Wednesday, October 31, 2007

NFL Week 8 Awards

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots QB Tom Brady
Brady had 5 TDS to lead the Patriots over the Redskins 52-7

AFC North Player of the Week: Browns WR Braylon Edwards
8 catches for 117 yards with 2 TDS to help the Browns beat the Rams 27-20.

AFC South Player of the Week: Colts RB Joseph Addai
Addai ran for 2 TDs as the Colts beat Carolina 31-7

AFC West Player of the Week: Chargers TE Antonio Gates
Gates had 2 TDs to help the Chargers win 35-10 over the Texans

NFC East Player of the Week: Giants RB Brandon Jacobs
Jacobs ran for 131 yards against the weak Dolphins defense as the Giants beat Miami in London, 13-10

NFC North Player of the Week: Packers QB Brett Favre
Favre threw for 331 yards and 2 TDs to help the Packers beat Denver in overtime 19-13 on Monday Night Football

NFC South Player of the Week: Saints WR Marques Colston
Colston had 8 catches for 85 yards and 3 TDs to help the Saints beat up on the 49ers 31-10

NFC West Player of the WEek: Rams WR Torry Holt
Holt had 6 catches for 110 yards in the loss to the Browns on Sunday

Goat of the Week: 49ers coach Mike Nolan
Nolan once again did not have his team ready to play and it showed as the listless 49ers lost 31-10 to the Saints.

Upset of the Week: Lions 16 Bears 7
The Lions are now 5-2 and a contender for the playoffs

Georgia TD Celebation Video

This is kind of over the top lol

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Amazing Finish to a Football Game - VIDEO

Watch this video because this is one of the craziest finishes ever in football. I believe it is Trinity vs Millsap in Division III football and Millsap is up 17-22 and this is the last play of the game. Trinity has the ball and needs a TD to win.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Q&A with Raiders WR Jerry Porter Part 1

Jerry Porter of the Raiders does not often do interviews with the media but he was down to talk with D Wizzle's World. Porter is the starting WR for the Oakland Raiders. He starred at West Virginia before being drafted by the Raiders in the second round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

You played your college ball at West Virginia. Do you still follow your alma mater?
Yes, West Virginia is my team and I follow them every year and watch them play every chance I get.

Growing up in Washington D.C., were you a Redskins fan?
No, but I am a Nationals and Wizards fan.

The Bay Area media such as the San Francisco Chronicle is known for taking cheap shots at the local teams and athletes
such as Barry Bonds.Do you think they have treated you fairly throughout your career here in Oakland?
No comment!!

Are you a Barry Bonds fan?
Yes Sir!

You are really into the newest wireless gadgets and
phones. What kind of phones do you have and what are your favorite wireless accessories and phones currently?
I have a Treo 755,
Iphone, Sidekick 3 D-Wade, and Nokia N95 on me right now.My homie Louis(Quick Communications of Alameda) is my hook up. I just got a Sidekick 4 from him last week.

Besides playing WR, you also were a free safety in college. Do you miss playing defense?
I also played quarterback at West Virginia. Yea, I would like to play on the other side as well.

Mr.Porter had to run but I will get him hopefully soon for Part 2.

Q&A with Arizona State RB Dimitri Nance

When Arizona State found out that starting RB Ryan Torrain was out for the year, the fans and media alike assumed the Sun Devils were in trouble. On Saturday night, Dimitri Nance showed the country that the running game will be just fine without Torrain as he and Keegan Herring shared running back duties. Nance ran for three TDs to help #4 Arizona State beat Cal 31-20. Nance was a star running back at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas before he came to ASU.

First of all, congratulations on the great game last night. It seemed that the O-line really opened up some holes for you and Herring. Tell us about the touchdown on 4th and 1.
Yea, the O-line blocked real well the whole game and that helped out a lot, but on that 4th and 1, my mindset was to just hit it downhill hard and fast, but the Cal defense did a good job of filling the gaps so I just kept my feet moving and found a way out.

I heard from the FSN broadcaster that you called ASU and recruited them instead of them recruiting you. Is that true? Why did you want to play for ASU?
ASU called my head coach in high school and told him that they wanted to give me an offer so I talked about it with him and my family and they said it was a great offer, and then a couple days later, we called them back and said I would take the offer but I didn't contact ASU first. I just wanted to come to a school that I could get early playing time and at the time, ASU needed some more running backs and I was told that Rudy Burgess was moving back to WR the next season.

Dennis Erickson was never a rah rah kind of coach for the 49ers and never displayed any emotions on the sidelines as he did last night when the clock was ticking down to the final seconds of the game. How do you like playing for him and has he ever showed so much emotion before in games?
It's great playing for Dennis Erickson. He has been in some great programs and you can tell he knows what he is doing so we just believe in what he says. I didn't get to see him jumping up and down during the game but I caught it on TV, and it was great to see him get that excited.I think that just pumps the rest of the team up.

Growing up, what players did you look up to?
I really don't watch sports on TV a whole bunch but growing up, the Cowboys game was always on in my house so I would have to say Emmitt Smith, but my favorites are also Walter Payton and Barry Sanders.

Thanks Dimitri and good luck the rest of the season.
Thanks also and for the fans, I'll keep trying to run hard for yall.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Interview with Ohio CB Julian Posey

Julian Posey is a starting cornerback for the Ohio Bobcats and helped his team to a 38-27 win over Bowling Green last Saturday night. He is a redshirt freshman from Cincinnati and a graduate of LaSalle High School. The speedy Posey has helped solidify the cornerback position for Ohio along with fellow corner, Mark Parson. Here is a interview with Posey right after Saturday's game.

Congratulations on the win. I think this is the biggest win of the year for you guys. Do you agree?
Thank you... and yes I have to agree because anytime you can get a conference win, it is a good thing. Anytime we can get it a win against Bowling Green, it's even better being that when we play Bowling Green,we usually struggle. I believe in the last 12 games against them, we were 1-11 against them and haven't won since 2000, so anytime we can beat BG, it is a big win.

Tell us about your interception in the first quarter from a pass by Bowling Green WR Freddie Barnes. It seemed like you ran into your teammate and still held on to the ball.
They ran a double reverse pass and I just stayed home like I'm supposed too. I thought they were just going to throw back across the field instead of throwing down field so I stayed looser to the line of scrimmage, but I saw a WR leak out almost unguarded and my instincts took over. I just ran toward him full speed and I saw the ball thrown. It hung up there a little bit and my teammate was able to catch up enough to dive and I just kept running and ran in between my teammate diving and the WR and was able to make a tough catch. The ball was batted around a lil bit and tipped to me as I was falling and I held on to it.

How important was it to get the first conference win of the year after three tough losses in the MAC?
It was really important. If we have any shot at going to a bowl game, we have to win the rest of our conference games and this win helped us get momentum in hopes of getting to a bowl.

Do you play on the special teams unit as well?
I do but I'm a back-up as they try and get guys that don't get as many snaps and I play typically 65 to 75 plays a game, but I definitely would like to and help my team out any way I can.

You were teammates with Tyler Sheehan(Bowling Green's starting quarterback) in high school. Did you get a chance to talk to him after the game?
Yea I did. I told him he played good and he said I played well also. I wished him good luck and gave him a hug and dapped him up and he said the same. He said "You know you didn't get that pick on me" and I told him I knew that but I almost got him when he threw the last bomb at the end of the game.

Thanks and good luck next week at home against Temple.
Thanks. We have a new attitude and momentum and hope to bring that momentum against Temple.

D Wizzle's Song of the Day

It's Sunday Soul Music with Jean Plum "Here I Go Again"

Saturday, October 27, 2007

How Good is Reggie Bush? Check out Video

This one is for all the 49ers fans out there. Let's see how he does this Sunday in San Francisco.

D Wizzle's Music Video of the Day

50 Cent "Position of Power"

NFL Week 8 Preview and PIcks

Browns vs Rams
The pitiful Rams are 0-6 and TE Randy McMichael has promised a victory for his team. Although the Browns have a good offense, their defense is not really good and gives up too many big plays. Steven Jackson will be back for the Rams.
Rams 31 Browns 30

Lions vs Bears
The Lions are just like the Browns as they have a good offense but a sorry defense. The Bears saved their season last week by beating the Eagles on the road. QB Brian Griese has filled in very nicely for Rex Grossman.
Bears 27 Lions 20

Colts vs Panthers
WR Marvin Harrison is out with an injury for the Colts. The Colts are playing another road game after their easy victory Monday night in Jacksonville. This is never easy for any team. They might be looking forward to their game next week against Tom Brady and friends as well. Carolina will start Vinny Testaverde behind center.
Colts 24 Panthers 10

Giants vs Dolphins
This game will be held in London. They can play this game in China or Africa also but the result will still be the same. Giants in a blowout.
Giants 38 Dolphins 20

Raiders vs Titans
The Raiders play the hobbled Vince Young this Sunday in Tennessee. The Titans will stop the rushing offense of the Raiders and make Daunte Culpepper beat them. He won't.
Titans 23 Raiders 13

Eagles vs Vikings
The Vikings will be starting QB Kelly Holcomb. Look for RB Adrian Petersen to get more carries this week than last week against Dallas. The Eagles need this win after losing to Chicago last week.
Eagles 20 Vikings 13

Steelers vs Bengals
The Steelers are trying to rebound after a loss last Sunday night to Denver. The Bengals are coming off a big win against the Jets. Steelers will run Willie Parker more than 25 times for the win today.
Steelers 31 Bengals 24

Bills vs Jets
Jets lost on the road to the Bills a few weeks ago when Trent Edwards was making his first start in the NFL. Jets will repay the Bills with a win today.
Jets 24 Bills 10

Texans vs Chargers
Texans are getting better but they still do not have the weapons to beat a good San Diego squad.
Chargers 27 Texans 17

Jaguars vs Bucs
This matchup of two teams in Florida will be a defensive battle. QB Quinn Gray steps in for the injured David Garrard for the Jags. He better show more than he did last week against the Colts. The Bucs have a good defense and this game might not have a touchdown.
Bucs 9 Jags 3

Saints vs 49ers
This is the biggest game of the year for both teams if they want to be considered playoff contenders. The Saints are trying to rebound from a 0-4 start to their season while the 49ers have lost their last four games. Alex Smith and Frank Gore should have good games as the Saints defense is not that good. They give up big plays and big passes. The Saints will lose as Reggie Bush will be contained and Drew Brees will throw at least one costly interception. Look for Vernon Davis and Gore to have breakout games.
49ers 27 Saints 23

Patriots vs Redskins
The Redskins do not have the offense to keep up with Tom Brady and Randy Moss. If they have to play catch-up, they will be in trouble. No Redskins WR has even got a TD this year. For the Redskins to win, they must play ball control and keep the ball away from Brady. That will mean a lot of long drives and big plays to TE Chris Cooley and RB Clinton Portis. Patriots will win as their WRs will gain separation from the Redskins secondary and make big plays.
Patriots 31 Redskins 17

Packers vs Broncos
Is this the last Monday night game ever for Brett Favre? It seems like we say that every single season. Packers won't win as the Broncos gained a lot of momentum from last week's win vs Pittsburgh. Jay Cutler must be careful with the ball and avoid Charles Woodson and Al Harris.
Broncos 20 Packers 17

Friday, October 26, 2007

D Wizzle's Music Video of the Day

SLO-O From San Francisco "I Can Show You"

Five Minutes With Rapper J-Hood

J-Hood is the pride of Yonkers, New York and has been killin it on mixtapes for years. After six years with D-Block, 23-year-old J-Hood recently left to pursue other business ventures. Although he still got love for the members of D-Block, business is business and J-Hood had to look out for himself and find new business deals. He was with D-Block Records for six years and never released an album. There have been rumors circulating that he would sign with G-Unit and 50 Cent but J-Hood is looking at all options right now. While fans must continue to wait for an album, they can look out for his new mixtape "The Rebirth."

You have a new song and video dissing Mims. Why is that?
I just don't like how he misrepresented New York coming with a hit song imitating a Southern artist. It's really nothing more than that.

What will your album be called?
$orry They Made You Wait
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Who are your favorite sports teams and players?
The Nuggets and the Bulls. Carmelo Anthony, that's my dude and Allen Iverson. Ben Gordon, that's also my dude.
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Is there anyone else in New York killin it besides you right now?
Yes, I'm feelin' Uncle Murda, Stack Bundles.. Rest In Peace, Joel Ortiz, as well as my ODG team and a couple other cats.

What does ODG stand for?
ODG is my new movement that I started. It stands for On Da Grind.
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I'm from the Bay Area and everyone is into the hyphy movement. What do you think of hyphy music?
I respect every type of music whether it's tribal or rap.

Thanks for the interview. The streets is waiting for your new mixtapes and albums.
Thanks for the interview. All the fans should be expecting the unexpected. Thanks for sticking by me.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Boston College Vs Virginia Tech Preview

The Virginia Tech Hokies will be looking for revenge as they face #2 ranked Boston College tonight in Blacksburg. Starting QB Tyrod Taylor could be out with an ankle injury, and Sean Glennon might get the start for the Hokies. Taylor is the scrambler and Glennon is more of a passer. Although Glennon played very well two weeks ago against Duke, he is very inconsistent and prone to making mistakes. The Hokies have a very good group of receivers but it doesn't matter because Glennon and Taylor are very inaccurate passers.

Playing behind a beleaguered offensive line does not help Glennon either. Boston College has playmakers on defense such as CB DeJuan Tribble who will be a first round draft pick in next year's NFL draft. Along with Tribble, the Eagles have star tackle Ron Brace who clogs the middle and LBs Jolonn Dunbar and Tyronne Pruitt. These players are the reason why the Eagles have the best run defense in the country. RB Brandon Ore will have a tough time getting big yards tonight.

The Eagles have the clear advantage when it comes to the quarterbacks as Matt Ryan could be the best passer in the country and a high draft pick in April. Ryan is a leader and a winner who makes great decisions and throws accurate passes to his WRs, Kevin Challenger and Brandon Robinson. The offensive line is very good and does not allow many sacks but G Ryan Poles is out for the game. His replacement is junior Ty Hall. The running game is headed by Andre Callender and L.V. Whitworth. It will be imperative for the Eagles to get their running game going in order for Ryan to set up his play-action passes.

Tribble may be the best corner in the ACC but Brandon Flowers is not very far behind him. Along with Flowers, the Hokies have good players in LB Xavier Adibi and FS D.J. Parker. LB Vince Hall is a key cog in the linebacking corps but he is out for tonight. The front four is very solid and led by the speedy Chris Ellis and tackle Carlton Powell.

Special teams play could decide this game and the Hokies clearly have the advantage in this catagory. K Jud Dunlevy is solid and has shown very good range while the Eagles' Steve Aponavicius is inconsistent and has missed a few extra points this season. Punt returner Eddie Royal is the one to watch for the Hokies as he might break one for a touchdown tonight.

Although this game is at Blacksburg and the Eagles will be facing a motivated Hokies squad and their hostile fans, the Eagles will pull out the upset and win. They will be led by their star quarterback and their underrated defense. Look for Tribble to get at least one interception tonight. As long as the Eagles limit their turnovers and do not make mistakes on special teams, they will win.
Boston College 23 Virginia Tech 13

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chinese Disabled People Performance Videos

Here are exclusive videos of disabled perfomers from China singing, dancing, and performing. For more information on these performers and the show, check out Some of the performers are blind, deaf, or handicapped and there is one performer with no arms. These performers are all very inspirational and talented.

D Wizzle's NFL Week 7 Awards

NFC West Player of the Week: Seattle WR Nate Burleson
Burleson had a 91-yard kickoff return to help the Seahawks break open their game against the Rams.

NFC North Player of the Week: Bears QB Brien Griese
Griese rallied the Bears to a 19-16 comeback win over the Eagles and was 27-41 for 322 yards with one TD.

NFC East Player of the Week: Cowboys DL Chris Canty
Canty, a 6'7 lineman, blocked a 48-yard FG from Ryan Longwell and Pat Watkins scooped up the ball for the TD to help Dallas rally past the Vikings 24-14.

NFC South Player of the Week: Saints RB Reggie Bush
Bush led the Saints to the win over the Falcons with a TD and also converted on the two point conversion.

AFC West Player of the Week: Broncos QB Jay Cutler
Cutler threw 3 TDs and was 22-29 passing to help the Broncos upset the Steelers 31-28.

AFC North Player of the Week: Bengals RB Kenny Watson
3 TDs and 130 yards for Watson as the Bengals beat the Jets 38-31. Watson was only starting because Rudi Johnson is injured.

AFC South Player of the Week: Titans K Rob Bironas
Bironas kicked a NFL-record 8 FGs to help the Titans beat the Texans 38-36.

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots QB Tom Brady
His 6 TDS help the Patriots defeat the Dolphins 49-28

NFL Goat of the Week: 49ers QB Trent Dilfer
Dilfer threw 2 picks and had a fumble that was returned for a TD to help the Giants beat his 49ers 33-15.

Upset of the Week: Chicago 19 Eagles 16
Everyone assumed the Bears were dead but they showed a lot of poise in coming back from a fourth quarter deficit to defeat the Eagles.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

49ers Lose Big to New York 33-15

The San Francisco 49ers got destroyed by the New York Giants 33-15 today and their record now stands at 2-4. Even though the 49ers were coming off a bye week, their offense continued to struggle with Trent Dilfer at the helm. The Giants had the disadvantage of coming off a Monday night game in Atlanta but still won after a short week. There were many lowlights for the 49ers and not many highlights. The two highlights of the day were the blocked punt by FB Moran Norris which went for a safety, and the excellent punts from team MVP, Andy Lee.

There are more questions than answers once again after another terrible defeat. Who is to blame? Does it start at the top with Mike Nolan or is it the players' fault? Is the offensive line to blame or the quarterback? Offensive coordinator Jim Hostler once again called the plays but this time he was calling them from the coaches' booth. It does not matter if he is calling plays from the sidelines or the booth because the offense continues to be stagnant. Here is an idea. How about he call plays from his living room couch next week against the Saints? Things truly cannot get worst with this team.

The 49ers Faithful are calling for the head of Nolan. He is in over his head as head coach of this once proud franchise. The good news is that the 49ers are still in the playful hunt in the NFC. No team has distinguished themselves in their division and the winner of the NFC West might have an 8-8 record or worst. Next week's game against the Saints is a must win for both teams if they are serious about being a playoff contender.

Alex Smith is still injured and questionable for next week's game. This team has no chance with Dilfer behind center due to his lack of mobility and arm strength. Jonas Jennings played poorly once again at left tackle and it is time to bench him and start Adam Snyder. Larry Allen seems to be on his last legs as well and probably is wondering why he did not retire before the season started. The whole team is in a mess and Nolan better right this ship soon or you can expect to hear many boos next Sunday afternoon at Monster Park

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tila Tequila Show is Horrific

Who is Tila Tequila? Why is she "famous"? I have no idea how a short Asian girl from Texas with absolutely no talent can become an overnight Internet and MTV celebrity. What is she actually famous for you might ask? Tequila aka Tila Nguyen is famous for having a lot of Myspace friends on her profile. How is that a talent? I sure as hell know she is no friend of D Wizzle's.

Watching her new reality dating show on MTV almost made me long for the days when MTV had shows like Remote Control and Club MTV with Downtown Julie Brown. MTV is probably one of the worst channels for the youth of America to watch but Tila's show, entitled "A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila", takes the cake for being the most disturbing show I have ever seen on cable television. Wait, I take that statement back after recalling some nasty show with fat women doing unimaginable things on a community access channel a few years ago but Tila's show still is quite disturbing.

On this new show, Tila brings in 16 men and 16 women into her mansion and reveals to them that she is bisexual and is looking for a partner to fall in love with. The 16 lesbians do not want anything to do with the 16 men while some of the men are excited about having to live with the women. Some of the lesbians said they plan to use their womanly ways to manipulate the men and then kick them off the show. I assume there is a good chance of that happening during the next few episodes due to the IQ of these men.

Tila is a short Vietnamese girl with fake boobs and an ugly face. Sorry Tila Tequila fans, but she is not cute at all. You can probably guess that her fans come from cities and towns with not a lot of Asian women such as places in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Arkansas. If you really want to see some pretty Asian women, I suggest you visit San Jose, California where you can see hot Vietnamese women walking around just about everywhere you go. Her show is popular with people with an Asian fetish and maybe lesbians.

The lesbians on the show are mostly pretty lipstick lesbians but there are some women who look like men with short haircuts and male facial features. The guys on the show are all cocky and egotistical. One guy with a female name, Ashley, gets in a fight with a skinny black guy on the first episode. Ashley is from West Virginia and is a elementary school teacher. I really am scared and frightened for all the kids and parents in West Virginia if they allow people like Ashley to give young kids an education. Tila gets angry about the fight and one of the women takes Tila to a private area to console Tila and they end up kissing. I can barely stomach watching the entire episode but fortunately or unfortunately, I have seen the first full episode thanks to MTV reairing it hour after hour and day after day just in case I missed any parts.

What do other people think of Tila? Jae Park, a young teenager from San Francisco, thinks that Tila has no talent and needs to disappear from public view. Park says "I hate Tila and everything that she represents. She needs to shut up and just disappear. How could MTV give her aa show? She is nothing but a no talent whore."Karen, 22, from Iowa City, says that "Tila Tequila is a joke. She's riding on the coattails of a failing social networking website." Tila is probably riding on the coattails of a failing music network too probably if they keep on putting out shows like "A Shot of Love." Truth be told, I would rather be shot than have to sit through another tasteless and disgusting episode of Tila's show.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

UFC 77 Preview

Alan Belcher vs Kalib Starnes
These two middleweight contenders will be battling this Saturday and what they both have in common is that Yushin Okami has defeated both of them. Belcher is a big middleweight with good kickboxing experience. He is a young fighter at 23. Starnes had trouble against the bigger Okami and could be in trouble again against the bigger Belcher. Starnes has been training hard on his boxing with Howard Davis Jr. out of Florida for this fight.

Josh Burkman vs Forrest Petz
Burkman is coming off a loss to Karo Parysian. This is Petz's biggest fight in his young UFC career. Petz wants to stay away from Burkman's slams.

Eric Schafer vs Stephen Bonner
Schafer has had 10 months to get better after recovering from a broken rib. These fighters know each other very well. Schafer wants to get this fight to the ground while Bonner is comfortable on both the ground and the feet.

Ryan Jensen vs Demian Maia
Jensen is fighting out of Team Quest from Oregon. Maia is a BJJ expert from Brazil. Jensen is coming off a loss to Thiago Leites. Jensen is a stand up fighter while Maia will want to take this fight to the ground.

Jason Black vs Matt Grice
Veteran Jason Black faces the young Matt Grice on Saturday. Both of these fighters want to take it to the ground as they both have wrestling backgrounds.

Alvin Robinson vs Jorge Gurgel
Gurgel is excited to fight in front of all friends and family when he takes on Alvin Robinson. Robinson was last seen losing to Kenny Florian a few months ago. Both fighters expect to push the pace and this could make for an exciting fight. Both of these fighters have a BJJ background but also like to stay on their feet as well.

Jason McDonald vs Yushin Okami
Whoever wins this fight could be in line for a title shot. McDonald has been training with bigger guys to prepare for Okami. Okami is one of the bigger middleweights in the UFC. McDonald plans on taking it to Okami by being aggressive and staying in Okami's face. Okami is still smarting after his decision loss to Rich Franklin and wants to ground and pound McDonald. Okami needs to watch out for McDonald's chokes.

Tim Sylvia vs Brandon Vera
This will be Vera's toughest challenge to date as he faces the 6'8 monster Tim Sylvia. Sylvia thinks he is too big for Vera and he could be right. Vera has not fought in 11 months and could have some cage rust. The winner will probably get a title shot against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira next year. If Vera loses, his critics will say he is too small to be a heavyweight.

Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva
This is a rematch from their previous fight where Silva dominated Franklin and won by TKO. Franklin will have to do better in defending the muay thai clinch. Franklin has the home cage advantage as Silva will be in hostile territory in Cincinnati. Franklin is the underdog and will probably mount more offense than his last fight with Silva, but the champion will probably still find a way to retain his title.

USF Vs Rutgers Preview

This is one of the biggest Big East games this year as the South Florida Bulls face the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. A lot of the "experts" are calling for a Rutgers upset victory at home. We know the home crowd will be loud tonight and rooting for the upset but I expect a big USF victory.

For Rutgers to win, they must not have many turnovers on offense against the quick and physical Bulls defense headed by DE George Selvie and LB Ben Moffitt. QB Mike Teel of Rutgers is prone to making bad passes that lead to interceptions and he will be going against two of the best cornerbacks in the Big East in Trae Williams and Mike Jenkins. Williams and Jenkins will matchup against WRs Tiquan Underwood and Kenny Britt. Watch out for speedster WR Tim Brown who will be covered by CB Jerome Murphy. Of course, RB Ray Rice will get many carries tonight but he will be going against a stout run defense. Rice had 202 yards last year against the Bulls but he will not reach that mark tonight. The Scarlet Knights have a great offensive line which averages 280 pounds and true freshman Anthony Davis is a future star. The matchup of Selvie vs LT Pedro Sosa will be key as Selvie leads the country in sacks with 11 1/2. Sosa is a good tackle but he won't be able to handle the speed of Selvie. Backup QB Jabu Lovelace comes in for a few plays a game behind center. When Lovelace is in the game, he plays like Florida's Tim Tebow and just runs the football straight up the middle.

The Bulls ran up 64 points against Central Florida last week. Their offense is led by sophomore QB Matt Grothe. Grothe is not as accurate as Bulls fans would like but he seems to always get the job done. He can run and scramble to get out of trouble which could cause the Rutgers defense fits. USF has a good running attack and they play three backs in Benjamin Williams, Mike Ford, and Jamar Pressley. Rutgers has good corners in twins Jason and Devin McCourty but they will have trouble against the physical Amarri Jackson and Taurus Johnson. The weakness of the Bulls receivers are that they sometimes drop easy passes due to a lack of concentration.

Special teams advantage goes to Rutgers as K Delbert Alvarado of the Bulls is inconsistent and has missed many field goals this year. His longest FG is only 40 yards this season. Jeremy Ito doubles as the kicker and punter for Rutgers and is a solid veteran. If the game comes down to a field goal, give Rutgers the advantage.

D Wizzle's prediction is USF 31 Rutgers 23
This is a even matchup across the boards but USF has the better QB and better defense. USF must contain Ray Rice and make Teel throw against the best cornerback tandem in college football. Look for at least two interceptions by Teel tonight. Rutgers on defense will have trouble with the mobility of Grothe. The advantage for Rutgers is they are at home and USF has to travel and play in a short week. Coach Jim Leavitt will have his team focused and ready to make a statement to the nation tonight .

Raiders WR Jerry Porter Interview Will Be Up Soon

A short Q&A with Raiders starting WR Jerry Porter will be up in a few days most likely.

There will be more interviews and updates on this site also.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hottie of the Week Ms. Poker Chick Jena

D Wizzle's World HOW(Hottie of the Week) is Jena aka Ms.Poker Chick Pennsylvania. I have been trying to get this blonde hottie on here for quite awhile now and finally got a hold of her recently. Besides poker, Jena also loves football and her Pittsburgh Steelers.
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How did you get into modeling and how long have you been a model?
I started as a teen. I have done little local pageants and swim wear competitions... a couple runway shows in my late teens and early 20's... so a couple of good years invested in my career.
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What are some of the websites and magazines that you are currently featured in?,,
and I am working on calendars and magazines in colloboration with and all of the other girls featured on the site.
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Being Ms.Poker Chick, do you know how to play poker and are you good?
I do now... I just started a couple months ago and as for your question of my playing level...I guess everyone will have to sit at my table and play me sometime!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
You are a sports fan. What are your favorite teams?
Here we go Steelers.... living in Pittsburgh, how can you not be a Steelers fan?
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What is there to do in Pittsburgh?
Watch sports, watch sports, go to a bar, and watch sports...oh and the club scene is extremely hot here in Da Burgh.

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What kind of guys do you like?
I like most everybody guys, and girls... just don't do me wrong and you have a real friend for life. There is but one man for me in my life,my love Jay!
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Do you have any advice for girls who are interested in getting into modeling?
Don't be naive!!! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Research & check for references and NEVER under any circumstances give your personal information out to anybody unless you have already established that your contact is legit!

Who is your favorite Steeler and why?
# 7 Ben Roethlisberger, the youngest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl... yeah this boy can play the game. You know I have to show love to the whole team because that's who wins the game at the end of the day.I love all my boys!
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What do you think so far of the new coach, Mike Tomlin?
Amazing. I think his coaching technique puts the right twist on things. He is definately the right fit for the Pittsburgh Steelers! Welcome Mike Tomlin!!!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
What spare time?

Thanks Jena. Do you have any final words for everyone reading this?
Just be true to who you are and remember everybody has something that they don't like about themselves, but if we were all perfect, then how boring would this life be? Live, laugh, love and learn... This is what I live by!

D Wizzle's NFL Week 6 Awards

D Wizzle's NFL Week 6 Awards
NFC West Player of the Week: Seattle WR Bobby Engram
Engram had 9 catches for 120 yards in the defeat to the Saints. All the NFC West teams that played on Sunday lost.

NFC North Player of the Week: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
20 carries for 224 yards and a star is born. Everyone who saw him play at Oklahoma knew he would be a great runner in the NFL.

NFC East Player of the Week: Giants WR Plaxico Burress
6 catches for 97 yards and a TD as the Giants destroy the Falcons on Monday night.

NFC South Player of the Week: Saints QB Drew Brees
Brees went 25-36 for 246 yards and 2 TDs to help the Saints win their first game of the season

AFC West Player of the Week: Chargers RB LaDainian Tomlinson
LT goes for 198 yards rushing and 4 TDs to help the Chargers beat the Raiders.

AFC North Player of the Week: Browns WR Braylon Edwards
3 TDs for Edwards as he is finally showing why he was such a hot prospect coming out of Michigan and a top draft pick

AFC South Player of the Week: Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew
His 2 TDS help the Jaguars beat the Texans

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots QB Tom Brady
His 5 TDS help the Patriots defeat the Cowboys 48-27

NFL Goat of the Week: Redskins WR Santana Moss
Moss was so bad that he took himself out of the game after costing his team the game when he fumbled on a reverse which led to a Charles Woodson TD. He also dropped many passes.

Upset of the Week: Vikings 34 Bears 31
Bears are in trouble after losing at home to the Vikings and giving up 34 points on defense.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NFL Week 6 Preview and Picks

Texans vs Jaguars
The Jaguars could be looking ahead to their game against the Colts next week. Andre Johnson will be out again for Houston. Jacksonville's defense will be too stout.
Jaguars 20 Texans 10

Patriots vs Cowboys
Cowboys will lose this one as the Patriots and Randy Moss will be too strong offensively. Tony Romo won't be able to mount a comeback this week.
Patriots 38 Cowboys 17

Eagles vs Jets
Jets might play Kellen Clemens if Chad Pennington struggles again with interceptions. Brian Westbrook will be back for the Eagles. The Eagles are 8-0 after bye weeks under Andy Reid. Make it 9-0.
Eagles 27 Jets 20

Redskins vs Packers
Jason Campbell is coming into his own as a starting QB in the NFL. Redskins will pull the upset as they have a strong defense and a good running game. Look for Brett Favre to throw an interception or two.
Redskins 23 Packers 17

Rams vs Ravens
This game might make you fall asleep if you are a fan of offense. This will be a low-scoring affair. Rams have so many injuries on their offense.
Ravens 17 Rams 3

Vikings vs Bears
Tarvaris Jackson will be back for the Vikings but it won't matter. The Bears are at home and will win.
Bears 24 Vikings 13

Dolphins vs Browns
Cleo Lemon will start for Miami. Jamal Lewis is out for the Browns. Browns will win by running the ball with Jason Wright.
Browns 20 Dolphins 17

Bengals vs Chiefs
The Bengals will win even though their defense is terrible. They have the better quarterback and wide receivers.
Bengals 27 Chiefs 20

Titans vs Bucs
The Titans will pull off the upset as Vince Young leads the team to a road victory. The Titans have a good defense and the Bucs are banged up on offense.
Titans 17 Titans 16

Panthers vs Cardinals
Vinny Testaverde could be starting for Carolina. They must rely on their defense for them to win this one. Cardinals will win at home.
Cardinals 20 Panthers 7

Saints vs Seahawks
The Saints are 0-4 and their receivers keep dropping balls. Seahawks were held without a point last week against Pittsburgh.
Seattle 27 Saints 24

Giants vs Falcons
The Giants have too many weapons on offense for Atlanta. Atlanta really misses Michael Vick.
Giants 24 Falcons 17

Raiders vs Chargers
Chargers will win this one but the game could be close. The Raiders will run a lot and try to keep the Chargers offense off the field.
Chargers 24 Raiders 20

D Wizzle's NFL Starting QB Rankings

1) Tom Brady, Patriots - the quarterback you want behind center in a big game
2) Peyton Manning, Colts - knows how to exploit weaknesses of a defense and confuse defenses with audibles
3)Carson Palmer, Bengals - has a strong arm and great weapons such as Chad Johnson to throw to
4)Matt Hasselback, Seahawks - a good leader and very accurate passer
5) Tony Romo, Cowboys - second year starter coming into his own as a passer with good mobility
6) Brett Favre, Packers - veteran qb can make all the throws and is cutting down on his interceptions this year
7) Matt Schaub, Texans - one of the better young qbs in the league and has great pocket presence
8) Donovan McNabb, Eagles - coming off an injury but playing well despite a lack of WR depth
9)Marc Bulger, Rams - Very accurate passer and also very tough
10) Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers - rebounding from a poor season last year
11) Jason Campbell, Redskins - impressive second-year starter will continue to improve
12) Eli Manning, Giants - Still makes a lot of mistakes and will never be as good as his brother but the kid is still talented
13) Philip Rivers, Chargers - has LT to help out but has shown toughness and ability to win big games on the road
14) Vince Young, Titans - still will make the bad interception but his scrambling and leadership leads his teams to wins
15) Jay Cutler, Broncos - One of the best arms in the league and could be better than Alex Smith and Matt Leinart who were both chosen before him in the draft
16) Daunte Culpepper , Raiders - a leader and a proven winner
17) Drew Brees, Saints - not having a good year but his WRs have not helped either with dropped balls
18) Jeff Garcia, Bucs - a good leader who won't make too many mistakes and runs the West Coast offense very well
19) Jon Kitna, Lions - playing under the tutelage of Mike Martz helps along with WRs like Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson
20) Steve McNair, Ravens - injuries have hurt him but he runs the offense well although his scrambling days are practically over
21) Kurt Warner, Cardinals - veteran still can make all the passes when he has time in the pocket
22) David Garrard, Jaguars - big qb has two great rbs behind him and manages the game well
23) Alex Smith, 49ers - has a good arm and good scrambling ability but needs more playmakers and a better O-line to protect him
24) Derek Anderson, Browns - has many playmakers to throw to including Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr.
25) Trent Edwards, Bills - has potential to be a good QB
26) Chad Pennington, Jets - needs to improve or he will lose his job to Kellen Clemons
27) Brian Griese, Bears - takes over for Rex Grossman and will help the team cut down on their offensive mistakes and interceptions
28) Damon Huard, Chiefs - good backup but not a good starter
29) Joey Harrington, Falcons - makes too many mistakes and throws too many interceptions for a veteran
30) Tarvaris Jackson, Vikings - very inaccurate and young but might improve in a few seasons

Friday, October 12, 2007

Nude pictures of Kimberly Bell in Playboy

Due to popular demand, here are the pictures of that woman who tried to ruin Barry Bonds but failed. The link is below.

And if u want to see Barry Bonds smash #756 and his celebration along with "Barry Bonds Day" footage in San Francisco, check out my vids below.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nightmare Continues For the 49ers

The 49ers will enter the bye week with a 2-3 record after their 9-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon. Their offense once again did a whole lot of nothing. Trent Dilfer was not mobile enough to escape the Ravens linemen and linebackers and Frank Gore had no holes to run through. The Ravens offense was just as bad but they did enough to win the game. The MVP for the 49ers has to be the punter, Andy Lee, who is getting a lot of work each game.

The 49ers Faithful are calling for Jim Hostler to be fired, but there is no logical replacement if he was replaced by Mike Nolan. Hostler has done a terrible job of play-calling but firing him in midseason is not the answer. Former 49ers offensive coordinator Marc Trestman was vilified by fans but Hostler could be worst. The 49ers should have put in Shaun Hill right after halftime because Dilfer has shown everyone that he is over the hill. Dilfer is good as a mentor to Alex Smith but he absolutely has nothing left as far as being a starting quarterback in the NFL. By the way, Smith threw passes before the game and that is a good sign.

Season ticket holder are getting angry and booing each time Hostler calls for a run. They pay a lot of money for their seats and are watching a boring and unimaginative offense which makes the games boring. This is an unfortunate situation since the 49ers had plans to make the playoffs this season and big things were expected of them. The defense has been holding up their end but there is only so much they can do.

With the bye week coming this week, the 49ers hopefully will have Smith back when they visit the explosive Giants on October 21. There is no way they can win if they keep on scoring under double digits each game. My suggestion for the 49ers would be to trade for Matt Jones of the Jaguars. He might not be the answer but it would give Smith another target in the passing game. Does anyone miss Antonio Bryant and Cedrick Wilson? There does not seem to be a quick-fix solution for the offensive woes but the good news is the team won't have a game next week. I suggest all the loyal fans spend their Sunday doing something more fun than watching another pathetic performance by their team.

NFL Week 5 Preview and Picks

Saints vs Panthers
Saints will get their first one of the year and get out of their offensive funk. David Carr will be starting for Carolina and he does not have the same chemistry with Steve Smith as Jake Delhomme does.
Saints 23 Panthers 13

Jaguars vs Chiefs
It is never easy to win in Arrowhead and the Chiefs have momentum on their side after their upset over the Chargers last week. The Jaguars are coming off a bye week. Dennis Northcutt is their primary receiver which tells me this is not a potent offense. This game will be low-scoring.
Chiefs 16 Jaguars 13

Lions vs Redskins
The Lions have never won in Washington. They won't win today. Redskins will be led by Clinton Portis.
Redskins 24 Lions 20

Falcons vs Titans
Titans in a blowout here. The Titans have a great defense and will harass Joey Harrington all day.
Titans 23 Falcons 10

Dolphins vs Texans
Dolphins are 0-4 and I don't see them winning today on the road. Matt Schaub is one of the better quarterbacks in the league already.
Texans 24 Dolphins 16

Seahawks vs Steelers
This is a good game to watch. Steelers are coming off a loss at Arizona while the Seahawks are riding high after a big win at San Francisco. I will go with the upset here and take Seattle.
Seattle 24 Pittsburgh 20

Browns vs Patriots
Patriots will roll in this one and Randy Moss will be the AFC East Player of the Week for the fifth week in a row.
Patriots 38 Browns 17

Cardinals vs Rams
Rams have too many injuries and key losses on the offense.
Cardinals 24 Rams 13

Jets vs Giants
Giants in a blowout. The Jets have too many injuries on defense.
Giants 37 Jets 14

Bucs vs Colts
Bucs have a great defense and Jeff Garcia manages the West Coast Offense perfectly for Jon Gruden. Colts are going to win this one though.
Colts 24 Bucs 17

Chargers vs Broncos
Denver has the coaching advantage here but the Chargers have the best running back on the field today.
Chargers 31 Broncos 24

Ravens vs 49ers
Baltimore and San Francisco are both coming off bad losses and have injuries to deal with. The 49ers don't have their starting quarterback, left tackle, and tight end. They have a bad coaching staff and the worst offense in the league.
Baltimore 23 49ers 17

Bears vs Packers
Packers win and Brett Favre proves he is not over the hill once again.
Packers 27 Bears 17

Cowboys vs Bills
The Bills have no offense and a bad defense. They do get great special teams play though. The Cowboys are rolling and you know Terrell Owens and Tony Romo want to make a statement on Monday night.
Cowboys 38 Bills 17

Friday, October 5, 2007

Ode to Kimberly Bell

Kimberly Bell is the former mistress of Barry Bonds. She is currently in Playboy Magazine spewing lies about Barry. She alleges that Barry used Viagra and steroids.
Damn girl, u must be outta your mind
Thinkin you're hot but u passed your prime
Your face is hurt and your body isn't hot
Think u can get to Barry, I think not
You're not hot in your 40s just like u weren't at 18
So why are u even in Playboy magazine?
Yea I'm talkin to u, Kimberly Bell
Talk so much shit, u can go to hell
U can't stop Barry, he ain't goin to jail
All your schemes will surely fail
Miss Bell, I don't mean to be rude
But no one wants to see u nude
You're a older woman but you're no cougar
And u can't prove Bonds did roids like Lex Lugar
Please give it up, your jealousy makes us sick
Barry's not guilty, the charges won't ever stick
You were a mistress and nothing more
So don't get mad when the fans label u a whore
And don't get mad when you're called a bitch or a hoe
Because that's the same way they feel about Marc Ecko

Freddie Falcon Mascot Smashes Cake on Cheerleader Video

Freddie Falcon has fun with a cheerleader. Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

D Wizzle's NFL Week 4 Awards

D Wizzle's NFL Week 4 Awards

NFC West Player of the Week: Arizona DL Darnell Dockett
Dockett had 3 sacks on Big Ben as the Cardinals upset the Steelers 21-14.

NF North Player of the Week: Packers QB Brett Favre
Favre threw for 344 yards and 2 TDs as the Packers beat the Vikings 23-16.

NFC East Player of the Week: Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton
7 catches for 184 yards and 2 TDs to help the Cowboys destroy the Rams 35-7

NFC South Player of the Week: Falcons WR Michael Jenkins
2 TDs and 6 catches for 64 yards as the Falcons upset the Texans at home 26-16

AFC West Player of the Week: Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe
The rookie from LSU caught 8 balls for 164 yards and a TD to help upset the Chargers

AFC North Player of the Week: Browns QB Derek Anderson
Anderson was steady going 10-18 with 2 TDs to help the Browns upset the Ravens at home.

AFC South Player of the Week: Colts QB Peyton Manning
His 3 TDS help the Colts beat Denver.

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots WR Randy Moss
Moss had 9 catches for 102 yards with 2 TDs. Moss is the winner of this award for the 4th straight week in a row.

NFL Goat of the Week: Chargers Coach Norval Turner
San Diego might go 1-4 as they visit the Broncos on Sunday.

Upset of the Week: Chiefs 30 Chargers 16

Chiefs come back from a ten point deficit at halftime to win.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Exclusive Strikeforce Playboy Mansion Pictures

Andrei Arlovski
Exclusive  pictures from D Wizzle's World. The pictures are from the Strikeforce Playboy Mansion Show that was held on September 29. 

Nam Pham
K Dub
Anthony Figuroa

Babalu and Jaime Pressley

Jake Shields
Josh Barnett

Dinner Menu

Monday, October 1, 2007