Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Man from the stands punches a player during a basketball game

Here's a video of an AAU basketball game in Oakland where a man from the stands watching punches a player on the court. It doesn't seem like anyone can confirm if the attacker was a fan or a coach.

The game was between the Oakland Soldiers and the Oakland Rebels. The Soldiers are one of the top AAU teams in the country. This was a match-up of teenagers and the community is now up in arms due to an adult punching a minor.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify...it was a FAN ....NOT a coach who did this. The local Bay Area news programs and internet sites acted irresponsibly when they erroneously suggested it was a coach.

Anonymous said...

The person who attacked a child came off the Oakland Soldiers bench which means he was a supporter of the organization in some capacity. Or, as the Oakland Soldiers will try and have you believe, it must of been some stranger that walked off the street and they let him kick it on the bench.....yeah right...!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonder what NIKE will have to say about this. Aren't the Oakland Soldiers sponsored by NIKE???