Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When does Football Season Start?

That question is what you hear from every Bay Area sports fan these days. Both the Gigantes and A's are toiling near last place and embarrassing the Bay Area. The A's have an excuse though as their season got out of whack due to unlucky injuries. They lost their closer and then their setup man in a matter of weeks and their big free agent signee Mike Piazza got hurt. Eric Chavez has been battling nagging injuries all year as well. But you can't fault GM Billy Beane for trying to improve his club for the future by trading Jason Kendell to the Cubs and allowing Kurt Suzuki to start and call every game behind the plate. Suzuki looks to have a very bright future and I look forward to seeing him progress throughout the rest of this season. Some of you may recall him as being one of the top players on the Cal State Fullerton baseball team.

As for the San Francisco Giants, there is nothing to look forward to but the end of September. By that time, most of the veterans on the team should have been traded. Key word is "should." You never know what GM Brian Sabean might do between now and July 31, the trading deadline. I know that if I was doing as bad a job as he has done lately, I would be fired from my job. Peter Magowan decided to reward Sabean with a 2 year extension much to the dismay of every Giants fan. I was at the Fan Fest last week and saw Sabean with his two sons. Giants fans were screaming at him and calling for his head. Rumors were circulating that the reason the Giants gave him an extension was because they could not find a better person for the job. How about hiring Kim Ng, the assistant GM of the hated Dodgers? What a coup that would be. With the hiring of Ng, the Giants would have the first female GM in sports and also the first Asian GM. Don't think that Ng is qualified? She was featured in Baseball America as one of "Ten to Watch" and is considered one of the most influential people in baseball. Look at the Dodgers minor league stars and prospects and you can tell she has done a great job. As for the Giants, you can kiss this season goodbye and maybe 2008 also. Will Bonds return and will Magowan dangle big money in front of Alex Rodriguez? Only time will tell. But for now, all we can ask in the Bay Area is, "when does football season start?"

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