Monday, April 30, 2012

Ron Artest talks about always passing the ball to Kobe Bryant

Ron Artest makes fun of his role in the Lakers' offense with this funny video of how he and his teammates always pass it to Kobe Bryant on offense.

What is Metta World Peace doing with this Asian family by the way?

Marlins' fan disciplines his son during the game

Here is a gif image of a father at the Marlins vs. Diamondbacks game this afternoon disciplining his son who apparently was misbehaving and annoying his sister. Check out the expression on the young girl's face after his brother gets a backhand shove


Thanks to for the gif.

High school pitcher strikes a bird while delivering a pitch

 Here is a video of a high school pitcher from Springfield, Illinois hitting a bird while delivering a pitch to a batter in a game last week.

The bird survived though and flew off.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

49ers free agent Kourtnei Brown highlights

Here are some video highlights of new San Francisco 49ers free agent Kourtnei Brown who is a defensive end from Clemson. Check out the three videos below of him in action and being funny as well.

Brown seems to be a talented player who knows how to get into the end zone. He seems to be very funny and personable as well so he should get along with his new teammates.

In the last video below, Brown does great impersonations of Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Videos: Female Red Sox fan gets kicked in the face at Yankees game

 Here are two videos of a big brawl in the fans at Yankees Stadium a few days ago. The female Boston Red Sox fan got beat up and kicked in the face in the first video and in the second video, she gets dragged around as her hair is being pulled.

I advise you to lower your volume since the sounds are annoying and to fast foward the first video to the one minute mark or so. It looks like the woman sustained an concussion from falling a few rows down as she hits her head on the ground and the rail.

Video:Derrick Rose hurts his knee against the Sixers in Game 1

Video:Jeremy Lin Graduation Speech to Stuyvesant High School Class of 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

Oregon Ducks and 49ers RB LaMichael James Hightlight Video

Here is a great video below of LaMichael James.

Some tweets about James from football experts -

James had to overcome many obstacles on his road to the NFL. He never knew his father, who was shot and killed before he was born. His mother handed him off to relatives a few weeks after giving birth to him. The grandmother who raised him died of cancer after his junior year at Liberty-Eylau High School in Texarkana. He continued to live alone in her house after her death. "Things happen in life," said James. "Because one bad thing happens, that shouldn't mean you just give up. If that was the case, I would have stopped a long time ago. Everybody has to overcome adversity, and not everybody overcomes it. I didn't want to be that guy. - Chris Mortensen of ESPN

49ers see Darren Sproles like "space player". As I said Harbaugh is creative. Unafraid to mix a traditional power O w/ spread elements.Oh snap. LaMike to the 49ers. Harbaugh and OC Greg Roman will use him creatively. Crowded backfield w/ Gore and Kendall Hunter and B Jacobs - @Smartfootball

SF - James - Big play space guy. Is not Sproles - Charley Casserly

LaMichael James ran for 257 yards on Stanford and Jim Harbaugh in 2010. - Bruce Feldman

I love SF drafting LaMichael James as he will bring to their offense what Darren Sproles brought to SD & NO. - Russell Lande

49ers WR A.J.Jenkins press conference highlights

A.J. Jenkins met the local media today and talked about how he has not slept at all since he was drafted. He said he is graduating from Illinois on May 13, and that he looks up to Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jerry Rice.

Jenkins also tells a funny story about how his cousin broke down the bathroom door in his mom's house to give Jenkins the phone when the 49ers called him. Jenkins was in the bathroom at the time and now has to buy his mom a new bathroom door.

In the second video below, Jim Harbaugh talks glowingly of Jenkins and sounds like a proud father.

Video:Three Golden State Warriors' season ticket holders made half court shots for cash

Three season ticket holders for the Golden State Warriors hit half court shots to win cash prizes this season. I wonder how many teams had more than one fan make a half court shot this year.

The Warriors organization needs to do a better job of picking season ticket holders to try these half court shots or no company will want to insure them anymore.

As you can see from the video, all three winners were men who look like they are in their 20s or young 30s. Maybe it is time for the Warriors to "randomly" select more females for the contest or season ticket holders who are older.

Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce does some ab exercises for your core

Here is another sexy video of Jade Bryce doing some ab exercises to help you with your core and lose your love handles.

Video: Amazing animated NBA Playoffs commercial from China

Check out this amazing NBA Playoffs commercial that is airing in China right now. Chinese fans in China love basketball and the NBA.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Video highlights of 49ers first round draft pick A.J.Jenkins from Illinois

Congratulations to WR A.J. Jenkins for getting drafted in the first round by the San Francisco 49ers. I've seen Jenkins play many games last year and the guy was a true playmaker.

Los Angeles Dodgers closer Javy Guerra gets rocked by a line drive from Brian McCann


Below is the video of Los Angeles Dodgers closer Javy Guerra getting hit in the face by a line drive from Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann last night in the ninth inning. Guerra blew the save opportunity as the Braves came back to win 4-2.

Guerra took concussion tests after the game and passed all of them. The Braves won two of three in the series.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FOX Sports writer Adam Schein says teams shouldn't pick Janoris Jenkins in the NFL Draft writer Adam Schein isn't keen on NFL teams drafting Janoris Jenkins even though he has first round talent.

Schein goes off on Jenkins and says Jenkins doesn't care about football or his career. Schein said he has major character issues even though he might be the best cornerback in the draft.

Hottie of the Week:Former Strikeforce ring girl Christina Mendoza

The new Hottie of the Week is Christina Mendoza from San Jose. She was a ring card girl for Strikeforce.
Christina is a student at San Jose State majoring in international business.

I like a guy that can make me laugh, who is down to earth, successful, ambitious, and who knows what he wants out of life! A gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, and good body doesn’t hurt either!

I'd like to work on my stomach. I want my six pack damn it!
People always tell me they like my smile.

I like living in the South Bay because it is close enough to everything! We’ve got the beautiful beach around the corner, and the city as well. There are plenty of destinations to choose from, and the driving is not too bad.

I am Latina, Hispanic, Mexican, whatever it is called nowadays! (laughs).
I love listening to house ... something about the beats. I also love the typical slow love songs.
The mistake that guys make in bed is simply not having enough confidence in what they are doing... got to take control!
Mr. Chuck Liddell and Cung Le are definitely some of my favorites. I love the fact that both are really down to earth and they keep it real. They are no muscleheads(laughs).
I love the Cowboys and Raiders. Basically, my older brothers got me to watch football at a very young age and they have been big fans of both so it pretty much rubbed off on me.


San Francisco Giants place Aubrey Huff on the DL for "anxiety"

The San Francisco Giants placed Aubrey Huff on the 15-day disabled list for "anxiety." It appears this is a mental issue and not a physical issue with Huff.

Huff texted manager Bruce Bochy a few days ago and told him he had a family emergency and was going home to Florida. The Giants were playing the Mets in New York at that time.

There was a lot of speculation by Giants' fans and the local media  that the "family emergency" had nothing to do with family and that Huff wanted to just go away for a few days due to his struggles both at the plate and in the field.

Huff was a hero during the 2010 World Series run for the Giants but it has gone downhill since for him. He struggled mightily in 2011 and is on the verge of losing his job this season if Brandon Belt keeps developing at first base.

Andrew Baggerly of CSN Bay Area reported that Huff is going through a divorce right now so that issue could also be affecting his play.

Huff might also be missing his former college buddy and  Giants' teammate Pat Burrell who retired after last season due to a nagging foot injury.

Let's hope Mr.Rally Thong himself can make a full recovery from his anxiety issues and gets back on the field as soon as possible.

NFL draft prospect David Wilson is quite the acrobat

 Former Virginia Tech running back David Wilson is one of the top running back prospects in the NFL Draft and here are videos of him doing a lot of backflips.

Does this impress NFL teams and their scouts? It can't hurt I guess. Wilson was one of the best running backs in the country while he played for Virginia Tech and while he is no Trent Richardson, he's still very good.

Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett interrupts the pre-game broadcast

 Boston Celtics' forward Kevin Garnett was in a good mood before the game last night against the Miami Heat and interrupted a pre-game broadcast. I don't think KG will be as playful when the playoffs begin this weekend.

Interviewer asks UFC fighters funny questions

Here is a funny video of a man interviewing UFC fighters and asking them some funny questions. The interviewer asks the fighters if they ever broken someone's leg, what's up with their hairdo, what they had for breakfast, and how does it feel to be punched in the face. 

The interviewer also asks the fighters to demonstrate an illegal move on him and how come many fighters have cauliflower ears.

Check out the video and the reactions and responses from the fighters.


Warriors lose to the Hornets thanks to a goaltending call

The Golden State Warriors lose another game last night as the New Orleans Hornets won 83-81 thanks to a goaltending call at the end of the game. Former Dayton Flyer Chris Wright was called for the goaltend on Marco Belinelli's layup.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brian McKnight has a new song called "How your pussy works"

Here is a video of  Brian McKnight working on his new track called "If you're ready to learn." Yes this is not a joke.

What happened to songs like "Back at one" and "One last cry?"

I  actually met Mr.McKnight before when he was a star with big hits. Is he trying to get attention now with this sexual track?

What do you think of the lyrics? "Let me show you how your pussy works, bet you didn't know it could squirt."

Is this  a one last cry for attention? Or does he have another hit on his hands?

60-year old man with a very fit and strong body

 This 60-year old man doesn't look like any senior citizen that I know. He is pretty chiseled and ripped for a man his age. I guess exercise does a body good. He is a good inspiration for people to work out no matter how old they are.

UConn football players showing off their vertical and athleticism

Check out this video of UConn football players showing off their athleticism. 5'9 cornerback Taylor Mack  and 5'10 cornerback  Tevrin Brandon  jump over 66" bags and potential NFL first round draft pick Kendall Reyes does some backflips.

Reyes is 6'4 and 300 pounds.

Aaron Rowand gets a custom chopper bike from American Chopper

Here is a video of former San Francisco Giant Aaron Rowand on the TV show "American Chopper." Rowand says he plays baseball for the Miami Marlins but he was released before the season started.

I guess this is how Rowand is spending some of  the $12 million that he is owed this year by the Giants. It must be nice to make that much money for doing nothing.

The Giants released Rowand late last year due to his struggles at the plate.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Video: Tony Allen's funny fake pass by accident

 Here is a short and funny clip of Memphis Grizzlies' shooting gaurd Tony Allen stealing the ball against the Cleveland Cavs on Monday night, and then faking a pass by accident.

Allen lost control of the ball initially while cocking the ball back to throw a long pass to a teammate. You have to check out the video for yourself.

The Grizzlies defeated the Cavs 109-101 as Allen set a franchise record with eight steals in the game.

Umpire takes a fastball by Stephen Strasburg in the nuts

This looks like it hurts. Ouch.

Bellator MMA ring girls Jade Bryce and Mercedes Terrell working out

Kobe Bryant's clutch one legged 3 pointer against the Thunder

Everyone is talking about the Metta World Peace elbow on James Harden but let's appreciate the greatness of Kobe Bryane once again. Check out his crazy running one legged three pointer to give the Lakers the lead against the Thunder on Sunday afternoon.

The Lakers won the game in double overtime.

Kobe Bryant plays a joke on the camaraman and disappears

Kobe Bryant was in a good mood before the game against the Thunder yesterday afternoon and played a joke on the ABC cameraman by hiding himself behind a pillar in the arena and disappearing for a few seconds.

Kobe didn't have a great shooting day but came up with some clutch 3 pointers to help the Lakers beat the Thunder in double overtime. Check out his one-legged clutch three pointer.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Video: Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest elbows James Harden in the face

Metta World Peace  elbowed James Harden on the side of the face during the Lakers vs. Thunder game on Sunday. World Peace was ejected. Here is the video of the incident.

Perhaps World Peace was watching UFC champion  Jon Jones fight Rashad Evans at UFC 145 and saw the crisp elbows delivered by Jones to Evans' face and wanted to emulate him.

UFC fighters Marcus Brimage and Maximo Blanco have a tumbling competition after their fight is over

The first fight of the night at UFC 145 in Atlanta was not very eventful as Marcus Brimage defeated Maximo Blanco by decision after three boring rounds.

After the fight was over, Brimage tried to insinuate that Blanco was running away from him during the fight so he mimicked Blanco and started to run around the cage. Brimage then started to do cartwheels and backflips, and Blanco returned the favor much to the delight of the sold out crowd in Atlanta.

Who knew that there would be a tumbling competition after a UFC fight? Too bad the fight between Brimage and Blanco was such a dud but their tumble-off sure got some cheers from the fans.

Next time, let's see some big heavyweight fighters try to attempt some backflips and cartwheels after a fight.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Video: Last out of the Philip Humber perfect game against the Seattle Mariners

Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox threw a perfect game against the Seattle Mariners this afternoon. Check out the videos below of the last at-bat by Mariners' Brendan Ryan and the controversial last out of the game.

The umpire, Brian Runge, called Ryan out when Ryan tried to check his swing on a 3-2 count. Judge for yourself if the umpire made the right call. The perfect game would have been ruined if Ryan had walked. The pitch was definitely not a strike as it was low and away.

The White Sox won 4-0 and will try to go for the sweep tomorrow afternoon in Seattle.

Update: Major League Baseball keeps on deleting most of the videos on YouTube so these are the only videos that works and are still online.

Friday, April 20, 2012

UFC 145 weigh ins: Rashad Evans vs. Jon Jones

The most anticipated championship fight in the UFC this year will happen tonight when light heavyweight champion Jon Jones takes on Rashad Evans at UFC 145. Both fighters got booed loudly but it seemed that Evans got a few more cheers than the champion.

Check out their staredown at the weigh-ins on Friday.

Larry Sanders tries to fight three Pacers' players

There was a fracas last night near the end of the game between the Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers. Larry Sanders of the Bucks got called for a foul and tried to go after the Pacers' George Hill, Danny Granger, and David West.

Sanders was held back by his teammates but he broke loose and tried to go after the Pacers' players again before he is finally sent back to the locker room.

It's not even the playoffs yet and tension is already high in the NBA.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

UFC champion Jon Jones knocks out a sparring partner

UFC champion Jon Jones is set to take on Rashad Evans this Saturday night in Atlanta in one of the biggest grudge matches of the year. Here is a video of Jones knocking out a sparring partner at Greg Jackson's gym in New Mexico. Can he do this to Evans?

Leg and butt workout with Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce

Here are two very sexy videos of Bellator ring girl Jade Bryce working out her butt and legs at the beach. The sexy blonde ring girl is wearing very short shorts for this workout.

I hardly watch Bellator fights and I'm more of a fan of the UFC but Bryce might be one of the hottest ring girls in MMA.

Enjoy these videos and I hope you learned some new exercises as well.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Carmelo Anthony "Melo" parody

Here is a creative and witty music video for Carmelo Anthony based on the old Lionel Richie classic "Hello" song. Linsanity is over for now but the fans in New York are loving Melo again as he has been a scoring machine lately.

7th grader Cody Riley dunks the ball

Get to know Madison Bumgarner's wife, Ali Bumgarner

Here is a great video with the wife of Madison Bumgarner, Ali.

Violent hit on Marion Hossa by Raffi Torres

 Playoff hockey gets violent again. Check out this video last night as Marion Hossa goes down hard thanks to a vicious hit by Raffi Torres.

William and Mary student asks Jeremy Lin to senior formal

Here is another female on YouTube asking a famous athlete on a date. This seems to be the new way to get attention these days as I have seen a lot of videos like this but I posted this video up because at least this female had a creative and funny video.

Lakers' Jordan Hill applauds and claps his hands after Tony Parker makes a layup

Here's a funny video of Spurs' guard Tony Parker doing a sweet crossover on Lakers' Ramon Sessions for a layup but look at the Lakers' bench as Jordan Hill is seen clapping after Parker makes the shot.

Is that awkward or what? It's alright if you are a Lakers' fan and can appreciate the talents of an opposing team but for a teammate of Sessions to applaud after a made shot by the opponent is wrong and unprofessional.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Black dudes fight on a basketball court

Here is a street fight on a basketball court between two young black men. These two young combatants go at it for several minutes and it is broken up and then restarted a few times. Seems like their friends don't like the fight going to the ground.

I'm sure these two young ballers will see each other again real soon. It's better that they use their fists than guns to settle their dispute.

Man from the stands punches a player during a basketball game

Here's a video of an AAU basketball game in Oakland where a man from the stands watching punches a player on the court. It doesn't seem like anyone can confirm if the attacker was a fan or a coach.

The game was between the Oakland Soldiers and the Oakland Rebels. The Soldiers are one of the top AAU teams in the country. This was a match-up of teenagers and the community is now up in arms due to an adult punching a minor.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

GSP and Francis Carmont interview from Sweden

UFC on Fuel TV 2: Gustafsson vs. Silva Preview

The UFC had a short hiatus but they are finally back with a show this Saturday live from Stockholm, Sweden. There will be 12 fights total with six fights on the prelims and six on the main card.

The main card will be shown on Fuel TV starting at 12pm PT while the prelims can be viewed on the UFC page on Facebook at 9:30 PT on Saturday morning.

Alexander Gustafsson takes on Thiago Silva in the main event. Gustafsson will be fighting in his hometown and in front of many friends and family members.

Gustafsson is a legitimate contender in the light heavyweight division and if he wins, he might be a fight or two away from challenging current champion Jon Jones for the title.

Silva is the underdog in this fight and his opponent will have a four inch reach advantage.

Although Gustafsson is from Sweden, he trains out of Team Alliance in San Diego along with current UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz.

There are many fighters from Europe on this show since this is the first European card this year.

Stann will fight Alessio Sakara in the co-main event. This fight promises to be a good stand-up brawl as both of these fighters like to keep the fight on their feet.

The "All American" Stann is coming off a loss to Chael Sonnen last November, and suffered a family tragedy two days before Christmas when his brother-in-law got killed in a violent death.

Sakara was on a three-fight winning streak until he lost to Chris Weidman in his last fight. Sakara trains out of Miami with American Top Team.

Most MMA fans are anticipating the UFC 145 show on April 21 because of the main event grudge match between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones but this Saturday's card is very underrated.

Other fights that could be exciting are Dennis Siver vs. Diego Nunes, Papy Abedi vs. James Head, and Siyar Bahadurzada vs. Paulo Thiago.

Siver is making his featherweight debut on this show and it will be interesting to see how the weight cut affects the muscular fighter.

For more information on this exciting fight card, check out the UFC page for this show.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Andrew Bynum tells Mike Trudell that he "shot like sh%t man"

Lakers' center Andrew Bynum had 30 rebounds Wednesday night against the Spurs but he is angry that he had a bad shooting night. Check out this video clip as Lakers' reporter Mike Trudell interviews Bynum right after the game. Bynum launched an expletive and had to be censored for a few seconds.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Barry Zito leads the San Francisco Giants to their first win and embarrasses the Colorado Rockies

Barry Zito shut out the Colorado Rockies this afternoon to lead the San Francisco Giants to a 7-0 win. This is not a joke and April Fool's Day was eight days ago.

Giants' fans have ridiculed and laughed at Zito's bad starts for the past few years. They have seen him pitch horrible games and make so many bad wild pitches.

Every season, Zito would say he would get better. He used to tell the media about how he went from doing two pullups to over 20 pullups over one offseason thanks to working out with Brian Wilson.

Zito would do yoga as well but none of that helped him get better and the velocity of his fastball declined every year.

The lefthander got married in the offseason and maybe that helped him relax. Who knows?

If you told me that Zito would pitch a shutout in Coors Field and only allow four hits and not walk a single batter, I would have not believed you. Maybe the world is truly ending in 2012 and the Mayan calendar is correct.

What's next? Is Zito going to win 20 games this year and be a Cy Young candidate? The chances of that happening aren't very likely but Zito is off to a great start.

Maybe we should all thank former Texas Rangers' pitching coach Tom House for altering Zito's mechanics and pitching delivery.

Mr.Zito's next start is against the Pittsburgh Pirates on Saturday night in San Francisco. The Pirates' offense is not very strong so Zito has a good chance of winning another game.

Congratulations to the Giants and Zito for shocking the baseball world today. And in case you forgot how wild Zito has been in previous years, check out this video below.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

San Francisco Giants are 0-3 and in big trouble

The San Francisco Giants are 0-3 after getting swept by the defending NL West champs, the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The good news is that the Giants were competitive in all three games and lost by only one run in every game in the series.

The bad news is that the starting pitching was abysmal and disappointing.Giants' fans expect more out of Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgarner, and Matt Cain.

Cain pitched poorly today even though he had a six run lead to play with. I didn't think the Giants should have given him that big contract at all. I guess the Giants' front office didn't learn their lesson from the Barry Zito fiasco.

Brandon Belt and Aubrey Huff didn't provide much thunder in the lineup and Brandon Crawford made some costly errors in the series. Buster Posey, a fan favorite, also had some terrible errors.

Speaking of Zito, he will have to be the savior on Monday afternoon if the Giants want to prevent an 0-4 start to their 2012 season.

Zito might have a chance since the Rockies  aren't as good as the Diamondbacks and he owns Troy Tulowitzki. Tulo is only 5 for 37 lifetime against the lefty.

Although Zito has some serious ownage on Tulo, he still has to face guys like Todd Helton, Jason Giambi, Carlos Gonzalez, Michael Cuddyer, and Tyler Colvin.

Maybe the Giants need to sign Aaron Rowand again or take a flyer on Barry Bonds playing left field again. I'm sure he could be an upgrade offensively and defensively over Huff Daddy.

With Zito, you never know what you will get. Expect a bullpen game and I would suggest Guillermo Mota warm up early and often just in case Zito gets rocked early.

The key for Zito is his control. He can't afford to walk batters or he will have a short afternoon. He has to have good control and not get in hitters' counts as well.

The Gmen don't want to go 0-4 and then have an off day on Tuesday to think about their record.
Can you say "must-win" tomorrow?  Hopefully we get to see the debut of Brian Wilson in the ninth inning and a 11-9 victory.

If not, Giants' fans can just pray for the quick and healthy returns of Freddy Sanchez and Ryan Vogelsong.

The Giants need a savior and they need one right now.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stan Van Gundy says Dwight Howard wants him fired and Howard denies it

Audio of Gregg Williams' bounty speech before the 49ers game

Here is the disturbing audio speech of former New Orleans Saints' defensive coordinator Gregg Williams' speech to the Saints' defense before their game against the 49ers in the playoffs.

During the speech, Williams talks about laying out and injuring the top 49ers' players such as Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree, Kyle Williams, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore. 

Williams said Crabtree needs to decide if  he "wants to be a fake ass prima donna or he wants to be a tough guy."


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

2012 One Shining Moment with Luther Vandross

Kentucky won the 2012 NCAA basketball championship last night by defeating a valiant Kansas team 67-59. Here is the video of  "One Shining Moment" with the great Luther Vandross.

Brock Lesnar attacks John Cena on Monday Night Raw

WWE superstar and former UFC champion Brock Lesnar returned to Monday Night Raw last night and attacked John Cena. There were rumors that Lesnar would show up at Wrestlemania 28 last Sunday but he made his return last night instead.

Monday, April 2, 2012

$100 Contest Kentucky vs. Kansas

Guess the correct winner and final score of the Kentucky vs. Kansas game tonight and win $100 cash.

Leave your winner/score in the comments section with your name or Facebook profile.

If there is a tie, winners split the cash.