Saturday, October 13, 2007

D Wizzle's NFL Starting QB Rankings

1) Tom Brady, Patriots - the quarterback you want behind center in a big game
2) Peyton Manning, Colts - knows how to exploit weaknesses of a defense and confuse defenses with audibles
3)Carson Palmer, Bengals - has a strong arm and great weapons such as Chad Johnson to throw to
4)Matt Hasselback, Seahawks - a good leader and very accurate passer
5) Tony Romo, Cowboys - second year starter coming into his own as a passer with good mobility
6) Brett Favre, Packers - veteran qb can make all the throws and is cutting down on his interceptions this year
7) Matt Schaub, Texans - one of the better young qbs in the league and has great pocket presence
8) Donovan McNabb, Eagles - coming off an injury but playing well despite a lack of WR depth
9)Marc Bulger, Rams - Very accurate passer and also very tough
10) Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers - rebounding from a poor season last year
11) Jason Campbell, Redskins - impressive second-year starter will continue to improve
12) Eli Manning, Giants - Still makes a lot of mistakes and will never be as good as his brother but the kid is still talented
13) Philip Rivers, Chargers - has LT to help out but has shown toughness and ability to win big games on the road
14) Vince Young, Titans - still will make the bad interception but his scrambling and leadership leads his teams to wins
15) Jay Cutler, Broncos - One of the best arms in the league and could be better than Alex Smith and Matt Leinart who were both chosen before him in the draft
16) Daunte Culpepper , Raiders - a leader and a proven winner
17) Drew Brees, Saints - not having a good year but his WRs have not helped either with dropped balls
18) Jeff Garcia, Bucs - a good leader who won't make too many mistakes and runs the West Coast offense very well
19) Jon Kitna, Lions - playing under the tutelage of Mike Martz helps along with WRs like Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson
20) Steve McNair, Ravens - injuries have hurt him but he runs the offense well although his scrambling days are practically over
21) Kurt Warner, Cardinals - veteran still can make all the passes when he has time in the pocket
22) David Garrard, Jaguars - big qb has two great rbs behind him and manages the game well
23) Alex Smith, 49ers - has a good arm and good scrambling ability but needs more playmakers and a better O-line to protect him
24) Derek Anderson, Browns - has many playmakers to throw to including Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow Jr.
25) Trent Edwards, Bills - has potential to be a good QB
26) Chad Pennington, Jets - needs to improve or he will lose his job to Kellen Clemons
27) Brian Griese, Bears - takes over for Rex Grossman and will help the team cut down on their offensive mistakes and interceptions
28) Damon Huard, Chiefs - good backup but not a good starter
29) Joey Harrington, Falcons - makes too many mistakes and throws too many interceptions for a veteran
30) Tarvaris Jackson, Vikings - very inaccurate and young but might improve in a few seasons

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