Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: QB Duante Culpepper to sign with Oakland

Free agent quarterback Duante Culpepper to sign a deal with the Raiders tonight according to the NFL Network.

Fans disgusted with Zito and Morris is traded to Pirates

Giants fans are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You can hear the boos each time Barry Zito and Matt Morris are on the mound. Every hit and every run they give up and the boos get louder and louder. The fans start looking at each other and shake their heads. I have been a witness to this many times at At&T Park. Fans would come up to me and go on a rant about how Zito is the worst free agent pickup ever in the history of baseball and how Morris should have never been signed. An older gentleman told me that he thinks he could get a single off Zito himself and I do not doubt him. Who is afraid of fastballs clocked at 84? Batters can't wait to bat against Zito. The same goes for Morris. To win in the big leagues, you need either command of your pitches or great velocity.Unfortunately Zito has not shown much command this season and he never had great velocity. Morris has been slightly better than Zito this season but he makes costly mistakes that loses games. A few weeks ago in Chicago, he crossed up catcher Bengie Molina and Molina got hurt. Mental errors like that should not be expected of a veteran like Morris. Fans in San Francisco can somewhat rejoice now that Morris has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for outfielder Rajal Davis and a player to be named later.
Pitching Comparison Below

Barry Zito7105.28
Matt Morris774.35
Ted Lilly1153.60
Carlos Zambrano1473.47

If you thought Matt Morris's contract was outrageous, how did you feel when Zito signed his $126 million contract in the offseason? Sabean is the worst general manager possibly in baseball. Sabean could have signed Ted Lilly this offseason for considerably less money than he is paying Zito. Lilly was very interested in signing with the Giants and he would have been a great fit for the team. Lilly signed with the Cubs eventually for four years and is having a great season. Lilly's teammate Carlos Zambrano is a free agent after this year and would have been a better investment than Zito. If Zito is really worth $126 million, how much is Zambrano worth? The facts are that Zito is not worth that amount of money and I do not expect Zambrano to get as big a contract as Zito did in the offseason. This will prove once again how idiotic and ludicrous Sabean was to give Zito such a fat contract when other teams like the Mets decided to pass on Zito. With the trading of Matt Morris to the Pirates today, Giants fans have one less player to boo and can concentrate fully on booing the hell out of Zito for the next 7 years.
Salary Comparison

Barry Zito$126 million7
Matt Morris$27 million3
Ted Lilly$40 million4

Hot R and B Group IBU's Live Performance

Check out this r and b group from Chicago called IBU. D Wizzle will have an interview with them soon so if you have any questions you would like me to ask them, post it on the comments section. Vote for them also if you like their performance on the link below! http://famecast.com/contest/webcast.php?stage_id=3&round_id=45

Bill Walsh Tribute Video

D Wizzle just finished up a Bill Walsh Tribute Video. Hope you guys like it.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Recap of Weekend at the Giants Games

D Wizzle was at 24 Willie Mays Plaza this weekend to watch Barry Bonds chase the home run record. The Giants had a dramatic come from behind win in the 9th inning on Saturday night and dropped a 8-5 decision on Sunday afternoon. Some of the members of the 1987 Giants team were in attendence on Saturday night to watch the game. I saw Atlee Hammaker signing autographs for a few fans outside the garlic fries stand. Yesterday I saw Dontrelle Willis's mother and other family members at the game. Dontrelle did his family proud on Saturday by pitching a great game but did not get the win due to Kelly Gregg blowing the save. Armando Benetiz made his first appearance at At&t Park since being traded and of course got loud boos. Benetiz was not rattled at all and got a inning ending double play to finish off the bottom of the 8th.

Friday night was Until There's A Cure Night. This promotion by the Giants is to raise AIDS awareness and is held once a year.I had never seen so many gays at a ballgame than this night. They were out in full force drinking and eating and enjoying the whole atmosphere. Most of them had never attended a game in their lives. I saw more gays this night than when the Giants had their LBGT (Lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender) night. A lot of the gay people were in cheerleading uniforms(http://www.cheersf.org).

There was a pre game reunion for the 1987 Giants roster on Sunday. Fans got to see and cheer old favorites such as Roger Craig, Dave Dravecky, Will Clark, Kevin Mitchell, and Jeffrey Leonard. It was great to see Randy Kutcher and Jim Gott again. Ok, maybe not but it sure was nice to see The Thrill and the Hack Man once again. There was a moment of silence for the two players that passed away from that team, Chris Brown and Jose Uribe. American Idol contestant Elliot Yamin sang the national anthem. I do not know who he is but some fan told me that he has a hit song on the radio currently. For some strange reason I do not expect the Giants to hold a reunion for the 2007 team in 20 years or have Ryan Klesko and Matt Morris bobblehead dolls.

The Giants were giving out bobbleheads of Matt Williams, Kevin Mitchell, Robby Thompson, and Will Clark on Sunday. I was in line early in the morning waiting with the hundreds of other fans to get my dolls. There was a lot of pushing and shoving by me and others as we got our dolls and ran back and forth through the exits and different gates in order to try and get a complete set. There was a lot of trading of dolls going on much to the dismay of the Giants' employees who ordered everyone to leave the area but no one seemed to listen. The games this weekend were not important in the whole scheme of things as both teams are not in playoff contention. What drew these big sellout crowds to the park? You guessed it, the man, the myth, the legend, Barry Bonds.

BREAKING NEWS: Hall of Fame Coach Bill Walsh Passes Away

Legendary football coach Bill Walsh has passed away at the age of 75. He has been suffering from leukemia for a few years. He is considered to be one of the greatest head coaches in the NFL.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Giants vs Marlins footage from 7/27

Fireworks Show

I apologize for the shakiness of the cam in the middle of this video.

Lou Seal dancing, Giants celebration after a rare win, and national anthem on 7/27 Until There's A Cure Night

Video Footage from Giants Game will be up in 1 hour

Stay tuned. I will get it on here within the hour. By 11:30 AM

Barry Bonds hits #754, Giants Game Recap

D Wizzle just got back from the Giants game. The Giants won 12-10 as Bonds hit his 754th homer of his career in the first inning. Thanks to Barry Zito, the Giants got off to a 6-2 deficit but fortunately for Zito, his team saved him from a loss due to the surprising offensive power tonight. This was the most exciting game all season for Giants fans. They were also treated to a fireworks show right after the victory. Many fans in the ballpark booed Zito as he gave up run after run. The crowd was all riled up and ready to boo him again in the bottom of the 4th but Bruce Bochy saved him from any further embarrassment by having Kevin Frandsen pinch hit for him. Everywhere you go, the fans are yelling obscenities at Zito. Basically, Barry Zito is the new Armando Benetiz. He is the new whipping boy for the team but good luck to Brian Sabean if he thinks he can trade Zito like he did Benetiz. One fan asked me if anyone is afraid of a 83mph fastball. Zito is fortunate his next start is on the road. Besides Bonds homer, the Giants also got homers from Ray Durham, Bengie Molina, and Pedro Feliz. It was a great time had by the capacity crowd but those have been few and far between this season. I will have video footage and pictures from the game soon.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Barry Bonds is A Fraud

Barry Bonds is the worst steroids abuser in the history of baseball and maybe in all of sports. The man has cheated the fans of this great sport. His head got bigger. Need any more proof of steroid abuse than that? The man makes me sick to my stomach. How can those idiotic fans in San Francisco support such a jackass? All he does is inject steroids daily and hits monstrous home runs. America is laughing at you San Francisco. The fans in the Bay Area think Bonds is a hero. We are all repulsed by him and do not want him to break Hank Aaron's home run record. Why can't Bud Selig suspend him for life? Why can't he just break his arm and be lost for the season? He comes to the ballpark and insults all of us. He makes fun of ESPN's Pedro Gomez and tells him to take a hike. He calls my esteemed colleague Bob Costas a "little midget." How dare he call out the god of sports journalism? What a rude son of a bitch he is. Respected ballplayers and future Hall of Famers such as Curt Schilling, Andre Dawson, and Dale Murphy all have accused him of taking performance enhancing substances. I know Barry Bonds has used steroids because I read "The Game of Shadows." The proof is all in there I swear. When he started out playing in Pittsburgh, Barry was a skinny guy and now he is huge. Steroids for sure made him the player that he is and gave him that athletic physique. Steroids makes your eyesight get better and helps you recover from injuries. Steroids makes you hit home runs and throw a mean curveball. Even though I never bashed suspected or known steriod users like Ken Caminiti, Bret Boone, Brady Anderson or
Roger Clemens, this does not mean I am against Barry because he is black. This has absolutely nothing at all to do with racism and clearly not a black or white issue. Face it, Bonds is a fake and since the local reporters and columnists in the San Francisco Chronicle always tell me so. He is the rudest and worst teammate ever! This guy is the worst excuse for a human feeling ever in my opinion. Overall, Barry Bonds is the most disturbing figure in the history of sports and maybe mankind. I have clear evidence he uses steroids and human growth hormone. I might not have concrete proof but the evidence is plain to see. Screw you Barry and I hope you pay for all your evil sins.

How legitimate is that article I just wrote? I would have no journalstic integrity anymore if I meant anything I said in the above article. Fortunately I do not believe in anything that I had wrote. This is just a mere sampling of what fans and readers of local newspapers in the Bay Area and nationwide have to endure daily from reporters and columnists. Nothing but Bonds bashing. Respected journalists like Bob Costas should be ashamed of themselves. Hee accused Bonds of steroids and said he himself got to be 5'6 and 150 pounds naturally. As Bonds said after hearing that, how do we know that? It is easy and also a cheap shot to continue to harrass and insult Bonds just because you do not like him personally. 95% of those in the media loathe Barry because he treats them like 2nd class citizens. He refuses most interview requests since he does not like to be bothered and wants to focus on the game. The media takes his interview denials personally and the only way they can get even with him in their minds is to constantly write negative articles about him. The funny thing about all of this is Mr.Bonds does not care what you think of him or write about him. The man has very thick skin and only cares what his fans and family and the city of San Francisco think of him. Those people are important to Barry and thankfully they all fully support and love and adore him.

Friday Morning Update

D Wizzle will be at ATnT Park tonight to watch Barry Bonds and the Giants face the Florida Marlins. I will be there all weekend. Tonight Barry Zito will go for his 11th loss of the season. I have a feeling Bonds will hit at least one homer tonight. I will post footage of the fireworks show tonight if I can last that long at the park.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Night Update

RIP Skip Prosser, the Wake forest basketball coach. He died today and was only 56. I didn't know the man but from what I heard, he was a great guy and will be missed by his players and
assistant coaches and everyone else at Wake Forest University. I always enjoyed watching Prosser's teams play. If anyone has any Skip Prosser stories, please leave some comments.

Barry Bonds ripped Bob Costas again for accusing him of using banned substances. Curt Schilling ripped Bonds again after apologizing the first time he made negative comments about him.
Some people just never learn.

D Wizzle has been working hard and will have an interview with shutdown cornerback for the Boston College Eagles, DeJuan Tribble in the next few days.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Barry Bonds Tribute Video

D Wizzle's Ten Questions

1) If Tom Brady or Peyton Manning was accused of dogfighting, would NFL commish Roger Goodell ban them from training camp and would they suffer such a severe backlash by the media as Michael Vick has?

2) UFC 76 co main events are Shogun Rua vs Forrest Griffin and Chuck "Iceman" Liddell vs Keith "Dean of Mean" Jardine. Wouldn't you rather see Rua face Liddell and Jardine face Griffin?

3) How would San Francisco Giants fans react to Barry Bonds if he was a Dodger for the last 15 years instead of a Giant?

4) How much longer do we have to wait for football?

5) When will Barry Bonds hit #756?

6) Did you enjoy watching NBA commissioner David Stern squirm and stutter his way through his press conference yesterday morning?

7) Why does Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton always get into trouble with the law?

8) Barry Bonds ex mistress is going to dish out more dirt on Bonds and pose nude for Playboy. Do you really want to see a almost 40 year old woman nude? A young coed she is not.

9) Can anyone make a hit song without Akon and T-Pain on the track?

10) Does anyone believe UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk when he says he never took steroids in his life?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Exclusive Interview with UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma

Street Fighting Secrets!
D Wizzle's World's Hottie of the Week is UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma. Ali is currently a UFC ring girl and also a model. With her natural blonde hair and gorgeous smile, Ali Sonoma is the quintessential All- American girl. What separates her from other models is her great personality, energy, and charisma. She represents the UFC very well and D Wizzle looks forward to seeing more of her in her upcoming projects. After reading this interview, you can't help but like Ali Sonoma. This girl is definitely going places!

Being a UFC ring girl, you have had the
opportunity to travel to many different cities and countries. What has been your favorite place to visit so far and why?

One of the perks of being a UFC ring girl is traveling to all these cool places. I think one of the coolest places I have been was London. We were promoting UFC 75, which will be Sept 9th, and we stayed in the city. I saw a bunch of sights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Bend, and a haunted castle. London is very fast paced, very busy, great shopping, and was a great time. I am excited to return!

Name one person that you want to get in the Octagon and fight with?!

I would love to get in the Octagon and beat the shit out of Josh Koscheck and it's not because of Diego (Ali's boyfriend and UFC welterweight contender Diego Sanchez). We were in London working together and he said he wanted to fight me! HA!
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What are your favorite exercises or workouts to do to stay in such great shape?

My favorite exercises are running, yoga, pilates, rollerblading, biking, and kickboxing. I have to constantly switch the routine up or I'll get bored. There are so many things to do to stay in great shape. You just gotta find what you enjoy.

How funny is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is the man!!! He is a really good buddy of mine, we hang out, and we are always laughing. I go to his comedy shows a lot and my stomach hurts when I leave. He is super intelligent too and freakin' hilarious even when he's not trying to be. He just is. And he keeps it real.

Who are your favorite music artists?

I like all kinds of music but mostly techno and reggae. Bob Marley is my idol. He is the greatest lyricist ever! For techno, I'm really digging Deep Dish, Sharam Dubai, Tiesto, and Paul Oakenfold but I don't go a day without listening to Bob Marley!

You are from St.Louis. Who are your favorite sports teams?

Well, being from St. Louis and all, of course my favorite sports team is the Cardinals. World Series Champions baby!

What do you think of Barry Bonds?
I don't know Barry Bonds that well...don't really follow up on him, don't really care.

You have a Golden Retriever. Michael Vick is in the news due to the dogfighting scandal. What do you think of dogfighting?

Being an animal lover, especially of dogs, I am totally against dogfighting or any form of hurting an animal. I think it's a really cruel form of entertainment and it really disgusts me to think of it. Why watch dogs fight when you can watch the UFC!
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Besides being a ring girl and model, you are also branching out into movies? Tell us about that.
Yeah, I was in a local film called Cantina Bar Tales. It was filmed in St. Louis and is supposed to be released this winter. My role was hilarious. I was a European chick, accent and all, who was basically looking for a rich guy but I couldn't speak English well so my character was pretty clueless. I had huge and I am talking HUGE hair with a really ugly outfit. I had the staff rollin'!! Ha ha! I got cast to be in two more movies which I'm not allowed to discuss but that will be in a few months. I plan on moving to L.A. in September and I will get started with my acting coach and taking more acting classes.

One of your dreams is to travel the world. What places and countries do you want to visit in the near future?

There are so many things I want to do, my mind can barely keep up with itself! I want to travel everywhere .For pleasure I would love to go to Paris, Italy, Australia, Brazil, all over Europe, basically everywhere. I really admire Angelina Jolie. She's a great role model. I love what she does for Cambodia. I would like to do something similar but in Africa. There is a lot of disturbance there...many kids are homeless, there are wars going on (www.SaveDarfur.org), many people are sick...I would love to even be a missionary and spread God's word to the children.

Thanks Ali for the interview! I really appreciate it!

Hey, the pleasure is all mine. Thank you! Cheers and God Bless! Oh, also check out www.ufc.com for upcoming fights and www.AliSonoma.us for my personal website and www.myspace.com/alisonoma.
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10 Questions with LSU Lineman Marlon Favorite

Big Fav

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Marlon Favorite

Football season is almost here. Here is a interview I did with LSU defensive tackle, Marlon Favorite aka Big Fav. Big Fav is not just a fine athlete but also a talented music artist. He is a a key member of the #1 D line in college football and also a member of the rap group "Black Vynm."

You guys lost a lot of players in key positions who entered the NFL draft such as Jamarcus Russell, Dwayne Bowe, and LaRon Landry. Is there a lot of new talent waiting to fill their shoes?

On both sides of the ball I see growth in a lot of players so I'd keep my eyes open.

How has Bo Pelini, the defensive coordinator, contributed to the success of the defense?

He contributes a great deal. Coach Pelini is a extremely good defensive coach and it's a pleasure playing for him.

What has been your FAVORITE moment so far in your career?

I have a lot of those but the greatest moment was playing in the 2007 Allstate Sugar Bowl in New Orleans,LA. My hometown New Orleans stand up! My city showed me and my team a lot of love and I appreciated it. I love you New Orleans.

What game are you looking forward to the most this season?

Alabama you already know!!!

Besides you, are there any other rappers on the team?

Alley Broussard and Kirston Pittman or as we say Alley Cat and Pitty Da Kid!! I've actually collaborated on a EP with Kirston last summer called "Hip Hop & R&B." I was singing on that one, well at least trying, but it sounded good!! Me and Alley coming out with a mixtape called "LSU Boyz" this fall and it gon be hot.. y'all be on the look out!
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#1 D Line in College Football

Is there any significance to you wearing #99?

My big brother Mel wore that number in high school.

The media says America hates Barry Bonds. What are your thoughts on Barry Bonds?

No comment.

Tell us about your rap group and how you guys got your name "Black Vynm."

Cool, the name"Black" stands for the struggles, hard work, and things we experienced in our life and the "Vynm" is for when we spit it to y'all!!! We've been a group for 4 years now and me and Chay Dutch (Chad) been like fam since 6th grade. Me and Young Phat found out we were cousins in high school and it just so happened we were already cool outside of where we all originally knew each other from so o it was all good when we clicked on the music. Be on the look out for our 2nd LP " Certified Hustlas" set to release late 2007 or early 2008.

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Who are your musical influences?

Lil Wayne and the whole Young Money team, my homeboy Baby Boy, he show us mad love. Westbank stand up! All past, present, and future Louisiana artists keep bringin that heat ya heard me!!! Outside of Louisiana, the big homie Jay-Z, 2 Pac, Biggie, T.I., Young Jeezy, Outkast, Dipset, and a whole lot of others. Be on the look out for our Black Vynm lil homies Something Serious we on the come up... Westbank Stand up.

What separates Black Vynm from other rap groups and where can we get a hold of the album?

We are very versatile and we bring a variety of sounds. Our sound is real hot. Once again go cop that "Certified Hustlas" late 2007 or early 2008. It gonna be hot... and you can hear and download our music at www.myspace.com/blackvynm or www.myspace.com/youngphat and you can get our first LP "Sophisticated Hustlas" at www.gauntletrecords.com. Get at us people! You can also contact us at those websites. Holla at us ya heard me!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

UFC Ring Girl Ali Sonoma and LSU's Marlon Favorite Interviews Coming Soon

New interviews coming soon this week with LSU defensive tackle Marlon Favorite and UFC ring girl and model, Ali Sonoma!!

Why San Francisco Loves Barry Bonds

As the media continues to focus on Barry Bonds,many people have wondered why San Francisco fans embrace the controversial player. The answer is pretty simple. Barry Bonds is the greatest player of our time. Never have we seen a greater player with more talent and skill on the baseball field. San Francisco Giants fans have had the privilege to watch this man play for the past 15 years. Bonds brings excitement and energy to every ballpark he plays at. You can feel the energy and buzz each time he is at bat as fans clamor around to get a better view and take pictures. Bonds does not just hit home runs but he also played left field exceptionally when he was in his prime. He was the total package. Bonds very well could be more appreciated when he retires and get more respect than right now. In the meantime he is truly a marvel to watch. How many other hitters do you see that is in control of an bat even when the count is 0-2? Zero. The media will bash Bonds daily but the fans in San Francisco love him. The local paper here loves to have their columnists and reporters ridicule Bonds but the fans are smarter than that. They don't care what the media says. The fans show their respect and admiration for Bonds each time he steps to the plate. The ballpark janitor stops mopping the floors, the fans stop buying food at the concession stands and going to the bathrooms, and the ushers turn around and face the field. It is all eyes on Barry.The crowd goes wild and stand up in unison while chanting his name. But America has shunned Bonds. They have turned their backs on the soon to be home run king. He is roundly booed everywhere he goes. Little kids who don't know any better boo along with their fathers and mothers. I have seen a little boy hold asterisk signs while his dad belts out more vicious remarks to Barry in left field. Why? The baseball fans around the country have been brainwashed into thinking Bonds is a jerk. Who said Bonds is a jerk? How about 99.9% of the media? I hope my readers don't fall for the tactics of the media. The media hates Bonds because he does not grant many interviews and often has a surly attitude towards them. On the other hand, his peers respect and admire him. Great players like David Ortiz, Ryan Howard, John Smoltz, Alex Rodriguez, and Dontrelle Willis are all members of the Barry Bonds fan club. Trust me when I say that if Barry Bonds was on your team, you would be giving him a standing ovation and taking snapshots of his at bats every single day. Steroids or no steroids, Bonds is the best there is. Fans in Houston boo him vociferously when the Astros play the Giants. The very same fans who call noted steroid abuser Ken Caminiti a hero. Can we talk about hypocrisy? Bonds should not be the poster child for steroids. I almost forgot to mention all the pitchers that have gotten away with illegal substances and drugs. How many pitchers have we seen who went from having a 89 mph fastball to a 95 mph fastball? How many pitchers have had their shoulders and other body parts blown out and blame it on the wear and tear of throwing a baseball instead of admitting they injected steroids? Barry Bonds has brought excitement and joy to many baseball fans across America. It was wonderful how the fans voted him into the All Star game and how San Francisco gave him a rousing standing ovation when he was introduced. The man deserves it. You know that I will be one of the thousands of fans who will make it to 24 Willie Mays Plaza this week to watch him break Hank Aaron's record. We will be on our feet and cheering and supporting him the whole way. When I get old, I will tell my kids and grandkids about the greatest baseball player of my time and his name is Barry Lamar Bonds.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

In Depth Interview with Damon Gee from Knoxx

KNOXX spokesmodel Alexia Lei

I recently spoke to Damon Gee from the clothing line KNOXX. Here is the interview. To learn more about KNOXX,check out their official website. KNOXX GEAR

Hardcore Fighting Secrets Revealed!

Damon, Please tell us all about your company, KNOXX.

KNOXX is a design company that markets casual and sport apparel worldwide.. We support and sponsor people that participate in extreme sports and entertainment.

How did KNOXX get started?

There are 3 guys that started KNOXX and each of us have different roles and responsibilities in the company. I train in martial arts also so I knew a lot of people that are in the fight network and industry in Northern California. Everyone I knew always talked about how no one was able to find cool clothing that catered to the fight scene so using my knowledge of marketing and business management, I decided to form KNOXX to create these products for these people. Each partner had different views and backgrounds so our company eventually evolved to also support other sports and entertainment. My partner and artist, Al Calmerin aka Sketch,was heavy into the skateboarding and Hip Hop scene and he had did a lot of work with many skateboarding and street wear brands as well as in the Hip Hop industry. My other partner, Alan Palomares,was the one that was familiar with clothing production and sales of clothing from his previous jobs and also managed music bands. So we basically combined our love and passion of all our interests and decided to put it in our clothing to express that.

Knoxx strongly supports the sport of mixed martial arts. How did that come about and who are some of the fighters that are currently with Knoxx?

We love the sport and using my network in the fight scene, we decided to form KNOXX to help promote the growing sport. We have sponsored a lot of fighters to support them in their careers since we started KNOXX. There are too many to name off but we currently have great relationships with these fighters and we are really supportive of their careers. They are: Josh "The Punk" Thomson, Cung Le, Paul "The Head Hunter" Buentello, Nam Phan, Elaina Maxwell, Sam Spengler, Zachariah "Iron Monkey" Yngojo, James Terry, Jose Palacios, Travis Johnson, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson and Cung Le's USH Fight Team. We seem to be adding and supporting new gyms and upcoming fighters on a monthly basis.
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Josh "The Punk" Thomson and Will Lee

Where do you see KNOXX in the next few years?

We want to continue to create appealing designs and increase our worldwide distribution. We will continue branding to the mainstream audience and at the same time hit our current boutique market with limited issues. We will continue to sponsor and support our current fighters and personalities. We also want to continue to sponsor developing fighters and work with select MMA gyms.

Where can we purchase KNOXX clothing?

The best place to purchase KNOXX is at www.knoxxgear.com. We have a new website coming out hopefully within a month and you will see a lot of new products and designs. We are also sold in many gyms, other online stores like www.fightshop.tv, and street wear boutique shops. Our products are in locations that pertain to the styles and designs so it varies a lot. Our KNOXX MMA clothing line is sold in gyms and mma related stores while our KNOXX Lifestyle clothing line is sold in street wear stores and boutiques. We have products that are limited production for certain stores and some of our items are available exclusively online.

Who are your favorite MMA fighters and why?

I really don't have a favorite MMA fighter but I enjoy watching all fighters. I'm also a little biased because my favorite fighters are all the ones that work with KNOXX.

I have seen many of the shirt designs and they look really nice. Who designs the shirts?

I want to first say thank you for the kind words. We love to hear that people like and appreciate our designs and clothing. Our main designer and art director is my partner, Al Calmerin. He has been doing artwork and designs for mainstream brands, smaller underground skateboarding companies, street wear brands and music companies for over 13 years now. There's a very good chance you may have seen his past work already from his past employers and not even know it was designed by him. A lot of those companies and publications have blown up and are now recognized brands. We also work with a select and expanding group of designers. These designers either submit work for review or take an idea for a design on commission. In order for a design to make it into production all three partners have to agree it is worthy. We know everyone has different tastes in clothing so it's impossible to try to cater to everyone but hopefully the different views from the three partners allow us to provide the consumers with something they like.

There are a lot of MMA clothing brands out there. What sets KNOXX apart from other clothing companies such as Tap Out, Sprawl, and Affliction?

We don't consider KNOXX a mma company since we do not manufacture or design leather goods like gloves, kick pads, headgear or any other protective gear. We also do not have GI's, rash guards, hand wraps, ankle supports or a large variety of fight shorts to be considered a mma clothing brand even though any of those mentioned items might be made in the future. We consider ourselves more of a design company that markets casual and sport apparel. All the brands you just mentioned are all very different and unique in their own aspect and if you look at our clothing I think our look is fairly different than theirs.
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I heard about Knoxx sponsoring events with the local hip hop station, Wild 94.9 and also with Bay Area DJs, DJ Ajaxx and DJ E Rock. How did that come about?

My partners and I are all music lovers and we listen to all genres of music so we want to support the DJs' that we relate to. We just feel that the DJs' are underrated when it comes to their work in the music industry so we want to be there to promote and support them. We currently support and sponsor four DJs' which are DJ Zhaldee, DJ E-Rock, DJ Ajaxx and DJ J-Boogie from Canada.
As for Wild 94.9, they are one of the radio stations that seem to support mma and they are usually at the local fight events like Strike force to help promote, take pictures ,and provide media coverage for those events. They were referred to us by DJ E-Rock and wanted to support KNOXX because they liked what we are about. We are very fortunate to have such a huge radio media company to support us. KNOXX currently designs their concert tee-shirts, their promo shirts, and their street team jackets and shirts. We also helping DJ E-Rock with his street wear clothing line that is coming out soon called Solid.
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How important is it to sponsor fighters?

Right now mma is still a fairly new sport and not everyone is watching it yet or know much about it. They are professional athletes just like football players, baseball players, basketball players, tennis players, golfers or any athlete of any mainstream sport but yet they are still fairly unrecognized or accepted. I think sponsoring a fighter is important because a lot of them are not making the type of money other professional athletes in other sports are making yet. Many of them have a job or numerous jobs while trying to train to become successful in their careers as a professional fighter which makes it really hard for them. KNOXX tries our best to support and sponsor our fighters to help them out in their mma career so they can be the best fighter possible. We also promote and market our fighters to increase their current fan base.

What is coming up for Knoxx?

There are many new things coming up for KNOXX. We are currently revamping our web site which we are hoping to be finished within a month. We are creating new designs and doing some shirts in collaboration with some skateboard companies and street wear companies. We are doing some shirt designs for many gyms in CA and working on marketing and more ways of promotions for KNOXX. There's probably a lot of other things I may have forgotten to mention but just be on the look out for a lot of new things from KNOXX soon. You can check out our photo gallery at http://gallery.knoxxgear.com to see some of the things we are up to.

Tell me about Alexia Lei and KNOXX's relationship with her.

Alexia Lei is a model and go-go dancer who is fairly well known in Southern California. She started her career as a model for the import car industry and because of her exotic beautiful looks, she quickly gained a huge fan base. Her popularity as an import model landed her great paying jobs dancing at clubs to help with the promotions of the venues. I was referred to Alexia Lei by my good friend Cora Linn that owns www.redkisses.com. I told her I was looking for a spokesmodel for KNOXX and I personally thought Alexia Lei was very attractive and I thought she would be perfect to represent KNOXX. KNOXX is also helping her with her own clothing line which will be coming out really soon called Ambition.

You know many MMA fighters and hang out with them often. Do you have a funny story or a story you would like to share with us?

I really don't care to share personal stories about the fighters' private lives. What I can say is that a lot of fighters are really cool down to earth guys. They are just like everyday people just like you and I but they are professional athletes that are paid to fight other people for a living. How the public perceive them inside the cage is probably totally different than how they really are outside the cage.

I know you used to train in Muay Thai. Are you still training in Muay Thai?

I'm currently not training at the moment since I was recovering from a leg injury. I'm pretty much almost all healed now but my hectic schedule is keeping me away from the gym. I know its probably self made excuses and I should get my butt back inside the gym. Its really hard to get back to the old training routine when I have taken such a long time off. I think I should try to get myself back inside the gym and train next week now that you mentioned it.

You have fought in the cage once. How did that come about and how did you do?

I never saw myself as a professional fighter nor did I ever want to be one. I trained for a little while and I just wanted to see how I would do inside the ring so I entered myself in a local event. I also wanted to just experience the feelings that a professional fighter would have when they are competing. Surprising, I did quite well and I loved the excitement and the feeling of the adrenaline rush so much that I started right away to train for my second event. I watched myself in the video of my fight and tried to analyze my mistakes and weaknesses and I trained 3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. Unfortunately two weeks before my second event I was in a sparring accident that injured me for a pretty long time. So that was the end of that one and soon right after that I decided to start KNOXX and I got way too busy.

Any plans to compete and fight in the cage in the future?

I don't think I have the motivation or the time to train enough to fight again in the future. I think I rather be a spectator now and just enjoy the sport.

Tap Out is a very successful MMA clothing company in the UFC. What makes them such a popular and successful company?

Tap Out has been out for a very long time now. I think they were the first company that supported the sport and they paid their dues. I think Spike's Ultimate Fighter season one finale was what made them popular with the fans.

KNOXX clothing is for the "renegade lifestyle." Please define "renegade lifestyle."

Our clothing is inspired by what we call the Renegade Lifestyle. We
thought about what would still be considered a renegade in our current
society What came to the forefront were fighters, DJs, models, skateboarders, surfers, artists, Go-Go dancers, and extreme sport athletes. All these occupations were frowned upon by our parents which was followed by a slap upside the head.KNOXX creates and designs products for people that want to be
different, dare to stand out, and also look good living life.

How did you come up with the name"KNOXX" for your clothing line?

My partners and I wanted a name that is unique and can be easily found when you type KNOXX on the web search engines. It also resembles the word "knocks" like how a fighter can knock out his opponent or how a DJ makes his beats knock. It really doesn't have a real meaning and its just a name of our brand.

You have been to many mma events. What was your favorite event that you have attended and why?

I personally enjoy a lot of the smaller local fight events in Northern California because you see how the excitement is from the friends and families of the fighters that are competing. I've been to all the Strike Force MMA events and I love them because they put on great shows with great fighters.

What is your prediction for the August 25th UFC championship fight between Randy Couture and Gabriel Gonzaga?

I'm a fan of Randy Couture and I respect him for all the things he has accomplished for himself and the sport. I would go with Couture as my prediction.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions and giving fans insight and information on KNOXX and mma.

You're welcome. It's been fun and I enjoyed it. Thanks for the support!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Update and Interview Update

DWW will be at AtnT Park next week as Barry Bonds pursues Home Run #755 and 756. First the All Star Game and now Bonds' chase to be the Home Run King. San Franciso fans have been very lucky these past few weeks.

Look out for interviews with the creator of the Knoxx Gear clothing line Damon Gee and LSU defensive lineman Marlon Favorite next week. DWW still working on more interviews with the movers and shakers in the entertainment world.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Tidbits

  • Both Hermes Franca and UFC champion Sean Sherk who fought in a five round battle on July 7 have been suspended for one year due to failed drug tests after their fight.
  • Barry Bonds hit a monster Home Run vs the Cubs this afternoon as he nears Aaron's record. He had 2 homers and six rbis as the Giants lost again.
  • Milwaukee and Chicago both win this afternoon. This is one of the more exciting races this year in baseball.
  • Houston Rockets resign Steve Francis. Yao Ming and Franchise are reunited once again.
  • Look out for interviews soon from movers and shakers in the sports,music,and entertainment world.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Worst Team in Baseball

The San Francisco Giants are the worst team in baseball. This team is pathetic and there is no hope for the near future unless you think Kevin Frandsen is the second coming of Ryne Sandberg or Freddie Lewis will be the next Ricky Henderson. What ever happened to Lance Niekro and Travis Ishikawa? Merkin Valdez anyone? Nothing is worst than a team that is not just bad but also utterly boring.This team is as exciting to watch as watching paint dry. Without Barry Bonds in the lineup, this team is a disaster. Ray Durham and Ryan Klesko batting cleanup instills fear among no pitcher. Matt Cain is 3-11 this season and the Giants bats stay quiet each time he is on the mound. What did he do to tick off all of the hitters? I suggest Cain go apologize and make amends for any transgressions or he might be looking at a 20 loss season. Name one Giant position player besides Bonds who you would pay to watch. You would have to be a sadist to want to watch Dave Roberts misjudge balls off the bat time after time in center field or seeing Ryan Klesko play first base. Losing teams like the Devil Rays and Royals have hope. The Devil Rays are one of the more exciting teams in baseball that no one knows about. B.J. Upton and Carl Crawford are a talented duo and pitcher Scott Kazmir is a ace in waiting. Royals fans see hope in Alex Gordon and Billy Butler. The Washington Nationals even have hope and everyone will rejoice when their new stadium debuts next season. What do Giants fans have to look forward to? How about six more years of Barry Zito?

When does Football Season Start?

That question is what you hear from every Bay Area sports fan these days. Both the Gigantes and A's are toiling near last place and embarrassing the Bay Area. The A's have an excuse though as their season got out of whack due to unlucky injuries. They lost their closer and then their setup man in a matter of weeks and their big free agent signee Mike Piazza got hurt. Eric Chavez has been battling nagging injuries all year as well. But you can't fault GM Billy Beane for trying to improve his club for the future by trading Jason Kendell to the Cubs and allowing Kurt Suzuki to start and call every game behind the plate. Suzuki looks to have a very bright future and I look forward to seeing him progress throughout the rest of this season. Some of you may recall him as being one of the top players on the Cal State Fullerton baseball team.

As for the San Francisco Giants, there is nothing to look forward to but the end of September. By that time, most of the veterans on the team should have been traded. Key word is "should." You never know what GM Brian Sabean might do between now and July 31, the trading deadline. I know that if I was doing as bad a job as he has done lately, I would be fired from my job. Peter Magowan decided to reward Sabean with a 2 year extension much to the dismay of every Giants fan. I was at the Fan Fest last week and saw Sabean with his two sons. Giants fans were screaming at him and calling for his head. Rumors were circulating that the reason the Giants gave him an extension was because they could not find a better person for the job. How about hiring Kim Ng, the assistant GM of the hated Dodgers? What a coup that would be. With the hiring of Ng, the Giants would have the first female GM in sports and also the first Asian GM. Don't think that Ng is qualified? She was featured in Baseball America as one of "Ten to Watch" and is considered one of the most influential people in baseball. Look at the Dodgers minor league stars and prospects and you can tell she has done a great job. As for the Giants, you can kiss this season goodbye and maybe 2008 also. Will Bonds return and will Magowan dangle big money in front of Alex Rodriguez? Only time will tell. But for now, all we can ask in the Bay Area is, "when does football season start?"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Welcome to D Wizzle's World - Introduction

Hello and thanks for checking out D Wizzle's World. This website got started because people are sick and tired of hearing and reading about sports and entertainment from a fat, out of shape senior citizen who doesn't want to retire because he still wants to earn his paycheck. Yes, you know who you are. D WIZZLE's WORLD is a true breath of fresh air. This is no holds barred commentary which will speak the truth. As the hip hop generation would say, " D Wizzle keeps it real." Tired of your local sports and entertainment columnist? So am I. Who isn't tired of the 50 year old obnoxious columnists who rant and rave and are still using typewriters? This is 2007.

D Wizzle's World is live. And DWW will not hold anything back. Look for tough commentary daily and also in depth and aggressive interviews from the movers and shakers in this world.

All Star Game Picture +Music Slideshow

Slideshow of my pictures from July 10 MLB All Star Game.
Got some good shots of the Red Sox, Bonds, Ichiro, Lou Seal, Grady Sizemore, and Victor Martinez and son.

Ten Seconds with Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano was at the MLB Fan Fest in San Francisco signing autographs and promoting her new jewelry line "Touch." A fan waiting in line said " I go to a baseball fan fest and all I get is an autograph from an actress!!!"
I remember her as Samantha Miceli from "Who's The Boss" and also seeing her in Melrose Place. Security was at its worst that day. Two fat women were controlling the line and screaming to everyone that if we dared take a picture of the lovely Alyssa, our precious cameras would be confiscated and we would be removed from the line. Everyone had a good time making fun of the rude and scary women guards as we waited to worship Alyssa at her alter. Please notice the sarcasm! My brief moment with Alyssa consisted of her asking my name and saying "take care" and I told her to take care as well lol.