Sunday, October 28, 2007

Interview with Ohio CB Julian Posey

Julian Posey is a starting cornerback for the Ohio Bobcats and helped his team to a 38-27 win over Bowling Green last Saturday night. He is a redshirt freshman from Cincinnati and a graduate of LaSalle High School. The speedy Posey has helped solidify the cornerback position for Ohio along with fellow corner, Mark Parson. Here is a interview with Posey right after Saturday's game.

Congratulations on the win. I think this is the biggest win of the year for you guys. Do you agree?
Thank you... and yes I have to agree because anytime you can get a conference win, it is a good thing. Anytime we can get it a win against Bowling Green, it's even better being that when we play Bowling Green,we usually struggle. I believe in the last 12 games against them, we were 1-11 against them and haven't won since 2000, so anytime we can beat BG, it is a big win.

Tell us about your interception in the first quarter from a pass by Bowling Green WR Freddie Barnes. It seemed like you ran into your teammate and still held on to the ball.
They ran a double reverse pass and I just stayed home like I'm supposed too. I thought they were just going to throw back across the field instead of throwing down field so I stayed looser to the line of scrimmage, but I saw a WR leak out almost unguarded and my instincts took over. I just ran toward him full speed and I saw the ball thrown. It hung up there a little bit and my teammate was able to catch up enough to dive and I just kept running and ran in between my teammate diving and the WR and was able to make a tough catch. The ball was batted around a lil bit and tipped to me as I was falling and I held on to it.

How important was it to get the first conference win of the year after three tough losses in the MAC?
It was really important. If we have any shot at going to a bowl game, we have to win the rest of our conference games and this win helped us get momentum in hopes of getting to a bowl.

Do you play on the special teams unit as well?
I do but I'm a back-up as they try and get guys that don't get as many snaps and I play typically 65 to 75 plays a game, but I definitely would like to and help my team out any way I can.

You were teammates with Tyler Sheehan(Bowling Green's starting quarterback) in high school. Did you get a chance to talk to him after the game?
Yea I did. I told him he played good and he said I played well also. I wished him good luck and gave him a hug and dapped him up and he said the same. He said "You know you didn't get that pick on me" and I told him I knew that but I almost got him when he threw the last bomb at the end of the game.

Thanks and good luck next week at home against Temple.
Thanks. We have a new attitude and momentum and hope to bring that momentum against Temple.


Anonymous said...

Ohio has a football team? Ohio state is the only team i know

Andre said...

Ohio was better last year.. good to see someone cover the MAC for once