Sunday, November 4, 2007

NFL Week 9 Game Previews and Picks

Redskins vs Jets
The Jets will start Kellen Clemens today at quarterback. He will have a bad day against the talented Redskins defense. The Redskins might be without two cornerbacks today, and this could hurt them if they can't get a pass rush on Clemens. QB Jason Campbell needs another good game on the road.
Redskins 20 Jets 10

Packers vs Chiefs
The Chiefs are coming off a bye week while the Packers played last Monday night at Denver. It is always difficult to play back to back road games especially coming off a short week. The Chiefs have a stagnant offense but a solid defense led by defensive end Jared Allen. This should be a low-scoring game. The Chiefs will win but it will be close.
Chiefs 17 Packers 16

Texans vs Raiders
The Raiders will be starting Josh McCown at quarterback today while the Texans will start Sage Rosenfels. The Raiders have the advantage as they are at home and the Texans are without their starting QB and WR in Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson. Rosenfels is also prone to throwing interceptions.
Raiders 24 Texans 17

Cardinals vs Bucs
The Cardinals have a good chance of pulling the upset here as the Bucs do not score much on offense. Kurt Warner must limit his turnovers today. If the Cardinals are serious about being a contender, they must show something this Sunday.
Bucs 17 Cardinals 16

Panthers vs Titans
David Carr will be starting for the Panthers. The edge goes to the Titans since they are at home. Vince Young did not have a good game last week but he will improve today. Carr will throw two interceptions today and the Titans defense will lead the way to another win.
Titans 17 Panthers 10

49ers vs Falcons
The 49ers will win this game because the Falcons are playing too many youngsters. The 49ers should be able to mount a good pass rush against the weak Falcons offensive line. Look for Tully Banta-Cain to have at least one sack today on Joey Harrington.
49ers 24 Falcons 16

Jaguars vs Saints
The Saints are now 3-4 after starting 0-4. They should wint his game as the Jaguars are playing Quinn Gray at quarterback. Gray is a very inaccurate passer and the Saints will just put eight men in the box to defend the run all day long.
Saints 24 Jaguars 10

Seahawks vs Browns
The Browns are looking for their first three game winning streak since 2001. This will be a high-scoring game. The Browns should win at home because they have a lot of momentum and more playmakers.
Browns 31 Seahawks 27

Broncos vs Lions
The Broncos can't stop the run and this is why they will lose again today. The Lions are a scoring machine and will put up many points today. The Broncos offense has not been playing well due to WR Javon Walker being injured.
Lions 27 Broncos 17

Bengals vs Bills
The Bengals should win because they have the better quarterback. The Bills have a chance because the Bengals have a terrible defense that is decimated by injuries to their linebacking corps.
Bengals 23 Bills 20

Chargers vs Vikings
The Chargers will manhandle the Vikings today in Minnesota. The Vikings do not have a good secondary and QB Philip Rivers will have a great game throwing the ball to TE Antonio Gates and WR Chris Chambers. Chargers will look to stop RB Adrian Peterson and make QB Tarvarris Jackson try to beat them.
Chargers 31 Vikings 10

Patriots vs Colts
This is obviously the game of the week. The Patriots will face their stiffest test of the year. The Colts have a great offense and a solid defense. Bob Sanders will be all over the field making tackles for the Colts. The Colts will give the ball to RB Joseph Addai many times to keep Tom Brady off the field.
Patriots 34 Colts 31

Cowboys vs Eagles
The Eagles will try to win this one for Andy Reid. This would be the game of the week if not for the Colts vs Patriots matchup. Look for Terrell Owens to get a touchdown against his old team.
Cowboys 27 Eagles 24

Ravens vs Steelers
Ravens might be without their two starting cornerbacks for this game. This will spell trouble against Big Ben and gang.
Steelers 24 Ravens 9

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