Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sexy Meredith D. With West Coast Hip Hop Producer Traxamillion

Here is a new interview by Knoxx Gear hostess, Meredith D. with hot rap producer, Traxamillion. One of my favorite Traxamillion beats is the San Francisco anthem song by San Quinn which you can check out here -

For more of Meredith, click here -

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Erin Andrews Is A Horrible Spokesperson for EA Sports

Here is MMA interviewer Ariel Helwani interviewing Erin Andrews of ESPN. Andrews is supposed to promote the new EA Sports NCAA Football 2010 game but instead, she goes on and on about the NIntendo Wii. Can you say ditz? Plus she sort of insults Helwani at the same time at the end of this video.

Jose Canseco Gets Beat Up By Hong Man Choi

Monday, May 25, 2009

Chicks Dig UFC Champ Lyoto Machida

Fox Sports Shows The Wrong Black Man!

UFC 98 Dana White Video Blog

In this video, Dana gives us a tour of a very nice MGM Hotel suite, talks to Playboy's Holly Madison and her blonde friend, gives a lucky fan four free tickets to the UFC 98 show, and talks to a media member about how the UFC fighters and fans will accept gay fighters.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MMA Fighters and Insiders Pick Winner of Evans Vs. Machida

D Wizzle's World asked MMA fighters and insiders who they think will win the UFC 98 main event this Saturday night between UFC light heavyeweight champion, Rashad Evans, and challenger Lyoto Machida. Here are their picks.

Tito Jones, Strikeforce Featherweight Fighter:

I'm going with Evans. His striking has improved vastly. He's much more athletic and a very strong wrestler. With his movement and patience, I feel he will give Lyoto a very hard time. On the flip note, Lyoto is also a very dangerous and patient opponent. The key word in the description of both is patience which I think could be the reason this fight has the potential to be not as exciting as we all hope. I'm really curious to see who, or if one of the two will take it upon themselves to engage the action, or is this going to be a strategic chess match of a fight just like my fight this last Friday. It's really tough for a fight to have that excitement we all want when your opposition fights on the defensive. I strongly feel this fight between Rashad and Lyoto will boil down to who makes the first mistake and gets caught because both fighters are very smart and don't take to many unnecessary chances. It will be no surprise to me if we see a similar situation like that of Anderson Silva's last fight.

Mike Swick, UFC Welterweight Fighter:

I predict Machida.

Keith "KO Kid" Berry, KOTC Middleweight Champion:

I say Machida by decision because he's such a smart fighter and I think he will be patient and pick Evans apart when he makes a mistake.

Houston Alexander, UFC Light Heavyweight Fighter:


"The Fight Professor" Stephen Quadros, Showtime Broadcaster:

First off, Rashad Evans against Lyoto Machida is logically the best match at light-heavyweight in the world. Those two guys are the best fighters in the division, both undefeated, yet they are underrated in many ways. Although their styles are different, I believe that they share a few similarities. Both like to counter and have faced criticism in the past for being a bit too little defensive. But ironically both are coming off big knockout wins – Evans knocked Chuck Liddell out cold and Machida annihilated previously unbeaten wrecking machine Thiago Silva.

A lot of people feel that Rashad possesses a higher level of pure athletic ability. While I won’t argue that point, I will emphasize that this is not a track meet. To beat Machida you have to do what no other fighter has done, figure out his style…and find his chin. And I do not believe that Rashad Evan’s will do that. I pick Lyoto Machida to win the title by decision and am also bracing myself for what may NOT be fight of the year.

Eugene Robinson, author of "Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Ass-Kicking But Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked For Asking.":

While I had originally derided Evans as overly cautious and dull, I think a taste of the high life and continued success has turned him into someone you want to watch. That being said, Machida's jiu jitsu is great so it's the age old match up: Will a good jiu jitsu player beat a good wrestler? Yeah, usually. But this is MMA and strikes are a factor so I am going to call it for Evans. TKO and that's a stone cold lock for you gamblers out there.

Michael DiSabato, VP of MMA clothing line, CageFighter:

I like both Rashad and Lyoto as fighters but I am giving the edge to Lyoto as I believe he is a more complete fighter with better stand-up skills. When you look at their common opponent, Tito Ortiz, you see Lyoto control the fight from start to finish and Rashad got a fortunate break when Tito was penalized for grabbing the cage. Lyoto wins on Saturday.

MMA Fighter Kevin Casey and The HIlls' Spencer Pratt Music Video

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hottie of the Week: Alissa Rae

D Wizzle is back with a new Hottie of the Week (HOW) and her name is Alissa Rae. I met Alissa at the last Strikeforce MMA  show in April and I immediately knew that she would be a great HOW! Alissa is a 19-year-old model from Sonora, California.

My nationality is, African American, German, and Cherokee. I think it's a pretty good combination!

The kind of guys I like are funny, outgoing, humble, athletic, and cocky, but not arrogant. The guys I go after are jocks or as some people would say, meatheads!
The men I end up dating are a lil chunky, but total underdogs. I don't know what it is. I think it could be that quirky smile or the way the walk will be cute. I love the sweet guys.

I call my modeling my alter ego because for one reason, you see me and you might think "Wow she is smokin' " but, when you see me out on the streets, I'm in jeans , some throwback Nikes, and sweater! I'm a country girl. You cannot wear heels and a tight skirt in the mountains. And I'm m not into dressing up unless I have to. Modeling is my alter ego because it lets me play different roles that I have deep down inside me.

I don't like one minute men although that could be my fault though because I'm a teaser. Let me tell you, you know how men shower... but, man I think men really need to shower below. You may just got out the shower, but sometimes men don't scrub or are shaved. If I have to be clean shaved, the men got to be clean shaved! Another mistake guys make is when men sit there and just let me do all the work. It's boring. I like positions! Change it up!!! I get bored easily! Throw me around a little, don't just sit there and play dead.

I love rooting for my MMA friends like Jakes Shields and Jaime Fletcher. I feel like a cheerleader sometimes when I watch their matches!

My favorite fight at the last Strikeforce show was the Gilbert Melendez fight because he handled that guy like a champ! I think he was in the ring for a whole whopping three minutes! Go Gil!

I definitely don't want to be a ring card girl. I don't mind working as one but I don't want to be known as a ring card girl. Sorry, my preference. I think it's just a little boring. Why? because I am a model... I rather model all the clothing brands they have out there for MMA and watch all my buddies fight than be a ring card girl! (laughs) No offense but I want to be known as a model and not a ring card girl. I'm sure it's s fun but I don't just want to do that and I want more.

I dance about two hours every da to stay in shape. I love dancing because it is great cardio. I love to go on hikes, jetski, wakeboard, snowboard,  and go dirtbiking. I also love to go mudding. If you don't know what mudding is, it is getting your big Chevy Truck that's lifted with huge tires and playing in the mud! I also write poems and music. I love playing the piano and just kicking back and hanging with friends. I'm a real easy going girl.

I'm not ready for nude unless Playboy hits me  up and says " Hey , come do Playboy!"  and then I will hop on it. Playboy is classy and I would do that but until then, you ain't going to see me fully naked anytime soon. Sorry, I'm sticking to the implieds. (implied nude)

I dance for two hours straight everyday. Cardio baby! I also do situps and I swim too.

A lot of guys like my curves.  I mean if you know measurements, mine are 36C bust-24waist-38hips! I'm a curvy girl  and I will remain that way. I'm not trying to be stick thin, I want to show women out there you can be curvy and still look sexy as the girls in Vogue. Besides, no mam  wants a 105 pound girl that is 5'7! Men think thats gross and so do I.

Picking a winner in the  Jake Shields vs. Robbie Lawler  match is difficult! Well, let's put aside that Jake is a friend of mine and Robbie Lawler is extremely hot! (laughs) I think if Jake takes him to the ground, Jake will win. Robbie has hands so I hope Jake will be careful. But for now, I'm rooting for Jake Shields!

I'm working on a website that will be launched at the end of summer thats called YOURKANDY. It's  basically a whole bunch of  different looking  exotic models that will be in a magazine and also a bunch of car shows like Hot Import Nights and DUB car show.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Strikeforce ShoMMA Strikeforce Challenger Series Live Blog

The show just started on Showtime and the first fight is Tito Jones vs. Bao Quach.

Jones trains out of Sacramento, California, and fights out of Ultimate Fitness, Urijah Faber's gym. He is 4-0 as a featherweight.

Quach is a very tough fighter and is the favorite to win this fight.

Jones is taller but they both have a 68" reach.

Fight will get underway soon as they are both in the cage now.

Nothing happened in round 1. Jones did not let his hands go and Quach did not go for any takedowns.

It was a very boring first round. Faber told Jones to "unload" but he did not. The crowd booed a lot in this round.

All Quach is doing is low kicking Jones. This match is a huge disappointment so far.

I would give both rounds to Quach right now.

Wow, Tito Jones finally unloaded in round three on Quach and knocked him down twice. This could be a 10-8 round in favor of Jones.

Jones had Quach in trouble but could not finish him off. He had a lot of chances in this round but he did not finish the job. It must have been very frustrating for all the fans of Jones' because Quach was dizzy and could have been had.

All three judges gave the fight to Quach 29-28. The crowd is booing the decision as Jones was the more explosive of the two fighters.

Quach tells the fans he does not care that they are booing him since he won and that he would give Jones a rematch anytime, any place and anywhere.

I believe this fight could have been a draw but Jones did allow Quach to recover in the last round. Jones may have been tired but Quach admitted that Jones allowed him to recover and did not capitalize on him being hurt.

Aaron Rosa vs. Anthony Ruiz is next.

Rosa wins by rear naked choke in the first round.

Lavar Johnson is now going to fight Carl Seumanutafa. This should be a slugfest I believe.

This is a heavyweight fight and Seumanutafa is coming off two losses.

I will be watching this fight but the Bobby Lashley vs. Mike Cook fight is also on right now. Lashley is fighting Cook at MFC 21 in Canada.

Ok, this fight is over before it basically started. 18 seconds and the fight is over as Johnson hits Seumanutafa with an uppercut to end it. Seumanutafa was going for a takedown when he got punched.

Miesha Tate vs. Sarah Kaufman is next. Kaufman is the heavy favorite to win but if Tate can get her down, all bets are off.

They are both in the cage now. The fight is about to start.

Kaufman won round one with her good stand-up and she threw a lot of punches that landed. Tate had one takedown at the end of the round.

Tate wins the second round by taking Kaufman down and working her ground and pound.

Winner of round three wins the fight!

Kaufman wins round three and should win this fight. Tate looks like she has a bloody nose.

The judges all give the fight to Kaufman 29-28. Tate tried to take down Kaufman in the third round but Kaufman stuffed them all with a great sprawl.

Tate seemed tired and probably had a hard time breathing with a bloody nose. This was a very solid fight.

This is the first time Kaufman has ever had an opponent last all three rounds with her. She is now 9-0.

It is now time for the main event.

Billy Evangelista vs. Mike Aina. Round one was a competitive one and we are headed to round two. It was a stand-up fight in the first round.

This isn't a great fight by any means. The best fight of the night was the women's fight between Kaufman and Tate.

This fight is over in the second round due to an illegal knee by Evangelista. Aina's knee was down and he was against the cage, and he hurt his jaw.

Herb Dean, the ref, stopped it after the doctor said Aina could not continue.

The winner of the fight is Aina by DQ. Aina said he hurt his jaw and ear. There should be a rematch between these two.

The show is over. Good night everyone!

More Miesha Tate Interviews And Pictures

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Here are some links to other sites with interviews of her

Thursday, May 14, 2009

MMA Fighter Daniel Puder Interview With Joe Tong

Joe Tong interviews MMA fighter Daniel Puder in this video. Puder is fighting Jeff Ford this Saturday night.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Strikeforce Fighter Tito Jones Interview

D Wizzle talked to Tito Jones, a MMA fighter representing Team Alpha Male, about his upcoming fight for Strikeforce this Friday night on Showtime, and also about his career. Jones has a 6-2 MMA record and his last four fights have been in the PFC (Palace Fighting Championship).

How's it going Tito? Are you ready for your big fight this Friday against Bao Quach on Showtime?

Everything's going great! Thank you. I'm more ready than ever for this fight, I sometimes have trouble sleeping because I'm so eager to get in there and do the damn thing!

Of Quach's last six fights, four of them have ended up in decision while five of your eight fights have been decisions. Do you think we will see this fight end in a decision as well?

Heck no, I'm not trying to see a decision! I really hate when my fights go the distance because when I fight, I really wanna give the people what they want to see and that's a KO or sub.

I still consider consider myself a rookie in the game, and know I have so much more to learn but ever since I moved to train with Urijah Faber and Team Alpha Male, I know I've improved immensely and have acquired a lot of tools to have at hand to prevent this fight from going the distance but either way, I'm ready for whatever. I'm ready for five rounds if needed.

Your last fight was a split decision win over Justin Smitley in the PFC. I thought you were very tentative in letting your hands go in the fight. Do u agree?

Yeah, you're correct about that. I myself was not impressed by my performance. Smitley was a lot more akward than I thought he would be so I had to turn to my wrestling , which many people don't know I have, and fight a more strategic fight. I know it wasn't very exciting .Who wants to watch a wrestling match? (laughs)

You were trained by Roy Jones Sr. Did you ever get a chance to spar with his son ( Roy Jones Jr.)? How do you think he would do in MMA and what would happen if he fought Anderson Silva in a boxing match?

Well first I never sparred with Roy Jr. (thank God!) I had the blessing to be trained by the same man that taught him, his father, and the opportunity of a lifetime to train alongside and in the presence of a legend.

As for him in MMA, I think he would be able to get by some due to his natural athletic ability, I mean look at Kimbo Slice! It's just when he runs into the more legit fighters is where he'll definitely run into some issues. I think at his age now, things for him could be a little more difficult, but I'm not one to say he can't do it because I know the sky's the limit and anything is possible. I feel I'm a clear example of that (laughs). On the note of Roy vs. Silva in a boxing match ..Roy for sure! I wouldn't go challenge Tiger to a game of golf! Boxing is Roy's world and it's a completely different monster than MMA.

Who have you been training with to prepare for this upcoming fight?

I've been training with circus midgets to prepare for this fight! (laughs) No, I've had a lot of training with Urijah, Joseph Benavidez, Chad Mendez and I also had some training down in LA with Charlie Valencia, Manny Tapia, plus countless others and the rest of Team Alpha Male to prepare for this fight.

You look like a very big featherweight. What is your walking around weight?

My walk around weight is usually around 170 pounds. I was up to 173 pounds a little bit before hearing the news of this opportunity.

How has the weight cutting been for this fight?

Weight cutting has been smooth sailing. I'm really good when it comes to cutting weight and this time I'm actually gonna do things a little different but I can't tell you what that's going to be be about. Just plan on seeing a bigger, stronger Tito than ever before. I have to say the hardest part of this weight cut is cutting out my weekly trips to the local frozen yogurt spots!

Why did you decide on MMA instead of boxing? Stephen Quadros told me that you were a two-time Golden Gloves champion.

Well I love boxing, but MMA is my true passion. I was a fan every since I first saw UFC 1. The sport then went through somewhat of a dark age, but when I saw the reemergence of the sport, I knew I had to get in! MMA is the truest form of combat; a modern day spectrum for the modern gladiator. It's the most beautiful sport in the world that represents every aspect of the warrior spirit! I'm blessed to be able to do and live this sport. Also it may be hard to believe, but boxing is much more brutal and savage of a sport!

In the PFC, the fights only have three minute rounds and the fights are in a ring. Are you ready to fight three five minute rounds again and also fight in a cage? Any preference between a ring and a cage?

Man, I freakin hate fighting in a ring so I'm so happy to be back in a cage! I am much more comfortable in a cage and the cage suits my style more. As for having five minute rounds again, I'm more than ready for it. If I had to do an old school Pride 10 minute round, I'm ready for that too. It's impossible to train with Urijah and not be in top physical condition.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Tito and good luck on Friday. Do you have any final words for the fans out there?

Thank you very much and it's a pleasure. People like you are what keep this sport going. Friday night, I intend to make a statement. I intend to show things that haven't been seen before. To be able to fight someone who is a top featherweight and was even ranked in the top ten recently is a dream come true. On Friday night, the world will know there's a new kid on the block in the 145 division and I will be where I belong, one of top 145ers in the world! Thanks again and have a great day!

New Hottie of the Week Coming Soon: Alissa Rae

D Wizzle's World will be back with a new Hottie of the Week (HOW) later this week! 

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Q&A With The Fight Professor, Stephen Quadros

Here is a good interview with "The Fight Professor" Stephen Quadros. The Fight Professor is one of the most respected and popular MMA analysts around and he will be a part of the broadcast team on the Showtime ShoMMA Strikeforce Challenger series. For more on The Fight Professor, go to

The debut show will be this Friday, May 15, in Fresno, California.

Hey Stephen, how's it going? Are you excited to be back on Showtime on Friday?

I am thrilled to be back on Showtime for the debut of the new Strikeforce Challengers series on May 15th. This is a great kickoff main event with Billy Evangelista versus “Iron” Mike Aina, but the female fight between Miesha Tate and Sarah Kaufman has a very good chance of stealing the show! And I always enjoy working with Mauro Ranallo in the broadcast booth, but I am also looking forward to working with my old pal Pat Miletich, who will join us.

I saw a lot of the EliteXC/ShoXC shows in the past and although most of the fighters were very unknown and new, there were a lot of good fights on those shows with lots of knockouts. What can we expect on Friday's show?

I expect more of the same. The competitors on Strikeforce Challengers know that this is their shot, their chance to make an impression on the public which, if they really create a stir, will cause them to move up in the game.

I’m glad Bao Quach is back. He is a solid featherweight who is really coming into his own. He’s facing a really tough guy in Tito Jones, who is a bit of a showman and a two-time Golden Gloves boxing champion. The Aina/Evangelista tussle is self-explanatory: light the fuse, sit back and wait for the explosion. I can’t picture anything in that fight other than a mutual display of fistic fury. I’ll be surprised if it goes the distance.

And what card would be complete without the classic old school throwback fight pitting the grappler, Miesha Tate, versus the striker, Sarah Kaufman. Back in the day, smart money was always on the pure ground expert, but the sport has evolved and things have changed. At the risk of sounding optimistic, I believe this fight will be one of the greatest representations of female mixed martial arts that the sport has ever seen.

What are your thoughts on this grappler vs. striker match-up and are you a fan of women's MMA?

I am definitely a fan of this fight. These women bring so much skill into the cage. Kaufman is undefeated, with all eight of her fights ending by TKO. There is something beautiful about the combination of fast foot movement combined with heavy hands. But Miesha has the right skill set to throw a monkey wrench into the punching display Kaufman hopes for. Tate is a highly skilled wrestler who is becoming very well rounded under Dennis Hallman; I can’t wait for this one.

Can I get a prediction from you on the Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida fight in a few weeks?

First off, Rashad Evans against Lyoto Machida is logically the best match at light-heavyweight in the world. Those two guys are the best fighters in the division, both undefeated, yet they are underrated in many ways. Although their styles are different, I believe that they share a few similarities. Both like to counter and have faced criticism in the past for being a bit too little defensive. But ironically both are coming off big knockout wins – Evans knocked Chuck Liddell out cold and Machida annihilated previously unbeaten wrecking machine Thiago Silva.

A lot of people feel that Rashad possesses a higher level of pure athletic ability. While I won’t argue that point, I will emphasize that this is not a track meet. To beat Machida you have to do what no other fighter has done, figure out his style…and find his chin. And I do not believe that Rashad Evans will do that. I pick Lyoto Machida to win the title by decision and am also bracing myself for what may NOT be fight of the year.

What about the Strikeforce main event on June 6 in St.Louis between Lawler and Shields?

Jake Shields definitely has his work cut out for him against Robbie Lawler. Lawler is the best version of himself at this point and unquestionably top ten and maybe even top five in the world in the same division as Anderson Silva. Jake cannot stand with Robbie. That would be suicide. He needs this one of the floor where he must establish back control.

Chuck Liddell is contemplating retirement and is facing a lot of pressure from the UFC in regards to that. In my opinion, I think he should fight one more time in the UFC and then head to Strikeforce to fight with Tito Ortiz, Babalu, and Kevin Randleman again. What do you think of my plan for Liddell?

Hmm… on paper, I understand what you’re saying. Chuck was one of the greats in the UFC for sure! But he has been knocked out bad three times in his last five fights. It seems that other fighters have finally figured him out. The writing is definitely on the wall. I agree with the UFC’s stance and think it’s time for him to hang up the gloves.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and answering a few questions. I look forward to the show and your expert analysis on Friday night. Do you have any final words for everyone out there?

Thank you D! It’s always a pleasure! I’ll be back on Showtime for the second Strikeforce Challengers on June 19th from Washington. Check it out! And thank you to all fight fans around the world! The best is yet to come!

Giants Vs. Dodgers Sunday Observations and Live Extra Innings Blog

The Giants are in a 4-4 tie with the Dodgers right now in the top of the 11th inning. This would be a huge victory for the Giants if they can pull this one out. They have a better chance now with Dodgers closer Jonathan Broxton out of the game.

The problem is that their offense is so pathetic that they usually make a bad pitcher look good and a good pitcher look like Cy Young.

I am so tired of Bruce Bochy as most of you guys know. Why does he insist on batting Fred Lewis first in every game? Lewis is a strikeout machine. Whenever he gets two strikes on him, I know what will happen next. We will see either a swing and a miss or a called third strike by the umpire.

Randy Winn would be a better leadoff hitter. For example, today they could have had Winn bat leadoff and Lewis bat fifth right after Bengie Molina.

Why is Rich Aurilia still on this team? Because Bochy loves veterans. Aurilia came up with the bases loaded late in the game and struck out as a pinch hitter for Travis Ishikawa. I would have liked Bochy stick with Ishikawa even with a lefty pitcher on the mound, but Bochy has no confidence in Ishikawa against a lefty.

How can Ishikawa gain any confidence when he never bats against lefties?

The Giants have a two out rally going on right now. Pablo Sandoval is now the batter with two men on base. Sandoval is due for a big hit so let's see what happens. Sandoval often swings at the first pitch and has no plate discipline at all. It can be very frustrating as a Giants fan to watch him hit especially with runners on base.

He is now in a 0-2 count. This does not look good for Sandoval. He is 0-5 so far today. Molina is 0-5 as well.

Aaron Rowand had two hits in the game but his best contributions today were in the outfield as he made a few nice diving catches.

Sandoval just got the third out of the inning and he is now 0-6. This game is going to be four hours long and counting.

Emmanuel Burriss is a legit major leaguer. I had my doubts about him earlier this season but he has been very solid of late. He has had a great road trip and now his batting average is .283 after having three hits so far today.

Bob Howry is on the mound now for the Giants. He had a scoreless inning in the 10th.

The Giants had bases loaded with no outs in the eighth and only scored one run. This team is just pathetic on offense.

Mike Krukow just said that the Giants and Dodgers have no home runs by any of their first basemen this season. Wow.

Somone has to be the hero in this game. If the Giants win, my pick would be Big Money Molina.

The Giants are now up 5-4 after an Aurilia sac fly with the bases loaded. Molina got the inning going with a base hit to start off the inning.

Brian Wilson is in for the Giants now to try and close the game. He got the first batter out but he just threw an inside pitch to Casey Blake who belted it into the stands in left field to tie the game once again.

This game is now going to the 13th inning! Steve Holm replaced Molina in the bottom of the 12th inning.

The Giants finally win in the 13th inning when Randy Winn hit a double with the bases loaded and one out. Final score is 7-5.

The Giants are now four and a half games back of the Dodgers who now go on a road trip to the East Coast. The Giants begin a homestand starting tomorrow against the Nationals.

The Giants can't afford a letdown tomorrow night and they need Randy Johnson to go deep into the game because their bullpen was used a lot this weekend.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Giants Notes: Ishikawa Is An Automatic Out and Zito Is Now Dominant

have been one of the biggest critics of Barry Zito over the past two years, but I am very impressed with the 20009 Zito. It was a joy to watch him pitch last night against the Dodgers.His performance reminded me of his great days in Oakland where he was often very dominant.

Zito only gave up one run in six innings and struck out five batters. He got his first win of the year and is now 1-2 with a respectable 3.57 ERA.

Travis Ishikawa is now batting .191 and is basically an automatic out. How hard is it to play first base? Of all the infield positions, isn't first base the easiest position to play? Time to bring up Jose Guzman from Fresno!

The Dodgers are starting a lefty today so Ishikawa will more than likely get the day off. Bochy loves to play Rich Aurilia against lefties in place of Ishikawa.

Merkin Valdez has a great fastball but he won't succeed as a setup man if he continues to walk batters and get into hitter's counts. It seems like every batter is in a 2-0 count before they see a strike from Valdez.

The at-bat by Casey Blake last night against Brian Wilson in the eigth inning last night was fun to watch. Blake had a 13 pitch at-bat until he got called out on strikes on an inside pitch by Wilson. Blake kept on fouling off great pitches by Wilson throughout the at-bat.

The Giants have a great chance to sweep the Dodgers who are without Manny Ramirez for the next 48 games. They are 0-2 without him already.

Jonanthan Sanchez and Tim Lincecum should be able to shut down this Dodgers lineup this weekend. Sanchez is prone to giving up walks and having control problems but if he is able to throw strikes this afternoon, he has the stuff to pitch a quality game.

Fred Lewis should not be batting leadoff since he is a strikeout machine but he has looked a lot better the last two games.

The Giants bullpen will be much better when Sergio Romo returns from injury.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Shaq's Trainer Talks About MMA Training and Chuck Liddell

Q&A With Strikeforce Fighter, Miesha Tate

D Wizzle's World talked to Strikeforce fighter, Miesha Tate, earlier this week. Tate is one of the most popular and talented  fighters out there when it comes to women's MMA. She is a fan favorite and has been  previously featured on this site  as Hottie of the Week. Tate's  Hottie of the Week feature continues to be one of the most popular links  on this site. 

Tate was supposed to fight Kim Couture on May 15 on Showtime as part of the Strikeforce Challengers show,  but Couture withdrew from the fight recently. Tate's new opponent is Sarah Kaufman, a tough Canadian with an 8-0  MMA record.  Tate is 6-1 and is the current Freestyle Cage Fighting 135 pounds champion. 

Hi Miesha, are you ready for your fight against Sarah Kaufman next week? What do you know about her?

I am ready!! I'm very excited about it the closer it gets.  At first, I wasn't sure what to make of  it, but now I'm just really happy for the opportunity,  and I can't wait for the fight to happen, I think it's a total blessing in disguise! I know she likes to strike a lot from all positions, and all I can say is sometimes your best defense is offense so I'm sure you can expect to see a lot of punching. (laughs)

Both Kim Couture and Sarah Kaufman are stand-up fighters. Does this help out in preparing for Kaufman since they both like to stand and bang instead of taking it to the ground?

Yes, although I think Sarah is more developed in her striking ability.

It looks like Kim's reason in pulling out of the fight was because she has marital problems with her husband,  Randy. How disappointed are you with not being able to fight Kim? I know you were excited about fighting her.

I was very excited to face her and I should have known it was too good to be true! (laughs) When I called Kim out,  we had almost similar records.  There was like only one  fight difference I believe,  but I stayed so active that eventually I grew to be 6-1 and thought she'd never want to fight me, but she took the fight and then disappointingly backed out.

If the roles were reversed, and you were the one having relationship problems with your significant other, do you think you would pull out of the  fight too,  or do you think you would be abled to stay focused and train for the fight?

Well,  I still don't know if that is her reasoning 100% because  there has been a lot of speculation, but if I were in that situation,  I think I would be more apt to fight because it is an outlet, but if it is true,  I would imagine it would be different because of the business end of it.

Everyone expects Gina Carano and Cyborg Santos to fight eventually at a future Strikeforce event. Who do you think would win this fight?

That's  such a tough one.  I think Gina has more technical standup,  and she picks people apart well,  but Cyborg  is so athletic and fights so wildly,  it's hard to have time to pick her apart, and she is very conditioned and explosive on top of that. I also think Gina's ground is underestimated,  but I still think Cyborg is better on the ground; makes for a great fight! I'd love to watch it and find out!

You have been working with a new personal trainer.  Are you working on a specific area  such as your core or are the workouts geared toward  every part of the body?

Yea, Jody Dolphin is his name, and we work  on everything. I have been really focused on overall strength this time. I've been incorperating more weight lifting and resistance training so I can be more powerful in my fights.  I've also been conditioning my legs more so I can power through shots or defend shots better. I have never done so many squats in my life!!

Sounds like the workouts are  tough and grueling. What is the toughest exercise that Jody has put you through?

One of my hardest days was the first leg day.  I did squats, high jumps, and sprints with a band around my waist and him pulling me back until I couldn't go anymore. Total muscle failure, it was crazy. We also do a lot of circuit training much of which is strength focused, and he has a very good way of incorperating the workouts so they cater to MMA.

Thanks Miesha for your time. Good luck next Friday. Any final words for everyone out there?

Thanks for everyone's support, I can't stress how nice it is to know that people are backing me through everything. A big thank you to my family, friends, trainers, and sponsors for the everyday strength and motivation they provide me with. You guys rock!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chuck Liddell Should Not Retire And Head To Strikeforce

Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell has had a great MMA career and many people feel he should retire after losing his last match by knockout to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 97. Dana White, the UFC President, is one of the many who has insisted on Liddell retiring.

White is a good friend of Liddell's and does not want his friend to suffer any more punishment inside the Octagon.

I feel that The Iceman still has a few fights left in him, and I hope he does not retire. Lidelll reportedly has one fight left in his UFC contract, and the UFC should grant him that fight instead of trying to force him into premature retirement.

Liddell may be 39 years old and he may have lost four of his last five fights, but his opponents that he lost to were all tough opponents. Not many fighters would be able to pull out a win against Rua, Quinton Jackson, or Rashad Evans. Evans is now the current UFC light heavyweight champion.

Liddell's lone victory in that span of five fights was a great win over Wanderlei Silva.

If Liddell still has the enthusiasm to train hard, I don't see why he should retire.

I think the best scenario for Liddell would be to have one last fight in the UFC and then he should join Strikeforce.

The UFC should let him try to go out in style with a win. Some opponents that could face Liddell in his UFC finale are fighters such as Stephen Bonner, Houston Alexander, Kyle Kingsbury, Krzystof Soszynski, and James Irvin. All of these fighters would probably jump at the chance to fight a legend like The Iceman.

Liddell would have a good shot at a title shot in Strikeforce. There are also a lot of interesting fights that could be possible with Strikeforce. For example, he might be able to fight opponents such as Tito Ortiz, Renato "Babalu' Sobral, and Kevin Randleman again.

I would even like to see a fight between Lidell and former Strikeforce champion, Bobby Southworth. These possible future fights could be main events on not just Showtime, but also on pay-per-view.

I was never a big Liddell fan but he was always entertaining because he always came to fight and had some great knockouts. If he his heathy enough to continue to fight, he should be allowed to fight.

White can insist to everyone that Liddell is done and that he will never fight for another MMA organization, but Liddell is the only one that will determine that. What is Liddell going to do in the UFC if he does not fight? I don't think he will become the newest accountant for the UFC.

Liddell loves to fight and losing to four tough fighters does not mean the man is done. No one will say he is done if he goes on a big win streak.

If Liddell decides to retire, I would like to see him fight one more time and come out victorious. I want his last fight in the UFC Octagon to be a victory. Liddell should leave a winner and fans should not remember him for his last few devastating knockout losses in the cage.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Giants Offense Is Pathetic: Bring Up Guzman And Send Down Ishikawa

I thought that the Giants would have a better offense this season than last season but I was very wrong. This 2009 lineup of the Giants is just plain awful.

I figured that the young players such as Fred Lewis, Pablo Sandoval, and Travis Ishikawa would boost the offensive production of this team, and that the veterans such as Edgar Renteria and Aaron Rowand would also help out.

Rowand is only batting .233 and Renteria is not doing that much better with a.253 average.

Lewis seemed to have regress and strikes out too much for a lead-off hitter. He has only one RBI this season and no home runs. Sandoval slumped during the beginning of the season but he has picked it up of late.

Ishikawa, on the other hand, is batting only .217 and has had some terrible at-bats of late. He looked terrible with runners in scoring position yesterday afternoon against the Rockies pitchers.

Ishikawa should be sent down to Triple A and the Giants should bring up Jesus Guzman to take his place. Guzman has six homers and 20 RBIs with the Fresno Grizzlies, and the Giants really need his bat right now.

The Giants are last in the majors in runs scored with only 82 runs in 23 games. They have no power hitters at all, and have only 13 homers this season. Barry Bonds is still not retired but we all know that Brian Sabean, the Giants GM, has no interest in Bonds.

So far this offense has made average pitchers like Jason Hammel, Eric Stults, and Shawn Hill look like Cy Young.

If the Giants continue to struggle at the plate, they should fire their batting coach, Carney Lansford. I don't know if Lansford is a good batting coach or not, but someone has to be accountable for the offensive struggles.

This team has some solid starters like Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain but they have to almost be perfect in order to win every time they are on the mound.

Fans enjoy watching runs being scored and powerful offenses, but the Giants are right now a very boring team to watch.

I am certain that I am not the only one who misses Bonds and also wished that the Giants signed Manny Ramirez last winter.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best And Worst Sports Media Personalities In The Bay Area

The Bay Area is filled with plenty of sports media personalities due to its many sports teams, radio stations, local channels, and newspapers.

Some of these people I find very interesting and knowledgeable, but there are plenty of others who I find annoying and ignorant.

One of my favorites is Damon Bruce (pictured above)of KNBR. Bruce does the Sportsphone 680 show in the evening from 7pm to 10pm, and he is also on after every Giants road game. Bruce has great knowledge of all the sports teams and leagues in the Bay Area, and also nationally.

Bruce is ready to talk about the local teams as well as the teams and players in conferences such as the Big 10 or the Big East. Unlike a lot of local sports personalities, Bruce will talk about non Bay Area teams.

But what separates Bruce from everyone else is that this guy is genuinely funny. I think he could be a good stand-up comedian if he wanted to be one. I find him especially funny after a tough Giants loss, or when the Giants or another Bay Area sports team is doing poorly.

Bruce makes you laugh but he is also very logical and sensible. He has a lot of loyal listeners who probably would vote for him to be the next Giants or 49ers GM.

Another good local sports personality is Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News. Kawakami writes about the local teams such as the 49ers, Sharks, and Giants. He has a very good blog in the Mercury News, and it is updated almost daily with his thoughts and opinions. Kawakami's best posts on his blog are probably during basketball season where he often writes about the Golden State Warriors.

Mike Krukow is one of the best color commentators in baseball. Krukow has been working on Giants broadcasts for many years. He is a very knowledgeable and as a former major league pitcher, he knows the game very well. Krukow is one of the best broadcasters in helping explain what is going on in a game to viewers.

There has been many times where he has anticipated a pitch by a pitcher before it happened. Stuff like that makes me like to watch Giants broadcasts even if the Giants are not a fun team to watch.

Some of the worst Bay Area personalities work for the San Francisco Chronicle. Writers and columnists such as Bruce Jenkins, Gwen Knapp, and Nancy Gay are just terrible.

Jenkins and Knapp seemed to make a living bashing Barry Bonds. Gay is a NFL writer who has made many mistakes in her writing. One time she wrote a preview for a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers last season and she said that Larry Johnson would have a big game because Carolina's offensive linemen were injured.

Johnson is a running back so why would the Carolina offensive players affect him in the game? Stuff like that makes readers like me laugh and not take her or the Chronicle seriously.

Knapp is one of the worst writers I have ever read. I stopped reading her columns because they were just horrendous to me. Knapp might have a good article once every six months, but usually her ramblings just make me want to cancel my subscription to the Chronicle.

I still continue to read Jenkins' columns because his views on things are always opposite of my opinions, and reading his columns actually makes me laugh at times. I remember a few years ago when he said that Bobby Crosby of the A's would be a great shortstop.

One of the worst talk show hosts on KNBR is former Golden State Warrior, Tom Tolbert. Tolbert received criticism and jeers from Warriors fans during his playing days but now a lot of fans have turned on him because they have accused him of racism.

Tolbert once used a racial slur to make fun of Asians on the air last year and he also defended Shaquille O'Neal when O'Neal made fun of Yao Ming a few years ago with his "ching chong" comments.

The Asian community did not take his comments lightly in both situations and many KNBR listeners have vowed not to listen to his afternoon show anymore. Nevertheless, Tolbert's show with Ralph Barbieri is still one of the most popular shows on KNBR.

Another sports personality in the Bay Area that fans are not very fond of is Amy Guiterrez, the in-game reporter for the Giants. Guiterrez doesn't seem to have much knowledge of baseball at all and she often makes many blunders on the air.

She never asks a tough question to any Giants player, and there was a time  when she did not know she was on the air and started counting down from five before beginning her interview with a Giant.

One time this year she interviewed Bengie Molina after a victory, and after asking him one question, she quickly ended the interview by saying "The game speaks for itself."

I am sure Amy G, as she is called, means well but the Giants should have hired someone better. I am jealous of the Boston Red Sox fans who get to watch the sexy blonde, Heidi Watley, every game. Why can't the Giants have her or Clarissa Thompson, the gorgeous former in-game reporter for the Colorado Rockies? I guess I am asking for too much.

While there are a lot of good sports media personalities out here, there are also a lot of bad ones, but the good thing is that a lot of the bad ones are old and hopefully they will retire soon so we won't have to hear from them ever again.

Rap Artist Jadakiss Interview

Jadakiss came out to the Bay Area to promote his new album last week. In this interview, he talks about the Bay Area and its artists.