Monday, December 10, 2007

Nolan's 49ers press conference notes and quotes!

  • Shaun Hill gave them a spark
  • Ball security has been an issue all season
  • Dilfer's eyes were open and he was moving his body after the injury
  • Dilfer went home and slept in his own bed last night
  • Nolan had two concussions playing college football
  • There is a possibility of bringing in another QB from the outside
  • There are 3 games left and he wants to win all of them
  • Wants to continue to see the football team grow and mature
  • Praised the defense and special teams for giving effort each week
  • He is aware of Bryant Young's comments after the game but it is a private matter between Young and his family and the fans. Young told reporters he feels his days are numbered.
  • "The Yorks have been very supportive and positive."
  • Says they had 13 chances on offense and they were on the positive side of the field 7 of those times

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