Friday, November 23, 2007

49ers Rhyme Remix of Kanye West "Good Life" track

Here is a remake of Kanye West's "Good Life" song dedicated to the 49ers miserable season. Original Song video is right here


Fire Nolan, u know it's bout that time
What happen to the O-Line?
Why is Shaun Hill on the pine?
Jim Hostler must have lost his mind
Now put the paper bag over your face
Because the 2007 Niners are a disgrace

Welcome to the bad life
where we still miss Eddie D
Ever since he left, nuttin but misery
The bad life
when will we get victory number 3?
Shit, the best thing goin is Andy Lee
The bad life
We lost to Atlanta
Used to beat em with Jerry and Montana
Lost twice to Seattle
Balls dropped by D-Jack and Battle
Had a week off thanks to the bye
but next week lost to N.Y.
Hostler still callin plays but I dunno why

Now throw your middle finger in the air

So we ain't rollin with Nolan
Wished we had Holmgren
Need to make changes now
Give me Cowher or Norm Chow
Nolan ain't got the goods
Who cares if u look good in suits
Mike, U got to go, sorry
Yo its got to be
So let's hire Singletary
and Hostler gotta be indicted like Barry

Nolan told fans to
go ahead and boo, he's stayin the course
and if we hate then let us hate
and watch the losses pile up

Welcome to the bad life
when the games won't sell out and be on TV
Nolan makin calls that make him look crazy
Lookin great in a suit but u a coach and not no model
U sore like Smith but u didn't have to go to the hospital
The bad life
So keep it comin' with them losses
till u get fired when u hear from your bosses
The bad life
We lost to Pittsburgh
Lost to B-more
Lost Smith and then Gore
What happened to brandon more
Why is Smith's shoulder sore
What's wrong with Jonas Jennings?
Going against this team if I'm betting

Welcome to the bad life
Nolan, what's up with the thee and outs
Why we in such a scoring drought
Welcome to the bad life
4th Down, go for it , i think we should
the only thing i wish, i wish Nolan would
Welcome to the bad life
He prolly think he could
but...but... he don't think he should
Welcome to the bad life
Nolan told fans to
go ahead and boo, he's stayin the course
and if we hate then let us hate
and watch the losses pile up

Have you ever wanted to jump off a plane
Watchin this team play makin me go insane
Where is the quarterback pressure from Banta-Cain?
Runnin a fullback on 3rd and short, Hostler ain't got brains
He's as stupid as he is short
This whole season, we must abort
But the season is longer than the hair on Keasey
Why can't we have Romo and TO so winning be easy

We can't beat the good or bad teams
Winning is just a dream
Going to lose big to Arizona
Fire Nolan and get the coach from USC or Oklahoma
Goin to the game, bring a paper bag
Or you will see our O-Line give up another sack
Now my grandmama isn't the only one calling Nolan craaaaazy
She misses the days of Hacksaw Reynolds and Charles Haaaaley
Now put that paper bag over your face and
Lemme hear you say

Fire Nolan!

Welcome to the Badddd Liiiiife!!


ed said...

lmao thats pretty good bud

Anonymous said...

This is the best rhyme and made my day... thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Pretty funny.