Friday, July 27, 2007

Barry Bonds is A Fraud

Barry Bonds is the worst steroids abuser in the history of baseball and maybe in all of sports. The man has cheated the fans of this great sport. His head got bigger. Need any more proof of steroid abuse than that? The man makes me sick to my stomach. How can those idiotic fans in San Francisco support such a jackass? All he does is inject steroids daily and hits monstrous home runs. America is laughing at you San Francisco. The fans in the Bay Area think Bonds is a hero. We are all repulsed by him and do not want him to break Hank Aaron's home run record. Why can't Bud Selig suspend him for life? Why can't he just break his arm and be lost for the season? He comes to the ballpark and insults all of us. He makes fun of ESPN's Pedro Gomez and tells him to take a hike. He calls my esteemed colleague Bob Costas a "little midget." How dare he call out the god of sports journalism? What a rude son of a bitch he is. Respected ballplayers and future Hall of Famers such as Curt Schilling, Andre Dawson, and Dale Murphy all have accused him of taking performance enhancing substances. I know Barry Bonds has used steroids because I read "The Game of Shadows." The proof is all in there I swear. When he started out playing in Pittsburgh, Barry was a skinny guy and now he is huge. Steroids for sure made him the player that he is and gave him that athletic physique. Steroids makes your eyesight get better and helps you recover from injuries. Steroids makes you hit home runs and throw a mean curveball. Even though I never bashed suspected or known steriod users like Ken Caminiti, Bret Boone, Brady Anderson or
Roger Clemens, this does not mean I am against Barry because he is black. This has absolutely nothing at all to do with racism and clearly not a black or white issue. Face it, Bonds is a fake and since the local reporters and columnists in the San Francisco Chronicle always tell me so. He is the rudest and worst teammate ever! This guy is the worst excuse for a human feeling ever in my opinion. Overall, Barry Bonds is the most disturbing figure in the history of sports and maybe mankind. I have clear evidence he uses steroids and human growth hormone. I might not have concrete proof but the evidence is plain to see. Screw you Barry and I hope you pay for all your evil sins.

How legitimate is that article I just wrote? I would have no journalstic integrity anymore if I meant anything I said in the above article. Fortunately I do not believe in anything that I had wrote. This is just a mere sampling of what fans and readers of local newspapers in the Bay Area and nationwide have to endure daily from reporters and columnists. Nothing but Bonds bashing. Respected journalists like Bob Costas should be ashamed of themselves. Hee accused Bonds of steroids and said he himself got to be 5'6 and 150 pounds naturally. As Bonds said after hearing that, how do we know that? It is easy and also a cheap shot to continue to harrass and insult Bonds just because you do not like him personally. 95% of those in the media loathe Barry because he treats them like 2nd class citizens. He refuses most interview requests since he does not like to be bothered and wants to focus on the game. The media takes his interview denials personally and the only way they can get even with him in their minds is to constantly write negative articles about him. The funny thing about all of this is Mr.Bonds does not care what you think of him or write about him. The man has very thick skin and only cares what his fans and family and the city of San Francisco think of him. Those people are important to Barry and thankfully they all fully support and love and adore him.

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Don't forget that all important 1/2 inch that Costas had to make sure he mentioned!