Sunday, October 19, 2008

D Wizzle's Week 7 NFL Predictions and PIcks

Chargers over Bills: The Chargers offense won't be stopped today. The Bills defense is banged up and if the Cardinals can hang 41 points on the Bills, how many points will the Chargers put up?

Dolphins over Ravens: The Ravens don't have two of their offensive linemen today and this does not bold well for the Ravens offense. The Dolphins will win this one and use their Wildcat formation once again to confuse their opponent.

Titans over Chiefs: This is a mismatch of epic proportions. No Larry Johnson today for the Chiefs.

Jets over Raiders: The two Bay Area teams face the New York teams today. Brett Favre will have a good game, and so will the Jets defense. Raiders WR Chaz Schillens gets the start today over Ronald Curry. Schillens is 6'4 and 225 lbs. Let's see what this rookie can do.

49ers over Giants: Here is my upset special of the day! The Giants don't look that good and Eli Manning played poorly last Monday night. The Giants won't be able to stop the 49ers offense and the 49ers defense will do just enough to contain Brandon Jacobs and the run game of the Giants. The 49ers also remember last year's blowout loss to the Giants.

Bucs over Seahawks: Seneca Wallace will start for the Seahawks in place of injured Matt Hasselback. The Bucs defense will dominate the Seahawks offense.

Browns over Redskins: This will be a very high-scoring game. The Browns have momentum from their Monday night game against the Giants while the Redskins lost last week to the Rams.

Rams over Cowboys: The Rams are a different team under Jim Haslett than they were under Scott Linehan. The Cowboys will start veteran Brad Johnson at QB. Look for a few interceptions from him.

Steelers over Bengals: The Bengals will remain winless after today.

Broncos over Patriots: Jay Cutler will perform better than Matt Cassell.

Bears over Vikings: The Bears are angry after their loss last week to the Falcons.Their D will step up today. This might be a very low-scoring snoozer.

Texans over Lions: The Lions will remain winless. The Texans have a lot of momentum after their big win last week against the Dolphins.

Packers over Colts: The Colts played great last week against the Ravens but the Packers are at home and will win in a close one.

Panthers over Saints: Drew Brees won't be as good as he was last week and Jake Delhomme won't be as bad as he was last week either. Take the team with the better defense.

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