Sunday, August 23, 2015

Early look at FanDuel GPP Tournaments for 8/24/15

9 games in the evening for Monday.

Some of the cheap value hitters I like tonight are Todd Frazier, Stephen Drew, Pablo Sandoval, Eugenio Suarez, Stephen Piscotty, Johnny Peralta, Mark Trumbo, Juan Lagares, Wilmer FLores, and Steve Clevenger.

All of the above hitters are very cheap and you need cheap hitters if you select deGrom as your pitcher.

The most expensive pitcher is Jacob deGrom at $11,700 vs. the Phillies. I expect a high ownership rate for deGrom.

I think deGrom could be owned by over 40% of the players in GPP tourneys.

Who else would you take over him? deGrom is the only ace on the mound and Iwakuma is at $9000 and facing the lowly A's.

There's a lot of average pitchers on the mound and hopefully that means there will be a lot of offense in most of the games.

The cheapest pitchers are in the Tigers/Reds game with Farmer at $4500 and Sampson at $5300. Does this mean we should expect a high-scoring game?

Eovaldi of the Yankees could be a sleeper pick since the Astros do strike out often and are not as good on the road. Eovaldi did throw a career high 120 pitches five days ago so that could affect him tonight.

Another sleeper pitcher is Jorge De la Rosa of the Rockies. The Braves are not a juggernaut on offense and if De la Rosa has the opportunity to pitch very well unless he loses command and starts to walk batters which is a good possibility as well.

The Cardinals go from San Diego to Arizona so I expect their hitters to be happy about that.

The Mets go from Coors to Citizens Park in Philly so I expect them to continue to hit.

The Pirates face a weak Marlins team but they had to travel late after their ESPN game tonight.

The Rockies go from Coors to Atlanta.

The Yankees, Marlins, Reds, and Mariners all are staying at home and continuing homestands so all their players should be well-rested.

If you want to stack three or four hitters in a LU, how about the Yankees against Feldman? Feldman has pitched very well of late but a lot of Yankees' hitters have had good success against him in the past.

Alex Rodriguez has two homers off Feldman and is 5-16 lifetime against him.

Farmer of the Tigers is just not a very good starting pitcher so I will have guys like Votto and Frazier in some of my LUs.

Tom Koheler of the Marlins has given up 13 homers to lefties this year so maybe you should load up on some Pirates such as Polanco.

Jeff Samardzija goes up against a red-hot Red Sox offense and Ramirez, Sandoval, and Ortiz have hit him well in the past.

Hot Batters:

Blake Swihart Red Sox Catcher - 7-11 in last 3 games

Xander Bogaerts - batting .321 in August

Sandoval has two homers off Samardzija and is 4-10 lifetime against the very tall pitcher.

Travis Shaw is batting .423 the last seven days going 11-23.

Jackie Bradley Jr. is batting .344 this month.

Rusney Castillo is batting . 367 this month with two homers.

David Ortiz has 6 homers this month.

Jacoby Ellsbury is 11 for his last 29.

Stephen Drew is 6-13 lifetime with two homers off Feldman.

Juan Lagares is batting .378 this month.

Wilmer Flores is on fire and batting .429 in the past week and also batting .306 vs. lefties this season.

Daniel Murphy is batting .338 this month and has had many multi-hit games.

Curtis Granderson has 6 homers in August and batting .391 in the last 7 days.

Cameron Rupp is 13 for his last 40 and is a better offensive threat than Carlos Ruiz for the Phillies at catcher.

Odubel Herrera is 8 for his last 20.

Andres Blanco is also hitting and batting .429 in the past week with four multi-hit games.

Jose Reyes is 10 for his last 25 but all those games were at Coors.

Ichiro Suzuki is batting .322 this month and is 4-7  against Happ

Dee Gordon is 11 for his last 27.

Cole Gillespie is 12 for 28 vs. lefties this year and facing Happ tonight.

Starling Marte is 12 for his last 32.

Gregory Polanco has 29 hits this month.

Wellington Castillo is 4-6 vs. Lynn with a homer.

A.J. Pollock is on a tear going 14 for his last 29. He is 4-14 lifetime against  Lynn.

Stephen Piscotty is 12-28 vs. lefties this year and Arizona as a lefty going tonight.

Steve Clevenger is batting .375 this month.

Jonathan Schoop is 27-79 this month.

Eric Hosmer is 9-26 vs. Jimenez with two homers.

Ben Zobrist is batting .342 this month.

Miggy Cabrera is 13 for his last 24.

Ian Kinsler is 12 for his last 28 and batting .369 in August.

Nelson Cruz is 5-11 vs. Doubrant and has 10 homers this month.

Brett Lawrie is 6-12 in his last few games.

Mark Canha is 13 for his last 24.

Cold Batters:

Hanley Ramirez is batting .182 this month and is 2 for his last 20.

Brian McCann is batting .197 this month.

Mark Teixeira is only batting .185 in August but has 3 homers.

Alex Rodriguez is really struggling in August with a .157 batting average and only 11 hits in 70 ABs.

Juan Uribe is batting .152 this month but has four homers.

Michael Bourn is 8 for his last 53.

Matt Carpenter is 1 for his last 21.

Kolton Wong is only 10 for 69 this month.

J.J. Hardy is batting .157 this month.

Jimmy Parades is only 4-34 in August.

Melky Cabrera is struggling this month but 4-8 lifetime vs. Kelly.

Jay Bruce is batting .138 this month.


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