Sunday, May 22, 2016

IKF Legends Muay Thai Championship Videos and Pics

The IKF kickboxing event held in San Francisco at the Civic Center on May 21, 2016 was filled with lots of action-packed fights. The event was called "Legends Muay Thai Championship."

You can click on the link below for all of the videos.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor

UFC fighter Nate Diaz was supposed to sign autographs from 4 to 5pm today but he showed up at 5:20pm and the mall was in the middle of a power outage so he had to sign posters in the dark. The line was very long and on two floors. The good news is that the crowd behaved for the most part and every fan got to meet Nate and get his autograph.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 6 NFL FanDuel Cheat Sheet and Advice

I did not win any money in Week 5 of the NFL but I almost won 1st place in a FanDuel GPP two weeks ago. I would have won it all with a Mark Ingram touchdown vs. the Cowboys but the ref reviewed the touchdown and called it back.

It was a true heartbreak but life goes on and I realize the refs are a part of the game.

Who expected Josh McCown to help a guy win a GPP last week?

I would not want any part of McCown this week though against a great Denver defense.

QBs: I have had Aaron Rodgers in lineups every week and it hasn't paid off yet but I will definitely have him in some lineups this week against the Chargers defense.

The Chargers have given up 28, 24, 31,27, and 24 points so far in 5 games. You can expect the  Packers will get over 24 points this week and I am banking on Rodgers to have a part in that.

Colin Kaepernick is a cheap QB this week and he goes up against a bad Ravens pass D at home. 

RBs: How can I not select Arian Foster in my lineup this week against a Jaguars defense that allowed Doug Martin to have a monster game last week?

Eddie Lacy should be a good pick this weekend too against the lowly Chargers run defense. The Chargers give up 5.1 yards per rush and Lacy will run through them for a few touchdowns.

Detroit has given up 8 TDs to RBs this season so Matt Forte has a great chance to get one TD this week as well.

WRs:  You may have heard that Sammy Watkins is demanding the ball and wants more than 10 targets per game. This doesn't mean he will get his wish though as the Bills don't have a great passing QB right now on the roster. Watkins is cheap though at 6300 and worth a flyer on a GPP lineup.

I have Kap in a few GPP lineups and I am pairing him up with either Torrey Smith or Anquan Bouldin. Bouldin is 6200 and I like both WRs.

TEs: I got burned last week with Rob Gronkowski but I am taking him again this week because I expect him to have a monster game and hopefully two TDs against the Colts.

Ks: I like Stephen Gostkowski this week since I expect the Pats to be in the red zone often.

D: I got to roll with the Jets here against the lowly Redskins and Kirk Cousins.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

NFL Week 4 FanDuel Cheat Sheet

How do you win a FanDuel NFL GPP Tournament? I don't know because I never won it yet. I have won MLB, NBA, and NCAA Football GPP tournaments but never an NFL one so far in my DFS career.

Two weeks ago, I took down a NCAA Football GPP tourney on FanDuel and it was very stressful and exciting. I still have not mastered NFL GPPs yet but here is a Week 4 cheat sheet and you can fade me or take my advice. I suggest you do the former since I suck at NFL DFS.

I'll be updating this blog as I continue to study up for tomorrow's games.

O Lines with injuries:


Defenses that I want to target:
Arizona: They play the Rams at home and since the Cardinals will have the better offense, I expect the Rams to play from behind and that means more passes and more chances of sacks and INTs from Nick Foles.

Green Bay:  Dom Capers has never shut down Kap but this is not the Kap from the past. I expect Kap to play better than last week though because he is at home and the O Line should play better too.

 Carolina: I don't like to play a D that is on the road but the Panthers play against the lowly Bucs. Winston is still a rookie QB.

Aaron Rogers: Rogers should throw for at least 2 TDs today but what if the game is a blowout?
I have Drew Brees in some of my LUs as well as Carson Palmer today but I also like Cam Newton since he can run for TDs too.

David Carr and Andy Dalton are cheap and I like these guys a lot. KC is playing on the road for the second straight week and coming off a Monday night game too.

Peyton Manning is at 8200 and he goes up against a Vikings secondary that has 0 interceptions. The Broncos can't run so I like Manning today at his price.

WRs: I really love Percy Harvin today. He's cheap and he's a big play WR with speed. I have Harvin in many of my LUs.

Julio Jones is in almost all my LUs today!

Amari Cooper is also a big fave of mines today but I also got Crabtree in some LUs. The Bears defense is not that talented.

Larry Fitzgerald will be highly owned but it could be a Michael Floyd or John Brown day in Arizona.

I feel a lot of #2 WRs will have breakout games today so don't just pick the WR studs. Show some love perhaps to Marvin Jones and Torrey Smith.

RBs: I don't think Lynch will play Monday so I have Thomas Rawls as a sleeper.

Melvin Gordon is cheap but the Chargers have a bad O Line. Does this matter against the Browns?

I don't want any Adrian Peterson today because he's against the Broncos and his salary does not justify me selecting him unless I think he will score 2 TDs and get over 150 yards.

Matt Forte is a better expensive RB pick since he catches balls as well and the Raiders defense is not very good.

Who would want the Broncos RBs after 3 games? The O line is in shambles but if you get Anderson, he will not be highly owned and he could get a TD or two in the goaline.

Friday, September 11, 2015

FanDuel Thoughts and Tips for 9/11/15

Royals at Orioles

Left handed hitters are hitting .343 off of Wright

Blue Jays at Yankees

Tulo is 4 for his last 30.

Brewers at Pirates

Nelson gave up one run and four hits to beat the Pirates at home on 9/1.

He is 4-1 with a 1.72 ERA against the Pirates in five starts this season.

Lefties are hitting .300 against him and righties are only hitting .198.

Braun is 12 for his last 27 and 8 for 23 off of Morton.

Tigers at Indians

Carlos Santana has six homers off of Verlander but just 11 for 50 overall.

Anderson beat the Tigers in his last start by going 7 innings and giving up 0 runs and two hits.

Miggy Cabrera is 5 for his last 26 and batting .192.

Cardinals at Reds

Lackey's road ERA is 4.12 compared to his home ERA which is 2.01.  Joey Votto has two homers off of Lackey.

Lorenzen is giving up a lot of hits to lefties and they are hitting .325 off of him.

Nats at Marlins

Gonzalez gave up no runs and had 10 ks in his last start vs. Atlanta.

Escobar is 13 for his last 25 but he has been sick and might not play.

Harper is 10 for his last 23.

Cole Gillespie is 14 for 37 vs. lefties. Dee Gordon is batting .343 vs lefties and Marcell Ozuna is batting .342.

Martin Prado is 32 for 99 vs. lefties.

Ichiro Suzuki is 23 for 77 off lefties and has hit Gio well in the past.

Red Sox at Rays

David Ortiz has two homers off Archer and is 7-20 lifetime

Mets at Braves

Cespedes is 14 for his last 37 with 5 homers and 13 RBIs.

Wisler is letting lefties hit .340 off of him.

As at Rangers

Prince Fielder is 5-9 with a homer off of Chavez but he is 2 for his last 22. He is a bargain though tonight at $2700 and playing at home vs. Chavez.

Chavez has given up 18 homers and 14 of them were to lefties.

Colby Lewis has 14 wins but a 4.68 ERA.  He has given up 24 homers.

Beltre is 2 for his last 27.

I will have a stack of 4 Rangers in one LU tonight.

Twins at White Sox

Johnson has given up two homers to lefties.

Dodgers at Dbacks

Gonzalez is  4 for his last 20.

Astros at Angels

David Freese is 8-16 off of Keuchel.

Keuchel is 4-6 with a 3.35 ERA on the road.

Rockies at Mariners

Righties hit better off of Bettis than lefties.

Trumbo and Seager have been on fire for the Mariners.

Charlie Blackmon is 3 for his last 24.

Padres at Giants

Buster Posey is 10 for 20 vs Cashner

13 of the 18  homers Cashner has given up have been to lefties.

Justin Upton is 7 for 14 off of Peavy.

Cubs at Phillies

Asher has been smashed in his first two MLB starts.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FanDuel Tips and Thoughts for 9/8/15

I will be updating this blog throughout the day with my thoughts and tips.

Daniel Murphy is 20 for 59 with 4 homers against Jordan Zimmermann.

Bryce Harper is 0-17 with 7 strikeouts against Matt Harvey.

David Ortiz is 9-28 with 3 homers against RA Dickey.

Jay Bruce is 1 for 18  vs. Liriano.

Melky Cabrera is 7 for 15 vs. Carrasco with a homer.

Jason Heyward is 9 for 16 vs. Hammel

Johnny Peralta is 9 for 23 with two homers off Hammel.

Starlin Castro is 8 for 17 vs. Wacha

Anthony Rizzo is 7 for 17 off Wacha with one homer.

Albert Pujols is 10-23 off Kershaw but no homers.

Logan Morrison is 10-25  vs. Cole Hamels

Pitcher Report:

Kershaw is $13,700 so this means you would only have $2663 left on average for your eight hitters. Is Kershaw worth his price tag tonight?

Kershaw did throw 132 pitches against the Giants in his last outing.

Gausman has a 6.28 ERA on the road.

Sonny Gray has lost his last four starts and gave up six runs to the Angels in his last start.

Hot Bats:

Mookie Betts  11 for last 21

Buster Posey 12 for last 24

Kyle Seager 10 for last 20

Cespedes 16 for last 33

Adam Eaton 13 for last 27

Cold Bats:

Adam Jones 3 for last 23

Brian Dozier 4 for last 28

Edwin Encarnacion 3 for last 20

Melky Cabrera 5 for last 30

Troy Tulowitzki 5 for last 30

Anthony Rendon 6 for last 29

Miguel Sano has struck out 14 times in his last 24 ABs

Bargain hitters:

Brandon Guyer $2400

Guyer mashes lefties and I like him at his price tag going up against a lefty.

Domingo Santana $3200

Santana isn't cheap but I will roster him in some LUs over Braun since Braun is $4800.

Santana is 9 for his last 21.

Jean Segura is $2600 and is 11 for last 30 and gets to face an average lefty tonight.

Angel Pagan is $2900 and is 9 for his last 25 and gets to hit in a hitters' ballpark in Arizona tonight.

Matt Duffy is also $2900 and is 9 for his last 30 and faces an average pitcher at Chase Field.

Johnny Peralta is only $2200 and has had good numbers against Hammel. It might rain in St Louis tonight though.
UPDATE: Peralta is out of the LU for today.

Mikie Mahtook is a Rays outfielder who is $2300 and batting 2nd tonight. I have him in some of my LUs with Kershaw.

Aaron Altherr at $2900 vs. a Braves rookie seems like a good pick as well.

Pitchers I like:

I got LUs with Kershaw, Raisel Iglesias, Aaron Nola, Matt Harvey, and Cole Hamels.

Friday, September 4, 2015

FanDuel MLB Thoughts and Tips for September 4th

I will be updating this throughout the day with more thoughts and tips.

Last night Carlos Gonzalez had two homers but was 1 for 17 lifetime against Ryan Vogelsong. This shows you that the whole batter vs. pitcher angle doesn't mean that much sometimes.

It's good information to have but you have to use it wisely. Don't pick a player just because a hitter did well in small sample sizes.

Batter vs. Pitcher

Brian McCann is 10 for 16 vs. Jake Odirizzi with two homers. How many of you will roster McCann because of these stats?

Bryce Harper is 9-21 against Julio Teheran with two homers and Jose Lobaton is 7-13 with two homers.

Jose Bautista is 2 for 29 against Ubaldo Jimenez. Does this mean you shouldn't roster Jose tonight?

Josh Donaldson is 2 for 15, Edwin Encarnacion is 6 for 30, and Justin Smoak is 2 for 20. Russell Martin is no better and is 9 for 37 against Ubaldo.

Jay Bruce is 11 for 30 with 3 homers off Matt Garza and Todd Frazier is 6 for 19 with 3 homers.

Skip Schumaker is 8 for 19 off of Garza but Schumaker is such a bad hitter right now.

Brandon Moss is 6 for 8 lifetime vs. JA Happ and Mark Reynolds is 0-16.

Gregory Polanco is 8 for 11 against Carlos Martinez.

Charlie Blackmon is 5 for 9 vs. Chris Heston with two homers and DJ LeMathieu is 6 for 9.

Best stacks:

Which game will be the highest-scoring game tonight? I'm looking at hitters' ballparks and I see a lot of runs being scored in Cincy when Garza of the Brewers takes on Sampson of the Reds.

You can make a case always in Coors where Heston of the Giants goes up against De la Rosa.

Heston relies on a sinker though and he could be effective in that ballpark with his pitches. De la Rosa pitches well at home too.

Orioles at Toronto sounds like a duel between great home run hitters on both teams.

Which pitchers do you want to stack against?

I am looking at Pelfrey of the Twins, Hutchison of the Blue Jays, and Sampson of the Reds.

As vs. Mariners:

I would target Valencia, Phegley, and Lawrie since they all hit lefties very well. Marcus Semien is also a good batter vs. lefties.

None of the Mariners have ever hit against Aaron Brooks.

Indians vs. Tigers

Michael Brantley, Francisco Lindor, Jerry Sands, Giovanny Urshula, and Jason Kipnis are good hitters to roster against average lefties like Lobstein.

Ryan Raburn and Carlos Santana might be good hitters to have tonight as well.

Alex Avila has two homers off of Tomlin, Miggy Cabrera is 4 for 9 with a homer, and Ian Kinsler is 5 for 10.

Pirates vs. Cardinals

Randall Grichuk, Mark Reynolds, Brandon Moss, and Johnny Peralta are your targets here against Happ. Peralta has 9 homers against lefties already this season.

Phillies vs. Red Sox

Rusney Castillo, Xander Bogarts,  and Mookie Betts are the best bets against a lefty like Morgan.

Giants vs. Rockies

You can't go wrong with Buster Posey, Andrew Susac, and Marlon Byrd when they take on lefties. Matt Duffy hasn't hit well against lefties but he's getting better at it. Angel Pagan is back from his injury and he has a proven track record vs. lefties as well.

Heston doesn't pitch as well against  left-handed hitters so target the Rockies who bat from the left side here. 

White Sox vs. Royals

Lorenzo Cain smashes lefties so he is in play tonight as one of your three outfielders.Kendrys Morales, Eric Hosmer, and Cain are the top three in hits against lefties in 2015.

Rangers vs. Angels

Mike Trout is a good target here at $4300. CJ Cron is also a good hitter against lefties this season.
Aybar has 38 hits vs. lefties. Shane Victorino is 3 for 3 against Perez.

Hottest hitters:

DJ Lemathiu   14 for 30

Didi Gregorious  14 for 24

Ryan Zimmerman 13 for 28 with 5 homers

Nolan Arenado 13 for 34 with 4 homers

Buster Posey 12 for last 25

Kyle Seager 12 for last 26

Joey Votto 11 for last 20

Charlie Blackmon 12 for last 34

Stephen Piscotty 12 for last 27

The pitchers I am starting tonight are Jacob degrom, Josh Tomlin, Aaron Brooks, Colin McHugh, and Mike  Bolsinger. I also have some rosters with Luis Severino. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

MLB Player Cheat Sheet for DFS and FanDuel and DraftKings

San Diego Padres:

Matt Kemp: only 3 homers vs. lefties
Justin Upton:
Derek Norris: Has hit against lefties throughout his career
Jedd Gyorko: has hit lefties a little better in his career

San Francisco Giants

Posey:  hits lefties very well
Susac: hits lefties a lot better than righties
Marlon Byrd:  over .300 vs. lefties and only .221 vs righties
Matt Duffy: struggles against lefties
Nori Aoki: batting .347 vs. lefties

FanDuel MLB Batter vs. Pitcher stats and Hot and Cold hitters for 8/31/15

 Red Sox

David Ortiz is 8- 22 vs. Nova with a homer

De Aza is 7-10 with a homer


Ellsbury is 4-7 vs. Rodriguez with two homers

A rod is 3-6 with one homer


Logan Forsythe is 7-22 with 3 homers off Chen

Daniel Nava is 7-16

Longoria 9-31

Guyer is 5-16


Pearce 3-8 with two HRs

Chris Davis 4-010 with a HR

Manny Machado 6-16

Adam Jones 2-20


Cruz is 6-12 with 2 HRs off of Keuchel

Cano is 2-16

Trumbo is 5-10 with 2 HRs


Werth is 6-12 vs. Lackey with one HRs

Escobar is 10-27


Alonso is 8 for his last 19

Solarte is 3 for his last 25


Adrian Gonzalez is 4 for his last 21

Grandal is 0 for his last 10

Turner 3 for his last 20

Rollins 4 for his last 23

Pederson is 5 for his last 47

Ethier is 5 for his last 11


Arenado 2 for his last 19 but all have been on the road

Ben Paulsen is 7 for his last 19

Brandon Barnes 6 for his last 14


Inciarte is 11 for his last 28

Peralta is 11 for his last 25


Adonis Garcia is 10 for his last 26

Swisher is 2 for his last 17

Markakis is 10 for his last 26

Friday, August 28, 2015

FanDuel 8/27 Night and early slate recap

The winner of the six game slate at night had 71 points and stacked four Mets along with Jim Ross to win all the money.

The top three winners all had a different combination of a Mets stack. Is stacking the way to go? It is apparently if you want to win a GPP tourney on FanDuel!

I lost money with my LUs even though I had Joe Ross or Gerritt Cole as my pitchers.

Cruz was 5000, Harper and Cutch were both 4900 and they were my three outfielders and they ended up with 0, 2.75, and 3.75 points.

It's probably not wise to pick the three most expensive OFs and expect them to all hit homers in the same night.

I had a Cardinals stack which won me $5 but none of their hitters did all that great against De la Rosa in Arizona.

The five-game morning GPP tourney had five games and most of them were very low-scoring until the last game in San Francisco.

The first place winner had 61 points and had Greinke with 20 points and of course Kelby Tomlinson with 10.5 points. Kelby was only owned by 2% in the GPP while Chase Utley at 2300 was owned by
a whopping 41%! Utley only had 2.75 points!

So the 2nd place winner had Smoak and Martin of the Blue Jays and they gave him 0 points since they didn't start or play against the Rangers. This winner was still about to win $1000 and 2nd place!

I was in 83rd place and won $20 in one LU and won $67 overall.

My regrets are taking Grandal with -1 point  after being rusty and coming off the DL, taking Will Veneable at 2900 over Delino Deshields,  making a LU with Trout, Bautista, and Donaldson and once again, it doesn't work as they all struggled,  and not taking a flyer on a guy like Paulo Orlando who hit a homer.

Orlando hit a homer off flyball pitcher Chris Tillman while I had someone like Shane Victorino who did nothing.

I also regret not having a giants stack with Tomlinson or Aoki even though I knew that Dan Haren was a bad pitcher.

8/18 Recap

Ended up ranked 127th and winning 25 bucks with Vogelsong with 15 points as my pitcher.

Had 63.75 points and stacked 3 Nats on the road against the Rockies but regret not taking Schwwerber over Posey as my catcher as Scherber hit a homer and had 9 points while Posey had 0.

Winner had 77 points and stacked 4 Tigers and 3 Nats.

8/19 Recap

Early slate had five games.  Winner picked a roster from only two games. He picked Holland of Texas as his pitcher and had 3 Rangers' hitters and 5 hitters from the Marlins/Brewers game which ended up with a score of 8-7.

8/20 Recap

Winner had a roster with De la Rosa with 12 points as his pitcher and stacked hitters from the Tigers and Cubs even though Jon Lester was pitching for the Cubs. He also had two hitters from the Astros. With DE la rosa only at 6400, he had  space to get quality hitters.

8/21 Recap

Won $60 by being ranked in 50th place with 79 points and the winner had 90.

Winner had Eickhoff  at 3000 with 15 points and had a Rockies Stack as well as Cespedes with 28 points.  Cespedes was 4900 so he was only 4% owned.

I had Flores at 5000 instead of Eickhoff and he was owned by 2% of the crowd. Eickohff was owned by 8%.

8/23 Recap

Winner had 84 points and Verrett as his SP and he was owned by a mere 1.4%!  Only $3000 too!
Verrett struck out 8 Rockies and had 19 points.  The winner had Grandal as his catcher and Grandal did not even play.

8/25 recap

Winner had 93 points with a combination of hitters from The Astros and Indians. THe Aastros had 15 runs and the Indians had 11.

8/27 Recap Early slate with 5 games
Winner had 61 points with Greinke as his pitcher with 20 points.  Kelby Tomlinson sealed his win with a grand slam and had 10.5 points and was 2.6% owned. Most DFS players had Chase Utley as their 2B.

His OFs were all cheap and were $2400 and two Giants were $2500 in Byrd (9.5 points and a homer off Haren) and Aoki (6.5 points).  Ethier was his other OF.  Aoki and byrd were owned by 11% and 5% respectively.

2nd place winner had two Blue Jays who had 0 points since they didn't start or play!  He had Delino Deshields Jr. with 7 points and only was 3% owned.

Puig was cheap at 2700 and was 30% owned but only had 1 point.

8/29 Recap with 3 games
Winner had 63 points with DeGrom as his pitcher and he was 40% owned.
 The top winners all had Kevin Kiermaier on their team and he had 9 points thanks to a homer. $2600 and 4.9% owned.

8/30 Recap

Winner had 91 points on a full slate of games and the Yankees scored 20 runs off Atlanta so he had a Yankees stack.

8/31  Monday night late night 3 games Recap

Winner had 61 points and 48% Tyson Ross led the way.  Posey was 64% owned and had  3.25 points.

Mike Trout was 80% owned and had 1 point!  Mark Canha was 8% owned and had 10.5 points and a homer off a reliever.

I didn't have Canha because his stats showed he doesn't hit well vs. lefties but Santiago left early and the Angels' reliever gave up the homer.

I had Jake Peavy and Colby Lewis as my pitchers but those guys just don't last long and they don't strike out enough hitters.

9/2 3 game early slate

I had 61 points and was ranked 228th but the winner had 73.75 points and had Heaney with 14 points as his pitcher. Sonny Gray got rocked against the Angels.

I had Jason Hammel with 5 points as my pitcher in some LUs and he just doesn't strike out enough guys to warrant a start. Raisel Iglesias was a better pitcher to start since he has better pure stuff and strikes out guys.

Chris Coughlan was 33% owned at 2B and had 0.25 points and Stephen Drew was 11% owned and had 11 points.

The Yankees and Red Sox game ended up 13-8.

FanDuel GPP Tournament Thoughts and Tips for 8/28/15

I won about $33  in the early GPP tournament yesterday morning but lost $10 in the evening tourney even though I had Joe Ross as my pitcher in most of my LUs.

Clayton Kershaw is $13,000 tonight and that means you would only have $2750 left on average for the eight hitters you have to roster.  The Cubs just lost to another stud lefty in Bumgarner and now they have to face Kershaw.

I have Kershaw in one of my LUs already and my most expensive hitter is Choo at $3200.

There's a bunch of aces going tonight and I don't want any hitters from the opposing teams.

Do you really want any Braves against Tanaka or any Marlins against Scherzer?

I'll be reluctant to have any Giants' hitters against Wacha or any Cubs against Kershaw.

Batter vs. Pitcher

If you are into ownage and batter vs. pitcher stats, Austin Jackson is 23 for 52 with 3 homers lifetime against John Danks!

Marlon Byrd was 14 for 33 against Dan Haren with a few homers and Byrd hit a 3 run homer against Haren yesterday afternoon.

Byrd is 0 for 13 against Wacha. Does this mean we should not roster Byrd?

Thursday, August 27, 2015

FanDuel MLB tips and thoughts for 8/27/15

Six games tonight.

How many will be on Andrew McCutchen? I hate having players with high ownership but I love it when these star players don't play well and go 0-4 and an obscure and cheap player gets two homers such as Kris Davis.

I like Trayce Thompson of the White Sox at $3000 since he has mashed lefties since he has arrived from the minors.

Adam Eaton is at $3400 and I feel his salary should be about $2800 because he is just not a good hitter this season. Eaton only has 10 homers and 33 RBIs.

Jason Heyward and some of the other lefty hitters of St.Louis will be hitting against Rubby De La Rosa tonight and Rubby has given up a lot of hits and homers to lefties all season. I like Carpenter and Wong tonight as well.

If you want to load up on a stack of Pirates, I like Marte, Cutch, and Cervelli.

I am taking Bryce Harper in my LUs instead of Cutch though because I feel Cutch will be owned more.

Gerritt Cole and Joe Ross will be my top two pitchers in LUs tonight. Cole faces the lowly Marlins and Ross is at home against the Padres.

You might not go wrong with Carlos Rodon as your starter since he has been striking out a lot of hitters lately and has had success against the Mariners' bats.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

MLB FanDuel Thoughts and Tips for 8/27/15 Early morning GPP Tournaments

There's 5 games scheduled this morning and I love morning/afternoon GPP tourneys. The reason I like them so much is because I have found a lot of success playing these tourneys with 3 to 6 games.

There will be high ownership on a lot of hitters and pitchers unlike when there are 15 games scheduled.

What other pitcher are you going to take besides Bumgarner or Greinke? It seems too obvious but your pitcher decision is basically deciding which pitcher to select.

I tend to like to go with the pitcher playing at home.

If you want to be contrarian, Randy Wolf is at 4700.

I expect the Dodgers to beat the Reds, Angels to beat Detroit, Giants to beat the Cubs, Toronto to beat the Rangers, and the Orioles/Royals game could go either way.

I want to load up on hitters on teams that I think will win that day.

Josh Donaldson has been at 6200 lately on FanDuel and that's just too expensive for most DFS players.

If you are into Batter vs. Pitcher stats, here are some hitters that you should target.

Joey Votto is 12 for 27 against Greinke with 3 homers

Albert Pujols is 12 for 42 vs. Wolf with 3 homers

Starlin Castro is 10-24 vs MadBum

Troy Tulowitzki is 11-24  vs. Gallardo with a homer

Marlon Byrd is 14 for 33 vs. Dan Haren with 3 homers

Here's my thoughts on some of the other starters -

Matt Shoemaker at 7600: Shoemaker is not an ace like MadBum or Greinke but he pitched well in his one start in the minors and his confidence should be high coming into this start.

Shoemaker also has a lot to prove after being demoted. I could see him going 7 innings and striking out 7 hitters and getting the win in Detroit. How many will have Shoemaker over Greinke and MadBum? Not many.

Dan Haren is at 6600 and is going up against MadBum. Haren doesn't strike out too many batters and he's been struggling of late. Haren has had good success against the Giants in the past and I am sure he enjoys pitching at AT&T Park.

Yordano Ventura is very reasonable at 8200 and he is at home where he pitches a lot better and going up against the Orioles who can strike out a lot.

Randy Wolf is the cheapest pitcher at 4700 but he will give up some runs and won't get that many strikeouts. You can pick up Bautista and Donaldson and Encarnacion with Wolf as your pitcher but is that really smart?

Hitters: Mike Trout at 5000 and I expect him to be about 45% owned in GPPs. He's going up against an average lefty in Wolf and he could hit a homer or two. Should you fade him? I might in some LUs and hope he doesn't get a homer or two.

Troy Tulowitzki at shortstop might be 50% owned! Buster Posey at catcher could be the same.

FanDuel MLB Tournament tips for 8/26/15

My thoughts for today -

Think Buster Posey finally breaks out of his slump tonight vs. Kyle Hendricks.

I have a lot of Chris Sale and Justin Verlander as my pitchers in my LUs.

I stacked the Brewers and Indians in one LU and I hope that is the highest scoring game tonight.

I am staying away from a Dodgers stack and I hope I don't regret it.

I stacked against Bartolo Colon, Rick Porcello, and Kyle Hendricks too.

I have a lot of Puig and Rendon and Braun in my LUs.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FanDuel MLB Preview for 8/25/15


Keuchel has a 3.65 ERA on the road compared to a 1.35 ERA at home.

Lefties are only batting .137 against him.

James Shields has a 4.75 ERA on the road and has given up 24 homers this year and 17 of them have been to a lefty. Shields has never faced Bryce Harper until tonight.

Stephen Strausburg struck out 12 Rockies in his last home start.  Justin Upton has two homers against him.

Noah Syndergard has given up at least one homer in his last four starts. He is 0-5 on the road with a 5.05 ERA.

Jerome Williams is one of the worst starting pitchers in MLB. He has given up 20 homer this season and 18 of them have been to right handed hitters.

Alfredo Simon threw a season high 116 pitches in his last start and pitched a one-hitter against the Rangers at home. He has given up 12 homers to lefties who hit a lot better off of him than righties.

Josh Tomlin pitched a gem in his last start at Yankees Stadium giving up only one earned run in 7 innings. Tomlin has pitched well since returning from the minors.

Chad Bettis makes his first start since July 18th.

Mike Foltynewicz has a 6.06 ERA and has given up multiple HRs in many starts.  He is bad against both right and left handed hitters.

John Lamb pitched against the Dodgers on August 14th and gave up five runs and eight hits.

Charlie Morton has struck out 30 batters in his last four starts. Morton gave up zero runs in his last start against the Giants. He does have a 5.48 ERA on the road.

Ervin Santana has given up multiple homers in many of his starts. The Rays have a lot of experience in hitting Santana. Cabrera, Jennings, Longoria, Jaso, and Sizemore all have homers off of Santana.

Derek Holland has given up two homers to Josh Donaldson in the past.

Jose Quintana is 7-10 but his ERA is 3.60.

Jamie Garcia has a 1.79 ERA.

Jesse Chavez has a 4.73 ERA on the road and Cano is 7-16 lifetime against him and Cruz has two homers off of him in the past.

Jake Arrieta has given up 0 runs in  3 of his last 4 starts.

Matt Cain is letting lefties hit .341 off him this season.

I don't have enough time today to talk about the hitters.

Which pitchers will I have in my LUs today?

I am taking Strausburg, Tomlin, Foltynewicz,  Weaver, and Morton.

My value hitters are Mike Morse $2200
John Jaso 2200
Chase Utley 2400
Kelly Johnson 2400
Evan Longoria 2600
Erik Aybar 2200
Puig 2700

FanDuel GPP Tournament Recap for 8/24/15

It's very important to recap and learn from previous FanDuel GPP tournaments in order to understand what it takes to construct a winning LU.

I had 10 entries last night and lost $10 as I only won money on  two entries.

27% ownership for Jacob deGrom and I was one of those suckers that had a lot of deGrom in my LUs.

deGrom ended up with negative points!

Some of the cheap salaried players that I told you guys I liked did very well. Players such as Trumbo, Suarez, Lagares, and  Flores  had great stat lines.

You wouldn't have won big money without Wilmer Flores in your LU.

Unfortunately I wasn't as good when selecting my pitchers. Besides deGrom, I selected Jorge de la Rosa of the Rockies and Felix Doubrant of the A's.

Iwakuma was the second most expensive pitcher and he only had 1.66 points and was 23% owned. It's not normal when the two aces of the night get clobbered.

I took Doubrant because he was only $5800 but he only got 6 points. De la Rosa gave me a measly 5 points against a bad Braves' offense.

Miggy Cabrera was expensive at $5400 and only had 4.75 points while Nelson Cruz at $5000 only had 1.25 points and was 18% owned.

I had a LU with a Reds stack but it didn't help me as I had deGrom as my pitcher.

The winner (ericjkle)  had 97 points and had Happ as his pitcher and he was 4% owned. Happ had 16 points as the Pirates beat the Marlins 5-2.

The first-place winner had lots of hitters from the Mets and Tigers/Reds game and those were two of the highest scoring games of the night.

Another top finisher had a Mets and Reds stack along with Eovaldi at $7800 as his pitcher.

Happ was only $6600 and I should have selected Happ over de la Rosa as my pitcher in some LUs since Happ played for a winning team who had a better chance to win that night.

The Rockies never hit as well on the road but I liked de la Rosa's chances against a weak Braves' offense better for some reason. Teheran was pitching for the Braves and he can be solid.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Early look at FanDuel GPP Tournaments for 8/24/15

9 games in the evening for Monday.

Some of the cheap value hitters I like tonight are Todd Frazier, Stephen Drew, Pablo Sandoval, Eugenio Suarez, Stephen Piscotty, Johnny Peralta, Mark Trumbo, Juan Lagares, Wilmer FLores, and Steve Clevenger.

All of the above hitters are very cheap and you need cheap hitters if you select deGrom as your pitcher.

The most expensive pitcher is Jacob deGrom at $11,700 vs. the Phillies. I expect a high ownership rate for deGrom.

I think deGrom could be owned by over 40% of the players in GPP tourneys.

Who else would you take over him? deGrom is the only ace on the mound and Iwakuma is at $9000 and facing the lowly A's.

There's a lot of average pitchers on the mound and hopefully that means there will be a lot of offense in most of the games.

The cheapest pitchers are in the Tigers/Reds game with Farmer at $4500 and Sampson at $5300. Does this mean we should expect a high-scoring game?

Eovaldi of the Yankees could be a sleeper pick since the Astros do strike out often and are not as good on the road. Eovaldi did throw a career high 120 pitches five days ago so that could affect him tonight.

Another sleeper pitcher is Jorge De la Rosa of the Rockies. The Braves are not a juggernaut on offense and if De la Rosa has the opportunity to pitch very well unless he loses command and starts to walk batters which is a good possibility as well.

The Cardinals go from San Diego to Arizona so I expect their hitters to be happy about that.

The Mets go from Coors to Citizens Park in Philly so I expect them to continue to hit.

The Pirates face a weak Marlins team but they had to travel late after their ESPN game tonight.

The Rockies go from Coors to Atlanta.

The Yankees, Marlins, Reds, and Mariners all are staying at home and continuing homestands so all their players should be well-rested.

If you want to stack three or four hitters in a LU, how about the Yankees against Feldman? Feldman has pitched very well of late but a lot of Yankees' hitters have had good success against him in the past.

Alex Rodriguez has two homers off Feldman and is 5-16 lifetime against him.

Farmer of the Tigers is just not a very good starting pitcher so I will have guys like Votto and Frazier in some of my LUs.

Tom Koheler of the Marlins has given up 13 homers to lefties this year so maybe you should load up on some Pirates such as Polanco.

Jeff Samardzija goes up against a red-hot Red Sox offense and Ramirez, Sandoval, and Ortiz have hit him well in the past.

Hot Batters:

Blake Swihart Red Sox Catcher - 7-11 in last 3 games

Xander Bogaerts - batting .321 in August

Sandoval has two homers off Samardzija and is 4-10 lifetime against the very tall pitcher.

Travis Shaw is batting .423 the last seven days going 11-23.

Jackie Bradley Jr. is batting .344 this month.

Rusney Castillo is batting . 367 this month with two homers.

David Ortiz has 6 homers this month.

Jacoby Ellsbury is 11 for his last 29.

Stephen Drew is 6-13 lifetime with two homers off Feldman.

Juan Lagares is batting .378 this month.

Wilmer Flores is on fire and batting .429 in the past week and also batting .306 vs. lefties this season.

Daniel Murphy is batting .338 this month and has had many multi-hit games.

Curtis Granderson has 6 homers in August and batting .391 in the last 7 days.

Cameron Rupp is 13 for his last 40 and is a better offensive threat than Carlos Ruiz for the Phillies at catcher.

Odubel Herrera is 8 for his last 20.

Andres Blanco is also hitting and batting .429 in the past week with four multi-hit games.

Jose Reyes is 10 for his last 25 but all those games were at Coors.

Ichiro Suzuki is batting .322 this month and is 4-7  against Happ

Dee Gordon is 11 for his last 27.

Cole Gillespie is 12 for 28 vs. lefties this year and facing Happ tonight.

Starling Marte is 12 for his last 32.

Gregory Polanco has 29 hits this month.

Wellington Castillo is 4-6 vs. Lynn with a homer.

A.J. Pollock is on a tear going 14 for his last 29. He is 4-14 lifetime against  Lynn.

Stephen Piscotty is 12-28 vs. lefties this year and Arizona as a lefty going tonight.

Steve Clevenger is batting .375 this month.

Jonathan Schoop is 27-79 this month.

Eric Hosmer is 9-26 vs. Jimenez with two homers.

Ben Zobrist is batting .342 this month.

Miggy Cabrera is 13 for his last 24.

Ian Kinsler is 12 for his last 28 and batting .369 in August.

Nelson Cruz is 5-11 vs. Doubrant and has 10 homers this month.

Brett Lawrie is 6-12 in his last few games.

Mark Canha is 13 for his last 24.

Cold Batters:

Hanley Ramirez is batting .182 this month and is 2 for his last 20.

Brian McCann is batting .197 this month.

Mark Teixeira is only batting .185 in August but has 3 homers.

Alex Rodriguez is really struggling in August with a .157 batting average and only 11 hits in 70 ABs.

Juan Uribe is batting .152 this month but has four homers.

Michael Bourn is 8 for his last 53.

Matt Carpenter is 1 for his last 21.

Kolton Wong is only 10 for 69 this month.

J.J. Hardy is batting .157 this month.

Jimmy Parades is only 4-34 in August.

Melky Cabrera is struggling this month but 4-8 lifetime vs. Kelly.

Jay Bruce is batting .138 this month.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

FanDuel MLB DFS Tips for 8/22/15

Last night in the GPP contests, the top winners all had Jerad Eickhoff as their pitcher and his price was only $3000 and he got 15 points.

Of course every winner had Cespedes in their LU too and he had 28.75 points.

I was rank in the top 60 in a GPP and won $60 with Kendry Flores as my pitcher. Flores was $5000 and if I had picked Eickhoff instead, I would have won $1000!

I probably would have won the GPP and $5,000 since I would have $2000 more in salary if I took Eickhoff over Flores. Talk about a huge blunder. I would have had more salary space to pick up a better 1b than Billy Butler!

No use to beat myself up over this but it gets frustrating when there's such a big difference in money. I usually have 10 to 15 entries in GPPs.

At the end of the night, I often win from two bucks to $40 bucks and on a good night, I can make from $50 to $100. If I end up losing money, it only is about 5 to ten bucks and I do end up breaking even often.

You might want to target batters in small ballparks tonight such as in Baltimore, Cincy,  Boston, Houston, and Colorado.

Which pitchers do you go against and stack four hitters tonight? I like to have a stack against
Delgado and Chris Rusin. Delgado will be on a pitch limit and hopefully the Reds can score some runs and get some hits and homers against the Arizona pitchers.

Let's go over all the positions on Saturday.

Pitchers -

Greinke $12,500
Gray $10,700
Martinez $10.400

These are the three most expensive pitchers. Martinez and Gray get to pitch against weak offenses in great pitching environments while Greinke is on the road in Houston but the Astros strike out a lot.

I don't like Martinez that much now as he has not been pitching like an ace and the Cardinals are no lock to win the game since their offense is struggling due to injuries and Ian Kennedy can pitch well against them.

The A's are no lock to beat the Rays too with Erasmo Ramirez on the mound but Gray should subdue their lineup.

I might want to take Greinke over these two pitchers since I know the Dodgers are motivated to hit after getting no-hit last night and Kazmir has shown cracks of late.

Cheaper alternatives are Yordano Ventura at $8300 and Kennedy at $7900. Do I really trust Ventura pitching on the road? I don't but I like the price tag and maybe he can do some damage against the Red Sox bats.

Carlos Rodon of the White Sox is cheap at $6800 and I like his strikeout potential. He struck out 11 Angels two starts ago and he could be a good cheap option vs. the Mariners.

I will have one LU with Joe Ross of the Nats at $7300. He has pitched better at home and he can get a lot of strikeouts against the Brewers.

There's a lot of cheap and bad pitchers today and I only like Randy Wolf at $4700 and Matt Barnes at $4600. Wolf is a Tiger now and he has a lot to prove coming from the minors. Wolf is 39 years old and it's his birthday so why not take a flyer on him against the Rangers? He might only get me 5 points but I would load up on expensive hitters and hope one of them hits 3 homers like Cespedes!

Barnes has swing and miss stuff and he had 7 strikeouts in his last start against the Indians. 

Catcher -

You should go cheap on catcher today since there's not a lot of quality hitting catchers tonight. Caleb Joseph is $3400 and that's too much for me. D'Arnaud is $3900 just because he's hitting at Coors.

Hundley at $3300 for the Rockies is on some of my LUs against the lefty Niese.

I also like Victor martinez batting cleanup today.

First Base -

There are so many expensive hitters at 1B. I like Joey Votto at home against a subpar pitcher in Delgado.

Second Base -

Dee Gordon is expensive at $4200 but he's on fire and I would pick him up if I could.

Third Base -

Josh Donaldson is at $5700 and I think I want to avoid him today even though he is up against a lefty. The price tag is just too high for me and I'll take my chances that he won't get multiple homers today off Heaney.

Arenado is $5100 but of his 30 homers, only two of them have come against a lefty and Niese is pitching for the Mets.

I might go with Uribe at $3400 and save some $.

Shortstop -

Tulo at $3800 seems affordable and he's up against a lefty but Heaney isn't a bad pitcher at all.

A bargain at $2400 might be Johnny Pererta of the Cardinals. Kennedy has given up 26 homers this season.

Outfielders -

Harper, Cargo, and Cespedes are all $4900. Which one is the best pick of the three?

Jay Bruce at $2800 is cheap but when will he ever hit a homer again or get some doubles? He is in a major slump.

AJ Pollock had a big night on Friday but at $4400, I don't like him today against DeSclafani. Desclafani is only 7-8 but he's a decent pitcher and not a gas can.

I hate AT&T: AT&T Customer Complaint about their lies, broken promises, and awful customer service

AT&T has the worst customer service. They resolved an issue I had with them and gave me $25 credit to my account and now they are saying they won't give me the credit.

I was promised the credit and now they don't honor their word to me and charged me an additional five bucks to my bill because they charged me a late fee.

I called them and their manager said "There's nothing that can be done."  So you give me $25 credit and say the issue was resolved and now say we are not giving it.

One rep said her name was Samantha Ward and she refused to give her location and said she can only state that she is somewhere in the United States. Ward said she won't give me the credit that I was promised and said it was because it was her policy. I asked her what policy is she talking about and she repeated herself again and said it was against her policy.

My family has a combined eight accounts with AT&T including DSL and wireless services.

I have been with them for 10 years or so with their wireless service.

AT&T's customer service is the worst that I have  ever had to deal with and witness in my entire life. Their agents and customer service reps are rude, dismissive, hostile, clueless, ignorant, and disrepectful.

The customer service reps are full of lies and misinformation. 

I have talked to about 35 of their reps in the past two to three months to try to resolve a simple issue and 31 of the 35 reps have been unprofessional and rude while four of them have tried to help and were nice.

About 10 of these reps including supervisors and managers have hung up on me. They could easily call me back since they know my phone number if we really "lost connection."

One supervisor was so irate with me and said "have a good day sir" sarcastically and then hung up when I was trying to resolve my issue.

I've never  used profanity on an agent  or scream and yell at them and they still treat me like a criminal and not a customer.

A manager with a thick accent compared my situation to a deadbeat tenant and a spoiled kid. Talk about disrespect! I told him that he was clueless and that he wasn't helping or assisting me at all.

I asked for his manager's name and he refused to give me that information or his manager's phone number.

AT&T says that I call them too often but I have to because I need to resolve my issue so I can pay my bill.

We have been fighting about $20 for the past few months and there's no end in sight.

I have an account where I pay $5 a month for 200 free text messages. Most of my family and friends have iPhones and we just text with iMessage so it's free and I don't incur any text charges.

I only incur text charges when I text a Samsung galaxy user or another friend without an iPhone.

AT&T charged me over  180 texts on the first few days of my new iPhone even though the friend that was texting me was a iPhone user. We might text each other like 1000 times a day and there's never usually an issue with the texts being green.

The agents and reps keep saying how they value my business and appreciate my loyalty but they don't show any of that. All they show is disrespect.

To resolve my $20 issue, one of their reps gave me $25 credit to my account and his manager approved it as well in June.

Now they tell me that the $25 credit won't be applied to my account and that they won't honor their word to me! They never even told me about this so I didn't pay my bill for July because I only owed $19 that month due to having prior credits that I have received because of AT&T errors.

AT&T decided to charge me a $5 late fee for my August bill and they don't want to waive that too. Some of their reps said it's not my fault but I still have to pay them and there's nothing I can do about it.

One manager called me a liar and a few others implied that I was a liar and that I was trying to "steal" money from AT&T and how it's not fair to them!!!

Another rep told me that AT&T no longer gives customer credits to customers and that they stopped doing that months ago. I know that is a lie because I have been given these credits in the past few months.

I have always paid my bill in full every month for the past 10 years. I have a decent paying job and I am capable of paying my wireless bill.

Some of the AT&T reps that were rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional were Ricky Baxter from Wichita Falls,Texas, Samantha Ward, Holliday Gottfried, and Tyra Littlejohn from North Carolina.

Baxter kept on saying my balance was owed and insisted that the charges were valid because he read the notes on my account. I asked him about the charges and he had no idea about them so he said they are valid and owed once again and got very combative.

Ward refused to tell me where her call center was located at due to "security" reasons but that she's "somewhere in the United States." She said that it was against policy to waive my activation fee on my new iPhone.

I asked her why it was against policy and she repeated her stance and said "It's just against policy" three more times. She obviously knew nothing about my issue and was just lazy so she said "against policy" time and time again.

If it was really against policy, then how come I did eventually get my activation fee waived? I was promised it would be waived in May when I got the new iPhone and they finally waived it in August!

Another rep named Darlene Anglin from Georgia  tried to be nice to me and said she can try to make things right by sending me free cases and ear buds!  She promised to call me back but of course I have never heard back from her.

Anglin said she and her supervisor will resubmit my case and that it would take up to 10 days for a final decision.

I called back two days later and another rep said that the case was submitted and denied an hour later!

It's nothing but lies time after time after time with AT&T. I know they won't budge since they said my case has been denied multiple times already.

A rep named Brittany Brooks said that my service might get interrupted and it sounded like a threat to me. I asked her if I can record our conversation and she got angry and said it would be a "liability."

I had one supervisor who was condescending and then didn't want to give out his last name and refused to give me his manager's name or number as well.

Another supervisor said her name was "Nickalontay" and then I called to complain about her and the manager said that wasn't her real name! Nickalontay kept on giving excuses on why I can't get my activation fee waived and said it was against company policy.

Nickalontay said that if the fee was allowed to be waived, it would have been waived in May when I bought the new iPhone and that we are in August. 

There's no repercussions for these reps and supervisors and I think they get rewarded for being an asshole to customers.

I have told all my friends and family and everyone in social media about these atrocities. They actually have their own horror stories with this ruthless company.

All I wanted AT&T to do was to be fair and honor their word and all they did was show a lack of professionalism and class.

My advice to all AT&T customers is to ask the customer service rep in the beginning if you can record the call. You might get better service and help because everything then will be on the up and up and they can't lie about anything.

Update: 8/25/15

Another AT&T rep just called me and I shouldn't have answered the phone as I wasted 20 minutes of my afternoon arguing with her. She was kind of ignorant and clueless again about my situation and said maybe I should bring my device to Apple and let them see what's wrong with it!

She refused to waive any charges including the late fees.

Update: 9/4/15

I called them back another time last week and the rep said her notes state that I am not getting the $25 credit because I was "rude." 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

FanDuel Lineup Constuction Tips for MLB for 8/21/15

I will be updating this blog entry throughout the day with more tips and advice for Friday's games.

We have a full slate tonight with 14 games so there is no need to worry about picking hitters with high ownership rates.

There are five aces on the mound tonight with Bumgarner, Price, Cueto, Sale, and Felix Hernandez.

Bumgarner goes up against the Pirates who do not hit lefties as well as righties. I'll have a LU with MadBum as my pitcher but he costs $12,800 and I know I won't get many big-time batters in my LU with him.

Sale goes up against the struggling Hernandez in Seattle while Price  pitches against the Angels on the road.

The Red Sox are on an offensive tear but Cueto can put an end to that tonight.

The Nationals return home after a long road trip out West and Gio Gonzalez could be a smart pick-up as the Brewers don't hit lefties well.

If you are looking for game stacks, you might want to take a close look at the Phillies/Marlins and the Mets/Rockies.

I don't know who these starting pitchers (Jared Eickoff and Kendry Flores) are in the Phillies/Marlins game and Bartolo Colon will be taking on Jonathan Gray at Coors.

Eickoff is only $3000 and Flores is $5000.  You might be tempted to make a LU with Eickoff and put in hitters such as Bryce Harper, Jose Bautista, and Carlos Gonzalez but I've realized that this idea doesn't seem to ever work out.

If you don't want to select any of the expensive aces, think about Chris Bassitt of Oakland who is throwing a lot of Ks and will face the Rays at home. Bassitt is only $7600.

I will be back later today with more tips and stats.

UPDATE: I am back with more stats and tips. Gio Gonzalez got rocked in San Francisco in his last start when he lost command of the strike zone but tonight he is at home where he has a 2.60 ERA and as I said previously, the Brewers don't hit lefties well.

Gonzalez knows he has to pitch better tonight as the Nationals' hitters might be tired coming off a long trip out West.

Another pitcher I like is Justin Verlander. Verlander is cheap at only $7700 and he can get you 7 innings and maybe 7 to 8 strikeouts tonight against the Rangers. I still believe in Verlander and I think he still has something left to prove this season.

Giants vs. Pirates 

I think the Giants are a sneaky stack tonight against Locke. The Giants are struggling on offense but I might take a chance with one LU and take four hitters from SF.

Marlon Byrd is 5-14 lifetime against Locke with a homer. Buster Posey always does damage against lefties and I'd include Matt Duffy and Brandon Crawford in my SF stack.

None of the Giants are on fire right now but Kelby Tomlinson is 8-20.

Aramis Ramirez is 6-18 lifetime with one homer against Bumgarner. Bumgarner is the hottest pitcher in the league right now and I would avoid all Pirates' hitters unless you want to fade him and go against the grain.

Nats vs. Brewers

Jimmy Nelson is weaker against left-handed hitters but the Nats don't have that many lefty hitters in their LU. Bryce Harper will cost you $4900.

I have a gut feeling that Gonzalez will pitch well so I won't have any Brewers in any of my LUs in GPPs.

Twins vs. Orioles

Tommy Milone has had a lot of success vs. the Orioles in his career so don't just assume the Orioles will crush this average lefty tonight.

The Twins are mashing right now and they get to hit once again in a small ballpark. Brian Dozier will be in my LUs as he hits well against lefties and is 5-13 in his career against Chen.

Chen has given up 24 homers this season and 21 of them have been to right-handed hitters.

Indians vs. Yankees

Carlos Carrasco and Masahiro Tanaka are two quality pitchers going against each other and I will assume both will pitch well tonight in a great pitching duel. This game will probably go down to the bullpens.

Rangers vs. Tigers

I really like Verlander tonight even though he is up against Colby Lewis. Lewis surprisingly has 13 wins! His ERA though is 4.49 and he can blow up at any time.

Victor Martinez is 9-17 with two doubles against Lewis while Miguel Cabrera and Rajai Davis have a combined 42 ABs against Lewis. Lewis won't be a mystery to most of the Tigers' batters.

Royals vs. Red Sox

Henry Owens struck out 10 batters in his last start but gave up 7 runs and 3 homers. Yes, I will have a Royals stack tonight!

Johnny Cueto is one of the best pitchers in baseball and I won't have any Red Sox hitter in any of my LUs.

Diamondbacks vs. Reds

I like taking hitters in small ballparks.  De la Rosa and Holmberg are both average pitchers.  This could be a 8-6 game but it could only be 5-4 as well. I just can't get a good read on these pitchers.

Wellington Castillo and Paul Goldschimdt has cooled off but AJ Pollock is still hot.

Joey Votto is 8 for his last 22.  Todd Frazier and Jay Bruce have been struggling and Brandon Phillips might be out for a few games.

Phillies vs Marlins

Eickhoff is one of the players the Phillies got in the Cole Hamels trade from the Rangers. He will be facing a red-hot Marlins offense led by Dee Gordon, Martin Prado, and Marcel Ozuna.

Dodgers vs. Astros

The Astros have not done much damage against lefties lately and Brett Anderson doesn't give up a ton of homers. The Astros have a lot of lefty hitters.

Jose Altuve is 13-33 but Carlos Gomez is 2-26 in the last 7 days.

Mike Fiers is a decent pitcher with good stuff and not a lot of history against many of the Dodgers.

Chase Utley might get the start today for the Dodgers and he is on a tear. I'll have Utley in some of my LUs if he starts.

Mets vs. Rockies

I'm looking to fade the 42-year-old Colon tonight at Coors. I don't know how much he has left and I will take four Rockies in a stack.

Jose Reyes and Nolan Arendo have been hitting well lately.

Gray for the Rockies has pitched well in three starts but he hasn't gone more than 6 innings yet.

Blue Jays vs. Angels

David Price is a true ace and I will have him in some GPPs. I won't select any Angels tonight.

We all know the Blue Jays smash lefties but Josh Donaldson is 2-16 lifetime against Hector Santiago and only Justin Smoak (5 for 8) has good numbers against Santiago.

Batter vs. Pitcher doesn't ever tell the whole story and you should never fully rely on previous history.

Rays. vs. Athletics

The A's are one of the worst teams against lefties but Billy Butler is 7-14 against Smyly.

Mark Canha is the hottest hitter for Oakland as he is 10-25 in the last week.

Chris Bassitt has improved this year and he has been striking out a lot of batters. He has the advantage tonight in that none of the Rays have ever hit against him.

White Sox vs. Mariners

Nelson Cruz has hit homers and is 6-13 against Sale and Mark Trumbo is 4-8.

King Felix has not pitched like an ace recently but he will be at home tonight and I know he will want to pitch well against Sale. I expect a pitching duel.

Cardinals vs. Padres

John Lackey is a solid pitcher for GPPs tonight as he gets to pitch in Petco Park. Andrew Cashner
has given up 12 homers to lefties this season.

The Cardinals have many injured players on offense and I expect a low-scoring game.

Matt Kemp is hot right now and is 11-23 for the past week.

FanDuel Lineup Construction tips and how to win a GPP Tournament

I have won a few GPP tournaments on FanDuel and I am here to help out DFS players with tips and info regarding tonight's games.

An advantage goes to the teams that don't  have to go on the road today as many teams such as the Giants, Twins, and Diamondbacks had to travel overnight and their batters will be tired and not fresh.

The Braves go from San Diego to Chicago and a new time zone tonight.

Max Scherzer and Jake Arrieta are two of the most expensive pitchers in today's slate.

My sleeper pitcher pick for tonight is Ivan Nova of the Yankees at $6700 as well as Patrick Corbin vs. the Reds.

Nick Tropeano of the Angels is only $5600 and you can load up on pricey power hitters thanks to Tropeano's cheap salary. Tropeano will be facing the slumping White Sox bats and he will also be pitching at home.

Nova will be going up against the Indians and the Yankees' bats should smash Josh Tomlin at home.

Which games should you stack tonight?

I love a stack of players in the Phillies/Marlins game and the Twins/Orioles game.

As far as team stacks go, I love a four player stack from the Nationals, Yankees, or the Diamondbacks.

The Red Sox have been on fire with the bats lately too and I like to have a four-man stack vs. Danny Duffy in Fenway with righties such as Mookie Betts, Hanley Ramirez, and Xander Boegarts.

My favorite catcher is Buster Posey vs. Charlie Morton at $3600. Wellington Castillo batting cleanup at Cincy is a nice play too.

A sneaky stack might be the Rangers since Alfredo Simon is liable to blow up at any moment.

Monday, December 22, 2014

How to lose playing NBA DFS on FanDuel

This is my first season playing NBA DFS on FanDuel and it has been more of a failure than a success so far. I know I am a newbie and I still have a lot to learn but it can get very frustrating and disappointing at times.

It seems like every night I check the FanDuel app on my iPhone and I realize I have won zero dollars in the NBA tournaments.

I enjoy playing the big tournaments on FanDuel with large entries which can range from 57,000 to 68,000 entries per tournament and the entry fee is only $1 or $2 per lineup.

Some days I want to make 20 lineups and spend $20 on FanDuel while some days I just put about 50 to 10 lineups in a tournament.

It used to take me about 15 minutes just to fill out one lineup but now I am getting better at it and I can have my roster of  nine NBA players under the $60,000 salary cap in about five minutes.

There is lots of frustration and sometimes anger when you wind up in 65,000th place or 45,311th place  out of 68,965 entries and you took a few hours out of your day to fill out your lineups.

I know I am doing something wrong and I might watch a lot of NBA games and know all the players but that of course does not equate to me being a NBA DFS winner.

I have tried to become creative and make out lineups  using various and strange methods. Nothing has seemed to work.

Some of my lineups on a given night include only road team players or home team players, only players who will go against a team who played the night before, or stacking players from one team  or one game.

None of these methods have worked well. I have tried to pick up three expensive players and then fill out the rest of the lineup with guys with low salaries or pick up players who have been on a hot scoring streak.

Is it just bad luck or am I doing this NBA DFS thing all wrong?

Should I pull out my hair when I find out the winning lineup last week had Shelvin Mack of all people in his lineup? What about last night when Jarrett Jack was the key to the top three finishers in a tournament?

I like to include studs like Russell Westbrook, DeMarcus Cousins, James Harden, and Anthony Davis in my lineups and get exposure to these stars, but I can't find the winning combination at all when I include these guys with lower-salaried and  weak players on a daily basis such as Mack, Jack, Tyler Zeller, Cole Aldrich, Kyle Anderson, and Tim Hardaway Jr.

When I have an expensive player like Harden or Davis, they usually have an average night only but when I fade them and don't have them in any lineups, they go off for over 60 fantasy points.

I still love the NBA and enjoy making out a lineup but I probably won't have 20 lineups a night anymore. I will stick to 5-10 entries and hopefully my luck will change.

When I do find success in NBA DFS, it's winning from $2.50 to $12 bucks a night. I want to win first place and win the $4,000 prize but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

My most memorable night playing DFS was last week when I won $100 with a lineup including four Warriors and Zaza Pachulia. Winning $100 is great but I could have won $900 instead of I had just selected Cole Aldrich at center over Pachulia. 

Playing NBA DFS can be tough but I still have the enthusiasm each morning when I wake up and get on FanDuel's site to fill out my lineups.

You can read a lot of great NBA insight and advice from sites such as RotoGrinders and Rotoworld who provide great tips on who to play every night,  but here are some players you might want to fade tonight since I am going to have lots of exposure to them in my lineups.

There are seven games tonight. My favorite players tonight are DeMarcus Cousins, Klay Thompson, Tim Duncan, Monta Ellis, James Harden.

Harden gets his points every night and he will give you assists and rebounds as well and maybe a steal or two. He is the focus point of the Rockets' offense and every possession revolves around him. With Dwight Howard back in action, teams can't concentrate on Harden as much.

Who is going to stop Cousins tonight in Oakland when the Kings face the Warriors? Andrew Bogut is out and there is no one on the Warriors' roster that can stop Cousins.

Duncan gets to face the Clippers at home and Blake Griffin is not a defensive stalwart by any means. I expect Duncan to get at least 20 points tonight and I am hoping for at least 12 rebounds or more.

Chris Paul has a price of $10,300 today and once again, he is way too expensive. I will fade him as usual. Damian Lillard is on fire but he is due to have an average game and he is going up against Patrick Beverly tonight so I will hesitate in starting Lillard in most of my lineups.

Rajon Rondo is a point guard I prefer tonight as he has a lower salary and the Mavs will be going up and down the court against the high-scoring Hawks.

I can't be picking up all the stars so I will add Nate Robinson to some lineups and pray he will have a career night.

Harrison Barnes always plays better and gets more rebounds at home and I love his $5400 price. Rudy Gay is not a staunch defender by any means.

Nikola Mirotic is at $5900 and he has been playing really well but Tai Gibson could be back for the Bulls tonight against Toronto.

Good luck tonight and I hope you will be more successful than I have been on my journey to being a NBA DFS winner.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Best Fantasy Football, Fantasy sports, and Daily Fantasy Sports websites and links

These websites are the best sites and links for all you DFS players out there who enjoy fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and fantasy basketball. These sites will help you win your leagues in FanDuel or DraftKings.

I will be updating this page for the next few days so bookmark it.


Davis Mattak
Michael Rathburn
Evan Silva
Drew Dinkmeyer

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Videos and highlights of Stephen Curry scoring 43 points at the San Francisco Pro Am

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry made his San Francisco Pro Am debut last night and scored 43 points against a bunch of college and amateur players at Kezar Pavilion in San Francisco. Curry was playing for a team called SF City.

All the games in the SF Pro Am are free to fans and the fans who came out on a Wednesday night got treated to an exciting performance by the best shooter in the NBA.

Curry dazzled the crowd with fancy dribbling, a dunk, and a lot of three-pointers. Here are some videos of Curry's performance.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

50 Cent throws out first pitch at Mets game and throws a very wild pitch

Rapper and actor 50 Cent threw out the first pitch in the Pirates/Mets game in New York earlier on Tuesday night and his pitch was very wild. Check out the video below to see 50 Cent's funny first pitch.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

How to win in DFS and daily fantasy baseball on FanDuel

There are lots of sports fans who like to play daily fantasy baseball on FanDuel.

I have been successful playing daily on FanDuel and here are some of my tips.

For your lineup. select players that are playing in a ballpark that is good to hitters such as in Cincinnati, Boston, Arizona, or Philadelphia.

Don't pick players who are going up against pitching aces unless you want an 0-4 night with 2 strikeouts.

Just because a player did well the night before doesn't mean they will continue to stay hot. Don't be a day late and a dollar short. For example, Justin Upton and Chase Utley have been on a tear but now they are slowing down.

Just because  Giancarlo Stanton is expensive doesn't mean he will perform well every day. A cheaper outfielder such as Michael Bourn could do more damage and get you more points on a given day with stolen bases and singles.

I like to draft hitters that are on a hot streak. A player like Mike Trout is very expensive but if he is on a 4 for 35 or 2 for 24 drought, I won't select him.

Selecting a pitcher is the most important part of selecting your lineup! If you pick up a pitcher who has a bad start, you have no chance of winning. Pick up guys like Jose Fernandez or Yu Darvish even if they are very expensive. It's worth it and your competition will pick them up if you don't.

Pick a pitcher that you will think win the game as well as pick up a lot of strikeouts. Strikeouts are important and a win is four points.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Milwaukee Brewers make a "Happy" video

 The Milwaukee Brewers made a "Happy" video featuring the hit song from Pharrell Williams and the video features their fans, employees, coaches, broadcaster, and players.

Sexy pictures and GIFs of Gina Carano from "In the Blood" movie

Here are some very sexy GIFs of Gina Carano from her new movie "In the Blood."

Sure looks like a great movie if you are into Gina Carano!