Wednesday, July 25, 2007

D Wizzle's Ten Questions

1) If Tom Brady or Peyton Manning was accused of dogfighting, would NFL commish Roger Goodell ban them from training camp and would they suffer such a severe backlash by the media as Michael Vick has?

2) UFC 76 co main events are Shogun Rua vs Forrest Griffin and Chuck "Iceman" Liddell vs Keith "Dean of Mean" Jardine. Wouldn't you rather see Rua face Liddell and Jardine face Griffin?

3) How would San Francisco Giants fans react to Barry Bonds if he was a Dodger for the last 15 years instead of a Giant?

4) How much longer do we have to wait for football?

5) When will Barry Bonds hit #756?

6) Did you enjoy watching NBA commissioner David Stern squirm and stutter his way through his press conference yesterday morning?

7) Why does Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton always get into trouble with the law?

8) Barry Bonds ex mistress is going to dish out more dirt on Bonds and pose nude for Playboy. Do you really want to see a almost 40 year old woman nude? A young coed she is not.

9) Can anyone make a hit song without Akon and T-Pain on the track?

10) Does anyone believe UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk when he says he never took steroids in his life?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1) I think if it were Brady or Manning, it would not be as severe. More of like just a slap on the wrist.

2) I rather see Shogun vs. Iceman and Jardine vs. Griffin

3) They would boo the crap out of him. Luigi would beat the crap out of him.

4) Too long

5) Very soon. Probably within a couple of weeks.

6) Stern is a wuss. A real commish would not squirm and stutter.... SOFT!

7) Lohan and Hilton are a bunch of spoiled kids. Make them go to jail and do their time and they may change... then again, maybe not.

8) I don't want to see no sagging 40 y/o.... NASTY!

9) Nope, they are both mandatory for makin' hits.

10) Sherk has taken roids and knows all about roids. His nandralone levels were 12 ng/mL. A normal man will test for about 2 ng/mL and an athlete will test up to 6 ng/mL. So how does it double? I am not a doctor but when was nandralone ever produced naturally in the body?