Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Arkansas' Fred Gulley posterizes Jeff Powers on a monster dunk

Fred Gulley of Arkansas had a monster dunk on Cal's Jeff Powers in a NIT game on Monday night.

It happened in the first half with Cal up by 22 points. The 6'2 Gulley drove right and slammed the ball down on Powers for the monstrous dunk.

The refs were going to call it a charge but thankfully came to their senses after a few minutes and called it a block on Powers.

Cal eventually won 75-64 and advances to play SMU on Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New York Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen uses racial slur on Dice K's interpreter

New York Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen used a very offensive racial slur on Daisuke Matsuzaka's interpreter during spring training.

Warthen apparently called Dice K's interperter, Jeff Cutler, a "Chinaman" and apologized to him in front of a Wall Street Journal reporter named Stu Woo who happens to be Chinese.

Cutler, who is Japanese, told Woo that he was not offended by Warthen's "joke" to him even though Warthen used a racist slur. 

Woo of course was offended and didn't appreciate hearing that slur. Woo decided to to take Warthen to task and told Mets's vice president of public relations, Jay Horwitz, about the incident.

The Mets have apologized and Warthen as well.

Now I know some Americans will read this and think "What's wrong with saying "Chinaman" about an Asian man? What these people don't realize is that "Chinaman" is just as offensive to Asians as the "N word" is to African Americans.

Woo was rightfully annoyed about Warthen casually using the racial slur but I wonder what kind of repercussions will happen now.

Will the Mets not give Woo player interviews now or not help him out when he needs some quotes from the GM or manager? I don't think Warthen would ever give Woo an interview. Will Woo's media access be restricted?

Covering a team is difficult enough for beat writers and reporters and to piss off the powers that be isn't smart but I commend Woo for standing up and not letting this incident go.

Here is Woo's take on the whole situation.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks had hearing problem due to earwax buildup in both ears

Here's a story you probably haven't heard before about a sports athlete. Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks missed shootaround on Monday because he had to see a doctor due to hearing problems in both of his ears.

The headline on AJC.com's article about Teague says "Teague sees doctor for minor ear issue" but if you can't hear out of your left or right ear, I think that is a serious and major issue.

The doctor that saw Teague removed a lot of his earwax on both ears and now Teague says "it's like a miracle" that he can hear normally again.

How was Teague able to hear his coach or teammates during the game in a loud arena? Maybe  the problem was that he couldn't hear them and that is why his performance hasn't been good lately.

Teague probably could not hear any heckling fans in the arenas as well.

Teague's doctor told him not to use cotton swabs to clean his ears. Teague said that he had been using cotton swabs regularly for years so that probably caused his hearing loss.

The Hawks won 112-110 over the Jazz on Monday night but Teague was only 3-10 from the field and ended up with 14 points. 

Let's hope Teague learned his lesson in not using cotton swabs anymore.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

St.Peter's guard Desi Washington hits buzzer-beating 3-pointer to beat Fairfield for the 3rd time this saason

This blog post is about an incredible and true story about a team in the MAAC conference called the St.Peter's Peacocks and their junior guard named Desi Washington.

St.Peter's went on the road to play Fairfield on January 8 and Washington hit a three-pointer as time expired to help the Peacocks win 56-55. Here's the video.

These two teams had a rematch at St.Peter's on February 25 and Washington made a three-pointer with about two seconds left to win the game 63-62.

Now the two same teams played Thursday night at the first round of the MAAC Conference tournament. The game went to overtime tied at 58.

During overtime, Fairfield scored to make the score 62-62 before Washington hit another game-winning three-pointer.

How does Fairfield let this happen? Washington's third game-winning shot ended Fairfield's season.

What are the chances that a player does this to an opponent? I hope ESPN mentions this and the sports media because this is quite an amazing feat and it probably won't ever happen again in the history of college basketball.

Video: Nevada's Deonte burton throws down the Dunk of the Year against Boise State

 Deonte Burton of Nevada did it again last night. Burton threw down a monster dunk against Boise State and this is a Dunk of the Year candidate.

Nevada went on to win the game 83-81 in double overtime as Burton had 25 points.