Tuesday, January 31, 2012

NCAA and NBA Picks

Pacers -9.5

Knicks -3 first quarter

Illinois +1.5

Youngstown State +9

Penn State +7.5

Seton Hall +8

Over 138 Seton Hall/Marquette

Over 143 Arkansas/Vanderbilt

Monday, January 30, 2012

Video of the dunk by Blake Griffin on Kendrick Perkins

Here is the video of Blake Griffin's dunk on Kendrick Perkins. I know Twitter is abuzz over this "dunk" but I am not that impressed at all.

Griffin is 6'10 and he made a two foot shot. Now if he starts making 3s, I would be impressed. I rather see 6'10 Kevin Durant make shots than Griffin get his dunks.

If a smaller guy like Nate Robinson dunked like this on Perkins, then I would be amazed. This dunk over Perkins, not so much.

UFC on Fox 2 was a huge disaster

UFC on Fox 2 was a huge disaster as fans inside the arena were leaving during the main event,  and viewers watching on Fox were probably switching channels during the two-hour broadcast last Saturday evening.

The prelim portion of the card in Chicago actually had some decent finishes but all three fights on the Fox broadcast went to a decision.

I don't know whose idea it was to have Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman as the first fight on the show but it wasn't a smart one. Maia was supposed to face Michael Bisping but Bisping subbed in to fight Chael Sonnen after Mark Munoz was injured in training camp.

Weidman was the late replacement for Bisping.
Fox and the UFC could have substituted Maia's fight vs. Weidman for one of the prelim fights such as Lavar Johnson vs. Joey Beltran or Cub Swanson vs. George Roop.

Both of those fights had knockout finishes.

It is kind of funny how fans were complaining how the Cain Velasquez vs. Junior Dos Santos fight was too short on UFC on Fox 1 and now they are complaining about the three fights going the distance on UFC on Fox 2.

Fans are not just complaining about the lackadaisical fights on the broadcast but also about the many commercials and on-air talk between the Fox broadcasters.

The first fight did not start until after 20 minutes into the first hour and there was only one fight in the first hour. Talk about a good way to drive viewers away.

The UFC and Fox should have a high-profile fight to start off the show next time and maybe fans would continue to tune in to the whole show.

Skip all the on-air talk between the broadcasters and maybe there can be five fights shown live instead of just three.

Spike TV was showing old UFC fights during the Fox broadcast and those fights were vastly more entertaining than any of the fights on Fox.

Let's hope the UFC will have a better show this Saturday night when UFC 143 takes place in Vegas.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NBA and NCAA Picks

Knicks -3.5

Missouri State +1.5

Virginia Tech -2.5

Xavier -2

3 team teaser Florida State pk/LaSalle -1.5/Missouri -1.5

3 team teaser Kansas State -3/UNLV -2/Heat -1/2

Wizards -2.5 first quarter

Knicks -1/2 first quarter

Lakers -1 first quarter

Warriors +1 first quarter

Ray Lewis Speech after the loss to the Patriots

Here is a one-minute video of Ray Lewis speaking to his teammates right after the tough loss to the New England Patriots last Sunday thanks to a missed field goal by Billy Cundiff at the end of the fourth quarter.

This shows how great a leader Lewis is and although the loss hurts, his speech is still very powerful and puts things into perspective.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jennifer Diley on American Idol in a sexy outfit

Jennifer Diley went on American Idol but she didn't get the votes because her voice just isn't that good. She wore a scantily clad outfit and looked really hot and sexy in it but she still could not sway the judges. If you want to stalk Miss Diley, you can find her on Twitter and Facebook.

NBA and NCAA Sports Picks

Magic +3

Ball State -2

Wyoming -2

Over 130 Miami/Georgia Tech

Over 140.5 Texas/Iowa State

Monday, January 23, 2012

NBA and NCAA Basketball Picks

Loyola Marymount -1

Over 148.5 Loyola Marymount and Santa Clara

Memphis +2.5

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Future performing "Tony Montana" at San Francisco 49ers game live

Here is a great video of rapper Future from Atlanta performing his hit song "Tony Montana" during the San Francisco 49ers' playoff game vs. the Saints last weekend.

The 49ers' special teams players dance to this song before every kick-off at home. The song is their theme song and gets the whole team and the home crowd hyped up.

LoveRance 49ers Remix for "Up"

No it's not "I beat that pussy up" this time but the remix for the 49ers so Niner fans stand up up up!

NFL and NBA and NCAA Picks

Great run of late.

Under 41.5 Giants/49ers
49ers -2

Over 145.5 Miami/NC State
Penn State +14
Illinois -1

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mychal Thompson and Klay Thompson interview

Lakers' broadcaster Mychal Thompson sits down with his son, Klay, as they are interviewed together. Mychal talks about how proud he is of his son and Klay talks about how he grew up idolizing Kobe Bryant.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joe Magrane's daughter Shannon Magrane on American Idol with Steven Tyler

Watch the awkward moment when Steven Tyler tells former St.Louis Cardinals' pitcher Joe Magrane that his 15-year old daughter is "hot, humid, and happenin."

NCAA and NBA Picks 10-6 last night

Over 127.5 Alabama vs Vandy

Washington Pk

Washington State +1.5

Illinois -3

Oregon State -2

Niagara -2.5

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ashkon "Niners in Paris" 49ers anthem

 Here is another San Francisco 49ers anthem, "Niners in Paris" by Ashkon. Ashkon uses the popular Jay Z and Kanye West song "Niggas in Paris" as the instrumental for the track.

Picture of Snooki of Jersey Shore without makeup

Want to see what Jersey Shore reality star Snooki looks like without makeup? Check her out here.

NCAA and NBA Picks

NBA: Portland +2

NCAA: George Washington +1.5

Indiana -3.5

Under 119 Georgia State/Northeastern

Villanova +1.5

Kent State +5

Central Michigan -1.5

Buffalo -2.5

Central Florida Pk

Over 144 Creighton/Missouri State

Georgia -2

Over 145.5 Evansville/Bradley

Ole Miss +2

Over 138 OK State/Iowa State

Kansas State -5

UAB +4

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Female MMA fighter Jordan Garza doing a muscle up

Here's a video of a hot young girl named Jordan Garza doing a muscle up. A muscle up is tougher to do than a pullup or chinup. I see guys try this move at the gym all the time and fail.

Monday, January 16, 2012

7 teen punks beat up Asian teenager in Chicago

 Talk about a disturbing video. Seven cowards from Chicago beating up a helpless Asian teenager. I will upload another link as YouTube keeps on deleting some of the videos.

If the YouTube vids below are deleted, you can still see the video here.

The first video below is the longest and shows more than the other videos.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Video of Edson Barboza's spinning kick to knock out Terry Etim at UFC 142

 Check out this amazing and impressive spinning kick by UFC fighter Edson Barboza to knock out Tery Etim tonight at UFC 142 in Brazil. You can see a gif image here too.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Anthony Rumble Johnson misses weight and replies to the haters on Facebook

This is straight from Anthony Rumble Johnson's Facebook status update -

 I'm already laughing at what ppl are saying. Yeah it was for medical reason and I did what the UFC Dr Told me to do. Believe it or don't I give a fuck cuz the ppl close to me were freaking out but I'm still alive and something like this has never happen before. Say what you want I'm still gonna do my thang. You try not having feeling in your legs and can't move then and see how you look at life after that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Best Bets and Picks

Warriors +3.5

Over 138 North Texas/Western Kentucky

Detroit +1.5

3 team teaser of Indiana -1.5/ Mississippi State +1/ Eastern Illinois -1.5

Virginia +10.5

Utah +23

Over 143.5 St Marys/Gonzaga

Colorado +13

Over 132.5 Cal/Colorado

Video of "This Morning" with Hazel Jones, the woman with two vaginas

 She is a rare woman for sure. Wow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Miesha Tate talks about Ronda Rousey and Cyborg Santos

 Miesha Tate talks about her upcoming fight with Ronda Rousey in March and also on the positive steroids test of Cris Cyborg Santos.

Sexy Gina Carano of Haywire stripping down for weigh-ins

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

MMA female fighter and hottie Michelle Waterson photo shoot video

Here are two very sexy videos of MMA fighter Michelle Waterson.

Gina Carano and Channing Tatum at the Haywire movie premiere

MMA fighter and now actor Gina Carano might become a household name soon when her new movie "Haywire" opens up on January 20 in a movie theatre near you.

I wonder how more well-known stars like Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, and Channing Tatum feel playing second fiddle to Carano who is not established in the acting industry at all.

I expect the film critics to bash her for her acting and I think this movie most likely will be a flop. If it doesn't tank like I expect it to, Carano could very well be the next "it" actress. Only time will tell.

Here are some good Carano videos of her at the "Haywire" premiere showing a lot of cleavage.

NFL Picks and Best Bets

I will post throughout the day but the first play is Over 48 in Falcons at Giants. You got two great QBs in Matt Ryan and Eli Manning along with their stud WRs who will make big plays this afternoon.

Both teams have horrible secondaries which will be exposed once again today. This game will be in the 50s or 60s total range once this game is over.

Wizards +2.5 is the second play. They are going to get their first win of the season tonight and will play very well at home against a Minnesota team that doesn't want to play Sunday afternoon on the road.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

College Basketball Best Bets and Picks

8-4 record after last night's win.

I will update this throughout the day so check back frequently. First play is College of Charleston -2.5 at Furman.  Charleston is more talented in the backcourt and perimeter.

2nd play is Florida State -1 at Clemson. Going with the better defense here and perhaps better offense too.

3rd play is Mississippi State -1 at Arkansas. Arkansas has played cupcakes to this point and the Bulldogs have a great frontcourt. 

Friday, January 6, 2012

NBA Basketball Picks 7-4 Record

Tonight only one play which is a 8 point teaser play.

Sixers -2, Thunder -1, and Denver +3

All three teams will win and win decisively.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

NCAA Basketball Picks 5-3 Record

3-1 last night

3 team teaser with Washington State -4.5, USC -1.5, and Utah State +1

Nevada +2.5 over Idaho. Nevada has better athletes and a better defense.

Over 144.5 Cal vs Oregon State - Oregon State is at home and will run up and down all night long. This total will be in the high 160s.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Young man beats up older man for cutting in line at a McDonald's bathroom

Check out this video of a young man beating up an older man because the older man supposedly cut in front of him in line at a McDonald's bathroom. I find this video very disturbing. What does the young man prove by beating up the senior citizen?

You are fighting because a man cut in front of you in the bathroom? People got short tempers these days. Keep your composure folks and stop getting so emotional!

I remember a year ago when some fat and ugly Asian guy started to call me a "pussy" during a pick-up basketball game at the gym. I just ignored him and his idiotic friends. Haters are a dime a dozen. Stay cool folks.

Sports Picks 2-2 YTD

St Josephs +2.5  over Duquesne

Over 63.5 West Virginia vs. Clemson in Orange Bowl

Over 139.5 Iowa vs. Minnesota

Over 126 Eastern Kentucky vs. Murray State

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ESPN reporter Holly Rowe shoves and stiff arms another reporter at the Sugar Bowl

Is this unprofessional or not? What are the media ethics when it comes to something like this?

Best Sports Picks

2-0 this year.

Over 142.5 in Cornell vs. Maryland - both teams like to run and are fast pace teams so I expect one team to hit 80 tonight and the other should get over 65. Cornell likes to shoot the 3 too.

Will have another pick or two later perhaps

2nd pick tonight is a teaser play with Over 42 Michigan vs. Virginia Tech, Western Illinois -1/2, and Bulls -2.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

NFL Bets Week 17

First play is 10 point Teaser with 49ers -1.5, Patriots pk, and Ravens +7.5. Good luck

There will be more picks perhaps later today.

NFL Player Prop Over 22.5 completions for Tony Romo - The Giants don't have a great defense and Romo should easily get at least 23 completions by the end of tonight's game.