Sunday, October 7, 2007

NFL Week 5 Preview and Picks

Saints vs Panthers
Saints will get their first one of the year and get out of their offensive funk. David Carr will be starting for Carolina and he does not have the same chemistry with Steve Smith as Jake Delhomme does.
Saints 23 Panthers 13

Jaguars vs Chiefs
It is never easy to win in Arrowhead and the Chiefs have momentum on their side after their upset over the Chargers last week. The Jaguars are coming off a bye week. Dennis Northcutt is their primary receiver which tells me this is not a potent offense. This game will be low-scoring.
Chiefs 16 Jaguars 13

Lions vs Redskins
The Lions have never won in Washington. They won't win today. Redskins will be led by Clinton Portis.
Redskins 24 Lions 20

Falcons vs Titans
Titans in a blowout here. The Titans have a great defense and will harass Joey Harrington all day.
Titans 23 Falcons 10

Dolphins vs Texans
Dolphins are 0-4 and I don't see them winning today on the road. Matt Schaub is one of the better quarterbacks in the league already.
Texans 24 Dolphins 16

Seahawks vs Steelers
This is a good game to watch. Steelers are coming off a loss at Arizona while the Seahawks are riding high after a big win at San Francisco. I will go with the upset here and take Seattle.
Seattle 24 Pittsburgh 20

Browns vs Patriots
Patriots will roll in this one and Randy Moss will be the AFC East Player of the Week for the fifth week in a row.
Patriots 38 Browns 17

Cardinals vs Rams
Rams have too many injuries and key losses on the offense.
Cardinals 24 Rams 13

Jets vs Giants
Giants in a blowout. The Jets have too many injuries on defense.
Giants 37 Jets 14

Bucs vs Colts
Bucs have a great defense and Jeff Garcia manages the West Coast Offense perfectly for Jon Gruden. Colts are going to win this one though.
Colts 24 Bucs 17

Chargers vs Broncos
Denver has the coaching advantage here but the Chargers have the best running back on the field today.
Chargers 31 Broncos 24

Ravens vs 49ers
Baltimore and San Francisco are both coming off bad losses and have injuries to deal with. The 49ers don't have their starting quarterback, left tackle, and tight end. They have a bad coaching staff and the worst offense in the league.
Baltimore 23 49ers 17

Bears vs Packers
Packers win and Brett Favre proves he is not over the hill once again.
Packers 27 Bears 17

Cowboys vs Bills
The Bills have no offense and a bad defense. They do get great special teams play though. The Cowboys are rolling and you know Terrell Owens and Tony Romo want to make a statement on Monday night.
Cowboys 38 Bills 17

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