Friday, December 7, 2007

UFC Team Serra vs Team Hughes Finale Preview

Mac Danzig vs Tommy Speer
Danzig trained at Randy Couture's gym for this fight. Danzig reportedly will go down to the lightweight division after this fight. This will be a classic fight of technique vs strength. Speer is a very powerful and strong man. He has shown a lot of toughness in his three wins on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) and came back from near submissions in his first two fights to pull out wins. Danzig said Speer improved over the six weeks on the show while others did not. Danzig has more cage experience than Speer but Speer clearly is bigger and stronger than him. Speer has a powerful right hand which Danzig must look out for.

Roger Huerta vs Clay Guida
Both fighters are ready for this fight and both feel a victory would be a springboard to a future title shot. Huerta said he wants to win because this is his job and if he loses, he will lose out financially. He said the fights pay for his mortgage, clothes, training partners, and puts food on his table. Guida wants to win because it will be his birthday on Saturday night and feels it will be his night. Both fighters have a lot of respect for one another and it should be a solid fight.

Jarod Rollins vs Jon Koppenhaver
These two had a little skirmish on TUF but both made their peace before the season ended and there is no animosity between the two fighters. Both lost their fights on the show and need to win in order to prove they belong in the UFC.

Billy Miles vs George Sotiropoulos
Miles is a wrestler and Sotiropoulos's expertise is in jujitsu. Miles was training in Thailand for this fight. Sotiropoulos was a favorite to be in the finals but lost to Speer in the semifinals.

Ben Saunders vs Dan Barrera
These two fighters fought on the show with Saunders winning by decision. Barrera is a wrestler and is fighting out of Kentucky. Saunders is fighting out of Orlando, Florida and trains with American Top Team. Saunders is looking for the knockout but Barrera has shown that he has a good chin. Barrera needs to be careful because Saunders has a height advantage.

Matt Arroyo vs John Kolosci
Arroyo fights out of Tampa. He hurt his rib on the show and gave up his fight against Danzig. Kolosci took Arroyo's place and lost to Danzig. Kolosci has been training with a boxing coach for the fight and also high level jujitsu guys. Arroyo wants to get Kolosci on the ground and submit him.

Roman Mitichyan Vs. Dorian Price
Price fights out of Cincinnati and trains at Jorge Gurgel's gym. Mitichyan supposedly has good judo. Price is very good standing and has very good muay thai. This could be a very good and exciting fight.

Troy Mandaloniz Vs. Richie Hightower
"Rude Boy" Troy Mandaloniz and Richie Hightower are good friends from the show. Hightower punches very hard and Mandaloniz is a brawler. Hightower needs to outbox Mandaloniz and thinks he can get good position from scrambling. Rude Boy said he gained a better work ethic from the show and is more hungry now than before. He trains with B.J. Penn in Hawaii.

Paul Georgieff Vs. Jonathan Goulet
Georgieff is a BJJ fighter from Minnesota. Goulet is a Canadian with a 20-9-1 record.Goulet has way more experience than Georgieff. Goulet wants to keep the fight standing and plans to knock him out. Georgieff wants to shoot and go for the takedown and then submit Goulet.

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