Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to win in DFS and daily fantasy baseball on FanDuel

There are lots of sports fans who like to play daily fantasy baseball on FanDuel.

I have been successful playing daily on FanDuel and here are some of my tips.

For your lineup. select players that are playing in a ballpark that is good to hitters such as in Cincinnati, Boston, Arizona, or Philadelphia.

Don't pick players who are going up against pitching aces unless you want an 0-4 night with 2 strikeouts.

Just because a player did well the night before doesn't mean they will continue to stay hot. Don't be a day late and a dollar short. For example, Justin Upton and Chase Utley have been on a tear but now they are slowing down.

Just because  Giancarlo Stanton is expensive doesn't mean he will perform well every day. A cheaper outfielder such as Michael Bourn could do more damage and get you more points on a given day with stolen bases and singles.

I like to draft hitters that are on a hot streak. A player like Mike Trout is very expensive but if he is on a 4 for 35 or 2 for 24 drought, I won't select him.

Selecting a pitcher is the most important part of selecting your lineup! If you pick up a pitcher who has a bad start, you have no chance of winning. Pick up guys like Jose Fernandez or Yu Darvish even if they are very expensive. It's worth it and your competition will pick them up if you don't.

Pick a pitcher that you will think win the game as well as pick up a lot of strikeouts. Strikeouts are important and a win is four points.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Milwaukee Brewers make a "Happy" video

 The Milwaukee Brewers made a "Happy" video featuring the hit song from Pharrell Williams and the video features their fans, employees, coaches, broadcaster, and players.

Sexy pictures and GIFs of Gina Carano from "In the Blood" movie

Here are some very sexy GIFs of Gina Carano from her new movie "In the Blood."

Sure looks like a great movie if you are into Gina Carano!