Nolan has said one of the reasons he likes O'Sullivan is because he has "competitive fire."  So did Trent Dilfer. 

Friday, August 15, 2008

MMA Fights Live On Showtime Tonight




ShoXC returns to Showtime, live from the Table Mountain Casino in Friant, CA, on Friday, August 15th with an explosive night of MMA fight action, including:

Po'ai Suganuma vs.

Jared Hamman (Rematch!)

205 pounds

Fabrico “Morango” Camoes vs.

Sam Morgan

160 pounds

Cyrille “The Snake” Diabate vs.

Jaime Fletcher

205 pounds

Debi Purcell vs.

Rosi Sexton

130 pounds

Keith “KO Kid” Berry vs.

Ray Lizama

190 pounds

Commentators will be "The Fight Professor" Stephen Quadros and Mauro Ranallo.

Watch ShoXC on Friday, August 15th at 11PM (ET/PT)...only on SHOWTIME.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tom Tolbert Disses D Wizzle's World - Thursday News and Notes - August 13

  • Many readers have mentioned  that Tom Tolbert of KNBR ripped on me today on his radio show. His listeners also did the same. Don't hate me Tom because YOU were the one that made the racial slur. Here at D Wizzle's World, we just report the facts and news.  A lot of readers said you should be fired and are very angry at you.  That is your fault.  You have lost a lot of fans.
  • Another reader said that Tolbert  immediately apologized  after he said his racial slur. If anyone has tape of that so called "apology" I would like to hear it. What constitutes an apology these days anyways?  I did not recall  or hear an apology at all. 
  • The Giants continue their losing ways by getting swept by  surging Astros. 
  • Barry Zito is on pace to lose 20 games. Do you really think the Giants will let him start another game after he loses #19 sometime next month?
  • 1B John Bowker got sent to the minors FINALLY.  This guy was great for two weeks and then got into a huge batting slump once teams knew how to pitch to him.  He could be another Lance Niekro, Damon Minor, and J.R. Phillips. Will Clark, he is not.
  • The Dodgers are really pushing Arizona in the NL West for first place. Arizona's strength is their two aces, Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. Adam Dunn will help this team offensively just as Manny Ramirez has for the Dodgers. Both are great home run hitters and terrible in the outfield.
  • Milwaukee has a good record in spite of Ned Yost. The Brewers' manager is one of the worst in the majors. How will he survive next year without prehaps  CC Sabathia and Ben Sheets? They are both free agents after this season.

USA Gymnast Alicia Sacramone Punches Guy - VIDEO

She knocked Team USA out of the competition for the gold in the Beijing Games but watch her knock out a guy in the video.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Racism By Media On China and Chinese People Sickening

The Olympics are in China this year and the haters and racists in the media and all over the world are out in full force. Chinese Americans all over this country are enraged and angry at the insults hurled directly and indirectly at them.

I talked to many Chinese people here in the Bay Area who are upset and unhappy at the media coverage in this country and I can't blame them for being angry.

I was watching NBC broadcaster  Bob Costas interview President Bush on Sunday night and all the questions he asked were basically anti-China.  Costas questioned if China's government will ever reform and  he also mentioned other sensitive issues such as Tibet, human rights, and freedom of the press. 

Bush was very diplomatic and did not say anything negative towards China. Bush had a great time in China and never took Costas' bait and said nothing that would raise the ire of the Chinese people.

Something that will always raise their ire is the media's continued obsession with the Tibetan protesters. The Western media always covers the protests by the Tibetans but refuses to cover Chinese issues such as the CNN protest which happened a few months ago.

When a CNN broadcaster made inflammatory remarks towards China, the Bay Area Chinese community took action and organized a protest at the CNN offices.  The only media presence at the protest were Asian newspapers. I guess the Western media didn't think the protest was newsworthy enough to send any reporters to cover the protest.

The racism towards the Chinese have been going on for a long time. It seems "cool" to take shots at Asians since the media and others know there won't be any serious repercussions by doing so.

You can hear and see the racism online, in print, on television, and also on the radio. 

For example, this evening, I heard KNBR's afternoon sports show host  Tom Tolbert say the word "chinaman" on the air. That word is offensive to Asians just as the "N" word is offensive to blacks.  Anyone calling an Asian man  a Chink or Chinaman is racist. 

KNBR is a hugely popular sports station in the Bay Area and Tolbert's show in the afternoon, in which he co-hosts with Ralph Barbieri, is the most popular show on the station with the highest ratings. 

Tolbert, who was once a Warriors scrub in the 90's, then proceeded to tell us the story of the "41-year-old  Chinaman" and why the man  had to call the cops in the middle of the night at a park.

Tolbert made sure that all the listeners knew the man was Chinese.

The story was sickening and grotesque. I guess the management of KNBR  encourages him to tell such disgusting and sophomoric  stories, but they should not tolerate his racial slurs.

Another remark made by a sportscaster that has infuriated some Asians is NBC's Jim Lampley's description of the USA Basketball team's win over China on Sunday. Lampley called it a "destruction of China." 

I talked to some Asian men today at a basketball court in San Francisco,  and they told me that the slights are on purpose. Many of them feel that the media is racist and biased against Asians. 

25-year-old Eric Yang of San Francisco said that racism is something all Asians face daily. 

"We see and hear all the racism every day," Yang said. "This is why I never read the newspaper or go on CNN anymore."

"They love to discriminate against us and make us feel bad. It just makes me stronger and more proud of my culture and heritage."

"I don't know why white people are like that and have problems with us. What did we do to them? I don't understand it but I guess it makes them feel better about themselves to make fun of other races."

I can't really disagree  with Yang. Besides writing for this blog, I read a lot of newspapers and watch a lot of TV. I can totally understand why many people of color do not  trust the media.

In America,  Asian actors are not allowed to be the good guys in TVshows or in movies. There is  an unwritten  rule in Hollywood that states that there can't be an Asian hero if the actor playing the bad guy is white.  This is why Jet Li has to play the evil Asian bad guy in his new movie while Caucasian actor Brandon Fraser plays the hero. 

When was the last time you saw an Asian actor play a romantic lead in an American movie or TV show? Probably never. But we continuously see Caucasian males with "exotic" Asian females in movies, TV shows, and in commercials.  

On the other hand, you won't ever see an Asian male and white female couple in Hollywood. I guess the sexless Asian male myth is true.  Or so the media wants us to believe. 

In another controversial article, ESPN's Pat Forde wrote a story last week about how the Beijing Games are now lessened and stained because an American was stabbed to death. 

Why are the Olympics stained and lessened? They are not! Readers of the article were very offended by Forde's article and posted comments telling him to get out of China and basically ripping him. 

The death of Todd Bachman is a tragedy but Forde should be ashamed for trying  to diss the host city of the Olympics because of an isolated incident. 

All the above examples show why Asians do not trust the media. It also shows us that the media in America has a lot of work to do to regain the public's trust. These "professional" journalists and "senior" writers need to stop dissing minorities. 

I've watched the Olympics daily and enjoyed seeing the great scenery and people of China.  Their athletes are entertaining and talented.  I am very impressed with their passion, intensity, and showmanship in these Games.

I can't say anything negative about them. I guess I am not made out to be a journalist  and member of the media after all.