Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beijing Olympics News and Notes

  • I didn't know  hip hop artist T-Pain was participating in the  Men's 100 Meters last night. Wait, that was USA's Walter Dix. Dix won the bronze and Jamaica's Usain Bolt won the gold.
  • It is ridiculous how all the best and exciting events that the fans want to see are on late at night on NBC in the West Coast. There is no way kids and some adults can stay up so late every single night to watch. I guess NBC wants people to check out their website instead to watch.  
  • All the good events that fans want to see don't start until after 11p.m. That is unacceptable and unfair to viewers.
  • Who is taller? Bob Costas or USA gymnast Shawn Johnson? 
  • The media in America keeps on blasting China's gymnasts for supposedly not being 16 years old.  I think they should investigate Shawn Johnson instead. She looks like she is 12 or 13.  If China did not win the gold medal in the team competition, no one would have sour grapes. 
  • Michael Phelps reportedly makes over 5 million in endorsements yearly. Many parents are going to send their young kids to swimming classes next week.
  • Jamaica's Usain Bolt's set a world record in the 100 Meters. He would have had a faster time if he didn't let up before he reached the finish line. He was ahead of the whole pack and started to celebrate before he reached the finish line. 
  •  I believe tonight's big event is the women's floor exercise competition in gymnastics.  There should be a lot of track and field events shown on NBC tonight also. 

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