Friday, October 31, 2008

Fans In Philadelphia Riot and Loot After World Series

Here are 3 videos of Philadelphia fans going crazy. This first one is of the fans destroying a car.

Crazy Phillies Fans Riot And Break Stuff. These animals, I mean humans, are out of control.

Crazy Phillies Fans Loot A Luggage Store

Interview with Chuck Liddell

New Chuck Liddell interview where he talks about his fight with Rashad Evans, the legal problems of Rampage Jackson, and more.
This video is from the guys at

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview with MMA Ref Steve Mazzagatti: Talks About Not Partying With Fighters and Brock Lesnar

Warriors Vs. Hornets Review

Hornets win 108-103 in a very exciting game.

David West had 24 points, Tyson Chandler had 16 rebounds, and Chris Paul had 11 assists and also hit the game-winning layup with about 19 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Corey Maggette had 27 points and Stephen Jackson had 26 for the Warriors. 

Jackson played the full 48 minutes and never took a break. What was Don Nelson thinking?  He was not apparently.

Nelson also did not play Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli, Marcus Williams, or Anthony Randolph.  Questionable moves by Nelson not to play these youngsters.

Warriors had a double-digit lead in the second quarter but the Hornets were never out of it.  Fans had a feeling the Hornets were never out of the game and would come back and win in the second half and that is exactly what they did.

The Warriors did most of their damage when  Paul was out of the game. 

Warriors rookie DeMarcus Nelson played well and had six points.

The most impressive player on the Warriors was Kelenna Azuibuike. He had 17 points in 21 minutes of action. 

Hilton Armstrong had a monster dunk in the second quarter for the Hornets.

The Warriors had a chance to take the lead in the closing seconds of the fourth quarter but Jackson turned the ball over while trying to make an inbound pass to Maggette.

James Posey is a great addition to the Hornets team. He plays tough annoying defense and can hit the open 3. 

Ronny Turiaf endeared himself to Warrior fans by blocking four shots and playing good defense. 

Hornets play the Suns tonight and the Warriors play against the Raptors in Toronto on Friday.

NHL News And Notes

  • The best match-up tonight is between the Red Wings and Sharks in San Jose. These are the two best teams in the Western Conference. The Red Wings will be at an disadvantage since they played last night in Anaheim while the Sharks had the day off.
  • Two teams who got off to bad starts but have rebounded are the Philadelphia Flyers and the Anaheim Ducks. 
  • Edmonton started off strong but they have come back to earth and are now only 4-4-1.
  • The New York Islanders are the worst team in the NHL right now.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warriors Are In For A Rough Season

The Golden State Warriors begin  their 2008 campaign tonight at the Oracle Arena in Oakland against Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets. The Warriors roster has significantly changed from the past few years.

Gone are players like Jason Richardson, Baron Davis, Mickael Pietrus, and Matt Barnes. There has been an influx of youth with the likes of rookies DeMarcus Nelson  and Anthony Randolph along with second year players Brandan Wright and Marco Belinelli.

Their key player, Monta Ellis, who they wanted to build around, is now out for at least three months due to an ankle injury caused by a moped  accident over the summer. Davis, the team’s MVP and leader, bolted for the Los Angeles Clippers.

This will not be a fun season for Warrior fans. Although the team signed free agents Corey Maggette and Ronny Turiaf, this team does not have the pieces for a playoff run.

Maggette is a solid player on offense but his defense, or lack of, will not entice him to Bay Area fans.  Turiaf is a good backup and can play the power forward or center positions, but he is not a scorer. Turiaf will be good as a defensive presence and shot blocker. His enthusiasm will most likely make him a fan favorite.

Stephen Jackson is the team’s most important player since Davis is gone and Ellis is injured. Jackson plays well on both ends of the court but he needs a lot of help. Who will provide the help?

Wright needs to show more than he did in his rookie year and so does  the sharpshooter, Belinelli. If Nelson gives them more playing time, perhaps we can see how good these two players can be.

Another question mark for the Warriors at the beginning of the year is who will be their point guard. Nelson pegged Nelson, a rookie from Duke, as the opening night starter. His first challenge will be trying to stop the speedy Paul. Nelson was never a flashy player in college and he played for Duke for four years. How many good players stay in college for four years these days? The answer is not many.  What we do know about Nelson is that he is a good defensive player and plays hard. But is that enough?

The bottom line is that Nelson won’t make anyone forget Davis. Another offseason acquisition by the Warriors was former Net, Marcus Williams. Williams underperformed in preseason and is beginning the season on the bench.

Al Harrington does not like playing for Coach Nelson and it will be interesting to see if the Warriors trade him. Harrington is a good scorer but he all too often has a bad shooting night and he doesn’t play any defense at all.

This season won’t be as fun as the last few years for  basketball fans in the Bay Area. The Bay Area has only one winning team and that is the San Jose Sharks. The Warriors will probably go 33-49 and not make the playoffs once again.

Houston WR Crashes Into Cart And Breaks His Leg

This happened last night in a game shown on ESPN between the Houston Cougars and Marshall Thundering Herd.  Patrick Edwards suffered a compound fracture in his right leg.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Strikeforce's November 21 "Destruction" Event and Ticket Information

Strikeforce will have another exciting  MMA event  on November 21 at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, California. 

5:30pm – Doors Open
6:00pm – Prelims
7:30pm – Main Card

The main event will be Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Josh "The Punk" Thomson Vs. Yves Edwards and the co-main event is between Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion Bobby Southworth against Renato "Babalu" Sobral.

Both of these fights are scheduled for five rounds and both are also title fights.

To get tickets for this show, call or email Peter Malik at Strikeforce. Peter is a very good friend of D Wizzle's World and always supplies D Wizzle and the readers of D Wizzle's World with premium seating and tickets.

Peter has the BEST seats in the arena and there are NO Ticketmaster fees or facility fees when you order from him so you save a lot of money.

No Ticketmaster Service Fees ($7.75 per ticket)
No Facility Fees ($2 per ticket)

You can reach Peter at (408) 603-6655 or email him at

If you email him, please leave him your name, number, and how many tickets you need, and he will get back to you promptly.

For more information on the event and Strikeforce, check out

Stupid Sideline Reporter Interviews Mike Singletary

I don't know who this sideline reporter is but she is horrible and this was just terrible. These people in the media just make me sick. Bill Walsh is not alive and passed away a few months ago and this was just a terrible start to an interview. Know your facts or give someone else the job.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Lakers Player Andrew Bynum Making It Rain At A Club

I am sure they are dollar bills and not Benjamins lol.

49ers Coach Mike Singletary's Monday Press Conference Quotes and Notes

  • Has not talked to Vernon Davis but he will.  He says he is not in a rush to do it.
  • "One of the biggest things we talk about on this team is respect."
  • Said that Davis crossed the line and if he had to do it over again, he would do the same thing.
  • "Vernon is NOT a problem guy." 
  • Said that Davis is not a distraction on the team.
  • "No one is above the team, including myself."
  • Does not have a doghouse and won't play games with his players.
  • Martz and him looked at the film this morning and will have conversation about who will start at QB against Arizona.
  • "We have to make the best decision to make the right fit."
  • The decision on the starting QB will be unanimous.
  • "I want to be a physical football team."
  • Loves Mike Martz's offense
  • Tony Wragge and David Baas played great. 
  • "We are a young and aspiring team. We don't need distractions and the people that don't want to be a part of this. We need everybody on deck. My eyes are always looking out for those people that want to be a part of something special."
  • Doesn't want his players to argue with the referees. "We all would like to choke them at times." Says it is better to back away and move on.

49ers Coach Mike Singletary's Post Game Press Conference

Sunday, October 26, 2008

D Wizzle's NFL Picks

Dallas over Bucs

Redskins over Lions

Dolphins over Bills

Patriots over Rams

Chargers over Saints

Jets over Chiefs

Falcons over Eagles

Steelers over Giants

49ers over Seahawks

Panthers over Cardinals

Jags over Browns

Raiders over Ravens

Texans over Bengals

Titans over Colts

Saturday, October 25, 2008

D Wizzle's UFC 90 Predictions and Picks

Anderson Silva over Patrick Cote in the first round by TKO due to strikes.

Thiago Alves over Josh Koscheck in the third round by TKO.

Gray Maynard over Rich Clementi by unanimous decision.

Fabricio Werdum over Junior Dos Santos by rear naked choke in the second round.

Sean Sherk over Tyson Griffin by split decision.

Thales Leites over Drew McFedries by rear naked choke in the second round.

Spencer Fisher over Shannon Gugerty in the secound round by TKO.

Dan Miller over Matt Horwich by split decision.

Hermes Franca over Marcus Aurelio by unanimous decision.

Pete Sell over Josh Burkman by TKO in the second round.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

EliteXC's Demise: Bad for MMA

EliteXC is no more. This is a great loss for MMA fans. There are some fans and pundits out there who enjoyed seeing the company falter but others were greatly disappointed in the demise of EliteXC. You can count me as one of the fans who were disappointed and saddened by EliteXC going under.

Competition is good in sports and in business. Dana White said it was a great day for MMA when EliteXC went out of business. He is wrong. It might have been a great day personally for Mr. White and the UFC, but not for MMA fans and fighters.

Many fighters are now out of work, and so are the many employees that worked in the ProElite office in Los Angeles. You now have more people trying to find new jobs and work in a poor economy. A lot of the employees I talked to told me they did not see this coming.

One day the company is working on promoting their next scheduled show on November 8, and the next day the company is folding, and employees are told that they are being let go. This is very unfortunate.

EliteXC gave fans exciting fights and shows. What more could MMA fans have asked for? They entertained me with every show. Besides the shows they had on CBS, the ShoXC shows on Showtime were entertaining as well and was a great showcase for up and coming fighters. A lot of their shows were much more entertaining than the UFC pay-per-views. UFC fights usually end up being decided by the judges more than the EliteXC fights. There were more knockouts and submission wins on EliteXC broadcasts.

The UFC’s only competition now is Affliction. The question now is does Affliction have enough money to compete with the UFC? They are losing money now and it won’t get any better next year. It is a good thing they have the financial backing of Donald Trump. But how long will Trump continue to invest in Affliction? If he backs out, Affliction could be in big trouble.

Strikeforce, another MMA organization that is based in the West Coast, has a decent fan base and a network deal with NBC. Unlike Affliction and EliteXC, they are not trying to compete directly and against UFC. Strikeforce is very popular in the Bay Area, and they have also had shows in Washington and Colorado.

It is bad for the UFC to become a monopoly in this sport. The fans and fighters all lose out. Fighters like Tito Ortiz might have to grovel back to White in order to get back in the limelight.

Wrestling has never been the same since WWE bought WCW and there was only one major wrestling organization in the country. Fans stopped watching and going to the shows because the product was just not as entertaining as in the past because WWE owner Vince McMahon had less incentive to put on great shows without any competition.

Let's hope that the UFC won't become like WWE. With EliteXC gone, White can laugh and ridicule them all the way to the bank. The losers are the fans and fighters.

Referee Sucker Punches Football Player

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hines Ward Hit On Keith Rivers - Cheap Shot or Clean Hit?

This hit broke Rivers' jaw and he is out for the year.

NFL Head Coaches On The Hot Seat

There are many head coaches who are on the hot seat and on the verge of being fired. The Rams and Raiders both got rid of their coaches and have been playing better of late after the dismissal of their head coach.

1) Norv Turner of the Chargers: A 3-4 record and a upcoming trip to London does not bode well for Turner. The Chargers were a popular pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl before the season started.

2) Marvin Lewis of the Bengals: The Bengals have not won a game this season. They did not have Carson Palmer for some of their games, but there is no excuse for a bad defense that gave up 38 points to the Steelers on Sunday.

3) Mike Nolan of the 49ers: Nolan might be out if the 49ers don't win next week against the Seahawks. It might be a good time to fire him after the game since the 49ers will have a bye week the week after.

4) Wade Phillips of the Cowboys: Phillips was supposed to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl but they are only 4-3 this season. The defense and O-Line has been shoddy. Adam "Pacman" Jones did not help out the secondary and WR Roy Williams will have to learn a new offensive system in midseason.

5) Herm Edwards of the Chiefs: How did the Chiefs beat the Broncos this season? I don't see the Chiefs beating any other teams this season. They don't have a starting QB on their roster.

6) Romeo Crennel of the Browns: Crennel's job is on the line again as his team has fallen to 2-4. Is it time to start Brady Quinn at QB?

7) Brad Childress of the Vikings: He was supposed to be an offensive guru but his team's strength is the defense and not the offense.

8) Rod Marinelli of the Lions: This coach should be fired but he is still leading the Lions onto the field every Sunday. This team is winless and their defense is just atrocious.

New Plies "Heard On Me" VIdeo

Sunday, October 19, 2008

D Wizzle's Week 7 NFL Predictions and PIcks

Chargers over Bills: The Chargers offense won't be stopped today. The Bills defense is banged up and if the Cardinals can hang 41 points on the Bills, how many points will the Chargers put up?

Dolphins over Ravens: The Ravens don't have two of their offensive linemen today and this does not bold well for the Ravens offense. The Dolphins will win this one and use their Wildcat formation once again to confuse their opponent.

Titans over Chiefs: This is a mismatch of epic proportions. No Larry Johnson today for the Chiefs.

Jets over Raiders: The two Bay Area teams face the New York teams today. Brett Favre will have a good game, and so will the Jets defense. Raiders WR Chaz Schillens gets the start today over Ronald Curry. Schillens is 6'4 and 225 lbs. Let's see what this rookie can do.

49ers over Giants: Here is my upset special of the day! The Giants don't look that good and Eli Manning played poorly last Monday night. The Giants won't be able to stop the 49ers offense and the 49ers defense will do just enough to contain Brandon Jacobs and the run game of the Giants. The 49ers also remember last year's blowout loss to the Giants.

Bucs over Seahawks: Seneca Wallace will start for the Seahawks in place of injured Matt Hasselback. The Bucs defense will dominate the Seahawks offense.

Browns over Redskins: This will be a very high-scoring game. The Browns have momentum from their Monday night game against the Giants while the Redskins lost last week to the Rams.

Rams over Cowboys: The Rams are a different team under Jim Haslett than they were under Scott Linehan. The Cowboys will start veteran Brad Johnson at QB. Look for a few interceptions from him.

Steelers over Bengals: The Bengals will remain winless after today.

Broncos over Patriots: Jay Cutler will perform better than Matt Cassell.

Bears over Vikings: The Bears are angry after their loss last week to the Falcons.Their D will step up today. This might be a very low-scoring snoozer.

Texans over Lions: The Lions will remain winless. The Texans have a lot of momentum after their big win last week against the Dolphins.

Packers over Colts: The Colts played great last week against the Ravens but the Packers are at home and will win in a close one.

Panthers over Saints: Drew Brees won't be as good as he was last week and Jake Delhomme won't be as bad as he was last week either. Take the team with the better defense.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Rachelle Leah Nude Playboy Pictures

For pictures of UFC Octagon Girl Logan Stanton and other hot babes along with interviews, check out this link as well

Here is the link to them. Please be 18 and over if you wish to click on the link.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hip Hop And Politics Video

EliteXC and Kimbo Slice Are Not Going Away: "Heat" Review and Results

EliteXC had another prime time event on CBS last Saturday night, and the show was full of surprises and exciting matches.

The main event was scheduled to be Kimbo Slice vs. Ken Shamrock but Shamrock was not allowed to fight due to a cut he sustained near his eye.

EliteXC officials had to scramble to find another opponent for Kimbo, and they found one in Seth Petruzelli. Petruzelli was scheduled to fight Aaron Rosa on the prelim card that evening but he took the place of Shamrock in the main event instead.

Kimbo had prepared for months for Shamrock, and all of a sudden, he had a new opponent.

The main event only lasted 14 seconds as the fans in Florida at the BankAtlantic Center were shocked to see Kimbo lose by TKO in the first round to Petruzelli.

The Kimbo critics came out in full force after the fight and started to hurl insults and trash the former street fighting legend.

They said that Kimbo's 15 minutes of fame are over and that he will not be heard from again. Some said he was nothing but a freak show and that he was exposed.

What the critics need to realize is that Kimbo never was mentioned as a contender for the title, or a great MMA fighter.

Kimbo has been quoted numerous times as saying he is just a baby in this sport, and that he has a lot to learn.

No EliteXC official proclaimed him to be this great MMA fighter who was a title contender. Basically, Kimbo is just a rookie in the sport with only four professional MMA fights.

Fans love Kimbo and want to see him fight regardless of him losing or winning. He is a superstar with a lot of charisma, and he has that "it" factor which connects with fans and sponsors alike. Fans enjoy his brawling style and aggressiveness, even though that may have led to his first loss to Petruzelli.

They watch his fights to see him either get knocked out or knock someone out. Who doesn't like to see a fighter who brings it each and every time he steps into the cage?

People should be giving Kimbo props for taking the fight with another opponent that he was totally unprepared for and knew nothing about.

Imagine if the Dallas Cowboys prepared to play the Redskins, and on the day of the game, the NFL told them they would be playing the Patriots instead. The Cowboys would not be focused and in disarray.

This is how Kimbo must have felt going into the fight with Petruzelli.

During his pre-fight interview with CBS reporter, Karen Bryant, Kimbo seemed focused but his mind didn't seem right at all. Who could blame him under these circumstances?

This is not the end of Kimbo, far from it. This is just the beginning for Kimbo and you can expect him to continue to bring it in his future fights.

Speaking of fighters who bring it, Benji Radach and Murilo "Ninja" Rua took it to each other in the first fight of the night on CBS.

This fight was action-packed from the beginning to the end. Radach won in the second round by TKO, and fans can't wait to see Radach fight again.

He was very aggressive from the start and never let Rua relax.

The next fight was between the face of women's MMA, Gina Carano, against Kelly Kobold. Carano won by unanimous decision after three rounds.

Carano displayed a lot of nice muay thai skills, but the match was just too short. Women fighters fight three minute, three round fights.

Hopefully the women will be allowed to fight five minute rounds just like the men do in the near future.

The next match was between heavyweights Andrei Arlovski and Roy Nelson. Everyone was expecting a knockout from Arlovski and he delivered in the second round.

Jake Shields and Paul "Semtex" Daley fought for the EliteXC middleweight title, and Shields came out the winner to retain his title.

Shields won by armbar in an exciting back and forth match. Daley was superior in the stand-up, but Shields owned Daley on the ground.

Overall, this was another great show that EliteXC put on for MMA fans. The fans got to see some spectacular knockouts and a huge upset win by a fighter who was not even supposed to be in the main event.

Although some fans were disappointed that Shamrock could not fight Kimbo, EliteXC, Kimbo, and Petruzelli, all stepped up and made the best of a difficult situation.

The haters and critics continue to say that EliteXC is going to go out of business, but just like Kimbo, EliteXC is far from done, and not going away.

You can bet that EliteXC and their talented group of fighters will continue to bring MMA fans more exciting fights and action for a long, long time.

Kimbo Slice and EliteXC's Post Fight Press Conference Video

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Elite XC "Heat" Predictions

Kimbo Slice over Ken Shamrock by KO even though I think Shamrock has a good chance to possibly pull the upset.
Paul Daley over Jake Shields
Gina Carano over Kelly Kobold=Gavin by TKO
Rua over Radach
Andrei Arlovski over Roy Nelson by spectaular KO

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exclusive New Track from Trey C Featuring Josh Franks "GoGo" Remix

D Wizzle's World has another exclusive and this time it is  a track from Bay Area rapper Trey C featuring Josh Franks.  You heard it first on D Wizzle's World.   The lyrics are below.
Artist: Trey-C f/ Josh Franks
Title: Go Go (Alexia Lei Remix)
Album: Go Go (Single)

Yo, see that one right there/
Yeah, that one/
It's Alexia Lei/
It's Trey-C/
She my go go/
Let's go

So, I'm fitted in Knoxx, from top socks/
With Ms. Lei on the stage, to rock the spot/
Peep her position, as she do the dirty dishes/
And this the remix, so ya'll pay attention/
Whole place packed, just to see that body/
Even when the spot close, we gone party/
And take it to the crib like let's go shawty/
Spotlight on her, ears on me/
Alexia Lei and the bay's Trey-C/
It's like 1 to the 2. A to the B/
We in the spot all night, doin' it major league/
From the stage to the bar, she round for round/
With the purple hooter shots and the Crown Royal/
Ain't nobody lookin' better/
Coverin' up with an Ambition sweater/

Watchin' her body got me, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh/
Life of the party, she's a, Go, Go, Go, Go/
She's my, Go Go, Dancer, Dancer/
She's my, Go Go, Dancer, Dancer/

Look, she in the club, she a go go/
Got all the girls goin' like, oh no/
Tight lil' figure, wanna get wit her/
As she huggin' that pole like some low pros/
Look, bad body, so ridiculous/
Love when she twist it, doin' the licorice/
Just picture this/
I got my camera phone out, just to take a flick of this/
Can't get sick of this, she's my medicine/
And so much flyer then the rest of them/
Got me messagin', pics to my homies/
I ain't finna leave until they call the police/
Eyes on her, eyes on her/
Eyes on her face and eyes on her skirt/
Eyes on her frame, as she doin' her thang on the stage/
Just another night puttin' in work, gyeah/


Bring that body to me/
I wanna see you move/
I wanna see you do/
The things that you do/
Bring that body to me/
I wanna see you move/
I wanna see you do/
The things that you do, girl/


Teacher Breaks Student's Cell Phone - Video