Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Welcome to D Wizzle's World - Introduction

Hello and thanks for checking out D Wizzle's World. This website got started because people are sick and tired of hearing and reading about sports and entertainment from a fat, out of shape senior citizen who doesn't want to retire because he still wants to earn his paycheck. Yes, you know who you are. D WIZZLE's WORLD is a true breath of fresh air. This is no holds barred commentary which will speak the truth. As the hip hop generation would say, " D Wizzle keeps it real." Tired of your local sports and entertainment columnist? So am I. Who isn't tired of the 50 year old obnoxious columnists who rant and rave and are still using typewriters? This is 2007.

D Wizzle's World is live. And DWW will not hold anything back. Look for tough commentary daily and also in depth and aggressive interviews from the movers and shakers in this world.

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