Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 6 NFL FanDuel Cheat Sheet and Advice

I did not win any money in Week 5 of the NFL but I almost won 1st place in a FanDuel GPP two weeks ago. I would have won it all with a Mark Ingram touchdown vs. the Cowboys but the ref reviewed the touchdown and called it back.

It was a true heartbreak but life goes on and I realize the refs are a part of the game.

Who expected Josh McCown to help a guy win a GPP last week?

I would not want any part of McCown this week though against a great Denver defense.

QBs: I have had Aaron Rodgers in lineups every week and it hasn't paid off yet but I will definitely have him in some lineups this week against the Chargers defense.

The Chargers have given up 28, 24, 31,27, and 24 points so far in 5 games. You can expect the  Packers will get over 24 points this week and I am banking on Rodgers to have a part in that.

Colin Kaepernick is a cheap QB this week and he goes up against a bad Ravens pass D at home. 

RBs: How can I not select Arian Foster in my lineup this week against a Jaguars defense that allowed Doug Martin to have a monster game last week?

Eddie Lacy should be a good pick this weekend too against the lowly Chargers run defense. The Chargers give up 5.1 yards per rush and Lacy will run through them for a few touchdowns.

Detroit has given up 8 TDs to RBs this season so Matt Forte has a great chance to get one TD this week as well.

WRs:  You may have heard that Sammy Watkins is demanding the ball and wants more than 10 targets per game. This doesn't mean he will get his wish though as the Bills don't have a great passing QB right now on the roster. Watkins is cheap though at 6300 and worth a flyer on a GPP lineup.

I have Kap in a few GPP lineups and I am pairing him up with either Torrey Smith or Anquan Bouldin. Bouldin is 6200 and I like both WRs.

TEs: I got burned last week with Rob Gronkowski but I am taking him again this week because I expect him to have a monster game and hopefully two TDs against the Colts.

Ks: I like Stephen Gostkowski this week since I expect the Pats to be in the red zone often.

D: I got to roll with the Jets here against the lowly Redskins and Kirk Cousins.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

NFL Week 4 FanDuel Cheat Sheet

How do you win a FanDuel NFL GPP Tournament? I don't know because I never won it yet. I have won MLB, NBA, and NCAA Football GPP tournaments but never an NFL one so far in my DFS career.

Two weeks ago, I took down a NCAA Football GPP tourney on FanDuel and it was very stressful and exciting. I still have not mastered NFL GPPs yet but here is a Week 4 cheat sheet and you can fade me or take my advice. I suggest you do the former since I suck at NFL DFS.

I'll be updating this blog as I continue to study up for tomorrow's games.

O Lines with injuries:


Defenses that I want to target:
Arizona: They play the Rams at home and since the Cardinals will have the better offense, I expect the Rams to play from behind and that means more passes and more chances of sacks and INTs from Nick Foles.

Green Bay:  Dom Capers has never shut down Kap but this is not the Kap from the past. I expect Kap to play better than last week though because he is at home and the O Line should play better too.

 Carolina: I don't like to play a D that is on the road but the Panthers play against the lowly Bucs. Winston is still a rookie QB.

Aaron Rogers: Rogers should throw for at least 2 TDs today but what if the game is a blowout?
I have Drew Brees in some of my LUs as well as Carson Palmer today but I also like Cam Newton since he can run for TDs too.

David Carr and Andy Dalton are cheap and I like these guys a lot. KC is playing on the road for the second straight week and coming off a Monday night game too.

Peyton Manning is at 8200 and he goes up against a Vikings secondary that has 0 interceptions. The Broncos can't run so I like Manning today at his price.

WRs: I really love Percy Harvin today. He's cheap and he's a big play WR with speed. I have Harvin in many of my LUs.

Julio Jones is in almost all my LUs today!

Amari Cooper is also a big fave of mines today but I also got Crabtree in some LUs. The Bears defense is not that talented.

Larry Fitzgerald will be highly owned but it could be a Michael Floyd or John Brown day in Arizona.

I feel a lot of #2 WRs will have breakout games today so don't just pick the WR studs. Show some love perhaps to Marvin Jones and Torrey Smith.

RBs: I don't think Lynch will play Monday so I have Thomas Rawls as a sleeper.

Melvin Gordon is cheap but the Chargers have a bad O Line. Does this matter against the Browns?

I don't want any Adrian Peterson today because he's against the Broncos and his salary does not justify me selecting him unless I think he will score 2 TDs and get over 150 yards.

Matt Forte is a better expensive RB pick since he catches balls as well and the Raiders defense is not very good.

Who would want the Broncos RBs after 3 games? The O line is in shambles but if you get Anderson, he will not be highly owned and he could get a TD or two in the goaline.