Sunday, October 21, 2007

49ers Lose Big to New York 33-15

The San Francisco 49ers got destroyed by the New York Giants 33-15 today and their record now stands at 2-4. Even though the 49ers were coming off a bye week, their offense continued to struggle with Trent Dilfer at the helm. The Giants had the disadvantage of coming off a Monday night game in Atlanta but still won after a short week. There were many lowlights for the 49ers and not many highlights. The two highlights of the day were the blocked punt by FB Moran Norris which went for a safety, and the excellent punts from team MVP, Andy Lee.

There are more questions than answers once again after another terrible defeat. Who is to blame? Does it start at the top with Mike Nolan or is it the players' fault? Is the offensive line to blame or the quarterback? Offensive coordinator Jim Hostler once again called the plays but this time he was calling them from the coaches' booth. It does not matter if he is calling plays from the sidelines or the booth because the offense continues to be stagnant. Here is an idea. How about he call plays from his living room couch next week against the Saints? Things truly cannot get worst with this team.

The 49ers Faithful are calling for the head of Nolan. He is in over his head as head coach of this once proud franchise. The good news is that the 49ers are still in the playful hunt in the NFC. No team has distinguished themselves in their division and the winner of the NFC West might have an 8-8 record or worst. Next week's game against the Saints is a must win for both teams if they are serious about being a playoff contender.

Alex Smith is still injured and questionable for next week's game. This team has no chance with Dilfer behind center due to his lack of mobility and arm strength. Jonas Jennings played poorly once again at left tackle and it is time to bench him and start Adam Snyder. Larry Allen seems to be on his last legs as well and probably is wondering why he did not retire before the season started. The whole team is in a mess and Nolan better right this ship soon or you can expect to hear many boos next Sunday afternoon at Monster Park

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