Thursday, May 26, 2011

Video of Buster Posey's collision at home plate with Scott Cousins of the Marlins

Here is the video link
to Buster Posey's gruesome collision at home plate last night with Scott Cousins of the Florida Marlins.

Dirty play or clean hit? It doesn't matter because if I am part of the Giants, I would be very angry regardless. A reserve on the Marlins takes out your best hitter for possibly the whole season?

I don't expect any retaliation this afternoon though by the Giants. It was a "baseball play" and these collisions happen in a game. I don't think Cousins needed to smash Posey on that play though as I think he could have slid in and still have been safe.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TNT Cameraman zooms in on the hot babes in the stands during the Bulls vs Heat game

I was watching the Bulls take on the Heat in Miami tonight just like a lot of NBA fans and was shocked to see TNT's camera zoom in on the hot blonde babes in the stands.

I guess the TNT cameraman did not know they were back on the air. I wonder what his excuse is for zooming in on the hot women of Miami and checking out their cleavage?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Why I don't watch The Ultimate Fighter 13

I used to be a big fan of UFC's The Ultimate Fighter(TUF) reality TV show. The first few seasons were captivating and interesting. The TUF series made stars out of fighters such as Forrest Griffin, Michael Bisping, Rashad Evans, and Josh Koscheck, and Chris Leben.

Unfortunately, the show has gone stale and there is no reason to watch it anymore. TUF 13, which is on SPIKE TV every Wednesday night, has had very low ratings. Fans are tired of seeing boring fighters and fights on the show and the coaches this season (Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos) are not creating enough drama to warrant viewership.

The UFC thought that having Lesnar on TUF 13 would spike up the ratings but this hasn't been the case. Maybe it is because Lesnar isn't the heavyweight champion anymore or maybe it is because Lesnar is calmer and more mellow than before.

Casual MMA fans don't know who Dos Santos is even though he is one of the best heavyweights in the world. Lesnar and Dos Santos have been cordial to each other in the episodes, and there is no tension between them.

Fans used to flock to their TV sets to watch Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz go at each other verbally every week on TUF 3. Rashad Evans and Quinton Jackson as coaches on TUF 10 helped ratings too as well as having street fighter Kimbo Slice on the show.

The smart fans are sick and tired of the UFC and SPIKE TV hyping up the episodes and not delivering. Who can forget the weekly previews that implied Kimbo would fight again on TUF 10 even though he lost and was out of the competition already?

How about the time when Dana White kept on saying that one of the fighters on the show (Philipe Nover) was going to be the next Andeson Silva? Nover isn't even in the UFC anymore after getting cut.

I can't even name one of the fighters on TUF 13. I do know who Lew Polley is since I saw an episode where Polley( Dos Santos' wrestling coach) was riding the guys too hard in practice.

None of the fighters stand out and I don't think there is a future UFC champion on TUF 13.

WWE's Tough Enough reality show is way more interesting than TUF 13 thanks to the charismatic Stone Cold Austin. Austin has more charisma than all the TUF 13 coaches and fighters combined.

It doesn't really matter who the coaches will be on TUF 14 because the show is getting old and boring. The best option might be to have Evans and Jon Jones as coaches and bring in better fighters and personaltiies to compete.

If Evans and Jones are not available, I think I would rather see Miesha Tate and Gina Carano as coaches than any of the male fighters on the Zuffa roster.

SPIKE TV and the UFC need to revamp the show quickly and change it up if they want better ratings and more viewers.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Taj Gibson's dunks over Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat

Is this the Taj Gibson coming out party? Gibson was always very athletic in college playing at USC and was always blocking shots but his dunks last night against Dewayne Wade and the Miami Heat had him trending on Twitter.

Gibson will never be a force on offense but he can change the momentum of a game with his dunks and blocks.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sugar Shane Mosley's girlfriend Bella Gonzalez screams and yells at the Manny Pacquiao/Mosley fight

Bella Gonzalez, the beautiful girlfriend of Sugar Shane Mosley, looks mighty angry as she stands up during the fight to scream and yell. Her chest accidentally brushes up against the back of the head of the Black guy sitting in front of her during her temper tantrum.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Huge brawl and fight between fans at the Rogers Centre at UFC 129

55,000 fans were at the Rogers Centre in Toronto to watch UFC 129 last Saturday night and below is a video of a huge brawl and fight between young fans in the stands.

Toward the end of the video, you see one guy bloodied up worst than UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre after his fight with Jake Shields.

How come fans always cry out "Security" during a brawl? We know that security never arrives on time when these brawls happen. You have to fend for yourself!