Saturday, November 17, 2007

Exclusive Update - Ali Sonoma No Longer With The UFC

I talked earlier with Ali Sonoma and she mentioned that she is no longer working for the UFC as a ring girl. As some of you know, there was a new ring girl last night at the UFC 78 weigh-ins in Newark, New Jersey.

Ali stated to me that she will miss the the fans and the fights. She has been cast in 3 films next year and is currently working as a news anchor for a broadcasting center in Los Angeles. She also mentioned that she is very happy with all the changes in her life.

Good luck to Ali in all her new projects! D Wizzle wishes her nothing but the best!

For a interview conducted with Ali a few months ago, check out


Anonymous said...

I will miss her!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, us UFC fans will miss you Ali. Great things ahead of ya... good luck and best wishes!