Monday, July 23, 2007

Why San Francisco Loves Barry Bonds

As the media continues to focus on Barry Bonds,many people have wondered why San Francisco fans embrace the controversial player. The answer is pretty simple. Barry Bonds is the greatest player of our time. Never have we seen a greater player with more talent and skill on the baseball field. San Francisco Giants fans have had the privilege to watch this man play for the past 15 years. Bonds brings excitement and energy to every ballpark he plays at. You can feel the energy and buzz each time he is at bat as fans clamor around to get a better view and take pictures. Bonds does not just hit home runs but he also played left field exceptionally when he was in his prime. He was the total package. Bonds very well could be more appreciated when he retires and get more respect than right now. In the meantime he is truly a marvel to watch. How many other hitters do you see that is in control of an bat even when the count is 0-2? Zero. The media will bash Bonds daily but the fans in San Francisco love him. The local paper here loves to have their columnists and reporters ridicule Bonds but the fans are smarter than that. They don't care what the media says. The fans show their respect and admiration for Bonds each time he steps to the plate. The ballpark janitor stops mopping the floors, the fans stop buying food at the concession stands and going to the bathrooms, and the ushers turn around and face the field. It is all eyes on Barry.The crowd goes wild and stand up in unison while chanting his name. But America has shunned Bonds. They have turned their backs on the soon to be home run king. He is roundly booed everywhere he goes. Little kids who don't know any better boo along with their fathers and mothers. I have seen a little boy hold asterisk signs while his dad belts out more vicious remarks to Barry in left field. Why? The baseball fans around the country have been brainwashed into thinking Bonds is a jerk. Who said Bonds is a jerk? How about 99.9% of the media? I hope my readers don't fall for the tactics of the media. The media hates Bonds because he does not grant many interviews and often has a surly attitude towards them. On the other hand, his peers respect and admire him. Great players like David Ortiz, Ryan Howard, John Smoltz, Alex Rodriguez, and Dontrelle Willis are all members of the Barry Bonds fan club. Trust me when I say that if Barry Bonds was on your team, you would be giving him a standing ovation and taking snapshots of his at bats every single day. Steroids or no steroids, Bonds is the best there is. Fans in Houston boo him vociferously when the Astros play the Giants. The very same fans who call noted steroid abuser Ken Caminiti a hero. Can we talk about hypocrisy? Bonds should not be the poster child for steroids. I almost forgot to mention all the pitchers that have gotten away with illegal substances and drugs. How many pitchers have we seen who went from having a 89 mph fastball to a 95 mph fastball? How many pitchers have had their shoulders and other body parts blown out and blame it on the wear and tear of throwing a baseball instead of admitting they injected steroids? Barry Bonds has brought excitement and joy to many baseball fans across America. It was wonderful how the fans voted him into the All Star game and how San Francisco gave him a rousing standing ovation when he was introduced. The man deserves it. You know that I will be one of the thousands of fans who will make it to 24 Willie Mays Plaza this week to watch him break Hank Aaron's record. We will be on our feet and cheering and supporting him the whole way. When I get old, I will tell my kids and grandkids about the greatest baseball player of my time and his name is Barry Lamar Bonds.

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