Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Talking Sports with KNBR's Damon Bruce

D.Bruce with Alyssa Milano

D Wizzle is back again with another interview. This one is with the very funny Damon Bruce from KNBR. He is the host of the very popular Sportsphone 680 show weeknights from 7-10p.m. or after every Giants weeknight game. D.Bruce is also a proud graduate of Indiana University. Listeners enjoy his quick wit and funny remarks , along with his deep knowledge concerning the Giants and everything else sports related.

You and I disagree when it comes to fans leaving the ballpark right after Barry Bonds' last at bat of every home game. Why should they stay when the team's
play does not give them any reason to?

"I'm a bad fan because my team is lousy" ... you two really do deserve each other. I almost didn't participate in this based on your soccer mom approach to going to a game, but I continue.

Haha, that is the first time someone ever associated me with soccer moms. You always make your listeners laugh with your comments, especially when the Giants are playing bad. Do you try to be funny on purpose?

Funny never tries ... funny just is.

Do you think Indiana will have a winning record and make a bowl game this year?

Doubt it, but I got my fingers crossed, and believe we'll have some help from above. RIP Coach Hep!

How come you always get to interview cheerleaders and Warrior Girls?

Because they enjoy working with me as much as I enjoy working with them. Teams keep asking if I'd like a cheerleader in studio ... the answer is always yes.

Which team do you see winning the Big 10 this season?


Many fans say Bud Selig is a disgrace to the sport while others say he is the one that has led baseball to record attendence figures and popularity along with
better revenue sharing and television contracts. What is your opinion on the commissioner?

If I were an owner, I'd care, but I'm a fan ... baseball is more important to me than profits ... he should be removed as commissioner and replaced with someone who's got a spine and some balls.

Be sure to listen to D.Bruce every weeknight on KNBR 680!

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Damon Bruce is a hack!