Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Interview with Oakland Raiders WR Alvis Whitted

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The NFL season is quickly upon us and the first game of the season goes off on September 6 when the Saints visit Peyton Manning and the Colts at the RCA Dome. Here is an interview with veteran WR for the Oakland Raiders, Alvis Whitted. Whitted is a deep threat and defenses must account for him every time he is on the field. Last year, Whitted started 13 games and had 27 catches for 299 yards. In this interview, Alvis talks about who he thinks should be the starting quarterback for the Raiders and which team he is looking forward to playing most on the schedule.

Who is the toughest corner you have faced in the pros?

Champ Bailey

How do you like the new offense under Coach Kiffen?

The new offense is great! I am very excited about it and it is great to have the West Coast Offense here.

Who do you think should be the starting QB for the team?

Definitely Daunte. He has looked great and he has been a starter his whole career and is a proven winner.

Do you still follow the football team at your alma mater, N.C. State, and what do you think of the new coach, Tom O' Brien?

Yes, I really like Tom O' Brien. I dislocated my shoulder and was rehabbing my shoulder in the summertime over there. I spent a lot of time with him and he just sent me a bunch of hats and t-shirts.

Which game on the schedule are you looking forward to the most this season?

The Chargers!

What do you like to do when you are not playing football?

I like to play video games on my Xbox 360 and ride my motorcycle.

What kind of motorcycle do you have?

I have a CBR 1000.

I heard that you had a near death experience when you were a young child. Tell us about that.

Actually I had two. When I was 5, I swallowed a bunch of pennies and started to choke really bad. The second incident was when I tried to connect two plugs together that were connected on a wall, but I couldn't so I decided to bite the plug into my mouth and got shocked.

Wow, that is crazy! Thanks for the interview and good luck this season!

Thanks, this was fun.

Interview withAlvis Whitted, Oakland Raiders WR will be up later

Whitted Interview will be up later this afternoon. He talks about who is the toughest cornerback he has faced and who he thinks should be the starting quarterback for the Raiders.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Some people have asked me to update the Interviews. Here they are

Ali Sonoma. UFC Ring Girl

KNBR's Damon Bruce

Hottie of Week Ashley Marie

Hottie of the Week Ashlie Lyn

Anjelah Johnson

Boston College Cornerback DeJuan Tribble

Rapper Jin

LSU Defensive Tackle Marlon Favorite

Knoxx Gear's Damon Gee

Update on Haters and New Hottie of the Week and More

D Wizzle is back and today I will address the haters who have been sending me messages to me. First off, I am not your father's journalist. This is journalism at its best right here. I get messages from old and grumpy men who don't like the way I write or don't like my videos or pictures. If you don't like it, there is no need for you to continue to come to this website just to criticize. They call me a "punk kid" and other idiotic comments. I brush off these comments like Oral-B. Keep bringing the hate because I know success breeds jealousy and contempt.

There was no Hottie of the Week (HOW) last week so this week I will try to have at least 2 HOWs. Look out for that later this week!! In the meantime, check out the Barry Bonds Day pictures and videos and more.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pictures from the Barry Bonds Day Event-more to come

Video Footage and Pictures from Barry Bonds Day in SF

D Wizzle's World will have video speech footage up in a few days (PART ONE IS UP) but here is what I have for now along with post celebration footage.




UFC 74 Preview and Predictions

Tonight is UFC 74 "Respect" at the Mandelay Bay in Las Vegas. UFC 73 was called "Stacked" but the card did not live up to its title as the co-main events were both boring and slow. I believe tonight's card is much more stacked than last month's show in Sacramento. Tonight's undercard should be just as good as the live card on pay per view. Unless the main event ends quickly, the fans might not be able to see any of the undercard matches.

Clay Guida vs Marcos Aurelio should be a great fight. Aurelio makes his debut in the UFC Octagon tonight after previously fighting in Pride. Guida thinks he has the advantage because Aurelio has not fought in almost 8 months. Aurelio has fought and beaten the best in the world such as Takanori Gomi. Guida's last fight ended in a decision loss to Tyson Griffin. Aurelio has a great ground game which we should see tonight. I wil go with Aurelio in this one.

Ryan Jensen from Team Quest is fighting Thales Leites. Both only have one loss to their record. Leites has been very impressive in the cage. Jensen plans to stuff his takedowns and keep it standing. Leites was a last minute replacement for Travis Lutter who had to pull out due to injury. Leites predicts that he will finish off Jensen by the second round. My bet is on Leites by TKO in the second round.

Frank Mir will be taking on kickboxer Antoni Hardonk in a heavyweight clash. Hardonk was last seen losing to Team Punishment's Justin McCully on Spike Tv a few months ago. Mir is attempting to come back from a loss to Brandon Vera. Mir plans to take it to the ground and use his jiu-jitsu and wrestling skills to defeat Hardonk. Hardonk, on the other hand, needs to keep the match standing up and use his punches to set up his powerful leg kicks. This match is very important to both since they are both coming off losses. I will have to go with Mir as Hardonk needs to prove he can fight on the ground.

Renato Sobral, better known to MMA fans as Babalu, will be taking on David Heath in another undercard battle. Heath had a unimpressive performance against Lyoto Machida in his last fight while Sobral's last fight in the UFC was a TKO loss to Jason Lambert. Heath will try to keep the fight standing up but Sobral plans to take it the ground and gain a submission victory. I will go with Babalu by submission although there is a chance Heath can knock out Babalu if he displays more sloppy stand-up.

In the live card that will be shown on pay per view, the first fight will be Patrick Cote vs Kendall Grove. Cote says he feels relaxed, and claims to have had the best training camp ever to prepare for this fight. He trained with taller sparring partners in order to prepare for the 6'6 Grove. Cote was working muay thai with guys in Boston and Canada. He plans to stop Grove before the third round. Grove knows that Cote is a tough competitor and expects a war. This match could be a stand-up war but if it goes to the ground, Grove will end up victorious. I must go with Grove in this one as Cote does not have a great win-loss record.

Alberto Crane, from New Mexico, will be taking on Roger Huerta. Crane is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist. Huerta has been working with Dave Menne on the ground. Huerta perfers to keep the fight standing up while Crane wants the opposite. Crane believes Huerta is aggressive but sloppy and plans to catch Huerta when he makes a mistake. If Huerta wins this fight, I hope UFC matchmaker Joe Silva gives him a higher profile opponent in his next match. Fans are tired of seeing Huerta defeat no-named opponents. Huerta is the obvious choice here.

In a battle of lightweights, "Daddy" Joe Stevenson will be taking on Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino. This match is a" fight of the night" candidate. Whoever wins this fight could be in line for a title shot. Pellegrino trains with Hermes Franca while Stevenson trains with Marc Laimon. My prediction is Pellegrino in an upset by submission.

Georges St-Pierre will be taking on Josh Koscheck in a highly anticipated battle. The winner will get a title shot against the winner of the Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra fight which will happen in the fall. St-Pierre is now training with the highly respected Greg Jackson and his Team Jackson camp. He switched managers and trainers after his last fight, the loss to current champion, Matt Serra. Just like his teammate, Patrick Cote, St-Pierre says he is in the best shape of his life and ready fo the three round war. Koscheck, a highly decorated amateur wrestler, is one of the most athletic fighters in the UFC. His fights are known to be very boring and dull. While I hope for a great battle between the two, I don't plan on seeing it. Until Koscheck might be capable of a great fight, I won't believe it until I see it. So far, his fights are as exciting as watching PBS on a Friday night. St-Pierre has seen a pyschologist to help him with his mental game. He has all the physical tools but his mental game has been called weak by many, including Koscheck. I will go with Koscheck by decision as I think his wrestling is too strong for St-Pierre.

The main event is a heavyweight title clash between the champion, Randy "The Natural" Couture and challenger, Gabriel "Napao" Gonzaga. Gonzaga impressively defeated legendary MMA fighter Mirko Cro Cop to get his title shot. Couture became champion by defeating Tim Sylvia. Gonzaga should win as he is younger and bigger than Couture. Couture is 15 years his senior. Gonzaga has not shown many weaknesses in the cage. Couture will have to have a solid game plan to defeat the talented and hungry Brazilian. My prediction is Gonzaga by TKO in the third round.

Tonight's card is stacked and I expect a great night for the UFC and its fans.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Public Celebration for Barry Bonds Today

There will be a public celebration for Barry Bonds at noon at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. D Wizzle will be there and will recap the event and have video footage. Barry Bonds and his family will be there as well as Willie Mays and Orlando Cepeda.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exclusive Interview with MMA Fighter Tonya Evinger

D Wizzle is back with a very interesting and informative interview with MMA fighter Tonya Evinger. Tonya will be fighting Gina Carano on September 15 at the Neil Blaisdell Center in Honolulu. It will be aired live on Showtime. Fans who don't know who Evinger is might think she will be an easy opponent for Carano, but that is quite the contrary. She comes from a wrestling background and has competed in the Pan American Games. Evinger, who is from Missouri, has a professional record of 5-1 with 4 KOs.

How has your wrestling background helped you transition into MMA?

My wrestling is the shit so all I have to worry about is beating the bitches up.I can take the girl's game away and I think that is the most important part.

How did you get into MMA?

I was always getting in fights so I figured why not get paid for it?
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Were you always athletic? How did you get into wrestling and did you play any other sports?

I was good at every sport I played. I think some people are just natural born athletes. I started wrestling in junior high after I got dropped off the volleyball team for not being at the full 3 day tryout. The coach made a joke about wrestling and I was like "What the hell is wrestling? This sounds fun."

How is training going along and who are you training with?

I'm training a lot of stand up with Chris Houeter, jiu- jitsu with Ryan Gregg, and the guys at the Machado gym, and my sparring partner,who by the way is sexy as hell, Malissa Sherwood.

I will have to check her out! What kind of fight should we expect between you and Gina?

Hopefully an exciting fight all around with me winning of course. I want to throw and I know she will, so I guess we'll see who has the heavier hands.

You have won your fights by both submission and also by knockout. Do you have a preference?

I love to knock bitches out so that's what I'm gonna try to do, but I will never risk a fight on a KO if I have a submission available.

Is there a big MMA scene in Missouri?

Huge, but there's no pro fighting so everyone is worried about going pro too fast...it's all the same to me. The level of guys is the same in both AM and Pro until you get to big shows like UFC and EliteXC.

You've competed in the Pan American Games. How did you enjoy that experience and how did you do?

I placed second. I lost in the last 10 seconds of the match. The girl I lost to... I beat at the next tournament...I tech falled her. I was pissed about that loss and I learned not to be lazy about finishing a match.

Can you explain what the term "tech fall" means in wrestling?

It means I am so far ahead in points that they just call the match. In collegiate wrestling, it's 15 points and in freestyle it's 10 points. It's like pinning but with points so you can get the match over fast.

Do you have any favorite fighters and why?

My brothers Owen and Chris Evinger, and Malissa Sherwood are my favorites. I love to watch them compete and grow as fighters. I help them improve every chance I can. I train all three of them, and when they win, I become inspired and want to push myself even more. They are definitely my heroes.

Is there a lot of jealousy among female fighters in MMA? Do girls resent Gina because she is the current face of MMA when it comes to female fighters?

Hell yeah, the girls of Fatal Femmes were jealous after my fight for them because of all the talk about my KO. The girls in this sport get jealous as hell over anyone getting attention. Gina's just doing her thing, and as long as she's doing good that's fine with me, as long as she doesn't beat me of course.

What would it mean to you to beat Gina in front of a national audience on Showtime?

This fight could make my career, so I wanna win bad. I can't tell you yet how a loss to her would be, because I don't know exactly how tough she is. I guess I will find out soon enough.

Do you have a prediction for Gonzaga vs Couture and GSP vs Koscheck this Saturday night?

Couture of course... he's a wrestler and can adapt to a style of fighting to match his opponents. That to me is crazy... he finds your weaknesses and holes and is able to strive his training to catch those mistakes. I like Koscheck, he's a wrestler. He uses his wrestling perfectly to take his opponents down and beat them up. He has great game, and unlike most wrestlers he is very versatile and able to utilize his strength to tear you down.

Thanks for your time Tonya. Any final words and any sponsors you'd like to thank?

Yeah, I want to say what's up to all my fans. I want to also say thanks to my gyms, Malissa Sherwood, my brothers Owen and Chris for helping me, Ryan Gregg, Chris Houeter, House of Pain in Lee Summit, Missouri, On The Mat (www.otm.com), Tap Out, Machado, all you guys rock... hooked me up with training and facilities to train in, and OTM thanks sooooo much for everything!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Poor Michael Vick

Unlike a lot of the so called NFL experts, I do see Michael Vick playing in the NFL again. I am a big Vick supporter and love watching him play. He is one of the most exciting players in the league. I don't want him to be wasting his prime playing years rotting in a prison cell. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, would like to make the public believe that all their players are outstanding citizens, but that is far from the truth. Goodell suspends the "bad apples" of the league such as Tank Johnson and Adam "Pac Man" Jones and wants to show everyone who the new sheriff in town is. A lot of NFL players are all about sex, strip clubs, drugs, alcohol, and orgies. Goodell wants fans to think there are only a few bad seeds but that is far from the truth. Is dogfighting worst than killing a human being or raping a woman? It sure seems so based on the backlash Vick has been getting. Do we as a society really value animals more than human life? I know of one NFL player who killed someone a few years ago and is still playing in the league. Can we talk about hypocrisy? There are numerous other cases and incidents where players have been charged with murder and other heinous crimes. I watch the NFL for its entertainment value and do not care what the players do in their personal time.

Vick will play in the NFL again if he is able to retain his skills. PETA can boycott all they want but once Vick serves his time and pays his debt to society, I see no reason why he shouldn't get a second chance. People kill animals such as deer with no repercussions. The media is getting out of hand and making Vick out to be public enemy number one. It seems like they want to give him the death sentence. Is it because he is black? Is it because he is a high profile quarterback? Is it because PETA is such a strong group? Many would answer "all of the above" to those questions.

I've been watching Vick play since he was at Virginia Tech. He led the team to many victories and electified the crowd in all of his games. His speed was amazing and he was the Steve Young of NCAA football. Vick was the quarterback but ran like a running back every time a play broke down, and no one could catch up to him. He continued to show off his speed and also passing strength in the NFL. I feel sorry for Vick, I really do. The man had it all and now he is going from the top to the bottom. It is a waste of talent and I hate to see such a good player being stuck in jail when he should be thrilling fans with his athleticism every Sunday.

The code on the streets is to never snitch. You hear it on rap songs and lyrics all the time. You see the "Stop Snitching" t-shirts on rap videos and in the streets. Unfortunately for Vick, his homies snitched. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Now Vick has pleaded guilty to the dogfighting charges along with his homies. I believe a NFL team will sign him once he gets out. NFL teams want to win first and foremost and Vick can help a team win. I will be rooting for him and hopes he makes it back and establishes himself as a top player in the NFL again. I also know I am not the only one who is a Michael Vick supporter. Many of his teammates and other players around the league support him too. The black community supports him as well as NBA stars like Stephon Marbury. Some people are afraid to take a stand against PETA and their boycotts. I am not one of them and I don't give a damn about PETA's boycotts against Vick. The fans in Atlanta still love Vick as well. The Falcons season is lost, but let's hope and pray that Vick's career is not.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Brewers In Big Trouble

The Milwaukee Brewers are in serious trouble of falling out of the NL Central race as they head out West for a big road trip starting today at Arizona. The Brew Crew were America's darlings this season as players such as J.J. Hardy and Prince Fielder made the All Star Team. Fielder also recently made the cover of ESPN the Magazine. Now their dream season is about to fall apart.

They were sitting pretty all season in first place until last week when the Cubs took over first place. With the Cardinals and Cubs fighting for first, the Brewers are now on the outside looking in. The demise of the Brewers is in part due to their lack of quality starting pitching. Their big free agent, Jeff Suppan, has fared poorly all season and their ace, Ben Sheets, has been injured and won't be back until the end of this month. Chris Capuano continues to lose and pitch poorly and they have lost his last 16 starts.

Yesterday was a great example of what has gone wrong for Milwaukee. With home runs by Bill Hall, Ryan Braun, and Fielder, the Brewers jumped to a 5-0 lead over the Reds. Capuano cruises along through 5 innings until he gets hammered again. Disaster always follows him around the 5th or 6th inning in every start as he starts to give up homers, hits batters, and loses command of the strike zone. The Reds rallied to tie the game until Hardy hits a homer to give them the lead at 6-5.

Manager Ned Yost keeps reliever Scott Linebrink in the game in the 8th even though he has Derrick Turnbow available. Linebrink loads up the bases and pinch hitter Javiar Valentin is up next. Valentin is hitting .213 when facing a lefty. So what does Yost do? Does he bring in a lefty reliever or keep Linebrink in the game? Unfortunately for the sellout crowd, he stayed with Linebrink who gave up a 2 run double to Valentin as the Reds go on to win 7-6. Criticism of Yost is at an all time high. The fans are disgruntled and calling for his head. He is as popular in Milwaukee as Bud Selig is in San Francisco.

Although the team is in a downward spiral, the fans in Milwaukee should not despair too much. They should be grateful that they are in a pennant race this late into the season, which you can't say for a lot of teams. With youngsters like Fielder and Ryan Braun, this team leads the National League in home runs. The best solution for them is to try to hold on until Sheets can return and pitch every fifth day. For now, the only way for them to start winning is to try to outslug opponents.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Interview with MMA Fighter Cub Swanson

Cub Swanson is a fighter in the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting). He is 23 years old and has a record of 11-1. This exciting featherweight fighter is set to fight Jens "Lil Evil" Pulver, coach of season five's The Ultimate Fighter, on September 5 at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The winner of this fight will most likely get a title shot against the current champion, Urijah Faber. Swanson put on a great show while beating Micah Miller at WEC 28. Miller's brother is Cole Miller, who was on Pulver's team on The Ultimate Fighter. Swanson is from Palm Springs and trains at OC Muay Thai in Santa Ana.
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How has training for your fight with Pulver been so far?

Training is great. Training with good people.

I think this will be one of the best fights on the card.

This is gonna be a great fight because we both really want to win.

Do you have a preference between submitting an opponent or knocking them out?

I would rather get the KO but I'll take anything.
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Some fighters get really nervous right before a fight while others like Chuck Liddell stay cool and calm. Which kind of fighter are you right before you enter the cage?

I am very calm until I feel the crowd's energy and then I get a mix of nerves and excitement.

How serious do you think the problem of banned substances such as steroids is in MMA are right now and have you ever felt pressured to take steroids or similar substances?

I don't think it's serious. It's gonna happen because people always want to have the edge, legal or not. Doing stuff like that, I think you have to pursue. People don't push that kind of stuff on you.

Is "Cub" your real first name and do you have a nickname?

No ,Cub isn't my first name but all my family knows me by that name. My real name is Kevin Luke Swanson. I don't have a fight nickname.

What do you like to do when you are not training?

I try to do things that I've never done before with friends or my girlfriend like deep sea fishing but I'm always training.

How many tatoos do you have and do you have a favorite?
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I guess you can say five. I am most proud of my back because it's been an ongoing thing. I really love my tattoos because they are a part of me.

Are you a big sports fan?

I love watching sports when I have the time. I like to watch the Raiders even win they lose.

Do you have an opinion on Barry Bonds?

Not much of a baseball fan.

Who are your favorite music artists?

I mostly listen to rap but I like 311 and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Thanks for the interview. Good luck on your upcoming fight!

Thanks for having me on. I want to thank MMA Fanatics, Tagg Radio, Strapped, Tapout, and of course, all my fans!!

Be sure to watch Cub Swanson fight Jens Pulver on September 5 on the Versus Network at 6P.M. Pacific Time.
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New interview with WEC's Cub Swanson Later Today

My interview with CUB SWANSON will be posted later today. He will be fighting Jens Pulver September 5.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Interview Links

Ali Sonoma. UFC Ring Girl

KNBR's Damon Bruce

Hottie of Week Ashley Marie

Hottie of the Week Ashlie Lyn

Anjelah Johnson

Boston College Cornerback DeJuan Tribble

Rapper Jin

LSU Defensive Tackle Marlon Favorite

Knoxx Gear's Damon Gee

Hottie Of the Week Ashley Marie

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D Wizzle's World first Hottie of the Week was Ali Sonoma. The 2nd one was Ashlie Lyn. Now we have Ashley Marie. See a trend? Maybe next week, the Hottie of the Week will have a different first initial!

Ashley Marie is 18 and lives in Pennsylvania. She's a lifecaster and you can check her out live at http://www.justin.tv/ashleymarie
This girl may be young but she is already quite the entrepreneur!

You just started lifecasting on Justin.tv. How do you like it so far?

I like Justin.tv a lot. People on here are really nice compared to when I was on Ustream. You'll always have those rude and ignorant people saying something inappropriate though, which is a shame.
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What are your goals for your lifecast?

My goals are to be known, help my sites out, and get my name out there a little more than it already is... possibly earn more money. I want to answer my fans' questions and show them how I live.
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You work from home. What exactly do you do for a living?

I run and own Myspace related websites, bestmyspacegoodies.com, profileglam.com, & cutequotegraphics.com. I make graphics for each of these websites and post them. Slowly, I am starting to expand. I now have a blog, thiscomplicatedlife.com,and I am starting a site, bestaimgoodies.com, which is going to be a AIM resource site. I also just bought AshleyMarie.tv.
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You told me before that you are a Steelers and Penguins fan. Do you ever get a chance to go to the games?
I've never went to either. I watch them on TV but I would love to go!
Who is your favorite Steeler and Penguin?
My favorite Steeler is Hines Ward and my favorite Penguin is Sidney Crosby.
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Do you play any sports?
No, I don't play any sports, but I used to play soccer back in the day.

What do you like best about living in Pennsylvania?
The city. You don't find one like ours everywhere.

What is the biggest misconception about you?

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That I'm fake and stuck up.
What do you think of Barry Bonds?
I don't like baseball that much.

What kind of music do you listen to and who are your favorite artists?

I like all kinds of music, but hip hop & r&b have to be my favorite. My favorite artists would have to be T-Pain and Lil' Wayne.
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Do you work out and what kind of exercises do you like to do?
I don't work out a lot although I should... but you can catch me lifting 5 pound weights and doing crunches and situps.

A lot of guys on your lifecast chatroom have compared you to fellow lifecaster and video blogger Justine Ezarik. What do you have to say about that?

Justine and I are two different girls doing our own different things. I don't think anyone should compare us, as we are each being our own person. I'm not comparing myself to her, or trying to be like her in anyway. It's not a competition, if people like you they like you, if they don't they don't.
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