Thursday, November 29, 2007

NAMMAE Expo This Weekend in Anaheim

The North American Mixed Martial Arts Expo (NAMMAE) will be held this weekend in Anaheim. I will try to get more information from the VP of Marketing and Promotions for the event by tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Redskins Player Sean Taylor Dies From Gunshot Wound

Sean Taylor has died. He was only 24. There is a lot of irresponsible journalism going on with the media with this story. The writers continue to talk about his so-called troubled past in their articles.

You won't hear any of that here. Taylor was a great player and one of the hardest hitters and best safeties in the league. He was developing as a complete player who could knock you out with a big hit or play excellent coverage on the ball.

The first time I saw Taylor play was when he was in college playing for Miami. I knew he would be a first round draft pick in the NFL after watching him play a few games. He had the speed and talent along with his ability to hit hard and strike fear into receivers.

Taylor was the one player on the Redskins defense that they could not afford to lose. Due to an injury, he had not played the last few weeks. Without him, the Redskins had lost their last few games. Taylor had a lot of friends on and off the field and he will be missed by both his friends and family.

Monday, November 26, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Redskins Safety Sean Taylor Shot At Home

Sean Taylor was shot twice at his home and is in critical condition according to reports from ESPN and The Associated Press this morning.

The Associated Press also wrote the following - "Taylor has been in trouble numerous times since he was drafted as the No. 5 overall pick in 2004. He has been fined at least seven times during his professional career for late hits and other infractions, including a $17,000 penalty for spitting in the face of Tampa Bay running back Michael Pittman during a playoff game in January 2006. He also was fined $25,000 for skipping a mandatory rookie symposium shortly after he was drafted.

In 2005, Taylor was accused of brandishing a gun at a man and repeatedly hitting him during a fight that broke out after Taylor and some friends went looking for the people who had allegedly stolen his all-terrain vehicles.

Taylor reached a deal with prosecutors last year after they agreed to drop felony charges against him. He pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors in the assault case and was sentenced to 18 months probation. The pleas prompted another fine from the NFL but kept his football career intact."

This man is in a hospital and in critical condition fighting for his life and the writer had to write all these negative statements about Taylor. No wonder Taylor does not talk to the media much or trusts them. While the writer was just stating the facts of Taylor's past, it has nothing at all to do with him being shot and fighting for his life.

Taylor is one of the most feared players in the NFL and one of the top free safeties in the league. Taylor is one of the hardest hitters in the league. He reminds many of former 49er Ronnie Lott. D Wizzle wishes Taylor the best and prays for him and his family.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

NFL Week 12 Awards

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots CB Asante Samuel
Samuel had two key INTs and had one of them returned for a TD to help the Patriots beat the Eagles on Sunday night.

AFC North Player of the Week: Browns TE Kellen Winslow Jr.
The tight end had 10 catches for 107 yards and a TD as the Browns beat the Texans.

AFC South Player of the Week: Jaguars RB Fred Taylor
Taylor ran for 104 yards and a TD to help the Jags beat the Bills 36-14.

AFC West Player of the Week: Raiders RB Justin Fargas
Fargas ran for 139 yards and one TD on 22 carries to help Oakland upset the Chiefs 20-17.

NFC East Player of the Week: Eagles QB A.J. Feeley
Feeley's team may have lost to the Patriots but he was very impressive in going 27-42 for 345 yards and 3 TDs. He was very accurate and confident.

NFC North Player of the Week: Bears CB and PR Devin Hester
Hester had two TD returns to help the Bears beat the Broncos 37-34.

NFC South Player of the Week: Saints QB Drew Brees
Brees was 24-36 for 260 yards and added 3 TDS to help New Orleans stay in the hunt for the playoffs by beating Carolina 31-6.

NFC West Player of the Week: 49ers LB Patrick Willis
Willis had about 18 tackles and chased down Arizona's TE Sean Morey in overtime or the game would have been over.

Goat of the Week: Giants QB Eli Manning
Manning threw 4 INTs and had two of them picked off for TDs. A watch company has Manning as its spokesman and the slogan on the commercial and print ads say "Unstoppable." The watch company looks pretty stupid right now.

Upset of the Week: Vikings 41-17 over Giants
No one expected the Vikings to win in New York without star rookie RB Adrian Petersen.

New Music Video of the Day

C-BO is back

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NFL Week12 Preview

Broncos vs Bears
The Broncos have won two games in a row and are right in the thick of the AFC West race. The Bears are back home after two weeks playing on the West Coast. Rex Grossman is the new starter for the Bears. Travis Henry will be out for Denver. The Bears will try to get Cedric Benson going against the weak but improving Broncos run defense. It is always tough to play a road game after playing on Monday night the week before and that is what the Broncos are facing this week.
Bears 20 Broncos 17

Redskins vs Bucs
The Redskins must establish the run with Clinton Portis to win this game. Jason Campbell must be careful against the Cover 2 defense of the Bucs. The Redskins have lost two in a row. The Bucs will be led by Jeff Garcia who recently announced that he will be a father soon. The Redskins will be without FS Sean Taylor.
Bucs 16 Redskins 13

Texans vs Browns
The Browns are allowing almost 30 points a game. The good thing is that they have a great offense led by Derek Anderson. Anderson has so many weapons in Jamal Lewis, Braylon Edwards, and Kellen Winslow Jr. The Browns offensive line has played very well and should be able to handle the young Texans defensive line. Houston is coming off a good home win over the Saints. QB Matt Schaub will post up points as well. This will be another high-scoring game.
Browns 34 Texans 27

Eagles vs Patriots
The Patriots are 24 point favorites this week. A.J. Feeley will start for the Eagles because Donovan McNabb is injured. The Patriots will bottle up RB Brian Westbrook and probably cause several turnovers. No one can stop Tom Brady and Randy Moss but themselves.
Patriots 51 Eagles 13

Titans vs Bengals
The Titans are coming off a short week and have to go on the road again. Albert Haynesworth is questionable for the game. He is one of the best tackles in football and helps stop opponents from running up the middle. Vince Young must be careful with the ball but he should have a good game against a terrible Bengals pass defense. The Bengals can still score with one of the best offenses in the league led by Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson.
Bengals 24 Titans 23

Raiders vs Chiefs
The Raiders have lost nine straight to the Chiefs and they can't stop the run at all. Kansas City is still in the AFC West race. RB Colby Smith will start for the Chiefs because Priest Holmes retired earlier this week and Larry Johnson is out with an injury.
Chiefs 27 Raiders 20

49ers vs Cardinals
The Cardinals are going to blitz Trent Dilfer on every passing down. The 49ers signed Ted Tollner to be an offensive assistant this week. It won't help Jim Hostler think of a good game plan to beat Arizona. Look for CB Antrel Rolle to make at least one interception.
Cardinals 38 49ers 0

Ravens vs Chargers
The Ravens will face an angry Chargers team on Sunday. The Chargers are not playing well and look more like Super Bowl pretenders than contenders. Ravens will have a let down game after their tough emotional loss to the Browns in overtime last week.
Chargers 23 Ravens 17

Saints vs Panthers
QB David Carr might get the start for Carolina because Vinny Testaverde is hurt. The Saints have lost two in a row and this is a must-win for them. The Panthers have not been the same since they lost Jake Delhomme for the rest of the season with an injury.
Saints 24 Panthers 12

Vikings vs Giants
The Vikings are coming off a big 29-22 victory over the Raiders at home while the Giants defeated the Lions on the road. The Giants offense will be too much for the Vikings. The Vikings do not play well on the road and won't beat the Giants.
Giants 27 Vikings 6

Seahawks vs Rams
The Rams are coming off a unimpressive win over the 49ers last week. The Seahawks got by the Bears last week 30-24 but now have to go on the road. The Rams have won two in a row after starting out 0-8. Seattle's defense is playing much better of late.
Seahawks 27 Rams 23

Friday, November 23, 2007

49ers Rhyme Remix of Kanye West "Good Life" track

Here is a remake of Kanye West's "Good Life" song dedicated to the 49ers miserable season. Original Song video is right here


Fire Nolan, u know it's bout that time
What happen to the O-Line?
Why is Shaun Hill on the pine?
Jim Hostler must have lost his mind
Now put the paper bag over your face
Because the 2007 Niners are a disgrace

Welcome to the bad life
where we still miss Eddie D
Ever since he left, nuttin but misery
The bad life
when will we get victory number 3?
Shit, the best thing goin is Andy Lee
The bad life
We lost to Atlanta
Used to beat em with Jerry and Montana
Lost twice to Seattle
Balls dropped by D-Jack and Battle
Had a week off thanks to the bye
but next week lost to N.Y.
Hostler still callin plays but I dunno why

Now throw your middle finger in the air

So we ain't rollin with Nolan
Wished we had Holmgren
Need to make changes now
Give me Cowher or Norm Chow
Nolan ain't got the goods
Who cares if u look good in suits
Mike, U got to go, sorry
Yo its got to be
So let's hire Singletary
and Hostler gotta be indicted like Barry

Nolan told fans to
go ahead and boo, he's stayin the course
and if we hate then let us hate
and watch the losses pile up

Welcome to the bad life
when the games won't sell out and be on TV
Nolan makin calls that make him look crazy
Lookin great in a suit but u a coach and not no model
U sore like Smith but u didn't have to go to the hospital
The bad life
So keep it comin' with them losses
till u get fired when u hear from your bosses
The bad life
We lost to Pittsburgh
Lost to B-more
Lost Smith and then Gore
What happened to brandon more
Why is Smith's shoulder sore
What's wrong with Jonas Jennings?
Going against this team if I'm betting

Welcome to the bad life
Nolan, what's up with the thee and outs
Why we in such a scoring drought
Welcome to the bad life
4th Down, go for it , i think we should
the only thing i wish, i wish Nolan would
Welcome to the bad life
He prolly think he could
but...but... he don't think he should
Welcome to the bad life
Nolan told fans to
go ahead and boo, he's stayin the course
and if we hate then let us hate
and watch the losses pile up

Have you ever wanted to jump off a plane
Watchin this team play makin me go insane
Where is the quarterback pressure from Banta-Cain?
Runnin a fullback on 3rd and short, Hostler ain't got brains
He's as stupid as he is short
This whole season, we must abort
But the season is longer than the hair on Keasey
Why can't we have Romo and TO so winning be easy

We can't beat the good or bad teams
Winning is just a dream
Going to lose big to Arizona
Fire Nolan and get the coach from USC or Oklahoma
Goin to the game, bring a paper bag
Or you will see our O-Line give up another sack
Now my grandmama isn't the only one calling Nolan craaaaazy
She misses the days of Hacksaw Reynolds and Charles Haaaaley
Now put that paper bag over your face and
Lemme hear you say

Fire Nolan!

Welcome to the Badddd Liiiiife!!

Warriors Beat Wizards 123-115

The Warriors defeated the Wizards 123-115 tonight in Washington. This was one of the best games in the NBA to watch this season as both teams concentrated on offense and forgot about defense. This high-scoring thriller made fans harken back to the days when Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, and Julius Erving were in their prime in the 80's and shootouts were the norm. Baron Davis led the Warriors with a triple-double as he totaled up 33 points, 15 assists, and 11 rebounds. Caron Butler had a triple-double for the Wizards with 26 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists. Butler made shots from all over the court and was hard to stop the entire game. The Warriors could have drafted Butler a few years ago in the draft but they chose Mike Dunleavy instead. What a bad decision that was as Butler made the All-Star team last season while Dunleavy turned out to be a shooter that can't shoot.

Helping out Davis tonight was Stephen Jackson as he dropped 28 points along with six there-pointers. Jackson started the game cold going 1-8 but got hot in the second half. Antawn Jamison led the Wizards with 30 points and rookie Nick Young contributed with 18 points. The ever-improving Andray Blatche had 13 points and 8 boards before fouling out near the end of the fourth quarter on a Davis drive that sealed the victory for Golden State. The Warriors were up by four when Davis drove into the paint and made contact with Blatche. Blatche was called for the foul, and Davis made the shot over him as well as the free throw to give the Warriors a 120-113 lead.

The Warriors head to Philadelphia tonight as they play the 76ers tomorrow to cap off their seven day road trip. The Wizards head to Memphis tonight as they begin a four game road trip starting Saturday night.

Old School Music VIdeo of the Day

Bobby Brown "Every Little Step"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

NFL Week 11 Awards

AFC East Player of the Week: Patriots QB Tom Brady
Brady went 31-39 with 5 TDs and 373 yards to help the Patriots crush the Bills 56-10

AFC North Player of the Week: Browns K Phil Dawson
Dawson kicked four FGs to help the Browns beat the Ravens.

AFC South Player of the Week: Jaguars S Reggie Nelson
Nelson, the safety from Florida, had a key interception and five tackles to lead the Jaguars to a big win over the Chargers

AFC West Player of the Week: Broncos RB Andre Hall
Hall had a 62-yard TD to seal the victory over the Titans on Monday night.

NFC East Player of the Week: Cowboys WR Terrell Owens
Owens had 8 catches and 4 TDs to help the Cowboys beat the Redskins

NFC North Player of the Week: Packers WR Donald Lee
Lee had 5 catches for 49 yards with 2 TDs as the Packers beat Carolina at home

NFC South Player of the Week: Bucs RB Earnest Graham
Graham ran for 102 yards and one TD as the Bucs win over the Falcons

NFC West Player of the Week: Cardinals CB AntrellRolle
Rolle had three INTs and two TDs against the Bengals

Goat of the Week: 49ers Coach Mike Nolan
Nolan called for a FG down by a touchdown with under two minutes remaining in the game. Where was his head at?

Upset of the Week: Jets 19-16 over Steelers
No one expected the Jets to hold Willie Parker to 52 yards and for Kellen Clemens to step up in only his second career start against the tough Steelers.

UFC 78 Review

UFC 78 came and went without a bang. The event was titled "Validation" but it could have been called "UFC 78:Boring" instead. The event, held at the Prudential Center, in Newark, New Jersey, could not be called disappointing as not many expected this card to be any good to begin with. There was no real main event and no real stars last Saturday night in the cage. Most of the top fighters such as Rampage Jackson, B.J. Penn, and Matt Serra were instead outside the cage at ringside watching the fights.

The best match of the night didn't even make it on the pay-per-view. Chris Lytle and Thiago Alves battered each other for two rounds before it ended in a doctor's stoppage. Viewers who bought the show never got to see that or the Akihiro Gono vs Tamden McCrory fight. Gono won the "Submission of the night" award from the UFC but they decided to make fans pay to watch it on their website instead of showing it on TV.

We were stuck with lackluster fights such as Frankie Edgar vs Spencer Fisher and Ed Herman vs Joe Doerksen. Many fans said that the best fight shown was the Herman-Doerksen battle. The fight was interesting but no one went home and called up their friends to say "Hey, you missed the great Ed Herman fight!"

The main event was a battle between former TUF champions, Michael Bisping and Rashad Evans. Neither of them could deliver a knockout blow and it ended in a split decision win for Evans. Joe Rogan, the UFC announcer, tried to hype up the fight and called it "a very exciting fight." The fight was almost as exciting as watching paint dry. There was nothing exciting about the three-round fight at all. Mike Goldberg and Rogan were saying throughout the fight that Evans was fatigued and tired, but he was more active on his feet and throwing more punches than his opponent.

UFC president, Dana White, insisted to the media that the main event was a big deal and a great match during the weeks before the event. The more he kept on hyping it up, the less interested the fans were of the main event as well as the entire card. This was the weakest show the UFC has had in recent memory and if they continue to have lackluster cards, the fans will stop buying the pay-per-views and stop watching.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

NFL Week 11 Preview and Picks

Chargers Vs Jaguars
The Chargers are coming off a big win over the Colts last Sunday night. The Jags are also coming off a big win against the Titans. The Jags will have QB David Garrard for this game. The Chargers are not playing well even though they won last week.
Jaguars 24 Chargers 20

Chiefs vs Colts
The Chiefs will start Brodie Croyle at quarterback in place of Damon Huard. The Colts have various injuries to both sides of the ball. Give the edge to the Colts at home.
Colts 27 Chiefs 17

Raiders vs Vikings
The Raiders are starting QB Duante Culpepper this week against his former team. He will be plenty motivated to show his old team that he still can play. The Vikings will be without RB Adrian Petersen due to an knee injury.
Vikings 20 Raiders 17

Browns vs Ravens
This will be a very interesting match-up. The Browns have a high-powered offense while the Ravens have a strong defense. The Ravens offense is dismal but the Browns defense is one of the worst in the NFL. Kyle Boller will start at QB for the Ravens.
Ravens 23 Browns 20

Steelers vs Jets
Kellen Clemens will get his second start of his career for the Jets at QB. The Steelers have too much offense and will run Willie Parker about 20 times. The Jets run defense is very weak and Parker will have over 100 plus yards.
Steelers 31 Jets 10

Bucs vs Falcons
The Falcons have won two in a row and Joey Harrington has played better. The Bucs are steady with QB Jeff Garcia at the helm. The Falcons seem to be coming around and Bobby Petrino is getting more out of his players in the last two weeks.
Falcons 20 Bucs 17

Cardinals vs Bengals
The Cardinals will face one of the worst pass defenses on Sunday. The Bengals won last week with seven field goals against the Ravens.
Bengals 24 Cardinals 23

Dolphins vs Eagles
The winless Dolphins will start John Beck at QB. It will be a tough game for him facing a blitz-happy defense. The Eagles are coming off a big win over the Redskins and will pick up an easy win here.
Eagles 31 Dolphins 13

Patriots vs Bills
The Bills will be without RB Marshawn Lynch for this game. The Patriots are coming off a bye week. They will try to run up the score on national TV again. The Bills don't stand a chance on Sunday night.
Patriots 44 Bills 6

Redskins vs Cowboys
The Redskins have injury problems as Sean Taylor and James Thrash will both be out along with CB Carlos Rogers. The Cowboys are playing very well and should get another win.
Cowboys 24 Redskins 20

Saints vs Texans
WR Andre Johnson will be back for the Texans. QB Matt Schaub is also going to start in place of back-up Sage Rosenfels. The Saints are coming off a tough upset loss to the Rams at home.
Saints 27 Texans 20

Panthers vs Packers
The Packers destroyed the Vikings last week while the Panthers got upset by the Falcons. The Packers and Brett Favre are on a roll and will be too tough to stop. RB Ryan Grant has even given the Packers a running game. Carolina will start QB Vinny Testaverde. He will be in for a rough day against the rugged Packers defense.
Packers 27 Panthers 0

Giants vs Lions
The Giants and Lions are both playoff contenders and this is a huge game for both. The Giants have slipped the past few years at the end of the year and they can't afford to lose on Sunday or doubt will creep in again. The Lions have played well at home all year long and face another big game next Thursday against Green Bay.

Bears vs Seahawks
The Bears played well last week against Oakland but face a tougher opponent this week in the Seahawks. The Seahawks are coming off an easy win over the lowly 49ers on Monday night. The Seahawks once again will be without Shaun Alexander as Maurice Morris will start in his place. Rex Grossman will start for Chicago. Go with the Seahawks here as Rex Grossman is a bad quarterback and will throw at least two interceptions.
Seahawks 23 Bears 13

Rams vs 49ers
The Rams are coming off their first win of the year. The 49ers will start Trent Dilfer at quarterback as Alex Smith is still having shoulder problems. The 49ers beat the Rams in the second week of the season and the Rams will be seeking revenge. The Rams have too much firepower for the lowly 49ers.
Rams 34 49ers 10

Titans vs Broncos
The Broncos are coming off a big win over the Chiefs at Arrrowhead while the Titans lost to the Jaguars at home. The Titans defeated the Saints the last time they were on Monday night. Denver was last seen on Monday night losing in overtime to the Packers. The Titans have the better defense in this game. Vince Young played poorly last week and had some terrible interceptions. He must be careful with the ball against Dre Bly and Champ Bailey.
Titans 20 Broncos 17

Exclusive Update - Ali Sonoma No Longer With The UFC

I talked earlier with Ali Sonoma and she mentioned that she is no longer working for the UFC as a ring girl. As some of you know, there was a new ring girl last night at the UFC 78 weigh-ins in Newark, New Jersey.

Ali stated to me that she will miss the the fans and the fights. She has been cast in 3 films next year and is currently working as a news anchor for a broadcasting center in Los Angeles. She also mentioned that she is very happy with all the changes in her life.

Good luck to Ali in all her new projects! D Wizzle wishes her nothing but the best!

For a interview conducted with Ali a few months ago, check out

Friday, November 16, 2007

UFC 78 Preview

Jason Reinhardt vs Joe Lauzon
Reinhardt is 18-0 but Lauzon will be his toughest test yet. Lauzon is very confident after training with B.J.Penn in Hawaii for the past few months. He plans to be the aggressor and take it to Reinhardt as soon as the bell rings. Will youth or experience prevail? Lauzon is in his early 20s while Reinhardt is 38.

Ryo Chonan Vs. Karo Parisyan
Chonan is from Pride and is moving down to 170 after fighting at 185 all his life. He is training with Team Quest while preparing for the fight. Karo will want to throw Chonan all over the cage. Karo broke his thumb in his last fight against Josh Burkman but he is now healthy.

Joe Doerksen vs Ed Herman
Herman will be seeking revenge as he lost to Herman before. Doerksen is taking this fight on short notice. Herman has been working on his hands and says he has gotten much better on his feet.

Luke Caudillo Vs. Marcus Aurelio
Caudillo trains with Duane "Bang" Ludvig and fights out of Denver. He wants to keep the fight standing while Aurelio wants to take it to the ground. Aurelio's last fight was a decision loss to Clay Guida. Caudillo lost his last UFC fight to Nate Mohr.

Akihiro Gono Vs. Tamdan McCrory
Gono is from Pride. He has a 27-12 record. Gono is a true showman and entertainer. Unfortunately for the fans watching on pay-per-view, this is a prelim and will not be shown on TV likely. McCrory is fighting out of upstate New York and is a member of Team Bomb Squad. Gono has much more experience than McCrory.

Chris Lytle Vs. Thiago Alves
This could be a very good fight. Lytle said he's prepared for everything and wants to take Alves out as soon as possible. Alves is a very exciting fighter and knows how to finish fights. Alves trains out of Florida with American Top Team.

Frank Edgar Vs. Spencer Fisher
Edgar is from New Jersey and will be fighting in his hometown. He was last seen losing a decision to Tyson Griffin in a very exciting fight. Fisher was last seen defeating Sam Stout. Give the edge to Fisher here due to experience.

Houston Alexander vs Thiago Silva
Alexander fights out of Nebraska and Silva is a member of the Chute Box Academy in Brazil. Silva is 11-0 with nine knockouts. He has a black belt in BJJ. This is a very intriguing matchup. Can Silva get Alexander on the ground? This could be a slugfest and this fight will probably not end in a decision.

Michael Bisping vs Rashad Evans
This is the main event of the card. Evans is winner of TUF 2 and Bisping won TUF 3. Bisping last fight was controversial as he won a decision over Mark Hamil while Evans went to a draw with Tito Ortiz. Evans was somewhat gun-shy against Ortiz but promises to be more aggressive on Saturday night. This will be Bisping's toughest fight to date. Evans will win because he is more talented and a better fighter.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Barry Bonds and Lawyer Fight Back

Warriors/Pistons Game Summary

The Warriors lost to the Pistons last night 111-104 and are still winless after six games. Rasheed Wallace, Rip Hamilton, and Tayshaun Prince all had 22 points for Detroit. Jason Maxiell helped out with 14 points and 14 rebounds. Maxiell continues to impress and fits the Detroit system perfectly with his rebounding prowess and strong defense.

Baron Davis led the Warriors once again with 29 points. He also played 45 minutes which is just too much for him. Al Harrington contributed 20 points along with four three-pointers. The Warriors had free throw problems again and were only 13-21 from the line.

The Pistons played without Antonio McDyess and Chauncey Billups. The Warriors were without forwards Stephen Jackson and Mickael Pietrus.

The Warriors took a 64-51 lead into halftime and the lead was as large as 22 points at one time. Detroit's comeback was led by Rasheed Wallace who was unstoppable as he had 13 of his 22 points in the fourth quarter alone. Golden State had serious trouble with Detroit's zone defense and only scored 40 points after halftime.

It seems to be the same old story each game for Golden State. They get outrebounded and shoot a dismal percentage from the free throw line in every game while Davis plays 40 plus minutes. Friday's game at home against the Clippers is a must-win as they embark on a long East Coast road trip starting on Sunday. They will play five games in seven days and must face tough teams such as the Celtics and Raptors. Wins will be tough to come by but there is hope as Jackson will be eligible to play starting Friday.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Idiot Interviewing Sam Cassell Video

This is very funny. This idiot "reporter" should have been slapped by Cassell.

NFL Week 10 Awards

AFC East Player of the Week: Bills RB Marshawn Lynch
The rookie RB had 61 yards and one TD along with a two-point conversion to help the Bills beat Miami.

AFC North Player of the Week: Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger
Roethlisberger threw for 278 yards and 2 TDS and also ran for a 30-yard TD to help Pittsburgh beat the Browns 31-28

AFC South Player of the Week: Jaguars QB Quinn Gray
Gray threw for 101 yards and scrambled for a crucial first down in the fourth quarter to seal the victory over the Titans.

AFC West Player of the Week: Chargers RB Darren Sproles
Sproles had 2 TDS on a kick-off and a punt to jumpstart the Chargers to the upset win over the Colts

NFC East Player of the Week: Eagles RB Brian Westbrook
Westbrook's three TDS led the Eagles

NFC North Player of the Week: Packers RB Ryan Grant
Grant ran for 119 yards and one TD as he played much better than the overhyped Adrian Peterson of the Vikings

NFC South Player of the Week: Falcons QB Joey Harrington
Harrington was 19-26 for 192 yards with one TD to help the Falcons win their second game in a row. He threw a strike to Alge Crumpler for the game-winning TD in the fourth quarter.

NFC West Player of the Week: Cardinals LB Karlos Dansby
Dansby had two interceptions and a forced fumble to help Arizona beat the Lions 31-21.

Goat of the Week: Colts K Adam Vinitieri
Viniteri missed a chip-shot 29-yard FG that would have gave the Colts a win over the Chargers

Upset of the Week: Rams 37 Saints 29
The winless Rams got their first win against the Saints. The Saints had won four in a row before the upset loss.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Footage of Wyoming Coach Giving Utah Sidelines The Finger

Here is the footage of Wyoming coach Joe Glenn giving the Utah sidelines the middle finger salute after Utah tried a onsides kick in the third quater while leading 43-0.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

NFL Week 10 Preview and Picks

Browns vs Steelers
This game is for first place in the AFC North. The Browns have been winning a lot of shootouts. They must contain RB Willie Parker and try to slow him down. The Steelers must give the ball to Parker and keep the Browns explosive offense off the field. Pittsburgh is coming off a short week after playing Monday night.
Steelers 31 Browns 30

Colts vs Chargers
Both teams are coming off tough losses last week. The Chargers got run over by Adrian Peterson while the Colts lost to the Patriots at home. This should be a very high-scoring game. QB Philip Rivers has played poorly and must step up and lighten the load off of LaDanian Tomlinson.
Colts 27 Chargers 24

Cowboys vs Giants
The Cowboys won the first game 45-35 in Dallas. The rematch probably will not be as high-scoring. The Giants are coming off a bye week while the Cowboys defeated the Eagles last Sunday night. Tony Romo must be wary of the Giants front four. If he has time to throw, he will pick apart the weak Giants secondary. The Giants want to pound the ball with their running backs and keep Romo and T.O. off the field. WR Plaxico Burress should be able to have a big game against the Cowboys secondary.
Giants 24 Cowboys 23

Eagles vs Redskins
The Eagles are coming off a loss to Dallas while the Redskins won against the Jets last week. The Redskins will try to control the clock with Clinton Portis. The Eagles lost to Washington earlier this season at home. This is a must-win for the Eagles.
Eagles 20 Redskins 17

49ers vs Seahawks
This will be a close game and a must-win for the 49ers if they want to save their season. QB Alex Smith will play better against a Seattle team that gave up 33 points last week. The 49ers have had several good practices this week and this could translate to good things on Monday night. Seattle will be without RB Shaun Alexander so Maurice Morris will start in his place.
49ers 24 Seattle 23

Jaguars vs Titans
The Titans are on a roll and the Jaguars defense does not seem as vaunted as in the past. QB David Garrard is questionable for the game. The Titans defense will look to stop the run first.
Titans 20 Jaguars 16

Broncos vs Chiefs
This is a crucial AFC West battle for both teams. The Chiefs will be without RB Larry Johnson so expect Priest Holmes to get a lot of carries. The Chiefs are at home and will win with their defense. The Broncos have not stopped the run this whole season.
Chiefs 24 Broncos 13

Bills vs Dolphins
The Bills will start J.P. Losman at quarterback. Miami is still winless but they feel this is a winnable game. RB Marshawn Lynch will probably run all over the Dolphins defense who will be without LB Zach Thomas.
Bills 23 Dolphins 16

Rams vs Saints
The Rams are another winless team trying to get their first win of the year but it won't come against New Orleans. The Saints are on a roll winning four straight and even the defense is playing well. The Rams will have a better chance to win next week in San Francisco.
Saints 27 Rams 20

Falcons vs Panthers
The Falcons are coming off a big win over the lowly 49ers. The Panthers will start QB Vinny Testaverde. Panthers are at home and will get the win with some help from their defense.
Panthers 17 Falcons 10

Vikings vs Packers
Adrian Peterson will not get 296 yards against the vaunted Packers defense. He might not even get 100. The Packers will put eight in the box and dare QB Brooks Bollinger to pass. Three top cornerbacks will be at Lambeau Field on Sunday. Charles Woodson, Al Harris, and Antoine Winfield are all having Pro Bowl type years.
Packers 20 Vikings 13

Bengals vs Ravens
The Bengals are an injury-ravaged team. Multiple injuries to both sides of the ball have hurt the team all season. The Ravens are coming off a tough loss at Pittsburgh on Monday night. Give the edge to the Ravens at home but an upset won't surprise me.
Ravens 24 Bengals 20

Bears vs the Raiders
The Bears must win or their playoff hopes will be over. The Raiders must pound the ball with RB Justin Fargas and Lamont Jordan and then set up play-action to WRs Jerry Porter and Ronald Curry. The Bears must get good field position from Devin Hester on special teams. QB Brian Griese needs to avoid the pass rush and interceptions. Look for RB Cedric Benson to have his best game of the year running the ball.
Bears 20 Raiders 13

Lions vs Cardinals
The red hot Lions go on the road to face the Cardinals. The Lions have played much better at home than on the road, and this will be tough test for them. Arizona needs to pound RB Edgerrin James in order to keep Jon Kitna and gang on the sidelines.
Lions 24 Cardinals 17

NHL Fight Video

Friday, November 9, 2007

NBA Observations

Based on the first week of the season

  • The Bulls are struggling and the rumored Kobe trade is affecting them.
  • Richard Jefferson has been The Man for the Nets so far and playing a bigger role than Vince Carter.
  • Yi Jianlian of the Bucks has looked very impressive so far. He has excellent shooting ability and even had 3 block shots in one game.
  • Lebron James has played very well and is constantly improving on every facet of the game. His ability to block shots from behind is very impressive.
  • Washington is really struggling and Gilbert Arenas's achy knee is not helping the cause.
  • The Southwest Division in the Western Conference is probably the best division in the NBA.
  • Kevin Durant has shown an ability to score but has not led his team to a victory as of yet.
  • The Clippers are the surprise team so far with a 4-0 record without Elton Brand.
  • The Warriors really miss suspended forward Stephen Jackson.
  • The Lakers will get much better with Lamar Odom back.

Warriors/Mavericks Game Summary

The Mavs defeated the Warriors 120-115 last night in a very entertaining game. The Mavs kept the Warriors winless by outscoring them 63-54 in the second half. Jason Terry came off the bench to score 24 points and made several clutch jumpers in the final quarter. He was also 4-6 on his three-pointers. Dirk Nowitzki had a very quiet and unassuming 22 points. The unsung hero for Dallas was Brandon Bass who had 10 points and 12 rebounds. Bass grabbed a rebound off a Nowitzki missed jumper with the Mavs up by two in the final seconds of the game that basically sealed the victory.

Baron Davis led his team with 37 points. Kelenna Azubuike continued his impressive play with 27 points and 11 rebounds. He also made several crowd-pleasing dunks. Golden State made only 16-30 from the free-throw line and two of the main culprits were Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins. The Warriors were outrebounded by Dallas 49-38. They now will have five days off until they play the Pistons at home on Wednesday night.

Interview with IFL Ring Girl Emily Miller Coming Soon

The New Hottie of the Week (HOW) will be up in a week or so. D Wizzle is awaiting some new pictures from IFL ring girl, Emily Miller. The interview should be up in a week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Cavs Defeat the Warriors 108-104

The Cavs got their second win of the year last night in Oakland against the Warriors. The Warriors played better defense but were unable to make enough defensive stops in the fourth quarter. LeBron James was one assist short of a triple double. James ended the game with 24 points and 14 rebounds. Zydrunas Ilgauskas and Daniel Gibson both contributed 22 points for Cleveland. The Warriors were led by Baron Davis with 29 points but he needed 28 shots to get his points. Monta Ellis had 22 points and even made an impressive block on James in the second quarter when James was going for a layup.

Baron Davis played 46 minutes and fatigue was clearly a factor for him in the fourth quarter. Don Nelson must give Davis more rest and give Troy Hudson some minutes. Hudson and Ellis can play the point when Davis is on the bench. Andris Biedrins has not played well this season and he clearly misses Stephen Jackson. Jackson and Biedrins had great chemistry last year and were very effective on the pick-and-roll. Biedrins had four turnovers last night and missed two important free throws in the fourth quarter that could have given the Warriors the lead. Kelenna Azubuike was only 2-10 and Mickael Pietrus only played 19 minutes.

The Warriors were never able to stop the Cavs from penetrating and then dishing out to shooters on the wing. The Warriors never closed out on shooters like Gibson and Damon Jones as they buried three-pointers time after time. Gibson sealed the game with a three-pointer to give Cleveland a 106-102 lead near the end of the fourth quarter. Mike Brown made a excellent move in substituting Sasha Pavlovic for Damon Jones in the middle of the fourth quarter. Pavlovic was only 2-11 at the time and Jones came in to the game and made a three-pointer off a pass from James to give the Cavs more breathing room. The Warriors are now 0-4 as they await Dallas on Thursday night at home.

NFL Week 9 Awards

AFC East Player of the Week: Bills RB Marshawn Lynch
The rookie RB had 153 yards and a TD on the ground as well as one pass completion for a TD to help the Bills beat the Bengals.

AFC North Player of the Week: Steelers LB James Harrison
Harrison was all over the field on Monday night with 3.5 sacks, 9 tackles, and 2.5 forced fumbles.

AFC South Player of the Week: Titans DL Albert Haynesworth
Sacked David Carr three times as the Titans beat Carolina 20-7.

AFC West Player of the Week: Chiefs RB Larry Johnson
Johnson had one TD receiving and one rushing against the Packers.

NFC East Player of the Week: Cowboys WR Terrell Owens
10 catches for 174 yards with 1 TD for TO as the Cowboys beat the Eagles 38-17.

NFC North Player of the Week: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson
3 TDS and 296 yards for Peterson as the Vikings upset the Chargers at home.

NFC South Player of the Week: Saints QB Drew Brees
Brees went 35-49 with 3 TDS and 445 yards passing as the Saints beat the Jaguars 41-24

NFC West Player of the Week:Seahawks WR Bobby Engram
Engram had 14 catches for 139 yards in the loss to the Browns on Sunday

Goat of the Week: 49ers QB Alex Smith
Smith performed horribly once again throwing three costly interceptions in the loss to the Falcons.

Upset of the Week: Vikings 35 Chargers 17
No one thought the Vikings would upset the Chargers and that Adrian Peterson would run for 296 yards.

Monday, November 5, 2007

In Depth Interview with Dominance Fight Gear

With so many MMA clothing/gear companies sprouting up these days, it is hard to separate one company from the next. A MMA clothing company that is standing out is Dominance Fight Gear (DFG). Check out this very informative and interesting interview with the guys from DFG as they talk about their company's interesting philosphy, how they stand out from other MMA clothing companies, and the popularity of the UFC.

How did you guys get started as a company?
Basically, as rabid fans, we just wanted to be closer to the sport. Not being of the age or talent level that most shows look for regarding fighters, we thought a clothing/gear company would be a great option. We literally came up with the idea at a UFC event at Mandalay Bay. The following Monday we were filing for permits and licenses.

There are so many MMA clothing companies out there right now. What seperates Dominance Fight Gear from the others?
GREAT question! Early on, we recognized the fact that MMA based clothing wasn't an original idea. We needed to stand out, and be different so we decided that we would only sponsor fighters that have won three fights in a row, or are champions of their weight class. We came up with the criteria after extensive research and discussion. It is by no means perfect, but what it does represent is that when you see a fighter walking to or stepping into the cage wearing the DFG logo, they're bringing their "A" game. We run ads in all the big trade publications promoting our philosophy and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The downside to our philosophy is that we have to drop a fighter when they lose a fight. Sometimes this is a VERY difficult thing to do.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Dropping fighters if they lose is quite interesting since there are so many upsets in MMA lately. It is very bold of DFG to have that policy. How have fighters reacted to your policy?
You know, it's funny... the fighter that meets the criteria is literally honored to wear the DFG logo into the cage. They know not just anyone can be sponsored by us. The fighter that does not meet the criteria sometimes express frustration when they are rejected by us. Ironically, when they do qualify for sponsorship, we get a call the next day... literally! On numerous occasions, we have gotten phone calls from an excited fighter or manager 12 hours after the fighter's third consecutive win. We'll ask them where is the next fight and who they will be fighting, etc. They won't have the answer to these questions yet, but they want to wear the Dominance name. It really is a badge of honor. Also, the fighters we sponsor know the deal going in. Sooner or later, most fighters and sponsors part ways. With DFG, you know the deal when you sign the contract. We continue to renew sponsorships with all of our fighters who keep their victory streak alive. To date, we have not dropped a fighter "just because."
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Who are some of the fighters that you have sponsored and are currently sponsoring?
Currently we sponsor Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, Carlos Condit, Clay French, and Alex Karalexis. We just signed a kid named Brian Bowles out of Athens,GA. He is just 3-0, but very strong with an incredible heart. He fights for the WEC in December. Some of our past sponsorships include Brock Larson, Joe Doerksen, Micah Miller, and Jeff Bedard to name a few. We are working on several others, and we'll post the news on our website when we have confirmation. We update the "News" portion of the website every other day.

Where can fans buy your clothing and gear? is our home base. We're out of Las Vegas. We are in numerous retail locations as well as in Las Vegas at Xtreme Couture, The Squared Circle, and Fight Club. You can also find our clothing at Hit and Submit Fight Shop in Upland,CA, The Octagon in Medford,OR, Extreme Fight Gear in Longview,TX, and Damage Inc Fight Wear in Corpus Christi,TX. Lately it seems like we have been adding a new retailer every couple weeks or so. We have many more that we're in discussions with. Stay tuned! We also do 6-10 shows a year in which we set up a booth and sell DFG.

Can you tell us about the hot model featured on the website?
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Vanessa Raia... great girl... making a long story short, we saw her at the gym one day. I remember thinking she would be great as our new Dominance Girl, but I didn't do anything about it. As the shoot date moved closer, we couldn't find that perfect model that we were looking for. I figured I would keep my eyes peeled at the gym the next day, and approach the previously mentioned girl if she was there. No luck. I went home afterwards and got on Myspace to look for a model. Eventually, I found a girl with the perfect look and exactly what we were looking for. As I scrolled through her photos, I thought she looked familiar. It was the girl from the gym! It turns out she actually was a professional model so I sent her an email... and here we are.
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There have been many fighters lately that have been suspended for illegal substances such as steriods and marijuana. If a sponsored fighter was suspended for these types of drugs, would you consider dropping them?
In our sponsorship contracts with each fighter, there is a paragraph that gives us the option to back out based on questionable behavior. It really has to be a case by case thing. Unlike our "three consecutive wins" philosophy, there is much more ambiguity under these types of circumstances. The whole Sean Sherk situation has become a mess. It would be difficult to drop a guy like Sean as he is an incredible athlete, a great ambassador for the sport, has a work ethic second to none, and he emphatically denies the allegations. We know they just delayed the hearing, but hope they clean it up quick.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Do you guys attend all the UFC and WEC fights when they are in town?
Yes, Zuffa gives us free tickets to all their events! (laughs). We have attended all the WEC events since Zuffa brought them to Vegas primarily because we sponsor a lot of fighters in the WEC. We attend most of the UFC events that take place in Las Vegas unless we throw a party for our friends and staff at the DFG headquarters.

What has been the best fight you seen in person?
The best fight in person? Well, we did see the first Griffin vs Bonnar fight. That was pretty incredible. Also, UFC 52 where Matt Hughes came back from almost being knocked out and choked out Frank Trigg. Those two come immediately to mind.

Do you think the UFC can hold on to its current popularity after losing out on Fedor and now losing Randy Couture as well? Chuck Liddell isn't getting any younger, Tito Ortiz is doing reality TV shows, and Rich Franklin is no longer a contender for the title. Is the UFC ship about to sink?
In order for the UFC to stay on top, they have to continually bring in fresh talent that people care about. Forget about several of their recent Pride signings for a second. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) has worked as such an incredible tool for them. Let's pretend TUF never happened... albeit difficult to do, imagine the UFC without the Griffin vs Bonnar fight, Keith Jardine, Diego Sanchez, Josh Koschek, Kenny Florian, Rashad Evans, Michael Bisping, Chris Leben, and let's not forget Matt Serra and the feud he created with Matt Hughes. The UFC could not have dreamt up a better marketing tool. Boxing has become "yesterday's news" because there is no fresh talent that people care about. Name a boxer who wasn't around five years ago. Anyone come to mind? No. I believe the UFC will always be to MMA what Las Vegas is to gambling. There will be other fight leagues out there , and other cities to gamble in, and they 'll have a draw but like it or not, the UFC isn't going anywhere nor is Las Vegas!

Of all the new MMA promotions out theres such as the IFL, Pro Elite, Strike Force, and M-1 Global, which one do you think has the best chance to compete with the UFC and give them a run for their money as the #1 MMA company in this country?
They all have the potential of doing well, but I don't think anyone is really going to compete with the UFC for years. Most of it comes down to marketing the talent you have. Name 10, or even five fighters who fight in each league you mentioned. Many MMA fans can tell you 10 guys in the welterweight division of UFC alone! That's the difference. You can't underestimate the UFC's depth. Given the ranting, it probably sounds like we have ties to Zuffa, but we don't. Just calling it how we see it.

What are the future plans for DFG and what is coming up?
Tons of stuff. Like most businesses, we have to continually evolve to stay competitive. We just started doing giveaways and updating the "News" portion of the website regularly. We do this every other day. We ask a trivia question, you respond first with the right answer, you win a prize. We continue to expand our retail distribution every month, and we'll be in some major chains soon. We have no fewer than 10 new items in the works that will be available on the website as early as November 6. We just submitted our Holiday ad campaign to all the major publications, and we're stocking up for the Holiday season. We are in talks with a half dozen big name fighters regarding potential sponsorship deals, and we're starting to prepare for the two shows we are doing in December. Short answer; Expand, Expand, Expand!

Thanks for your time and I look foward to seeing more products from DFG and also seeing which fighters you guys sponsor in the future.
Thanks for having us on. If any of your readers place an order on our website for $20 or more, and mention " D Wizzle's World", we'll throw in a free beanie!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Ten Reasons why Mike Nolan Should Be Fired

In No Particular Order
  1. Having 49ers financial consultant Paraag Marathe in the booth during games - Marathe, who knows nothing about Xs and Os, communicates with Nolan throughout the game on stats and instant replay challenges. Marathe is a financial and accounting genius, but he is not a "football guy." My sources told me that Marathe makes $100,000 a year as an employee of the 49ers.
  2. Getting rid of WR Antonio Bryant - Why did Nolan get rid of the best WR the 49ers had last year? A player who was passionate about the game and who often complained on the bench about Alex Smith's wild throws. Was Bryant a malcontent or was he just frustrated by Smith's inaccuracy? Watching Smith play more and more, it is definitely the latter. Bryant was a threat as a WR unlike Darrell Jackson and Arnaz Battle.
  3. Hiring VP Player of Personnel Scot McCloughan - Mr.McCloughan isn't just missing an extra "T" in his first name. He might be missing some brains as well. How could he trade next year's first round pick to the Patriots in order to select OL Joe Staley in this year's draft? This is the same man that traded a fourth-round draft pick next year to get WR Darrell Jackson from Seattle. Why would the Seahawks trade a player to a team in its same division unless the player was either hurt or past his prime? The answer is they wouldn't!
  4. Drafting Alex Smith with the number one pick in the 2005 NFL Draft - Smith was not NFL-ready coming out of Utah. Nolan said he liked Smith because he put Smith through some weird drills before the draft, and Smith never questioned him. Nolan believed that made Smith coachable. Nolan also kept on raving about Smith's intellectual ability. Smith is a NFL quarterback and not a lawyer or doctor. His 4.0 GPA at Utah won't help him on the football field. By the way, Shawne Merriman, Braylon Edwards, Derrick Johnson, and Jason Campbell were all drafted later on in the first round. In the second round, the 49ers drafted David Baas when LB Lofa Tatupu was still on the board. Tatupu is now the heart and soul of the Seahawks defense while Baas is a backup on the 49ers.
  5. Calling timeouts at the wrong time in the game - Nolan has made this mistake in every game it seems. He often challenges a play also when the play was obviously called correct by the referee.
  6. Hiring Jim Hostler as offensive coordinator - The 49ers called a timeout today on 3rd and Goal at the Falcons two yard line. After the timeout, RB Michael Robinson gets stuffed for a two-yard loss as the defense sold out on the run. Before the timeout, the 49ers were gashing the Falcons with the run and the Falcons linemen were gassed and tired. After the timeout, they were well rested and were able to tackle Robinson to force a Joe Nedney field goal. Why didn't they do a play-action pass on 3rd and Goal?
  7. For caring more about how he looks than how the team plays - Nolan spends too much time asking the NFL to allow him to wear a suit and tie on the sidelines during games. Maybe he should try to think of ways to get his team to play better than worry about the fashion police.
  8. For repeating the same things every week at his weekly press conference with the media - After every game and every loss, Nolan uses different words but says basically the same things. His speech to the press will go something like this - "We will get better. We will improve, I can promise you that. We will not jump ship and we will stay the course and see this thing through. No one in our division is running away with the title and we have a big game coming up in Seattle."
  9. For not preparing his team to play in the beginning of each game - It seems that the team is down by 20 before the second quarter has started. The team is never prepared to play and that is the coach's fault.
  10. For being conservative on offense - Nolan is way in over his head as a head coach. It appears at times that he is allergic to touchdowns,and that is why he often has his team play conservatively in the red zone and settle for field goals. Does anyone not remember last year's 4th and 1 against the Rams in Saint Louis?

New Interview with Dominance Fight Gear Coming Soon

D Wizzle's World had a very good interview with Dominance Fight Gear recently and it will be posted on here this week.

NFL Week 9 Game Previews and Picks

Redskins vs Jets
The Jets will start Kellen Clemens today at quarterback. He will have a bad day against the talented Redskins defense. The Redskins might be without two cornerbacks today, and this could hurt them if they can't get a pass rush on Clemens. QB Jason Campbell needs another good game on the road.
Redskins 20 Jets 10

Packers vs Chiefs
The Chiefs are coming off a bye week while the Packers played last Monday night at Denver. It is always difficult to play back to back road games especially coming off a short week. The Chiefs have a stagnant offense but a solid defense led by defensive end Jared Allen. This should be a low-scoring game. The Chiefs will win but it will be close.
Chiefs 17 Packers 16

Texans vs Raiders
The Raiders will be starting Josh McCown at quarterback today while the Texans will start Sage Rosenfels. The Raiders have the advantage as they are at home and the Texans are without their starting QB and WR in Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. Rosenfels is also prone to throwing interceptions.
Raiders 24 Texans 17

Cardinals vs Bucs
The Cardinals have a good chance of pulling the upset here as the Bucs do not score much on offense. Kurt Warner must limit his turnovers today. If the Cardinals are serious about being a contender, they must show something this Sunday.
Bucs 17 Cardinals 16

Panthers vs Titans
David Carr will be starting for the Panthers. The edge goes to the Titans since they are at home. Vince Young did not have a good game last week but he will improve today. Carr will throw two interceptions today and the Titans defense will lead the way to another win.
Titans 17 Panthers 10

49ers vs Falcons
The 49ers will win this game because the Falcons are playing too many youngsters. The 49ers should be able to mount a good pass rush against the weak Falcons offensive line. Look for Tully Banta-Cain to have at least one sack today on Joey Harrington.
49ers 24 Falcons 16

Jaguars vs Saints
The Saints are now 3-4 after starting 0-4. They should wint his game as the Jaguars are playing Quinn Gray at quarterback. Gray is a very inaccurate passer and the Saints will just put eight men in the box to defend the run all day long.
Saints 24 Jaguars 10

Seahawks vs Browns
The Browns are looking for their first three game winning streak since 2001. This will be a high-scoring game. The Browns should win at home because they have a lot of momentum and more playmakers.
Browns 31 Seahawks 27

Broncos vs Lions
The Broncos can't stop the run and this is why they will lose again today. The Lions are a scoring machine and will put up many points today. The Broncos offense has not been playing well due to WR Javon Walker being injured.
Lions 27 Broncos 17

Bengals vs Bills
The Bengals should win because they have the better quarterback. The Bills have a chance because the Bengals have a terrible defense that is decimated by injuries to their linebacking corps.
Bengals 23 Bills 20

Chargers vs Vikings
The Chargers will manhandle the Vikings today in Minnesota. The Vikings do not have a good secondary and QB Philip Rivers will have a great game throwing the ball to TE Antonio Gates and WR Chris Chambers. Chargers will look to stop RB Adrian Peterson and make QB Tarvarris Jackson try to beat them.
Chargers 31 Vikings 10

Patriots vs Colts
This is obviously the game of the week. The Patriots will face their stiffest test of the year. The Colts have a great offense and a solid defense. Bob Sanders will be all over the field making tackles for the Colts. The Colts will give the ball to RB Joseph Addai many times to keep Tom Brady off the field.
Patriots 34 Colts 31

Cowboys vs Eagles
The Eagles will try to win this one for Andy Reid. This would be the game of the week if not for the Colts vs Patriots matchup. Look for Terrell Owens to get a touchdown against his old team.
Cowboys 27 Eagles 24

Ravens vs Steelers
Ravens might be without their two starting cornerbacks for this game. This will spell trouble against Big Ben and gang.
Steelers 24 Ravens 9

Friday, November 2, 2007

Warriors Lose Again 120-114

The Golden State Warriors lost tonight to the Los Angeles Clippers and are starting off on the wrong foot again. They have given up 237 points in two games already to the Jazz and the Clippers. Things might not get better on Saturday as they face the Jazz again, but this time in Salt Lake.

The Warriors were a dismal 7-28 shooting three pointers tonight and the worst culprit was Baron Davis who was 1-9. The leading scorer in the game was SG Kelenna Azubuike with 33 points on 12-17 shooting. Golden State was outrebounded again as they lost the rebound battle 53-36. The Warriors had no one who could stop C Chris Kaman in the middle. Kaman led the way for the Clippers with 26 points and 18 rebounds. He got help off the bench from SG Cuttino Mobley who had 21 points.

Based on two games, it is clear that the Warriors really miss Stephen Jackson. He is an asset on both sides of the court and an emotional leader. Until they get Jackson back in the lineup, Don Nelson must do with more playing time for Monta Ellis and rookie Marco Belinelli. Center Patrick O'Bryant played only five minutes tonight but was effective on the floor on the defensive end against Kaman. Nelson should think about playing him more but O'Bryant is still raw offensively.

Nelson wants to limit Davis to under 35 minutes a game but tonight, Davis played 45 minutes. It will be interesting to see how many minutes he plays tomorrow against the Jazz. Davis's backup, Troy Hudson, played zero minutes tonight but should get a lot of playing time on Saturday night. The Jazz seem to own the Warriors and there is a strong possibility that the Warriors will be 0-3 after tomorrow night.