Monday, August 13, 2007

Anjelah Johnson Interview

Anjelah Johnson is a stand-up comedian and actress. You can see her on the new season of MADtv in the fall or live at the Improv in many cities across the country. In this interview I had with Anjelah, I asked her about the controversy surrounding her Vietnamese nail salon joke as well as how she got started in comedy.
Stand-Up Comedy Secrets

How did you get started as a stand-up comedian?

Someone asked me to take a stand up class... so i did... and here I am.

You will be at the Improv in a city called Brea. Where is this and is there anything to do there?

I'm not there yet... I'll arrive this evening so I'll let you know later.

What can people expect when they watch you at a club?

Funny words coming out of my mouth. Well maybe the words aren't so funny but the way I string them together is.

You made a joke about Vietnamese workers at nail salons which has made the rounds on Youtube. Some Asians feel that the joke was racist and they are sick and tired of racist jokes by non-Asians in the entertainment industry. Please give us your view on this particular joke and what you have to say to those critics?

My joke is my own true personal experience that just so happens to be relatable to 7 million people thus far. I'm not making fun...I'm telling a story. The best comedy is true comedy and sometimes for some people the truth hurts. I can mimic many accents. I am not racist, I'm just good at what I do.

What should we expect from you on MADtv?

Lots of funny stuff.

You used to be a Raiderette. Tell me how that experience was like.

It was super fun. A lot of hard work and not as glamorous as one would think behind the scenes but tons of fun. I miss it sometimes and then I remember the 7a.m. rehearsals every Saturday morning. (laughs)
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How do you think the Raiders will do this year?

Hopefully better than last year... and the year before that! (laughs)

That's hilarious! You are from San Jose. Are you into the hyphy movement and getting dumb and ghostriding the whip?
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Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco
I like to pretend that I am. I don't know how to "Go Dumb" but when I'm in LA, I pretend like I know what I'm talking about. Fo shizzle my nizzle sprinkle me mang. Do people still say that?

They sure do! Thanks for the interview. Anybody you would like to give a shoutout to?

Yo Yo Yo, I wanna give a shoutout to all my peeps out there, hustlin and makin it happen Yo Yo Yo, i'm about to bust a flow..., I don't have any shout outs, but thanks!

Check out the very funny Anjelah Johnson at the Wild 94.9 Comedy Jam on August 25 if you live in the Bay Area.


Anonymous said...

I am ASIAN AND I LOVE HER...SHE'S THE BOMB. it's great to see people crack jokes about asians and it's not about their dicks

Anonymous said...

Anj has always been a beautiful person because she comes from a beautiful family. She could never be mean or hurtful to anyone with her jokes, so all the haters should just relax a bit, it's COMEDY!

SOTGI said...

She also does a GREAT skit about HER family. We as people, need to learn to take a joke for what it is. I spent time at a neuro rehab clinic in Pamoma, I am a "white guy" and because of the work I was doing when I got injured, it required me to have an alias. SO, WHAT do you think that gave me as a name!

A hispanic last name! Oh, I had SOOOO much fun with the staff. You dont know how many times I heard "Uhh, Meester Gomez? Chur name is Mr Gomez? O....K"

As they look at me like im crazy, recheck the paper work, ask for ID, then I have to tell them its an alias which they dont for a second believe because we ALL have brain

I got to feel how it was to be latino and have a last name like Johnson.

And when they found out!!! LOLOL

"OK, I knew it, cus dares no Gomez anywhere inside of you."

Its all just laughter until people take it too far with their PC.

Laugh, live and love, because they are all just things we can bond over instead of taking to heart. Some of them are true, some are not true. Make fun of our diffefances, we can bond like that.

D Wizzle said...

Thanks guys for checking out Anjelah and the interview. Shes really funny and I hope u guys check her out at the Improv or Comedy jam out here in the bay.

Look out for more interviews and videos and good stuff daily!

Albert said...

I'm also Asian as well, and I would never get offended if she made fun of my ethnicity. I went to see her perform in Brea, CA and I think she's the funniest female comedian, if not the funniest comedian. She's extremely talented and beautiful as we all know. I find her jokes hilarious because she's got the attitude to speak the truth to make people laugh! I'll never get tired of her Vietnamese nail salon joke.

Anonymous said...

granted, i've never seen her live, but is that the only joke she has? i'm so sick of the nail salon bit... can someone post something new?

Anonymous said...

great tits

Anonymous said...

i'm asian/pacific islander and that "nail salon" bit is the funniest thing i have heard in my life. it is VERY relatable. also... btw, she is so Pri-tay... like a model or cheerleader, so Pri-tay... LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love her!
I wanna have her baby !!!
Washington State

Anonymous said...

I think she is an amaZing comedian!!! Oh and Anjelah...make that 7 million and ONE cause I can totally relate to that story too...LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Anjelah is funny as shhhhh shut yo mouth! LOL. Keep doing what you doing girl!

Anonymous said...

I want to marry her!!

Anonymous said...

The nail salon may be her "experience," and that of "7 million" others, but it's a very myopic and privileged based experience. Women who work in these salons suffer harsh chemical exposure so that people like Anjelah can have "preetty" nails at a discount and be "afforded" a cheap laugh. These (usually) Asian women do not have the option to work elsewhere, & thus often take these jobs out of forced necessity. People like Anjelah Johnson are able to get away with these jokes because the public (for whatever strange reason) deems her as "beautiful," - this is no different than the pretty popular girl in high school who gets away with hurting others simply because of her looks. What an imperialistic and privileged position for Anjelah (& those who relate to her humor) to enjoy indeed. Immigrants in general are what allow people like her in the U.S. to acquire so many material goods and services at a discount. If you give a rat's a** and really want to know the health hazards a nail salon technicians experience just so you can get your nails done, see this link from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention. And also see: