Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Exclusive New Track from Trey C Featuring Josh Franks "GoGo" Remix

D Wizzle's World has another exclusive and this time it is  a track from Bay Area rapper Trey C featuring Josh Franks.  You heard it first on D Wizzle's World.   The lyrics are below.
Artist: Trey-C f/ Josh Franks
Title: Go Go (Alexia Lei Remix)
Album: Go Go (Single)

Yo, see that one right there/
Yeah, that one/
It's Alexia Lei/
It's Trey-C/
She my go go/
Let's go

So, I'm fitted in Knoxx, from top socks/
With Ms. Lei on the stage, to rock the spot/
Peep her position, as she do the dirty dishes/
And this the remix, so ya'll pay attention/
Whole place packed, just to see that body/
Even when the spot close, we gone party/
And take it to the crib like let's go shawty/
Spotlight on her, ears on me/
Alexia Lei and the bay's Trey-C/
It's like 1 to the 2. A to the B/
We in the spot all night, doin' it major league/
From the stage to the bar, she round for round/
With the purple hooter shots and the Crown Royal/
Ain't nobody lookin' better/
Coverin' up with an Ambition sweater/

Watchin' her body got me, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh/
Life of the party, she's a, Go, Go, Go, Go/
She's my, Go Go, Dancer, Dancer/
She's my, Go Go, Dancer, Dancer/

Look, she in the club, she a go go/
Got all the girls goin' like, oh no/
Tight lil' figure, wanna get wit her/
As she huggin' that pole like some low pros/
Look, bad body, so ridiculous/
Love when she twist it, doin' the licorice/
Just picture this/
I got my camera phone out, just to take a flick of this/
Can't get sick of this, she's my medicine/
And so much flyer then the rest of them/
Got me messagin', pics to my homies/
I ain't finna leave until they call the police/
Eyes on her, eyes on her/
Eyes on her face and eyes on her skirt/
Eyes on her frame, as she doin' her thang on the stage/
Just another night puttin' in work, gyeah/


Bring that body to me/
I wanna see you move/
I wanna see you do/
The things that you do/
Bring that body to me/
I wanna see you move/
I wanna see you do/
The things that you do, girl/



Anonymous said...

song is ok but the girl is hot lol

Anonymous said...

Who is Trey C? I never heard of him but I must admit the song had me bobbing my head and all. nice song

Anonymous said...

dis song slaps hard

Anonymous said...

Girl is smoking hot! The song is a club banger fo sho!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Trey C but its a very catchy song. I can see "go go" dancers shakin their asses to this on stage

Leslie said...

this is my jam. sorry flo rida!

Anonymous said...

I can do better. Holla at ya boy Leroy

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like the chorus but the lyrics blow. Good hook and nice girl shes hot

Anonymous said...

Damn! Shes fine!