Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nightmare Continues For the 49ers

The 49ers will enter the bye week with a 2-3 record after their 9-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens this afternoon. Their offense once again did a whole lot of nothing. Trent Dilfer was not mobile enough to escape the Ravens linemen and linebackers and Frank Gore had no holes to run through. The Ravens offense was just as bad but they did enough to win the game. The MVP for the 49ers has to be the punter, Andy Lee, who is getting a lot of work each game.

The 49ers Faithful are calling for Jim Hostler to be fired, but there is no logical replacement if he was replaced by Mike Nolan. Hostler has done a terrible job of play-calling but firing him in midseason is not the answer. Former 49ers offensive coordinator Marc Trestman was vilified by fans but Hostler could be worst. The 49ers should have put in Shaun Hill right after halftime because Dilfer has shown everyone that he is over the hill. Dilfer is good as a mentor to Alex Smith but he absolutely has nothing left as far as being a starting quarterback in the NFL. By the way, Smith threw passes before the game and that is a good sign.

Season ticket holder are getting angry and booing each time Hostler calls for a run. They pay a lot of money for their seats and are watching a boring and unimaginative offense which makes the games boring. This is an unfortunate situation since the 49ers had plans to make the playoffs this season and big things were expected of them. The defense has been holding up their end but there is only so much they can do.

With the bye week coming this week, the 49ers hopefully will have Smith back when they visit the explosive Giants on October 21. There is no way they can win if they keep on scoring under double digits each game. My suggestion for the 49ers would be to trade for Matt Jones of the Jaguars. He might not be the answer but it would give Smith another target in the passing game. Does anyone miss Antonio Bryant and Cedrick Wilson? There does not seem to be a quick-fix solution for the offensive woes but the good news is the team won't have a game next week. I suggest all the loyal fans spend their Sunday doing something more fun than watching another pathetic performance by their team.

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