Tuesday, September 8, 2015

FanDuel Tips and Thoughts for 9/8/15

I will be updating this blog throughout the day with my thoughts and tips.

Daniel Murphy is 20 for 59 with 4 homers against Jordan Zimmermann.

Bryce Harper is 0-17 with 7 strikeouts against Matt Harvey.

David Ortiz is 9-28 with 3 homers against RA Dickey.

Jay Bruce is 1 for 18  vs. Liriano.

Melky Cabrera is 7 for 15 vs. Carrasco with a homer.

Jason Heyward is 9 for 16 vs. Hammel

Johnny Peralta is 9 for 23 with two homers off Hammel.

Starlin Castro is 8 for 17 vs. Wacha

Anthony Rizzo is 7 for 17 off Wacha with one homer.

Albert Pujols is 10-23 off Kershaw but no homers.

Logan Morrison is 10-25  vs. Cole Hamels

Pitcher Report:

Kershaw is $13,700 so this means you would only have $2663 left on average for your eight hitters. Is Kershaw worth his price tag tonight?

Kershaw did throw 132 pitches against the Giants in his last outing.

Gausman has a 6.28 ERA on the road.

Sonny Gray has lost his last four starts and gave up six runs to the Angels in his last start.

Hot Bats:

Mookie Betts  11 for last 21

Buster Posey 12 for last 24

Kyle Seager 10 for last 20

Cespedes 16 for last 33

Adam Eaton 13 for last 27

Cold Bats:

Adam Jones 3 for last 23

Brian Dozier 4 for last 28

Edwin Encarnacion 3 for last 20

Melky Cabrera 5 for last 30

Troy Tulowitzki 5 for last 30

Anthony Rendon 6 for last 29

Miguel Sano has struck out 14 times in his last 24 ABs

Bargain hitters:

Brandon Guyer $2400

Guyer mashes lefties and I like him at his price tag going up against a lefty.

Domingo Santana $3200

Santana isn't cheap but I will roster him in some LUs over Braun since Braun is $4800.

Santana is 9 for his last 21.

Jean Segura is $2600 and is 11 for last 30 and gets to face an average lefty tonight.

Angel Pagan is $2900 and is 9 for his last 25 and gets to hit in a hitters' ballpark in Arizona tonight.

Matt Duffy is also $2900 and is 9 for his last 30 and faces an average pitcher at Chase Field.

Johnny Peralta is only $2200 and has had good numbers against Hammel. It might rain in St Louis tonight though.
UPDATE: Peralta is out of the LU for today.

Mikie Mahtook is a Rays outfielder who is $2300 and batting 2nd tonight. I have him in some of my LUs with Kershaw.

Aaron Altherr at $2900 vs. a Braves rookie seems like a good pick as well.

Pitchers I like:

I got LUs with Kershaw, Raisel Iglesias, Aaron Nola, Matt Harvey, and Cole Hamels.


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