Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Redskins Player Sean Taylor Dies From Gunshot Wound

Sean Taylor has died. He was only 24. There is a lot of irresponsible journalism going on with the media with this story. The writers continue to talk about his so-called troubled past in their articles.

You won't hear any of that here. Taylor was a great player and one of the hardest hitters and best safeties in the league. He was developing as a complete player who could knock you out with a big hit or play excellent coverage on the ball.

The first time I saw Taylor play was when he was in college playing for Miami. I knew he would be a first round draft pick in the NFL after watching him play a few games. He had the speed and talent along with his ability to hit hard and strike fear into receivers.

Taylor was the one player on the Redskins defense that they could not afford to lose. Due to an injury, he had not played the last few weeks. Without him, the Redskins had lost their last few games. Taylor had a lot of friends on and off the field and he will be missed by both his friends and family.

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