Thursday, January 24, 2008


  • When Redskins safey Sean Taylor died, the mainstream media blamed the death on him being black, young, and a thug. They said he was a product of his environment and it was an expected death. Why am I not surprised that the media did not say the same things about actor  Heath Ledger who died a few days ago?  Why won't the press say they saw this death coming and that he had what was coming to him? Double standard once again! 
  • Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver was called a liar  by Donovan McNabb  earlier this season after Oliver reported that McNabb was ready to leave the Eagles. Howie Long supported Oliver by saying Oliver is attractive and not a liar.  What does being attractive have to do with being  trustworthy? Howie needs to stop talking nonsense. 
  • Tiger Woods needs to step up and stop acting like a wimp. The journalists make racially insensitive comments about him and he blows it off like it is nothing. He needs to be  more socially responsible and take action. Show some pride Tiger. It appears he cares more about his endorsements than anything else and chooses to stay politically correct. He would get more respect if he spoke up and took a stand. What's next? A reporter makes fun of his Asian heritage and Tiger says it's nothing?
  • I am sick of these sports anchors and reporters who don't know anything about sports. You see them every night on your local newscast. If you can't pronounce the names of athletes,  you obviously have no clue about what you are talking about.


Anonymous said...

Word to ya mutha!

Anonymous said...

you sure make a lot of good points. you got me thinking!! go Eagles!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Sean Taylor, he brought it on himself.
He was nothing but a worthless thug.