Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson Interview VIdeo

Video Interview of UFC Fighter Tito Ortiz and Porn Star Legend Jenna Jameson

Videos - Frog Attacks Zebra

Frog Mascot Injures the Zebra Mascot while the Hottie Dancer keeps smiling LOL

Dorm Fight Video - Dude Gets Chin Checked

Here's a video from the good folks at Go there for hip hop news and gossip.

NBA Tuesday Night Observations

  • Andrea Bargnani is playing very poorly. He can't  play any defense and can't rebound. If he doesn't hit any 3-pointers and jumpers, he is pretty much useless.
  • Toronto cannot rebound.
  • Washington played very well without Caron Butler. Great team effort.
  • The  Miami Heat don't play with much effort or energy. 
  • Leon Powe has played very well in place of KG for Boston.
  • Yao  Ming is the best center in the league bar none.
  • Nice to see Randy Foye back in action for Minnesota.
  • The Spurs are free-falling and now Tony Parker is out indefinitely with bone spurs in his heel. 
  • The  Pacers won't win many games without Jamal Tinsley at point guard. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday Hoops Recap and Notes

  • I was very impressed with Connecticut as they beat Louisville 69-67. A.J. Price is a player! So is Hasheem Thabeet! What a defensive presence he is.
  • College of Charleston is really struggling and lost again. Wofford beat them at home.
  • Gonzaga destroyed Portland at home and is still the best team in the WCC.
  • St.Mary's got upset by San Diego and probably won' t be ranked next week.
  • USF Dons lost big to Santa Clara. I don't think Eddie Sutton should be coaching this team. Bad bad move.
  • Give it up to Cal Poly for their big road win over Pacific. 
  • Did anyone play any D last night in the Boise State vs Fresno State game? 
  • BSU won 90-89 in overtime. Down by four with only 13 ticks left, Matt Bauscher hit a 3-pointer and then after a costly turnover by the Bulldogs, Reggie Larry made the game-winner. 
  • Bauscher had no points in regulation and then hit two key 3-pointers in overtime for his six points. Larry had 27 points and 16 boards for BSU.
  • Chris Paul is playing at an All-Star level and needs to be playing in New Orleans in the All-Star Game.
  • Charlotte might not win many games but they bring it every game. Credit goes to the players and coach Sam Vincent as well.
  • What is wrong with San Antonio? Tony Parker is banged up and this team will be on the road for a long time due to the rodeo in their home arena. They must rebound tonight in Seattle.
  • Utah is playing better and competing for the 7th or 8th seed in the Western Conference.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend NCAA Hoops Notes

  • Miami's Jack McClinton was off all day but hit three 3-pointers in the final minutes against Clemson. Miami came from behind to win 75-72.
  • Good home win for Alex Galindo and Florida International at home today against New Orleans. They needed this one.
  • ACC games continue to be very high-scoring as Georgia Tech beats Virginia 92-82 and Duke defeats Maryland 93-84.
  • I said it before and I'll say it again. Bobby Gonzalez is doing a GREAT job at Seton Hall. They defeat Cincy at home today 64-61.
  • Big home wins for Alabama, Arizona, Iowa, Kansas State, Kentucky, Memphis,  and VCU.
  • Biggest upset was Rutgers 77-64 over Pittsburgh. 
  • Watch out for USC.
  • Georgetown had a great win in West Virginia 58-57. Patrick Ewing Jr., who looks a lot like his father, blocked a layup for the win. Bob Huggins wanted a goaltending call from the refs. 
  • Jesse Sapp hit the game-winning 3-pointer to give the Hoyas the lead with a few seconds left before Ewing Jr's heroics.
  • Purdue could be a Big 10 contender after a big win over Wisconsin 60-56.
  • St.Louis, Stanford, and Virginia Tech had big road wins.
  • Baylor lost to Oklahoma after their big win on Wednesday in the five overtime thriller. Who knew Blake Griffin would come back so early for the Sooners?
  • Julio Anthony and Tyler Laser helped Eastern Illinois defeat Morehead State in overtime 66-65. BIG win for EIU.
  • Connecticut upset Indiana on the road. Jim Calhoun suspended two of his players for the game but they still won.
  • LSU lost again as they lose to Arkansas at home. LSU is having a real tough year.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Big East Basketball Conference Prank Calls - Audio

Some people decided to prank call the Big East media conference of all the Big East coaches. This is quite hilarious.
The pranksters pretended to be members of the press. The moderator seems very flustered!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Throwback Video of the Day

Vietnamese Rap!!

Breaking News: Raiders Want Kiffin Out as Coach

D Wizzle's sources in the Raiders organization has said that owner Al Davis might fire coach  Lane Kiffin today. Some of the players have heard Davis and Kiffin yell at each other  repeatedly in the team office as recently as last week.  Some members of the Raiders team are not big fans of Kiffin but have loyalty to defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. 

ESPN's Chris Mortensen has reported  on ESPN's website that Davis wants Kiffin to resign but that Kiffin refuses to. According to Mortensen, Davis wants to hire Dennis Green as the coach if Kiffin is let go.

Kiffin is in Mobile, Alabama with the rest of the Raiders coaching staff as they prepare to coach the North team in the Senior Bowl tomorrow. The players arrived in Mobile last Saturday to prepare for the game. The coach of the South team is Mike Nolan and the rest of the 49ers coaching staff.

UFC Has Lost Its Luster and Appeal

The UFC has lost momentum after a great run  over the last two years. I used to get excited and purchase the pay-per-views each month when fighters such as Ken Shamrock, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, and Anderson Silva were on the fight cards. Now Couture and Shamrock are  gone and Ortiz has stated he will also  leave after his next fight and go to another organization. This does not bold well for the UFC.

While the UFC still has stars such as Chuck Liddell, Rampage Jackson, and Georges St.Pierre, there is still a shortage of superstars that the mainstream MMA fan want to see fight.  Last week, B.J. Penn defeated Joe Stevenson in the main event at UFC 80 in England. Many MMA fans did not purchase the pay-per-view because the show lacked superstars and the fights were held on Saturday afternoon instead of the usual Saturday evening time  each month due to the time difference between England and the United States. While B.J. Penn is a star, most fans expected him to beat Stevenson soundly and were just waiting to watch the fight on Youtube  for free the next day instead of spending their money for the show. 

The UFC had another fight card last Wednesday in Las Vegas but the fights once again were lackluster. The main event featured Mike Swick against Josh Burkman which ended in a three-round decision. Neither of the fighters put on an exciting show which left the live crowd to boo both fighters. The other fights that were shown on television were almost equally as unimpressive and boring as the main event. 

The next pay-per-view will be held next month and the card is weak once again. How many fight fans will shell out their  hard-earned money to watch Tim Sylvia in a main event against Antonio Nogueira?  Sylvia is known to have boring fights even though he wins most of them. He is definitely not what you would consider a crowd-pleaser. 

The other big fight on that card is former WWE wrestler Brock Lesner making his UFC debut against former UFC champion Frank Mir.  While most fans are intrigued by Lesner's potential and want to see him either shine or fail, this has the makings of a very boring fight. Lesner is very strong and a great wrestler while Mir is excellent at submissions. The two top fights on the card could be very slow-paced and you can expect a lot of boos if this is the case.

Other fighters on the card will include Alan Belcher,  Jeremy Horn, Rob Emerson, and David Heath. These guys don't make the average fan want to purchase the show or go to the local bar to watch the fights. 

Some of the more exciting fighters on the card  are Chris Lytle, Terry Martin, and Tyson Griffin. Unfortunately for the fans, none of these fighters are guaranteed to have their fights shown on the pay-per-view. Lytle and Martin both have fights which are prelims and that means only the live crowd will be able to see it. 

Tito Ortiz is not an exciting fighter by any means but I would pay to watch him fight because of his personality and charisma. He knows how to sell a fight and is a good showman. The UFC needs more fighters and entertainers like him but it seems he is on his way out after his next fight with Lyoto Machida. I used to buy every UFC show each month but now I will just buy the ones where there are good fight cards. I will be skipping the card in February  but I will order the pay-per-view in March because I want to see Dan Henderson fight Anderson Silva.  Silva is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC right now. Although he doesn't speak much English, he is very marketable due to his amazing skills in the Octagon. 

Dana White might think that it would be bad business to have all non-white fighters hold titles but that might not be the case. Rampage Jackson is  one of the funniest fighters and best personalities that the UFC has right now and he is their Light Heavyweight Champion. Fans order the pay-per-views just to see Silva destroy his opponents  and break body parts. B.J. Penn is the best pound for pound fighter in MMA. 

Fans can look forward to Jackson vs Forrest Griffin in the spring and also Matt Serra vs St.Pierre. I will definitely be watching those fights but I will skip the ones with Sylvia, Michael Bisping, or Josh Burkman headlining. I rather watch Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott or Frank Shamrock vs Cung Le than a weak UFC card.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

NBA/NCAA Notes and Observations

  • Seton Hall beat Providence in impressive fashion tonight 88-75. Bobby Gonzalez is a GREAT coach for this team and the team is playing with a lot of energy and passion.
  • Good win for Arizona tonight at home as they scored 76 on the tough Washington State D.
  • Oregon State did the right thing in firing Jay John but they still lost tonight by 24 to O.J. Mayo and the Trojans.
  • Lots of road teams won tonight such as Montana State,  Nevada, Wofford,  Eastern Kentucky, Washington, Morehead State, Applachian State, Seton Hall, and UNC Greensboro.
  • The Miami Heat lost their 15th game in a row!!! All they do is let Dwayne Wade hoist jumpers or drive as the defense collapses on him. This will lead to a missed shot or a turnover from Wade. He needs to learn from Kobe and learn how to pass and get assists.
  • The Heat have a good shot of beating the Pacers in their next game and stopping their losing streak.
  • The Bucks beat the Pacers tonight 102-94. Michael Redd had 37 points. 


  • When Redskins safey Sean Taylor died, the mainstream media blamed the death on him being black, young, and a thug. They said he was a product of his environment and it was an expected death. Why am I not surprised that the media did not say the same things about actor  Heath Ledger who died a few days ago?  Why won't the press say they saw this death coming and that he had what was coming to him? Double standard once again! 
  • Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver was called a liar  by Donovan McNabb  earlier this season after Oliver reported that McNabb was ready to leave the Eagles. Howie Long supported Oliver by saying Oliver is attractive and not a liar.  What does being attractive have to do with being  trustworthy? Howie needs to stop talking nonsense. 
  • Tiger Woods needs to step up and stop acting like a wimp. The journalists make racially insensitive comments about him and he blows it off like it is nothing. He needs to be  more socially responsible and take action. Show some pride Tiger. It appears he cares more about his endorsements than anything else and chooses to stay politically correct. He would get more respect if he spoke up and took a stand. What's next? A reporter makes fun of his Asian heritage and Tiger says it's nothing?
  • I am sick of these sports anchors and reporters who don't know anything about sports. You see them every night on your local newscast. If you can't pronounce the names of athletes,  you obviously have no clue about what you are talking about.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NBA Wednesday Observations and Notes

  • The Suns are down by 15 at halftime to Minnesota. Coming off a come-from-behind win at Milwaukee last night took a lot out of the Suns. 
  • The Pistons just beat the 76ers to stop their three game losing streak.
  • Dallas seems to be back on track with a road win in Charlotte.
  • The Kings have a lot of talent and hope to continue their winning ways tonight in Los Angeles against the lowly Clippers. John Salmons is questionable for the Kings.
  • Lakers are up early over the Spurs. Can they pull a upset tonight in San Antonio without Andrew Bynum?
  • The Raptors are hanging tough against Boston tonight. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

NBA Monday Observations and Notes

  • The Nuggets do not play good D. George Karl needs to get his team to play some form of defense.
  • Derek Fisher has been a big reason why the Lakers are playing so well this year.
  • Warriors lost to Minnesota because they were coming off a five day road trip and this was a letdown game.
  • Minnesota plays hard even though they are only 6-34.
  • The Bulls need to make some trades and get rid of some of their players.
  • Rudy Gay, Gerald Green, Jamario Moon, and Dwight Howard are the participants in the All Star Slam Dunk Contest this year.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks need to make trades as well. 
  • Yi Jianlian needs to put up more shots and Maurice Williams needs to take less shots.
  • This is another lost season for the Clippers.
  • Orlando finally defeated the Pistons after losing to Detroit nine straight times.
  • Miami lost to the Cavs and their losing streak continues. 
  • Portland is for real... like you didn't know that already.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

NBA Preview and Picks for Thursday

Lakers vs Suns
The Lakers will be without Andrew Bynum for this big showdown against the Suns. Lamar Odom and company must pick up the slack and step it up in place of their fallen teammate who is out with a knee injury. The Suns are now in second place and have been looking forward to this game for a few days now. Their loss to the Clippers on Tuesday night was because they were looking ahead to Thursday night.
Suns 104 Lakers 98

Jazz vs Nuggets
The Jazz will be motivated to win and Denver is without Kenyon Martin and Nene Hilario. They still have Iverson and Anthony though but the Jazz have too much firepower for the Nuggets.
Jazz 109 Nuggets 98

Cavs vs Spurs
The Spurs defeated the Cavs for the NBA championship last season. The Spurs lost big to the Pistons last Thursday night and will play better tonight in front of another national TV audience.
Spurs 96 Cavs 90

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NY Giants Rhyme

"New York Giants"

We the New York Giants
Comin through when it's do or die
Teams talkin trash but winning is our reply
We the New York Giants
U know we unstoppable like Eli
We the New York Giants
No one can beat us
Runnin through teams with Brandon Jacobs
We the New York Giants

U can't stop Ahmad or Brandon
We gettin sacks with Osi and Strahan
Don't care much about T.O.'s ankle
or bout Jessica SImpson and Romo
Thanks Jessica for takin him to Mexico
Hope u enjoyed Eli's touchdown to Plaxico
U two can continue your romance
While we stay in the playoffs and advance
So tell me who's the real hero
We got heart the size of T.O.'s ego
That's why we keep winnin
and everyone in N.Y. stay grinnin

Everyone knows how tough we play
Now it's time to beat Favre in Green Bay
Haters said we can't win without Tiki
And that we dead when we lost Shockey
But our team makin winning look easy
Critics said that our QB sucked
and that we would run out of luck
But u haters gettin bulldozed like a linebacker after a block from Hedgecock
QBs goin down from a sack by Justin Tuck
Cuz no one open thanks to Webster and Ross
Play against us, get ready for a loss
Cuz this team tight to the end like Kevin Boss
After every sack, u know Strahan be balllllllin
Much love to the whole team and Coach Coughlin

We the we the New York Giants
Road Warriors, makin the home crowd go silent
cuz we the we the New York Giants
U can be home, we'll be the guests
Road warriors, we the best
We the New York Giants

1/16 NBA Picks and Previews

Warriors vs Pacers
This is a rematch from Sunday's Warriors victory in Oakland. The Fans in Indy will be booing Stephen Jackson each time he has the ball. Jermaine O'Neal had a big game last time against Biedrins.
Pacers 115 Warriors 107

Bulls vs Heat
Shaq returns tonight for Miami. The Bulls are coming off two bad losses to Atlanta and Orlando. The Heat have lost ten in a row.
Miami 93 Bulls 83

Magic vs Bobcats
Bobcats are playing very well and they will beat the Magic tonight. Their zone defense has caused teams fits.
Bobcats 101 Magic 99

Kings vs Raptors
Bibby and Artest are back tonight for Sac. Raptors coming off a loss last night to the Pistons. Kings are looking more formidable now with their two stars back.
Kings 102 Raptors 96

Trailblazers vs Celtics
Boston has lost two in a row to the Wizards and face a red hot Portland squad led by Brandon Roy. Rondo will be out for the Celtics.
Boston 98 Portland 84

Knicks vs Nets
Knicks have won their last two at home but now face an angry Nets team coming off a 23 point loss to Portland.
Nets 90 Knicks 79

Hawks vs Bucks
Hawks are playing well again and the Bucks have Michael Redd back.
Hawks 99 Bucks 97

Sonics vs Hornets
The Hornets are the surprise team in the NBA and will cruise to a win against the lowly Sonics.
Hornets 108 Sonics 90


The first HOW for this year is Arlene.. This 19-year-old model is from Miami. D Wizzle's World will have another HOW next week.

I've been modeling spotlight.Photobucket
I do dicandalo TV,Republica DePhotobucket



What do you think is your best body part?

Yes, I would like to thank you for giving me this great opportunity,and I feel honored to be the Hottie of the Week!

Monday, January 14, 2008

What to Watch Tonight

  • Georgetown vs Pittsburgh is the big game in college basketball tonight. It will be on ESPN.
  • How will the Lakers do without Andrew Bynum tonight in Seattle?
  • Portland has a tough game in New Jersey after an overtime loss Sunday in Toronto.
  • Denver should beat the Bobcats in Charlotte tonight because the Bobcats have many injuries.
  • Boston will be looking for revenge against the Wizards after losing to them on Saturday.
  • UFC Countdown to UFC 80 will be on Spike TV tonight at 11PM

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NCAA Basketball Thursday Night Observations

  • Louisville got all their injured players back and played well in beating West Virginia.
  • Cleveland State is the surprise of the Horizon Conference.
  • St.Louis scored only seven points at halftime! They lost 49-20 to George Washington.
  • Lester Hudson had 29 points tonight to lead UT-Martin over Eastern Illinois. Hudson is one of the best scorers you might not have heard of or seen yet.
  • Saturday's game between UCLA and Washington State will pit two of the best defenses in the country.
  • The depleted Auburn team plays hard but all they do is shoot 3s. They were very undersized against the Arkansas frontcourt tonight.
  • Oregon State is very very bad. I don't think the fans in Corvallis really like Jay John right now.
  • Great win by George Nessman and his San Jose State squad tonight. They defeated a good Nevada team.
  • USC is now 0-3 in the Pac-10

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday Classic Videos

Sam McGuffie leaping over a defender into the end zone

Florida State's Greg Jones stiff arms a defender

Russell Westbrook's monster dunk!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens Didn't Take Steroids

I believe Roger Clemens. I really do. When he tells the media and the fans that he never used HGH or anabolic steroids, he gets criticized and ridiculed by the press. They make jokes and don't believe a word he says.
Why? Who should the fans believe in instead? The media? God forbid anyone does that and get brainwashed by evil journalists. A lot of these columnists mocking Clemens have no credibility at all.

Just because you are a middle-aged fat man who writes for a living does not make you an "expert." Since these haters blasting Clemens probably never played sports since gym class in high school, they probably know nothing about exercise regimens and working out. They wonder how a 45-year-old man can still throw fastballs without any help from performance-enhancing drugs.

The ex-trainer for Clemens, Brian McNamee, has been called a "sewer rat" by well-respected ESPN baseball journalist, Peter Gammons. Why does most of the media believe in this so-called "sewer rat" rather than Clemens?

The media is making this an important story and Clemens is garnering more headlines now than when he was an active pitcher. Do the fans really care about this subject though? Clemens is practically retired as of today and probably won't see a baseball mound again. He should be remembered as one of the best power pitchers in Major League Baseball and be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a few years. But now Clemens has to answer the same questions over and over again about his alleged drug use. He had to appear on "60 Minutes" and tell 89-year-old reporter Mike Wallace that he never used steroids. Wallace had the audacity to say "Swear" after Clemens said he never used steroids. Clemens should have just left the room and ended the interview after that. He showed more composure than I would have in his position.

All Clemens wants is an inch of respect from the media and the public. He gets more than an inch from me. I have always respected Clemens as a pitcher and now I respect him as a person for standing up to the media. He told the media in his press conference today to keep their vote for the Hall of Fame. He doesn't need or want their vote if they are treating him like a cheater.

You don't have to like Clemens or believe him, but he should get the benefit of the doubt. I sure would trust him more than I trust a personal trainer. Think about all the personal trainers at gyms all across this country. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them. The trainers that I know are sneaky, ex-convicts, and tricky. Are they all bad people? Of course not. Personal trainers are just as credible as newspaper columnists and TV journalists. Take that statement for however you want. The media wants the fans to turn on Clemens and he is already guilty until proven innocent. It sure makes for a good story but Clemens does not deserve to be tried by the press. It won't be long until pitchers and catchers report for spring training and the Clemens scandal will no longer garner headlines on every sports page across America. Baseball fans don't care as much about this scandal as the media wants you to think and this will be proven in the next few months.

Throwback Video of the Day - Montana to Rice

Montana to Rice in NFC Championship Game

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Derrick Doggett Interview

We have a new interview with a good friend of D Wizzle's World, Derrick Doggett. Doggett is a senior linebacker for the Oregon State Beavers. He was one of the best linebackers in the Pac-10 and capped off a great career by receiving the Defensive MVP Award in the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco. You can expect to see D.Dogg play on Sundays next season.

What's up D. Dogg? How is everything with you?
Everything is going well. I am just spending time with my family before I start training for the NFL. I'm just real excited about everything that is going on in my life and ready to give my all for a childhood dream that I have had since I was seven years old.

You guys played so many great games this year including that win at Cal when they were ranked #2, the Civil War victory, and the Emerald Bowl win. What was your most memorable game this season?
I would say my most memorable game this season was winning the Civil War in Autzen Stadium. The game went to a 2nd OT, and we ended up getting our first win in Autzen in a long time.

Are there any NFL players that you pattern your game after and why?
I always have had two favorite players and they are Deion Sanders and Ray Lewis. I always loved Deion's swagger and his playmaking skills that he brought to the game. I love the way Ray Lewis plays with passion, and the leadership he brings to his team. They are always the players that have to be accounted for when you are playing against them because of their playmaking abilities. These are two players that I have always watched while growing up and wanted to pattern my game after so I take a little from both of them.

Are there any guys on the OSU defense that you expect big things from next season?
I expect big things from the whole OSU defense because their are all kinds of playmakers on this D-Unit. At OSU, we all learn from the great players that we have had around us during the time we are here, and I expect it to keep recyling each year just like when I first came to OSU. So expect big things from the whole defense!

Did you enjoy your week in San Francisco?
Yes, I enjoyed my time in San Francisco because it's a great city and there are many things to do. I had a great time out there and hope to go back again one day.
With the Emerald Bowl MVP Trophy

What activity did you enjoy the most? The trip to Alcatraz, the 49ers game, or the video game challenge?
I enjoyed the 49ers game the most because I had never been to one of their games. Being able to watch Patrick Willis live in action was a great opportunity for me to learn things from him and add more tools to my own game.

Are you playing in any of the postseason all star games?
I wil be playing in the Hula Bowl.

Of all the players you played against in your four years at OSU, which opponent impressed you the most?
It would have to be Marshawn Lynch from Cal who is now with the Buffalo Bills. He is a great overall running back and can do it all. You just don't see great players like that all the time.

Thanks for the interview and do you have any final words for everyone out there?
I just want to thank all my fans and the whole Beaver Nation for everything that they have done. I appreciate it all. Thank You!
Emerald Bowl Pictures and Videos are here Emerald Bowl

Hottie of the Week Arlene

The first HOW for this year is Arlene Florit. This 19-year-old model is from Miami.

How long have you been modeling?
I've been modeling since I was four years old. I practically grew up on the runway and in the spotlight.

You mentioned to me before that you also do TV shows. What kind of shows are they and what do u do?
I do different types of shows. I do Hispanic shows like Despierta America,Escandalo TV,Republica Deportiva, and Sabado Gigante. I also have done American shows like BET,MTV,Disney,Style Channel , and I've also done music videos,with artists such as Lil Romeo,Don Omar, Ivy Queen, Ciara, and Bow Wow.

What kind of guys are you attracted to?
Oh gosh boys! I like guys that are tall, have nice eyes,nice smile, and that are muscular. I like guys that have a great personality and that are funny, sweet, and know how to treat a girl. They should be honest, loyal, know how to keep a conversation going,and that are rough in the outside but sweet in the inside. He also shouldn't be afraid to speak his mind.

What is the best part about living in Miami?
Well for me,the best part about living in Miami is that it's very tropical, and I like the beaches, and the party scene. There's always something to do here.You can't get bored.

Do you have a favorite football team and player?
I like the Chargers and my favorite player is LaDainian Tomlinson.

How do you think the Chargers will do in the playoffs?
Well, I think they have a good chance to win because their offense is as good as any with Tomlinson ,Rivers and of course Antonio Gates.

Do you like to work out and if so, what are your favorite exercises?
Of course I like working out...remember that I'm also a dancer! I don't really have a specific excercise that's my favorite,but I do work out my legs and abs a lot.I feel that a girl must always look her best and always be healthy and in shape.

Who is your favorite music artist and why?
I think my favorite artist has to be the group Aventura.I just find their music relates a lot to the real world.It talks about real issues that people go through.

What do you think is your best body part?
Wow,I think someone else should answer that question (laughs). If I had to choose a part of my body, I would choose my legs.

Thanks Arlene. Do you have any final words
Yes, I would like to thank you for giving me this great opportunity,and I feel honored to be the Hottie of the Week!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Interview with OSU"s Derrick Doggett Soon

D Wizzle's interview with the senior linebacker from Oregon State will be up in a day or two.

Derrick Doggett was the star of the Emerald Bowl last week in San Francisco.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Hottie of the Week Will be Up Soon

The first Hottie of the Week for 2008 will be up in a few days hopefully.

If you know of a hottie that you think should be Hottie of the Week, send me an email.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

49ers Press Conference Notes

John York -
- Scot McCloughan is now the new GM
- had a five year plan with Nolan to put the 49ers on top
- believes they can overcome the challenges they faced this season
- this was the right time for McCloughhan to be the GM

Scot McCloughan
- totally believes in what Nolan has started here
- appreciates the opportunity from Mr.York
- every fifth word is "um"
- there will be competition at QB
- would take a QB in the draft or sign one in free agency if he is talented
- players want to win and play for Nolan
- the meetings the last two days were not about Mike Nolan
- the team believes in Nolan and what he's doing
- Nolan is very passionate and it will because of Nolan that they will get over this hump
- goal for next year is to improve
- "I want to win, win, win."
- his friendship with Nolan will last forever
- will be disappointed if they are not a playoff-contending team next season
- "Mike has done a great job with these guys."

Mike Nolan
- excited about the new GM
- can now focus more on football issues
- relationship with the new GM has always been good
- is fully in favor of this new move by Mr.York
- Offensive coordinator Jim Hostler has been let go
- will make the decision on the hiring of the new offensive coordinator
- has a different relationship with every player but he cares about all his players
- wants his relationship to be strong with Alex Smith just like with every other player
- will remain the one voice and the face of the 49ers
- just won't be the "triggerman" anymore as he no longer is the GM
- not disappointed at all about losing the GM duties
- no team has asked permission to speak with Mike Singletary yet
- would like to hire an offensive coordinator with experience and has command of the players
- Hostler was let go due to the lack of offensive production
- "Football is the ultimate team sport and everyone relies on one another."
- "Everything starts at the top."
- when someone leaves, the goal is to get better.
- says he owns up to all the mistakes he has made
- "You take the good with the bad."