Sunday, December 30, 2007

49ers Close to Firing Mike Nolan?

There are rumors that Mike Nolan will be fired and the announcment could be made tomorrow evening or late afternoon. Stay tuned!

Exclusive Emerald Bowl Pictures and Videos

There will be more and more pictures and videos as I upload them throughout the day. If you know of any Beaver Nation or Maryland fans who would enjoy these videos and pictures, please link them to this site.

National Anthem and Maryland and OSU teams enter the field VIdeo

OSU Fans Taking Over ATnT Park VIdeo

Video Game HIghtlights Video including Canfield INT in end zone and other big plays

Emerald Bowl Slideshow Video with Music

OSU Celebration Video with Derrick Doggett, Sean Canfield, Ikaika Rodenhurst,Adam Speer, Joey LaRocque Fans, and more players Video


Emerald Bowl Vids and Pics up by Monday

Please be patient. There are a lot of videos and pictures to edit and upload. Thanks!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Emerald Bowl Pics and Videos Will Be Up Soon

D Wizzle's World will have many pictures and videos from the Emerald Bowl next week.

There will be pictures and videos of fans, players, mascots, and cheerleaders.

If you were there, there is a good chance you could be in the videos and pictures.

Oregon State won the game 21-14 over Maryland on a cold and rainy night in San Francisco. The Oregon State fans outnumbered the Maryland fans and were in full force in their orange and black colors. If I didn't know better, I would think Barry Bonds and the Giants were playing instead of a college football game.

Stay tuned for the pictures and videos next week.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Free Emerald Bowl Tickets

D Wizzle is giving out ten free tickets at the 50-yard Line to its readers. Email me and let me know how many you need. Hurry and get yours now before they go!!

D Wizzle will be at the Emerald Bowl and will have video and pictures from the game.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nolan's 49ers Press Conference December 24 News and Notes

  • Proud of the team and wants to continue the winning streak against the Browns
  • Keith Lewis had a good game and a strong point on the special teams
  • Frank Gore had a good game
  • Ability to throw the ball was key and Shaun Hill did a nice job.
  • Had more 3 and outs than he would like but was pleased with the touchdowns
  • "Jon Gruden is an excellent football coach."
  • "Michael Lewis had an outstanding game on defense."
  • Gives credit to the team for playing hard and to the very end at the end of each season
  • "Underacheived from a record standpoint"
  • "Hill is a gamer." Said it twice
  • Not one of the more interesting press conferences... things are more interesting after a loss

Intense Coach Scares Woman Reporter Video

Sunday, December 23, 2007

UFC Fighter Soa The Hulk Palelei Interview

Soa "The Hulk" Palelei from Team Quest will be fighting Eddie "The Manic Hispanic" Sanchez at UFC 79 on December 29 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This fight should be very exciting and I believe it will be on the main card on the pay-per-view. It could be either the first or second fight on the show.

The Hulk is 6'4 and 265 pounds and has a 8-1 record. He has previously fought in such organizations as King of the Cage and Pride and is a native of Perth, Australia. For more information on Soa The Hulk, check out his official website at

Thanks Soa for your time. How are you doing and how has training been so far?
No problem. Training is good and hard and that's just the way it should be. I'm enjoying it...especially training with these top athletes here at Team Quest.
How is it training with such a great team like Team Quest and training with such fighters as Thierry and Dan Henderson? How have you improved since joining Team Quest?
Thierry is a nightmare to train with. I doubt anyone at 205 willl stop him, and as for Dan Henderson, you don't know where his punches are coming but if he connects, you're going to sleep. I'm very honored to be training with these guys.

Are you more of a stand-up fighter or do you prefer taking your opponent to the ground?
Doesn't matter standing up or on the ground...every opponent is different and I have a different game plan for each fight.

There are a lot of great heavyweights in the UFC. Are there any off the top of your head that you would like to fight next year?
I just want to fight and it doesn't matter who... I just want to get paid.
What do you know about your opponent, Eddie Sanchez?
He's a tough fighter and it will be a good fight between us.

Are you more of a stand-up fighter or do you prefer taking your opponent to the ground?
It doesn't matter standing up or on the ground, since every opponent is different and I'll have a different game plan for each fight.

How did you get your nickname "The Hulk"?
I got the name at the time by my manager, Peter Nicolas, because I started to turn green when somebody ate my KFC. (laughs)

How did you get started in MMA?
I started boxing and from there, I went to BJJ and then wrestling and kickboxing. I've been training for the last 10 years and fighting for the last six years. I had a break for a couple of years.

How popular is MMA in Australia?
It's getting popular in Australia and it will only get bigger. There's some very good talent coming out of Australia so look out for them.

Can you tell me about that tattoo on your arm and shoulder?
The tattoo represents my Tongan heritage and different stuff on there have different meanings.It took four hours.

What is your song that you walk out to the cage to and why did you pick that song as your entrance music?
Tongan crew... I chose the song because it represents who I am.

What color will your hair be on December 29?

Thanks again for your time Soa. Good luck with the fight. Do you have any final words for all the UFC fans out there?
Just want to thank everyone out there for the support and especially my friends and my family and thank you KFC because after the fight, I'm going straight there with my boys and eat that place out. Then, I will go to a buffet after that and eat chocolate and lollies. I've been dieting like hell . After all that, it's back to training. Thanks!

Roger Clemens Denies Taking Steroids Video

Coming up Monday - UFC Fighter Interview

UFC Fighter Soa "The Hulk" Palelei will battle Eddie "The Manic Hispanic" Sanchez on December 29 in Las Vegas.

The interview with The Hulk will be up on Monday.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Q&A with Maryland Strong Safety Christian "BamBam" Varner

BamBam and Maryland want that Emerald Bowl trophy

On December 28, Oregon State will face Maryland in the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco. Here is a Q&A with Maryland's strong safety, Christian "BamBam" Varner. Varner has started 35 of Maryland's last 36 games and is known as a hard hitter. The senior also doubles as a punt returner for the Terrapins.

How did you get your nickname "BamBam"?
I received the name" BamBam" when I was little from my mother because my head was bigger then my body, but I was so strong. I did not start playing football until I was in high school and once I hit this guy so hard that his helmet broke and they took him to the hospital for broken ribs and head trauma. People already new me as "BamBam"because of my mom, but at that point, they called me that 'cause I hit so hard. Even in baseball and basketball, I would hit home runs out the park and they would yell "Bammmmmm" and when I dunked on a fast break,they would yell "Bammmmm"! (Laughs) Kind of crazy right!

How were your finals and how did you do?
I did great... finals were a breeze. I graduated early last semester so I have been taken chill classes so I could play my senior season.

Are you excited about coming to San Francisco to play in the Emerald Bowl?
Yes, I am very excited about coming to San Fran. I have neve been to the West Coast at all. I can't wait to see what it is like over there.

What was your most memorable game this season?
My last home game against Boston College because they were ranked like #2 in the country,and it was the last home game, so it was so important to us.We won also so it was great.

What position do you see yourself playing in the NFL? Do you see yourself staying at strong safety or moving to free safety or conerback?
I can see myself playing free safety because of my instincts from baseball to get to the ball in center field which I played in baseball (center field). I also can see my self being a punt returner and a nickel back if needed. Also, I can play receiver very well so what ever they need, I will be down for.

Which Emerald Bowl event are you looking forward to the most besides the game? The Bay Cruise and trip to Alcatraz or the video game challenge at Jillians?
The trip to Alcatrazzzzzzz (laughs). That will be fun!

Thanks for the interview BamBam. Good luck and have fun in the Bay Area next week.
Your welcome and thank you for the interview.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Interview with Maryland's Christian Varner on Friday

D Wizzle's interview with Maryland's strong safety, Christian "BamBam" Varner will be up on Friday.

Holiday Hottie of the Week Vikki Mitchell

D Wizzle's World is back with a new Hottie of the Week!! Thanks everyone for their patience. This is one of the most exciting and popular feature on this site and after a short hiatus, the Hottie of the Week(HOW) feature is back and better than ever. Enjoy the holiday edition with Vikki Mitchell, a 24-year-old model from California.

Hi Vikki, can you tell us what kind of model you are?
I'm what you would call a casual model...print, hair, make up, magazines...everything but high fashion because I'm not tall enough.
You are a big football fan and your favorite teams are the USC Trojans and the San Francisco 49ers. If these two teams played each other this year, who would win?
(Laughing) I can't believe you took it there! Well, first if they were to play today, the Niners would have home field advantage since the Trojans are officially homeless at the moment (Laughing) hard as this is to say, I would have to go with the Trojans. The Trojans have the discipline to start as well as finish. With the Niners, there are too many inconsistencies, and inconsistency loses games. That's been one of the most frustrating things about being a Niners fan lately. We have the talent, but we don't utilize it the way we could and there's another big difference, the coaching styles.

Do you think Alex Smith is a bust or has he been just suffering from poor coaching by Jim Hostler and Mike Nolan?
Again, going back to coaching, it is the coach's job to develop the talent of a player from the collegian level to the professional level. Alex Smith is not a bust because I believe the team failed him. He didn't have a strong QB to look up to and develop under before he was thrust into the starting position. I know there are people who feel that for the money he makes, he should have tried harder, but I really believe that Alex will eventually become a really good player.

What do you think of Mike Nolan? Are you rollin with Nolan? Or Nolan must be goin?
Nolan must be going!! Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Good Bye!

Who is your favorite 49er of all time?
Jerry Rice because he was a true athlete. He loved the game and he worked on keeping himself in shape because he was dedicated to his craft. He didn't complain or point fingers when he had a bad game, and he always had a smile on his face. He wasn't cocky about his talent. He had a silent confidence that was transparent when you watched him play. I grew up watching him play and while it embarrassed me to watch him shimmy on the dance floor on Dancing with the Stars,I still like Jerry.

Who do you think would be a good candidate to take over for Nolan if he gets fired?
The Big Tuna!!! Parcells is the man for the job, but I would also settle for Jimmy Johnson.

Give me the score of the Rose Bowl between USC and Illinois.
42-14 Trojans, come on you know better than to ask me that! The only thing that worries me is Juice Williams because he is a threat. I'm pretty confident in our defense but he really has talent. It's always a good game when you have a QB who isn't afraid to use his legs... it keeps things interesting.

You are also a big Lakers fan. They have played very well this year. Besides Kobe , who is your favorite Laker?
Derek Fisher, boy was I sad to see him go and happy as hell to see him come back!! Derek is a player who plays fair,plus he makes himself available when needed, and he doesn't try to be the team. In basketball, you need that player who can widen the lead in the last two minutes, the player with the good eye for the shot, and is wise enough to know when he needs to pass the rock to get the job done.The biggest play you could make sometimes is to pass the ball.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves?
Ignorance, bad hygiene, false friends, and dream stealers... those are people who try to discourage you from following your dreams because they themselves do not have the courage and support to do what they love.

What part of your body gets the most compliments from people?
It's always the face! But to zero in on one area, it's the eyes. People tell me that they are alluring. To me, there is nothing special about my eyes, but I'm not going to argue with people who show me love!

Thanks Vikki. It's been really fun talking sports with you. Do you have any final words?
I would like to thank you, D Wizzle, for picking me for the "Hottie of the Week" honor, and giving me the opportunity to talk about sports! I hope that this gives people a different view about models because we are not all just "looks". If people are interested in booking me or want to see more of me, I can be reached at or

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

NBA Wednesday Observations

  • Rudy Gay is turning into a big time scorer for the Grizzlies. His 3-pointer over Tim Duncan tonight won the game for Memphis.
  • The Sacramento Kings just won back to back road games after defeating Milwaukee tonight and New Jersey last night. Give a lot of credit to the Kings for playing well even after losing Kevin Martin to injury for a few months.
  • In the battle of the two best centers in the NBA, Dwight Howard had 21 points and 11 boards while Yao had 19 points and 17 rebounds.
  • Al Jefferson continues to get his double doubles but the Timberwolves keep losing.
  • What is wrong with the Jazz? They are only 14-13 after their loss to the Bobcats tonight. Jerry Sloan can't be happy.
  • The Pistons showed Boston who the Beast in the East still is by beating them tonight.
  • Brandon Roy and the Trailblazers win again. 9 in a row
  • The Bulls are playing better while the Heat continue to struggle.
  • The Knicks beat the Cavs tonight at MSG. The "Fire Isiah" chants will stop for one night.

New Interviews Coming Soon

There will be new interviews and a Hottie of the Week feature coming soon as well. Look for them by next week.

NHL Cheap Shot Video

Monday, December 17, 2007

NBA Monday Observations

  • The Hawks are steadily improving and opponents must be on their "A" game when they play them.
  • The New York fans want Isiah Thomas fired immediately. Another tough game tonight as the Pacers beat the Knicks at MSG by 27.
  • Kelenna Azuibuke of the Warriors is making Bay Area fans forget about Jason Richardson.
  • The Suns get some revenge tonight over the Spurs by defeating them 100-95 on the road. Duncan returned and had a monster game for San Antonio.
  • Portland has now won eight games in a row. Brandon Roy is developing into a real nice scorer. Travis Outlaw has really improved as well.

Chris Rock - Leave Barry Bonds Alone

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo VIdeo

Jessica "Kryptonite" Simpson and Tony Romo

NFL Observations and Thoughts for Week 14

  • 49ers QB Shaun Hill has looked very impressive in the last two games. He will be a free agent after the season and would be a good back-up QB for any team or possible starter for some teams.
  • The NFC team that no one wants to make the playoffs is the New Orleans Saints.
  • The NFC team that teams want to get into the playoffs and face is the New York Giants.
  • Eli Manning is a terrible quarterback.
  • The Falcons season was a waste and most of the players have all packed it in.
  • Brian Billick of the Ravens should be fired.
  • Props to Cam Cameron for starting QB Cleo Lemon over John Beck and having Lemon lead them to an overtime victory over the Ravens.
  • Mike Nolan should be fired as head coach of the 49ers. His terrible coaching continued on Saturday night and the 49ers won in spite of his decisions. Nolan's team was in field goal position in the fourth quarter while up 20-13 against the Bengals, and decided to go for it on 4th down instead of kicking the field goal. They did not convert the 4th down and were lucky the Bengals did not tie the game.
  • The Browns will be a dangerous team in the playoffs due to their offense and Jamal Lewis.
  • Lane Kiffin needs to start QB JaMarcus Russell and stop playing and starting Josh McCown. Russell needs all the reps he can get and the Raiders are not going anywhere this year. Let him take his lumps now.
  • Jessica Simpson is Tony Romo's kryptonite.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Emerald Bowl Coverage

The Emerald Bowl will be held here in San Francisco on December 28. This is always a great event and Bay Area fans should try to attend the game. The games have been entertaining and a football game at At&T Park makes for a great atmosphere.

This year's game matches Maryland vs Oregon State. We will try to have player interviews and more coverage of this bowl game next week.

For more information, go to the official website at

Giants Sign OF Aaron Rowand

The Giants signed OF Aaron Rowand yesterday to a five-year contract. The Giants were probably the only team that was willing to give Rowand a five-year deal. Although Rowand had a career year last season with the Phillies and made the All Star team, he is not a superstar.

Rowand won't be mistaken for Barry Bonds anytime soon. Rowand clubbed 17 of his 27 homers last year in hitter-friendly Citizens Park in Philadephia. He will be lucky to hit 20 with the Giants. Rowand does not strike fear in any starting pitcher at all. He probably does strike fear in some batters who are afraid that they will be robbed of a hit due to a great diving catch by Rowand in the outfield.

Rowand will find that hitting behind Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Chase Utley is much different than hitting behind Dave Roberts, Omar Vizquel, and Randy Winn. Although he is a nice addition to the Giants roster, this hard-nosed gamer is not going to bring fans to the ballpark. Giants fans who had hoped that their team would sign Andruw Jones or the Japanese sensation, Kosuke Fukudome, are now stuck with Rowand for the next five years instead. Without Bonds, the Giants are in need of star power and although Rowand was an All-Star, he is no star.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Nolan's 49ers press conference notes and quotes!

  • Shaun Hill gave them a spark
  • Ball security has been an issue all season
  • Dilfer's eyes were open and he was moving his body after the injury
  • Dilfer went home and slept in his own bed last night
  • Nolan had two concussions playing college football
  • There is a possibility of bringing in another QB from the outside
  • There are 3 games left and he wants to win all of them
  • Wants to continue to see the football team grow and mature
  • Praised the defense and special teams for giving effort each week
  • He is aware of Bryant Young's comments after the game but it is a private matter between Young and his family and the fans. Young told reporters he feels his days are numbered.
  • "The Yorks have been very supportive and positive."
  • Says they had 13 chances on offense and they were on the positive side of the field 7 of those times

Friday, December 7, 2007

UFC Team Serra vs Team Hughes Finale Preview

Mac Danzig vs Tommy Speer
Danzig trained at Randy Couture's gym for this fight. Danzig reportedly will go down to the lightweight division after this fight. This will be a classic fight of technique vs strength. Speer is a very powerful and strong man. He has shown a lot of toughness in his three wins on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and came back from near submissions in his first two fights to pull out wins. Danzig said Speer improved over the six weeks on the show while others did not. Danzig has more cage experience than Speer but Speer clearly is bigger and stronger than him. Speer has a powerful right hand which Danzig must look out for.

Roger Huerta vs Clay Guida
Both fighters are ready for this fight and both feel a victory would be a springboard to a future title shot. Huerta said he wants to win because this is his job and if he loses, he will lose out financially. He said the fights pay for his mortgage, clothes, training partners, and puts food on his table. Guida wants to win because it will be his birthday on Saturday night and feels it will be his night. Both fighters have a lot of respect for one another and it should be a solid fight.

Jarod Rollins vs Jon Koppenhaver
These two had a little skirmish on TUF but both made their peace before the season ended and there is no animosity between the two fighters. Both lost their fights on the show and need to win in order to prove they belong in the UFC.

Billy Miles vs George Sotiropoulos
Miles is a wrestler and Sotiropoulos's expertise is in jujitsu. Miles was training in Thailand for this fight. Sotiropoulos was a favorite to be in the finals but lost to Speer in the semifinals.

Ben Saunders vs Dan Barrera
These two fighters fought on the show with Saunders winning by decision. Barrera is a wrestler and is fighting out of Kentucky. Saunders is fighting out of Orlando, Florida and trains with American Top Team. Saunders is looking for the knockout but Barrera has shown that he has a good chin. Barrera needs to be careful because Saunders has a height advantage.

Matt Arroyo vs John Kolosci
Arroyo fights out of Tampa. He hurt his rib on the show and gave up his fight against Danzig. Kolosci took Arroyo's place and lost to Danzig. Kolosci has been training with a boxing coach for the fight and also high level jujitsu guys. Arroyo wants to get Kolosci on the ground and submit him.

Roman Mitichyan Vs. Dorian Price
Price fights out of Cincinnati and trains at Jorge Gurgel's gym. Mitichyan supposedly has good judo. Price is very good standing and has very good muay thai. This could be a very good and exciting fight.

Troy Mandaloniz Vs. Richie Hightower
"Rude Boy" Troy Mandaloniz and Richie Hightower are good friends from the show. Hightower punches very hard and Mandaloniz is a brawler. Hightower needs to outbox Mandaloniz and thinks he can get good position from scrambling. Rude Boy said he gained a better work ethic from the show and is more hungry now than before. He trains with B.J. Penn in Hawaii.

Paul Georgieff Vs. Jonathan Goulet
Georgieff is a BJJ fighter from Minnesota. Goulet is a Canadian with a 20-9-1 record.Goulet has way more experience than Georgieff. Goulet wants to keep the fight standing and plans to knock him out. Georgieff wants to shoot and go for the takedown and then submit Goulet.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Frisco Anthem Live Video Reppin San Francisco

At the Hot Import Nights Show in Pleasanton

NFL Week 13 Awards

NFL Week 13 Awards

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots WR Jabar Gaffney
Gaffney caught the winning TD on Monday night against the Ravens.

AFC North Player of the Week: Steelers WR Hines Ward
Ward had 11 catches and 2 TDS to help Pittsburgh beat the Bengals on Sunday night.

AFC South Player of the Week: Colts QB Peyton Manning
Manning threw 4 TDs on Sunday to help beat the Jaguars 28-25

AFC West Player of the Week: Raiders RB Justin Fargas
Fargas ran for 146 yards and one TD on 33 carries to help Oakland upset the Broncos

NFC East Player of the Week: Cowboys QB Tony Romo
Romo threw 4 TDs against Green Bay last Thursday night

NFC North Player of the Week: Vikings RB Adrian Petersen
Petersen ran for 116 yards and 2 TDs against the Lions

NFC South Player of the Week: Bucs QB Luke McCown
McCown was 29-37 for 313 yards with 2 TDs against the Saints.

NFC West Player of the Week: Seahawks LB Lofa Tatupu
Tatapu had 2 interceptions last week against the Eagles to help the Seahawks beat the Eagles 28-24

Goat of the Week: 49ers QB Trent Dilfer
Dilfer threw 4 interceptions to help the Panthers beat his team 31-14.

Upset of the Week: Bucs 27-23 over Saints
The Bucs were without Jeff Garcia for the game and still won at New Orleans with McCown behind center.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Five Minutes with Keith "KO KID" Berry

D Wizzle had to chance to talk to the King of the Cage middleweight champion, Keith "KO Kid" Berry after his victory on Sunday against Umar Love. The KO Kid just celebrated his 20th birthday about a month ago. He defeated Umar Love last week at the Soboba Casino in the second round due to strikes which led to a TKO win. His record is now 6-2. Berry is one of the best young fighters out there and you can expect him to retain his belt for a long time.

Congrats on the big win on Sunday. Did the fight go as you planned?
Yea the fight went exactly as I planned. I turned it into a brawl instead of a technical fight because I knew Umar was a very technical striker so I had to take him out of his element.

Was there anything that Umar did that surprised you?
No, not really ... he had better takedowns than I thought but everything else was right.
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I talked to your sister last week and she mentioned that she would be at the fight along with your mom.How was it to have your sister and mom at the fight?
It was good. I had them there to support me, and they loved the fight.
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What did you do after the fight? Did you go out and party?
No, I was a little banged up so I got stiched up and went home.
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After his fight with Umar Love

Did you get a chance to go to NAMMAE(North American Mixed Martial Arts Expo) and if so, how was it? How was the crowd as well?
No, I didn't but I heard the turnout was great!

How long before you get back into the gym and train again?
Next week, I'll be back in the gym going at it hard.
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Besides being a MMA fighter, you are also a college student. How is school going for you and what is your major?
College is good and my major is nursing.

Thanks Keith for your time. Congrats on the win once again. Do you have any final words for your fans and any sponsors you'd like to thank?
Just thanks to everyone that came and supported me and thanks to my sponsors, Booyaa Fight Wear, and Eye Witness. Thanks D!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Warriors the Hottest Team in the NBA

The Warriors are the hottest team in the NBA and are now 9-7 after starting the season with six straight losses. Baron Davis is playing like he wants to be in New Orleans next year for the All Star Game. He is giving his team a chance to win every game with his leadership and playmaking ability.

Stephen Jackson's return has helped out also because he can bring the ball up and set up the offense when Davis is on the bench. Jackson proved his worth last week when he made two straight three-pointers at the end of the game in Sacramento to propel the Warriors to a win. Jackson and Davis are the two players on the team that are not afraid to take and make big shots. Bay Area fans were worried that the loss of Jason Richardson would hurt the team but that is not the case. Richardson was a streaky scorer who had too many defensive lapses throughout his career in Oakland. He never made many clutch shots for the Warriors as well. His replacement, Kelenna Azubuike, has already made one game-winning shot this season in Philadelphia. Azubuike is showing he can fill the shoes of J-Rich and the only two things that J-Rich does better than Azubuike is rebound and dunk.

21-year-old Andris Biedrins has improved since Jackson returned from his six game suspension. He is making his free throws and playing well on defense. He is also catching the ball better in the paint and converting when Davis and Jackson dish him the ball.

Second-year pro Monta Ellis is also contributing and has elevated his game from last season. Ellis has shown the ability to drive and kick out to open shooters. He can also shoot the midrange jumper effectively and the only thing he needs to work on is his three-point shooting.

The Warriors are showing they are a good team by defeating the good teams as well as the teams that they are supposed to beat. A perfect example was last night when they defeated the young and inexperienced Seattle team led by Kevin Durant. They were up by 20 for most of the game and this gave Don Nelson the chance to rest Davis and keep him on the bench for more minutes than usual. This will definitely help Davis tonight when the Warriors get back on the court tonight against the Orlando Magic.

Davis should be able to do anything he wants against Jameer Nelson tonight. Dwight Howard will be tough to stop and the Warriors will double him most of the time when he has the ball in the paint. The Magic are 3-1 on their five game road trip. This is their last game on the trip and most of their players are ready to go home. Give the Warriors the edge tonight as the Magic are probably too road weary to keep up with the Warriors. The Magic are already satisfied with their trip and will be more focused on their flight than the game itself.

49ers Coach Nolan's Press Conference Notes

Mike Nolan had his weekly press conference with the media this afternoon. Here are some of his tidbits and quotes. It appeared that he got a haircut but maybe he is just losing more of his hair after each loss.

  • Nolan said that he is angry that they lost the game.
  • Said that Patrick Willis, Nate Clements,Marques Douglas, and Michael Lewis played good games
  • "Trent Dilfer puts his heart and soul into everything he does and I admire it"
  • Also said that Dilfer gives them a chance to win in every game
  • The team has an opportunity to bounce back and win against the Vikings
  • He said it is unfair to compare Aaron Rogers and Alex Smith because the Packers are hot and have confidence and momentum.
  • He wished that the defense would be able to get off the field on 3rd downs against Carolina
  • Expressed that the defense and special teams are the strengths of the team
  • Did not go for it on 4th and 2 at the Carolina 42 in the third quarter because it was a long two yards and they had no momentum.
  • "Carolina is a very good football team"
  • Arnaz Battle is questionable for the Vikings game
  • His whole team is as angry as he is about the losses

Sunday, December 2, 2007

NFL Sunday

JaMarcus Russell made his NFL debut this afternoon against the Broncos. The Raiders are currently up 24-10 in the third quarter.

The 49ers had six turnovers and lost to the Panthers 31-14. Mike Nolan and his staff should all be fired after this season.

Tampa Bay is without Jeff Garcia today but Luke McCown has played well and the Bucs are up 20-14 in the third quarter.

Eli Manning has played poorly once again and the Giants are losing to the Bears 16-7. Manning will never be as good as his older brother.

Seattle had a big win in Philly this afternoon. They are now 8-4 and in control of the NFC West. The Eagles will not make the playoffs.

The Vikings had a great game today and defeated the Lions 42-10. They have a chance to go 7-6 next week when they visit the lowly 49ers.

The Dolphins are now 0-12 and clearly the worst team in football after losing to the Jets by 27.