Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Exclusive Interview with UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma

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D Wizzle's World's Hottie of the Week is UFC ring girl Ali Sonoma. Ali is currently a UFC ring girl and also a model. With her natural blonde hair and gorgeous smile, Ali Sonoma is the quintessential All- American girl. What separates her from other models is her great personality, energy, and charisma. She represents the UFC very well and D Wizzle looks forward to seeing more of her in her upcoming projects. After reading this interview, you can't help but like Ali Sonoma. This girl is definitely going places!

Being a UFC ring girl, you have had the
opportunity to travel to many different cities and countries. What has been your favorite place to visit so far and why?

One of the perks of being a UFC ring girl is traveling to all these cool places. I think one of the coolest places I have been was London. We were promoting UFC 75, which will be Sept 9th, and we stayed in the city. I saw a bunch of sights such as Buckingham Palace, Big Bend, and a haunted castle. London is very fast paced, very busy, great shopping, and was a great time. I am excited to return!

Name one person that you want to get in the Octagon and fight with?!

I would love to get in the Octagon and beat the shit out of Josh Koscheck and it's not because of Diego (Ali's boyfriend and UFC welterweight contender Diego Sanchez). We were in London working together and he said he wanted to fight me! HA!
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What are your favorite exercises or workouts to do to stay in such great shape?

My favorite exercises are running, yoga, pilates, rollerblading, biking, and kickboxing. I have to constantly switch the routine up or I'll get bored. There are so many things to do to stay in great shape. You just gotta find what you enjoy.

How funny is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan is the man!!! He is a really good buddy of mine, we hang out, and we are always laughing. I go to his comedy shows a lot and my stomach hurts when I leave. He is super intelligent too and freakin' hilarious even when he's not trying to be. He just is. And he keeps it real.

Who are your favorite music artists?

I like all kinds of music but mostly techno and reggae. Bob Marley is my idol. He is the greatest lyricist ever! For techno, I'm really digging Deep Dish, Sharam Dubai, Tiesto, and Paul Oakenfold but I don't go a day without listening to Bob Marley!

You are from St.Louis. Who are your favorite sports teams?

Well, being from St. Louis and all, of course my favorite sports team is the Cardinals. World Series Champions baby!

What do you think of Barry Bonds?
I don't know Barry Bonds that well...don't really follow up on him, don't really care.

You have a Golden Retriever. Michael Vick is in the news due to the dogfighting scandal. What do you think of dogfighting?

Being an animal lover, especially of dogs, I am totally against dogfighting or any form of hurting an animal. I think it's a really cruel form of entertainment and it really disgusts me to think of it. Why watch dogs fight when you can watch the UFC!
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Besides being a ring girl and model, you are also branching out into movies? Tell us about that.
Yeah, I was in a local film called Cantina Bar Tales. It was filmed in St. Louis and is supposed to be released this winter. My role was hilarious. I was a European chick, accent and all, who was basically looking for a rich guy but I couldn't speak English well so my character was pretty clueless. I had huge and I am talking HUGE hair with a really ugly outfit. I had the staff rollin'!! Ha ha! I got cast to be in two more movies which I'm not allowed to discuss but that will be in a few months. I plan on moving to L.A. in September and I will get started with my acting coach and taking more acting classes.

One of your dreams is to travel the world. What places and countries do you want to visit in the near future?

There are so many things I want to do, my mind can barely keep up with itself! I want to travel everywhere .For pleasure I would love to go to Paris, Italy, Australia, Brazil, all over Europe, basically everywhere. I really admire Angelina Jolie. She's a great role model. I love what she does for Cambodia. I would like to do something similar but in Africa. There is a lot of disturbance there...many kids are homeless, there are wars going on (www.SaveDarfur.org), many people are sick...I would love to even be a missionary and spread God's word to the children.

Thanks Ali for the interview! I really appreciate it!

Hey, the pleasure is all mine. Thank you! Cheers and God Bless! Oh, also check out www.ufc.com for upcoming fights and www.AliSonoma.us for my personal website and www.myspace.com/alisonoma.
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