Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Poor Michael Vick

Unlike a lot of the so called NFL experts, I do see Michael Vick playing in the NFL again. I am a big Vick supporter and love watching him play. He is one of the most exciting players in the league. I don't want him to be wasting his prime playing years rotting in a prison cell. Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, would like to make the public believe that all their players are outstanding citizens, but that is far from the truth. Goodell suspends the "bad apples" of the league such as Tank Johnson and Adam "Pac Man" Jones and wants to show everyone who the new sheriff in town is. A lot of NFL players are all about sex, strip clubs, drugs, alcohol, and orgies. Goodell wants fans to think there are only a few bad seeds but that is far from the truth. Is dogfighting worst than killing a human being or raping a woman? It sure seems so based on the backlash Vick has been getting. Do we as a society really value animals more than human life? I know of one NFL player who killed someone a few years ago and is still playing in the league. Can we talk about hypocrisy? There are numerous other cases and incidents where players have been charged with murder and other heinous crimes. I watch the NFL for its entertainment value and do not care what the players do in their personal time.

Vick will play in the NFL again if he is able to retain his skills. PETA can boycott all they want but once Vick serves his time and pays his debt to society, I see no reason why he shouldn't get a second chance. People kill animals such as deer with no repercussions. The media is getting out of hand and making Vick out to be public enemy number one. It seems like they want to give him the death sentence. Is it because he is black? Is it because he is a high profile quarterback? Is it because PETA is such a strong group? Many would answer "all of the above" to those questions.

I've been watching Vick play since he was at Virginia Tech. He led the team to many victories and electified the crowd in all of his games. His speed was amazing and he was the Steve Young of NCAA football. Vick was the quarterback but ran like a running back every time a play broke down, and no one could catch up to him. He continued to show off his speed and also passing strength in the NFL. I feel sorry for Vick, I really do. The man had it all and now he is going from the top to the bottom. It is a waste of talent and I hate to see such a good player being stuck in jail when he should be thrilling fans with his athleticism every Sunday.

The code on the streets is to never snitch. You hear it on rap songs and lyrics all the time. You see the "Stop Snitching" t-shirts on rap videos and in the streets. Unfortunately for Vick, his homies snitched. With friends like these, who needs enemies? Now Vick has pleaded guilty to the dogfighting charges along with his homies. I believe a NFL team will sign him once he gets out. NFL teams want to win first and foremost and Vick can help a team win. I will be rooting for him and hopes he makes it back and establishes himself as a top player in the NFL again. I also know I am not the only one who is a Michael Vick supporter. Many of his teammates and other players around the league support him too. The black community supports him as well as NBA stars like Stephon Marbury. Some people are afraid to take a stand against PETA and their boycotts. I am not one of them and I don't give a damn about PETA's boycotts against Vick. The fans in Atlanta still love Vick as well. The Falcons season is lost, but let's hope and pray that Vick's career is not.


Anonymous said...

I think that muthfucker should rott in his cell! You see the pics of his dogs? They were strangled, electucted, drowned, stabbed and shot to death! He has no respect for living things and is one cruel asshole! All for fun and more money in his pocket and that peice of shit is already rich!

Anonymous said...

I want to see Anonymous (first commenter) and Vick in a WWE Hell in a Cell match! Definitely pay to see that heh.

I think this is the ultimate demise of Vick. He got caught. He will get out but who would be willing to take him in. I don't think that will happen. This is the end for Vick.

Anonymous said...

you are one sick muthfuckker..... dogs have lives just like us. all you care about your stupied sports, why don't you put yourself in a cage and get beat up street gangs and let the people who done it to you go free... your asshole.

D Wizzle said...

I am not saying he should not go to jail if he was the one who killed the dogs and harmed them. But if he serves his time, he should be able to land with another team and the PETA protesters need to back off

Anonymous said...

I'm a dog owner and I own Pitbulls. They are great dogs that only want human affection and would do anything to please their owner. I hope Vick's career is over since I know his money will most likey get his ass out of jail somehow. Vick is just one ghetto bird that has money but probably never change!