Saturday, August 22, 2015

I hate AT&T: AT&T Customer Complaint about their lies, broken promises, and awful customer service

AT&T has the worst customer service. They resolved an issue I had with them and gave me $25 credit to my account and now they are saying they won't give me the credit.

I was promised the credit and now they don't honor their word to me and charged me an additional five bucks to my bill because they charged me a late fee.

I called them and their manager said "There's nothing that can be done."  So you give me $25 credit and say the issue was resolved and now say we are not giving it.

One rep said her name was Samantha Ward and she refused to give her location and said she can only state that she is somewhere in the United States. Ward said she won't give me the credit that I was promised and said it was because it was her policy. I asked her what policy is she talking about and she repeated herself again and said it was against her policy.

My family has a combined eight accounts with AT&T including DSL and wireless services.

I have been with them for 10 years or so with their wireless service.

AT&T's customer service is the worst that I have  ever had to deal with and witness in my entire life. Their agents and customer service reps are rude, dismissive, hostile, clueless, ignorant, and disrepectful.

The customer service reps are full of lies and misinformation. 

I have talked to about 35 of their reps in the past two to three months to try to resolve a simple issue and 31 of the 35 reps have been unprofessional and rude while four of them have tried to help and were nice.

About 10 of these reps including supervisors and managers have hung up on me. They could easily call me back since they know my phone number if we really "lost connection."

One supervisor was so irate with me and said "have a good day sir" sarcastically and then hung up when I was trying to resolve my issue.

I've never  used profanity on an agent  or scream and yell at them and they still treat me like a criminal and not a customer.

A manager with a thick accent compared my situation to a deadbeat tenant and a spoiled kid. Talk about disrespect! I told him that he was clueless and that he wasn't helping or assisting me at all.

I asked for his manager's name and he refused to give me that information or his manager's phone number.

AT&T says that I call them too often but I have to because I need to resolve my issue so I can pay my bill.

We have been fighting about $20 for the past few months and there's no end in sight.

I have an account where I pay $5 a month for 200 free text messages. Most of my family and friends have iPhones and we just text with iMessage so it's free and I don't incur any text charges.

I only incur text charges when I text a Samsung galaxy user or another friend without an iPhone.

AT&T charged me over  180 texts on the first few days of my new iPhone even though the friend that was texting me was a iPhone user. We might text each other like 1000 times a day and there's never usually an issue with the texts being green.

The agents and reps keep saying how they value my business and appreciate my loyalty but they don't show any of that. All they show is disrespect.

To resolve my $20 issue, one of their reps gave me $25 credit to my account and his manager approved it as well in June.

Now they tell me that the $25 credit won't be applied to my account and that they won't honor their word to me! They never even told me about this so I didn't pay my bill for July because I only owed $19 that month due to having prior credits that I have received because of AT&T errors.

AT&T decided to charge me a $5 late fee for my August bill and they don't want to waive that too. Some of their reps said it's not my fault but I still have to pay them and there's nothing I can do about it.

One manager called me a liar and a few others implied that I was a liar and that I was trying to "steal" money from AT&T and how it's not fair to them!!!

Another rep told me that AT&T no longer gives customer credits to customers and that they stopped doing that months ago. I know that is a lie because I have been given these credits in the past few months.

I have always paid my bill in full every month for the past 10 years. I have a decent paying job and I am capable of paying my wireless bill.

Some of the AT&T reps that were rude, disrespectful, and unprofessional were Ricky Baxter from Wichita Falls,Texas, Samantha Ward, Holliday Gottfried, and Tyra Littlejohn from North Carolina.

Baxter kept on saying my balance was owed and insisted that the charges were valid because he read the notes on my account. I asked him about the charges and he had no idea about them so he said they are valid and owed once again and got very combative.

Ward refused to tell me where her call center was located at due to "security" reasons but that she's "somewhere in the United States." She said that it was against policy to waive my activation fee on my new iPhone.

I asked her why it was against policy and she repeated her stance and said "It's just against policy" three more times. She obviously knew nothing about my issue and was just lazy so she said "against policy" time and time again.

If it was really against policy, then how come I did eventually get my activation fee waived? I was promised it would be waived in May when I got the new iPhone and they finally waived it in August!

Another rep named Darlene Anglin from Georgia  tried to be nice to me and said she can try to make things right by sending me free cases and ear buds!  She promised to call me back but of course I have never heard back from her.

Anglin said she and her supervisor will resubmit my case and that it would take up to 10 days for a final decision.

I called back two days later and another rep said that the case was submitted and denied an hour later!

It's nothing but lies time after time after time with AT&T. I know they won't budge since they said my case has been denied multiple times already.

A rep named Brittany Brooks said that my service might get interrupted and it sounded like a threat to me. I asked her if I can record our conversation and she got angry and said it would be a "liability."

I had one supervisor who was condescending and then didn't want to give out his last name and refused to give me his manager's name or number as well.

Another supervisor said her name was "Nickalontay" and then I called to complain about her and the manager said that wasn't her real name! Nickalontay kept on giving excuses on why I can't get my activation fee waived and said it was against company policy.

Nickalontay said that if the fee was allowed to be waived, it would have been waived in May when I bought the new iPhone and that we are in August. 

There's no repercussions for these reps and supervisors and I think they get rewarded for being an asshole to customers.

I have told all my friends and family and everyone in social media about these atrocities. They actually have their own horror stories with this ruthless company.

All I wanted AT&T to do was to be fair and honor their word and all they did was show a lack of professionalism and class.

My advice to all AT&T customers is to ask the customer service rep in the beginning if you can record the call. You might get better service and help because everything then will be on the up and up and they can't lie about anything.

Update: 8/25/15

Another AT&T rep just called me and I shouldn't have answered the phone as I wasted 20 minutes of my afternoon arguing with her. She was kind of ignorant and clueless again about my situation and said maybe I should bring my device to Apple and let them see what's wrong with it!

She refused to waive any charges including the late fees.

Update: 9/4/15

I called them back another time last week and the rep said her notes state that I am not getting the $25 credit because I was "rude." 


Anonymous said...

hate them too because they screw up my internet and slowed it down.Good luck to you mate and hope you can sue them or something!

Anonymous said...

It dont seem right at all for this to happen to you.You can file a complaint no with the Bestter Business Bureau? Dont let them screw you! Fight Fight Fight!

Anonymous said...

sadly i have had the same experience with this piece of shit company and i switched to T Mobile and no issues at all and i joined them last December. Feel bad for u bro good luck and don't let them bring u down like this.

Pat Conlon

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